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									             CIO Appraisal System

Presented by Laura Yates
Academic Services, Computing & Information Technology
Project Objectives
A project was created to examine the employee appraisal process.
The appraisal process needed to become consistent among bargaining
     » UUP
     » CSEA
     » PEF
     » Research Foundation

Emphasis was made on automating the process to ensure timely
completion. It also needed to incorporate the Covey Principles and the
University Services Learning Development Plan. Ideally, it would
provide useful content to help employees grow professionally.
Project Deliverables

The project team solicited feedback from ASCIT staff. This
research resulted in a set of guidelines which were
approved by management.

These guidelines, a Step-by-Step Appraisal Process, and
other supplemental information is included in the Appraisal
Process Handbook.
Appraisal Process Handbook
 The handbook is stored electronically in Clarity for download.
 The guidelines and the process are also available in the
 Appraisal Web-based System.
CareerTrack Video Course
  The project examined existing appraisal systems and selected
  materials created by Career Track. The CareerTrack training
  course was designed by Human Resource specialists and they
  allowed us to modify the materials to fit the University
  »The CareerTrack video has been captured to digital and streamed on the Universities streaming
  server for use. Please load Real Media Player and go to the below locations for the video which
  has been broken into two parts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each. It is recommended to
  use this format for larger groups.


  »The CareerTrack video has been captured to audio and stored in 15 minute clips for individual
  use. Please use Windows Media Player for the below files.
  mms://   mms://
  mms://   mms://
  mms://   mms://
  mms://   mms://
Career Track Workbook
 We edited their workbook and videotape in order to give you
 a presentation that more closely fits our work environment.
CIO Appraisal System
 Everything you need to complete
 an appraisal is now available on
 the web at

 Please follow through the
 Appraisal System Training Guide
 document on using the Appraisal
Completing an Appraisal
 The CIO Appraisal System allows for
 three different types of appraisals;
          Brief (used by customers mostly)
          Comprehensive (used by peers)
          Self (used by the employee)

 Representatives from the bargaining
 units and Human Resources
 approved the questions to be used as
 an information gathering tool.
The Supervisor Tools Menu
 Available to supervisors only

»Tools for electronically submitting
 appraisal requests

»Archiving textual information for
 future use

»Running Calculated Reports
Sample Reports
Sample Reports
Questions and Answers

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