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Caste System


									               Caste System
(1) Origin and evolution of caste system :- caste
    is that division of human society whose basis
    is occupation, ability and birth According to
    Shri Shama Shastri – “Mutual union of people
    in social subject like marriage and Food is
    called “caste” Main caste are Brahmans,
    Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras. These castes
    were formed on the basis of professions
    which the individuals followed.
(1) Origin of the caste system :-
(i) On the basis of colour
(ii) On the basis of Pursh Sukta
(iii) On the basis of Division of Labour
(iv) Divine origin
(3) Different between Varnas and castes :-
(i) Varna system started during the Rig-Vedic Age
      but caste system started during later Vedic Age.
(ii) Meaning of Varna – Colour of bodies (Aryans
      and Non Aryans.)
(iii) Meaning of caste : - birth in any special
      community and their fixes occupation.
• Factors Responsible for the Growth of caste system:-
1. Influence of the Brahmans.
2. Migration of Groups
3. New occupation
4. Foreign invaders.
5. Jainism and Buddhism and the Principle of Ahimsa
6. Check on the Inter caste marriages.
7. The Impact of Islam
8. New Religious sects – Sikh, kabir Panthis, Lingyat sect
9. Change of customs
10.Adoption of New Religious practices.
• Growth of caste system :-
1. Caste system in Vedic and later Vedic age
2. Caste system in the Age of Gautam Buddha
   and Mahavir swami.
3. Caste system in the Age of Mauryans, Gupta
   and Vardhanas.
4. Caste system in the Age of Raj puts
5. Caste system in Muslim Age
6. Caste system in modern Age
•  Merits of the caste system :-
1. Preservation of Hindu Religion and culture.
2. Increase in the number of Hindu.
3. Solved the problem of Unemployment.
4. Promoted Economic strength and Efficiency in
5. Purity of Blood.
6. High moral character.
7. Development of feeling of Brotherhood.
8. Proper functioning of society.
9. Simple education.
10.Social service.
•     Demerits of the caste system :-
1.    Decline of National Unity.
2.    Limited Military Training
3.    A Disintegrating factor.
4.    Against the principle of Equality.
5.    Evil of untouchability.
6.    Check on the personal Development.
7.    Mutual jealousy.
8.    Anti Democratic
9.    Check on the Association with foreigners
10.   A check on the progress of Hinduism
11.   Narrow outlook.
12.   Against to universal Brotherhood
13.   Narrow marriage circle
14.   Conversion of Hindus to Islam and Christianity
     The Future of caste system

• After freedom in New constitution-caste
  system and Untouchability have been
  declared illegal.

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