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									                                                                                                                                                                                               Online Tools

                  A                    B                           C                                                       D                                                      E
 1    Function               Tool / Category          Description                    Site                                                                              Cost
 2    Continuing Education   BN University            Free & Pay courses                                             free and pay courses
 3    Continuing Education   eTeaching Institute      eCollege Teaching Site                                                     for fee workshops
 5    Data                   Flowing Data             Infographics                                                                    free
 6    Data                   Gapminder                Data Visualized                                                               free
 7    Data                   Info is beautiful        David McCandless                                  free
 8    Data                   Visualization            Periodic Table of Data                 free
10    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Interactive Human Systems                                            free
11    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Instant Anatomy                                             free
12    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Body Parts Game                    free
13    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Labeling The Body          free
14    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     WebAnatomy Quiz Bowl                                           free
15    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Explore the Human Body        free
16    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Lab Interactives                                              free
17    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Zoom In Images                                         free
18    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Dissection Videos                                            free
19    Discipline Specific    Anatomy / Physiology     Visual Learning                                                            free
20    Discipline Specific    Archeology               Dinosaur Interactive                    free
21    Discipline Specific    Art                      Art Encyclopedia                                                           free
22    Discipline Specific    Art                      Art                                                                                   free
23    Discipline Specific    Art                      Lascaux Cave Paintings                                         free
24    Discipline Specific    Art                      Simulated Sketch of Woman                                              free
25    Discipline Specific    Art                      Google Arts Project                                                            free
26    Discipline Specific    Art History              Open Source Textbook                                                           free
27    Discipline Specific    Art History              Art History Search Engine                                 free
28 Discipline Specific       Astronomy                Computer Tech Searches         Technology                                                                        free

29    Discipline Specific    Astronomy                NASA Conferencing                free
30    Discipline Specific    Astronomy                Solar System Simulator                                                        free
31    Discipline Specific    Astronomy                Star Simulator                                                        free
32    Discipline Specific    Biology                  Animal Dissection Lists                                   free
33    Discipline Specific    Biology                  Biology software reviews                                             free
34    Discipline Specific    Biology                  Virtual Dissections                                                                     $300 school license
35    Discipline Specific    Biology                  Virtual Frog Dissection Kit                                       free
36 Discipline Specific       Biology                  Fetal Pig Dissection Pix       0102%20Laboratory/Fetal%20Pig/Fetal%20Pig.htm                                     free
37 Discipline Specific       Biology                  BiologyMad Interactives                                                        free
                                                      Spanish / English Body
38    Discipline Specific    Biology                  Games                                                                                                            free
39    Discipline Specific    Business                 Business Search Engine                                                                    free
40    Discipline Specific    Business                 Lava Mind                                                              free and pay per item
41    Discipline Specific    Business                 Small Bus Admin Courses                       free
42    Discipline Specific    Chemistry                Timeline (FLASH)                                free
43    Discipline Specific    Chemistry                Interactives                 sources/animations/                                                                 free
44    Discipline Specific    Communication            Synthesized Emotion                                                free
45    Discipline Specific    Computer Science         A.I. Simulation                                                         free
46    Discipline Specific    Computer Science         EDSAC Simulator                                                    free
47    Discipline Specific    Computer Science         Traffic Flow Simulator             free
48    Discipline Specific    Computer Science         Internet Timeline                                        free
49    Discipline Specific    Cooking Videos                                            free
50    Discipline Specific    Economics                National Budget Simulator                                                       free
51    Discipline Specific    Economics                Microeconomics Sim / Game                                                   free
52    Discipline Specific    Education                K-12 Search Engine                                                              free
53    Discipline Specific    Education                Education Search Engine                                                           free
54    Discipline Specific    Education World          Education Search Engine                                                      free
55    Discipline Specific    Electrical Eng           Voltage Simulator                                               free
56    Discipline Specific    Electrical Eng           Circuit Simulator                                                       free
57    Discipline Specific    Electrical Simulations   Phet - various sims                            free
58    Discipline Specific    Electronic Design        Automation Simulator                                                     free
59    Discipline Specific    EMS                      EMS / EMT Simulator                                         free
60    Discipline Specific    Engineering              Turning Machine Sim                                                     free
61    Discipline Specific    Engineering              Engineering Search Engine                                                                 free
62    Discipline Specific    Engineering              Bad Design ideas / podcasts                                                           free
63    Discipline Specific    Engineering              Careers & Podcasts                                                   free
64    Discipline Specific    Film                     Film School Elements                                                   free
65    Discipline Specific    Finance                  Stock Market Simulator                                     free
66    Discipline Specific    Foreign Languages        Foreign Languages                                                         free
67    Discipline Specific    Foreign Languages        BBC language page                                                       free
68    Discipline Specific    Foreign Languages        Connect native speakers                                                  free
69    Discipline Specific    Geography                Geography Search Engine                                   free
70    Discipline Specific    Geography                World Geosense Game                                                            free
71    Discipline Specific    Geography                Test your world knowledge                               free
72    Discipline Specific    Geography                Google Maps                                                                      free
73    Discipline Specific    Geography                Virtual 3-D tour of Rio                     free
74    Discipline Specific    Geology                  Archeology Game / Sim                                                             free to download
75    Discipline Specific    Health & Bioscience      Access Excellence                                                      free
76    Discipline Specific    History                  Museum of Nat History                                                                        free
77    Discipline Specific    History                  Pres audio files                                    free
78    Discipline Specific    History Buff             History Search Engine                                             free
79    Discipline Specific    History                  Abacus Applets & History                                               free
80    Discipline Specific    History                  Hammurabi's Code                                   free
81    Discipline Specific    History                  America's Beginning                      free
82    Discipline Specific    History                  American History Timelines                               free
83    Discipline Specific    History                  Thomas Jefferson Info                                      free
84    Discipline Specific    History                  Lewis & Clark                         free
85    Discipline Specific    History                  Williamsburg Interactive map                                  free
86    Discipline Specific    History                  SmartHistory - timelines                                                            free
87    Discipline Specific    History                  Holocaust Resources                           free
88    Discipline Specific    Human Resources          Job Application Simulator                                            free
89    Discipline Specific    Keyboarding              Keyboard speed game / test                                                                 free
90    Discipline Specific    Languages                Live Video Discussions                                                                 free
91    Discipline Specific    Legal                    Ali-Aba Webcasts                                      free
92    Discipline Specific    Legal                    Find Law Search Engine                                                             free
93    Discipline Specific    Legal                    Landmark Cases                                                                free
94    Discipline Specific    Legal                    Supreme Court Tour                                                             free
95    Discipline Specific    Legal                    Emory Law Search                                      free
96    Discipline Specific    Literature               Literature Search Engine                                                          Cost per download
97    Discipline Specific    Lithography              Etchings & Lith sims                 free
98    Discipline Specific    Logic                    Puzzles & Mazes Applets                                              free
                                                      Shows how to solve
99 Discipline Specific       Math - various levels    equations                                                                       free (beta)
100 Discipline Specific      Math - Manipula          Math with Java                                                          free
101 Discipline Specific      Math                     Math Application                                         free
102 Discipline Specific      Math Activities          Games, Applets, etc                                     free
                             Math Ed &
103   Discipline Specific    Technology               International Ed software                                           cost of software
104   Discipline Specific    Math Forum               Math Search Engine                                                                 free
105   Discipline Specific    Math Tools               Calculators, plotters, etc                     free
106   Discipline Specific    Math Tools               Calculators, Sims, etc                                            free
107   Discipline Specific    Math Tools (students)    Make a Graph                                                      free
108   Discipline Specific    Math Tools               Mathjax for usable notations                                                           Open
109   Discipline Specific    Math Tools               Various math resources                                                    free
110   Discipline Specific    Math Curves              Geometric Curve Applets                                free
111   Discipline Specific    Math Presentation        Powers of 10 Example                    free
112   Discipline Specific    Mechanics                Ballistics Simulator                                             free
113   Discipline Specific    Medical Explorer         Nursing Search Engine                                                               free
114   Discipline Specific    Medical Simulation       Cyber Patient                                                 free
115   Discipline Specific    Medical Simulation       Virtual Patient Simulation                   3 free sims
116   Discipline Specific    Medicine                 Med Interactive Timeline       free
117 Discipline Specific      Medicine                 Interactive Human Skeleton     tml?skeleton                                                                      free
118 Discipline Specific      Music                    Music Search Engine                                             free
119 Discipline Specific      Music Software           Download site                                                 cost of software
                                                                                                                                                                       $70 / user $150 / 50
120   Discipline Specific    Musicianship Basics      Music Software                                       users
121   Discipline Specific    Nursing Care             Simulator                                                                 free
122   Discipline Specific    Nursing Catalogue        Nursing Journals                                            free
123   Discipline Specific    Nursing Resource         Anatomy Online                                                   free
124   Discipline Specific    Nutrition                Food Data                                                                 free
125   Discipline Specific    Oceanography             Blue Whale Simulation                 free
126   Discipline Specific    Optometry                Virtual Patient Sim                            free
127   Discipline Specific    Optometry                Virtual Patient Sim II                                 free
128   Discipline Specific    Optometry                Vision Simulator - various                                                   free
                                                                                                                                                                                               Online Tools

                   A                  B                           C                                                          D                                                    E
129   Discipline Specific   Photography             World Famous Photos                                                 free
130   Discipline Specific   Physical Education      President's Challenge                                              free
131   Discipline Specific   Physical Education      Nutrition                                        free
132   Discipline Specific   Physical Education      Weight Training                                                   free
133   Discipline Specific   Physical Education      K-12 Games for kids                                                       free
134   Discipline Specific   Psychology              Face Behavior Sims                              free
135   Discipline Specific   Science                 AOI Journals                                                               free
136   Discipline Specific   Science                 Science Applets                               free

137   Discipline Specific   Science - aud / vid     Human Genome Project          free
138   Discipline Specific   Science - food chain    Food chain game                             free
139   Discipline Specific   Science                 Medtropolis (virtual human)                                                      free
140   Discipline Specific   Science                 Science Search Engine                                                            free
141   Discipline Specific   Science / Math          Applied Science & Math                                                   free
142   Discipline Specific   Science / Math          Science & Math Site                                                    teacher fee / class fee
143   Discipline Specific   Science / Physics       Nuclear Plant Simulation                                         free
144   Discipline Specific   Science / Physics       Fear of Physics Repository                                                    free
145   Discipline Specific   Science / Physics       My Physics Lab                                                            free
146   Discipline Specific   Science Daily           Current science articles                                                     free
147   Discipline Specific   Science Toys            Various Science Applets                                                          free
148   Discipline Specific   Science Applets         Physics applets                                   free
149   Discipline Specific   Science Simulation      Big Bang Theory                                          free
150   Discipline Specific   Science Applets         Science System Examples                                 free
151   Discipline Specific   Science Tools           Interactive microscope                              free
152   Discipline Specific   Science Tools           Compound microscope                          free
153   Discipline Specific   Science Objects         Various science items                                              free with sign-up
154   Discipline Specific   Science Videos          ABC's Surfing Scientist                        free
155   Discipline Specific   Social Studies (K-12)   Census tools for kids                              free
156   Discipline Specific   Speech & Rhetoric       Speech audio files                                                    free
157   Discipline Specific   Spelling Game           Spelling City                                                             free
158   Discipline Specific   Various Simulators      Math, Science, Eng, etc                                          free
159   Discipline Specific   Web Design              URL Spider Simulator                        free
160   Discipline Specific   Web Design              Lynx View Simulator                                           free
162   Graphics & Audio      Animation Factory       Animated Eye Candy                                                    free/subscription
163   Graphics & Audio      Audacity                Audio Recorder / Manipulator                                     free
164   Graphics & Audio      Audio File Converter    multi file converter         10327491.html?cdlpid=10790504                                                      free
165   Graphics & Audio      Audio File Creator      .wav audio compression tool                                                   free
166   Graphics & Audio      Camtasia                Narrated Screen Movie                                                                                     $300
167   Graphics & Audio      Caricature Creator      Go to Generator                                                                         free
168   Graphics & Audio             .gifs .jpegs. Etc                                                                      $8-150 / week - year
169   Graphics & Audio      Create Buttons          Button Generator                                                               free
                            Create Pull Down
170   Graphics & Audio      Menus                   Pull Down Generator                                       free
171   Graphics & Audio      Design Gallery Live     .gifs .jpegs. Etc                                                             free
172   Graphics & Audio      Google Images           .gifs .jpegs. Etc                        free
173   Graphics & Audio      Image Resizer           Any file type                                                  free
174   Graphics & Audio      Image Toolkit           Viewer, converter, crop, etc                                                        free
175   Graphics & Audio      Online gif builder      Animated gif Builder                                                          free
176   Graphics & Audio      Open Culture            Free audio books                               free
177   Graphics & Audio      OSSwin Project          Open Source for Windows                                                   free
178   Graphics & Audio      Period Table of Data    How to visualize data                free
179   Graphics & Audio      Podcasting              Rss Feed Validator                                                       free
180   Graphics & Audio      Podcasting              iTunesU - Free Hosting                               free
181   Graphics & Audio      Resize Images           Online resizer                                                                 free
182   Graphics & Audio      Video Creation          Instant Video Generator                                    $40 / month
183   Graphics & Audio      Video Creation          Real Producer Alternative      e.cfm                                                                            free
184   Graphics & Audio      VLC Video Player        Multi file media player                                                     free
185   Graphics & Audio      Zamzar                  Online file conversion                                                            free
187   Learning Assets       Business Balls          Various Learning Objects                                                     free
188   Learning Assets       Campaign Game           Win the Presidency                                                         free
                            Collaborative                                                                                                                           free version / pay
189   Learning Assets       Workspace               Group doc sharing                                                               version
190   Learning Assets       Converter               Distance, weight, area, etc                           free
191   Learning Assets       Documentaries           Free Documentaries                                                   free
192   Learning Assets       Education Widgets's toolbox                                                  free
193   Learning Assets       Engaging Science        F2F/Online Games                                free
194   Learning Assets       Geosim                  Simulators for geography                                                         free

195   Learning Assets       Hunkin's Experiments    Cartoon based experiments                                               free
196   Learning Assets       Investing Game          Young Money Simulation                                      free
197   Learning Assets       Khan Academy            Free Ed Videos                                                             free
198   Learning Assets       K12 Simulations         Various Sims                              free
199   Learning Assets       K12 Simulations         Various Sims                              free
200   Learning Assets       Kidipede                History / Science for Middle                                                   free
201   Learning Assets       Krunchd                 URL aggregator                                                                  free

202   Learning Assets       Lightbridge             7-12 lessons by subject                                    free
203   Learning Assets       Monkey See              See how experts do it                                                        free
204   Learning Assets       Muscles Tutorial        Java Interactive                            free
205   Learning Assets       National Geographic     Mapping Memory                      free
206   Learning Assets       Org Activity            Interactive Classroom Setup                  free
207   Learning Assets       PBS Activity Packs      Education Widgets                                           free
208   Learning Assets       Pearson Media           Interactives for Science            free
209   Learning Assets       Perception              Exploratorium Exhibits                            free
210   Learning Assets       Read The Words          Auditory learning help                                                         free
                                                    Project Manager for
211 Learning Assets         Research Projects       Research                                                                       free
212 Learning Assets         Sheep Brain Map         Java Interactive                             free
                                                    20 ways to learn various
213   Learning Assets       Study Stack             content                                                                      free
214   Learning Assets       Super Teacher Tools     Lots of Flash Games                                         free
215   Learning Assets       TED Talks               SME videos about everything                                                               free
216   Learning Assets       The Planet              Info about Earth                                      free
217   Learning Assets       Voice Thread            Audio threaded discussions                                                        free or Pro for
218   Learning Assets       Yahoo Widgets           Education tagged widgets                                          free
220   Measurement           Action Method           Productive Project Mgmt                                                      varied fees

221   Measurement           Authentic Assessment    Create Authentic Tasks                     free
222   Measurement           Authentic Assessment    UofW Resource Page                                     free
223   Measurement           Discovery Quiz          Create exciting tests                           free
224   Measurement           Free Rice               Conscientious Gaming                                                 free
225   Measurement           Hot Potatoes            Interactivity Creation Tool                                                free
226   Measurement           Learning Style Index    Learning Style Inventory      free
227   Measurement           Plagiarism Detection    Finding Programming Cheats                                                             free

228   Measurement           Plagiarism Detection    Finding Programming Cheats                                      free
229   Measurement           Plagiarism Detection    WCopyFind (Papers)                                                free
230   Measurement           Plagiarism Seminar      Plagiarism detection                                      free
231   Measurement           Plagiarism Seminar      Indiana Plagiarism Site                                  free
232   Measurement           Quiz Maker              Free online quiz maker                                                      free
233   Measurement           Respondus               Test Upload Tool                                                                                          $80
234   Measurement           RubiStar                Rubric Generator                                                        free
235   Measurement           Rubric Tutorial         Creating Rubrics                 free
236   Measurement           Teachnology             Rubric Creator                                          free
237   Measurement           Rubric Bank             Chicago Public Schools         _bank.html                                                                       free
238   Measurement           Rubric Template         Generic Rubric                          free
239   Measurement           Survey Creation         Complete Survey Site                 free
240   Measurement           Survey Monkey           Survey Creation Site                                                      $20 / year
241   Measurement             Plagiarism detection                                                                  user fee
242   Measurement           Webfolios               Online Portfolios                                         free
244   Planning              Apple Education         k-12 Lessons         
245   Planning              Cornell Center          Faculty Services                free
246   Planning              Yale Curriculum         Units for use                                              free
247   Planning              History Lesson Plans    Mr. Donn's Website                                                               free
248   Planning              Kodak Lesson Plans      k-12 Lessons                    free
249   Planning              Lesson Plan Helper      Archived Lesson Plans                               free
250   Planning              Online Case Studies     Teaching w/case studies                                           free
251   Planning              Teacher's User Guide    Standards Based Instruction                                               free
252   Planning              Template Toolkit        Course Template Creater                  free
253   Planning              Yahoo Education         k-12 Lessons                                free
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Online Tools

                  A                       B                             C                                                         D                                                   E
255   Presentation Tools       7 Wonders                 Full screen pictures                                               free
256   Presentation Tools       Arounder Moon             Moon panormas                                                               free
257   Presentation Tools       Awesome Highlighter       Highlight web pages                                                free
258   Presentation Tools       Infographic               Various pictoral explanations                                                    free
259   Presentation Tools       Creative Commons          Copyright your work                                                       free
260   Presentation Tools       DocsTeach                 National Archives History                                                          free
261   Presentation Tools       Elluminate                Conferencing Software                                                           per user fee / institution
262   Presentation Tools       Excel Templates           Timelines, Projects, etc                          free
263   Presentation Tools       Fix8                      Avatar creation / cam track                                                           free to try
264   Presentation Tools       Flash Kit Tutorials       Templates, Applets, etc                                            free
265   Presentation Tools       Frissiras Museum          Explore individual paintings                      free
266   Presentation Tools       Game Maker 8              Drag & Drop Game Design                                            free for basic
267   Presentation Tools       GeoEye                    Satellite photos                                  free gallery
268   Presentation Tools       Gliffy                    Flow charts, mind maps, etc.                                             free for basic
269   Presentation Tools       Glomaker                  Simulation creation                                                           free
270   Presentation Tools       GO2PDF                    Create PDF files                                                   free
271   Presentation Tools       Hughes Med Interact       Heart disease gallery                  free
272   Presentation Tools       Impatica                  Narrated PowerPoints                                                                                      $300
273   Presentation Tools       INNOVA MM                 K-12 Multimedia Software                                              $20-50 per lesson
274   Presentation Tools       Louvre Virtual Tour       Interactive Tour                      free
275   Presentation Tools       Mindomo                   Mind Maps for School                                                          free
276   Presentation Tools       Mount St Helens           360 Panorma                                     free
277   Presentation Tools       Mount Vernon Tour         Virtual picture tour                              free
278   Presentation Tools       Oriental Art Tour         360 views and clickables                              free
279   Presentation Tools       PDF Converter             Online PDF converter                                              $9
280   Presentation Tools       PDF Converter             Word to PDF                                                                            free
281   Presentation Tools       PDF Converter             PDF to Word                                                              free
282   Presentation Tools       PDF Filler                Fill in pdf forms on the web                                                     free
283   Presentation Tools       Poll Everywhere           Mobile & PPT Polling                                                    free
284   Presentation Tools       Power Converter           Narrated PowerPoints                                                                               $400
285   Presentation Tools       PPT Templates             Jeopardy, Millionaire, etc                                     free
                                                                                                                                                                        free samples / $ per
286   Presentation Tools       PPT Backgrounds           Tiles, photos, etc                                                 use
287   Presentation Tools       PPT to Flash              Converter download                                free
288   Presentation Tools       PPT to Flash              Help Pages                                           free
289   Presentation Tools       Preceden                  Timeline Creator                                                              free for basic
290   Presentation Tools       Taj Mahal Tours           3-D Virtual Tour                                                            free
291   Presentation Tools       Tegrity                   Interactive Multitasker                                                               $10 per student
292   Presentation Tools       Thinkature                Real Time Collaboration                                                        free to join
294   Presentation Tools       Thinkquest                Robust Student                                                          Free to join
295   Presentation Tools       Timeline Creator          Robust Timeline Generator                                         free
296   Presentation Tools       Timeline Tutorial         Tutorial for above site free
297   Presentation Tools       TinyURL                   Shorten long URL's                                                                    free
298   Presentation Tools       US Capital Tour           3-D Virtual Tour                                                         free
299   Presentation Tools       Various Timelines         Categorized Timelines                                   free
300   Presentation Tools       Visible Body              3-D System Views                                                          free
301   Presentation Tools       Vizzle                    Language Presentation Tool                                              Login Required
302   Presentation Tools       Wolf Ware                 Course "locker" creater                                     free
303   Presentation Tools       Word Converter            Pulls non-Word into Word       free
304   Presentation Tools       XanEdu                    Course Packs                                                                           student charge per
306   Reference                All Academic Search       Data Management                                                 subscription fee per
307   Reference                AllRefer Health           Med Pix, Illustrations, etc                                      free
308   Reference                Acronymn Finder           Thousands of acronymns                                                     free
309   Reference                Anatomy Atlas             Anatomy Library                                                           free
310   Reference                Babelfish                 Translators                                                                  free
311   Reference                Big Think                 Educational Videos                                                              free
312   Reference                Britannica                Online Encyclopedia                                                           free
313   Reference                C.A.S.T.                  Expanding online opps                                                               free
314   Reference                Citation Machine          APA/MLA Citation Generator                                                      free
315   Reference                Cliff's Notes             ALL Disciplines Searchable                                             free
316   Reference                Connotea                  Scientific Bookmarking Tool                                                          free
317   Reference                Definr                    Fast Dictionary                                                               free
318   Reference                Disc Golf Education       E.D.G.E Program                                                             free
319   Reference                eCollege Blog             Educational blog                                                                free
320   Reference                Educators Ref Desk        Eric Database                                                                     free
321   Reference                Educators Voice           eCollege articles & tips                                       free
322   Reference                Educause                  Practitioner's journal                                       free
323   Reference                Edutopia                  George Lucas Ed                                                                 free
324   Reference                Etymology                 Etymology Dictionary                                                          free
325   Reference                Fact Monster              K-12 General Facts                                                           free
326   Reference                FreeTranslation           Translators                                                                  free
327   Reference                Forms of Writing          List of writing styles                          free
328   Reference                Google Scholar            Journals & Articles                                                           free
329   Reference                Histology Atlas           Deltabase                              free
330   Reference                Instructional Design      How web pages are viewed                                         free
331   Reference                Intelligences             Multiple Intelligent Paradigms                                                free
332   Reference                Internet Literacy         UDEL Program                                                  free
333   Reference                Internet Public Library   The IPL                                                                               free
334   Reference                Jeff Presents             J Borden's eLearning Blog                                               free
                               Journal of Effective      Peer reviewed articles -
335   Reference                Teaching                  teaching methodologies                                                       Subscription
336   Reference                Journal of Simulations    JASSS website                                                   free
337   Reference                Lexipedia                 Visual Word Maps                                                               free
338   Reference                Langenberg                Translators                                                           free
339   Reference                Metaglossary              Meaning not just links                                                      free
340   Reference                MW Dictionary             Dictionary                                                                                   free
341   Reference                Medical Assets: The       Nursing, Health, Medicine                   free
                               Nat. Acadamies
342   Reference                Press                     3000 Online Articles                                                                 free
343   Reference                National Resources        Library of Congress                                                                   free
344   Reference                Netiquette                Online etiquette                                                               free
345   Reference                Netiquette                Internet Writing Guide                                                            free
346   Reference                Nonverbal Dictionary      Nonverbal descriptions                                    free
                                                         70 years of archives
347 Reference                  NY Times Tracker          browsing                                                         free
348 Reference                  Podcasting                Information & Research               free

349   Reference                Questia                   World's largest online library                                                          $20/mo $45/q $120/yr
350   Reference                Rare Book Room            Read old books                                                              free
351   Reference                Read Print                Free books for education                                                                free
352   Reference                Resource Checker          CRAAP Test for websites                             free
353   Reference                SAU Library               Resource library for the Net                              free

354   Reference                searchWebServices         Chat Abbreviations     ,,sid26_gci211776,00.html   free
355   Reference                Stats Dictionary          Shodor Math Dictionary                             free
356   Reference                Teaching Writing          Reseach paper plan                            free
357   Reference                The Chronicle             Supplement to publication                                                         Subscription
358   Reference                Usability Guides          508 Compliance, etc                                                     free
359   Reference                W3C                       Protocols, 508 info, etc.                                                               free
360   Reference                Web Exhibits              All about time / calendars                                                          free
361   Reference                WebAim                    508 Checklists                                             free
362   Reference                Wired For Books           Poetry Readings                                                         free
363   Reference                World Wide Words          English language site                                            free
364   Reference                YourDictionary            Translators                                                               free
366   Repository / Community              Discipline specific research                                                          free
367   Repository / Community   Ask An Expert             Access to field experts                                       free
368   Repository / Community   A-Z Teacher Stuff         Website links page                                                          free
369   Repository / Community   Backflip                  Share research                                                                          free
370   Repository / Community   C.A.E.                    Teaching conversations                             free
371   Repository / Community   Climate (government)      Science, social studies, etc                 free
372   Repository / Community   Connexions                Open Source Modules                                                                      free
373   Repository / Community   Creative Folk             K-12 websites, ideas, etc                                          free
                                                         RLO's - Medical, Weather,
374   Repository / Community   EdHeads                   etc                                                                              free
375   Repository / Community   Education World           Multi-purpose jump site                                                  free
376   Repository / Community   How Stuff Works           Ideas, Info, Etc.                                                          free
377   Repository / Community   I Love That Idea          Teaching Ideas Repository                                            free
378   Repository / Community   Infomine                  Scholarly Collections                                                           free
379   Repository / Community   ION                       Illinois Online Network                                             free
380   Repository / Community   Merlot                    Learning Objects                                                                          free
                                                         Public Image Resource
381 Repository / Community     Morgue File               Library                                                                        free
382 Repository / Community     NHC Interactives          Most Science Categories                                    free
383 Repository / Community     Nobel Prize Games         Engineering, Science, etc                                         free
                                                                                                                                                                                             Online Tools

                   A                      B                              C                                                      D                                                      E
384   Repository / Community   NY Teacher's              Lesson plans, podcasts, etc                                                      free
385   Repository / Community   OER Commons               Open Resources for    
386   Repository / Community   PBS Learning              Activities, videos, etc                                                     free
387   Repository / Community   Pearson Learning          Digital Teacher Resources                                   free
388   Repository / Community   Schoolworld               Educational software sales                                                       cost of software
389   Repository / Community   Sites For Teachers        List of helpful websites                                                     free
390   Repository / Community   Teacher Xpress            Huge link site for teachers                                                    free
391   Repository / Community   Teacher's Corner          Lesson plans, units, etc.                          free
392   Repository / Community   Teaching Online           Cross Subject Ideas / Library                                                    free
393   Repository / Community   Teaching                  Through Technology - Lists                                    free
394   Repository / Community   Virtual Worlds            Almanac for K-12                                                   free
395   Repository / Community   World Lecture Hall        Archived Lectures                                                  free
397   Search Engine            43 Marks                  Top 43 Bookmarks on Net                                                                  free
398   Search Engine            AllMyFaves                Top 125 Sites on the Net                                                               free
399   Search Engine            Ask                       Previewed searching                                                                         free
400   Search Engine            Dogpile                   Research, Images, etc                                                                   free
401   Search Engine            Go2Web2.0                 Web 2.0 Search                                                                 free
402   Search Engine            Google                    Research, Images, etc                                                                    free
403   Search Engine            Google - Elmer Fudd       Seriously…                                                         free
404   Search Engine            How to Search             Strategies from Google                                                      free
405   Search Engine            HPR TEC                   Educational Searches                                                                     free
406   Search Engine            Net Trekker               Educational Searches                                                              Free Trial
407   Search Engine            oSkope                    Visual Searching                                                                 free
408   Search Engine            Reference Desk            Formerly AskERIC                                                                 free
409   Search Engine            Reference Desk            Multi-faceted reference site                                                                  free
410   Search Engine            Scirus                    Science search engine                                                             free
411   Search Engine            TwoIsEven                 All Major Searches                                                                free
412   Search Engine            Vivisimo                  Categorized Searches                                                                   free
413   Search Engine            WebMD                     Medical Searches / Site                                                                    free
414   Search Engine            What's Popular            Blogs, bookmarks, diggs…                                                          free
415   Search Engine            Wordnik                   Smart Word Search                                                                free
                               Advanced Writing          Checks grammar, plagiarism,
417 Student Tools              Tool                      etc.                                                                         free
418 Student Tools              OWL                       Online Writing Lab                                     free

419   Student Tools            Math Tutoring             Algebra, Calculus, Geometry                                       free
421   Technical                CNET                      Downloads, Reference, etc                                                                     free
422   Technical                Email / File Tools        Keep track of sent files                                                                free
423   Technical                WebMonkey                 HTML tools + more                                                 free
425   Online Teaching Theory   Connectivism              Learning Paradigms                                         free
                               Center for Academic       Source of expertise and
426   Online Teaching Theory   Transformation            support for Higher Ed.                                             free
427   Online Teaching Theory   Character Teaching        Character in disciplines                                                    free
428   Online Teaching Theory   Effective Teaching        Univ. of North Carolina                                                      free
429   Online Teaching Theory   eLearnspace               Lessons learned                                                             free
430   Online Teaching Theory   How To…                   Creative OL Environments                                 free
431 Online Teaching Theory     Honolulu Professors       7 Instructional Strategies      ncip.htm                                                                         free
432 Online Teaching Theory     Middle Web                9 Instructional Strategies                             free
433 Online Teaching Theory        Teacher Education               90t1616.065g200c51                                                               free
                                                         Resources, forums, pubs,
434   Online Teaching Theory   The Node                  etc                                                                                 free
435   Online Teaching Theory   Theory Into Practice      Articles, blogs, interviews                                                          free
437   Web 2.0                  280 Slides                Create / Share PowerPoints                                                            free
438   Web 2.0                  ARIS                      mobile game creator                                                                free
439   Web 2.0                  Box                       Online Storage                                                                       free basics
440   Web 2.0                  Bubble.US                 Mind mapping / diagramming                                                                free
441   Web 2.0                  Bubbleshare               Social Image Sharing                                                         free
442   Web 2.0                  BusyLissy                 Easy Project Mgmt                                                              free
443   Web 2.0                  CMAP                      IHMC Mapping Tool                                                                  free w/account
444   Web 2.0                  Common Craft              Tutorial "show" of web 2.0                                                  free
445   Web 2.0                  Course Hero               Social Learning Network                                                        free
446   Web 2.0                  Curriki                   Educator Wiki w/assets                                                           free
447   Web 2.0                       Social Bookmarking                                                                 free
448   Web 2.0                  Digg                      User generated / voted sites                                                              free
449   Web 2.0                  Dropbox                   Total file sharing solution                                                          free
450   Web 2.0                  Edmodo                    Groups for class / mobile                                                           free
451   Web 2.0                  Edistorm                  Group Brainstorming Canvas                                                          free basics
452   Web 2.0                  flickr                    Social Image Sharing                                                              free
453   Web 2.0                  Flowing Data              Data reference engine                                                           free
454   Web 2.0                  History Pin               Images of places in time                                                               free
455   Web 2.0                  Gcast - audio share       Digital storytelling (w/ads)                                                             free
456   Web 2.0                  Gliffy - mind maps        Collaborative diagraming                                                            free
457   Web 2.0                  Good Reads                Social book site                                                               free
458   Web 2.0                  Google Docs               Collaborative workspace                                                      free w/account
459   Web 2.0                  Jing Project              Capture narrated videos                                                       free
460   Web 2.0                  Library Thing             Social book site                                                            free
461   Web 2.0                  Librivox                  MP3 audio books                                                                 free
462   Web 2.0                  Meebo                     Social Chat                                                                        free
463   Web 2.0                  Ning                      Social Networking                                                                   free
464   Web 2.0                  Notesake                  RSS fed note taking                                                             free
465   Web 2.0                  OpenStudy                 P2P Open Study Group                                                              free
466   Web 2.0                  PB Wiki                   User created encyclopedia                                                            free
467   Web 2.0                  Picnik Photos             Online image editing, sharing                                                            free
468   Web 2.0                  Remember the Milk         Social task manager                                                          free
469   Web 2.0                  School Tube               Educational videos                                                            free
470   Web 2.0                  Scrutinizer               Video Mega-Search                                  free
471   Web 2.0                  SCVNGR                    Mobile device game maker                                                            free
                                                         Virtual chart paper / mind
472   Web 2.0                  Skrbl                     maps                                                                               free
473   Web 2.0                  Skype                     VOIP conference calls                                                              free
474   Web 2.0                  Slideshare                PPT / Keynote sharing                                                         free
475   Web 2.0                  Stumble Upon              Bookmarking w/voting                                                         free
476   Web 2.0                  Twiddla                   Mind mapping / diagramming                                                           free
477   Web 2.0                  Twitter                   Micro-blogging tool                                                              free
478   Web 2.0                  Urtak                     Polling & User Questions                                                             free
479   Web 2.0                  Utterli                   Collaboration / Voice Tool                                                           free
480   Web 2.0                  Vuvox                     Photo / Slide / Media Tool                                                            free
481   Web 2.0                  Wave                      Google's Synchronous Tool                                                           free
482   Web 2.0                  Wet Paint                 User created encyclopedia                                                              free
483   Web 2.0                  Wikis Spaces              User created encyclopedia                                                        free
484   Web 2.0                  WolframAlpha              Computable Knowledge                                                     free
485   Web 2.0                  Wordle                    Create word clouds                                                                free
486   Web 2.0                  X Timeline                Collaborative timelines                                                         free
487   Web 2.0                  Zentation                 Capture narrated videos                                                         free
488   Web 2.0                  Zoho                      Collaborative workspace                                                              free
490   YouTube Video            Discover Babylon          1st person sim / game demo                                       free
491   YouTube Video            Home Simpson              Evolution from the Simpsons                                       free
492   YouTube Video            Physics Software          Demonstration                                                free
493   YouTube Video            Schools Kill Creativity   Ken Robinson                                                 free
494   YouTube Video            Second Life               Ed uses of 2nd Life                                          free
495   YouTube Video            Second Life               Ed uses of 2nd Life                                          free
496   YouTube Video            Social Bookmarking        In Plain English Series                                       free
497   YouTube Video            Social Networking         In Plain English Series                                       free
498   YouTube Video            Social Technology         TED Talks - Photo Sharing                                       free
499   YouTube Video            Teacher Tube              Education YouTube                                                                   free
500   YouTube Video            The Last Lecture          Randy Pausch                                                 free
                               Vision of Students
501 YouTube Video              Today                     Higher Education                                             free
                               Vision of Students
502 YouTube Video              Today               K-12                                                               free
505 This list of tools was compiled by Jeff Borden of Pearson eCollege

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