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                   23rd September 2012
      Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost
               Lectionary B - Proper 9
            The Rt. Rev’d C. Leopold Friday:
               Bishop of the Windward Islands

               Home Telephone: 784-458-4332
               Office:            784-457-5163

              Home Telephone: 784-456—8834

Ms. Joye Browne (457-4128) & Ms. Alice Mandeville (458- 4355)

Education - Sanctification - Fellowship – Evangelism
Today’s Celebrant & Preacher:                  Canon O. Samuel Nichols
                                 THE ORDER OF SERVICE

Introit Hymn                                                       228
Opening Sentence                                                Pg. 99
Greetings & Collect for Purity                                  Pg.101
The Kyrie & Gloria                                              Pg.102
                                  COLLECT FOR THE DAY
Grant us, Lord, not to be anxious about earthly things, but to love things heavenly; and even
now, while we are placed among things that are passing away, to hold fast to those that shall
endure; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you the Holy Spirit, one God,
now and for ever. Amen.
The Prayer for Homes and Families                                                       Pg. 82
Old Testament Lesson                               Wisdom 1:16-2:1(6-22)
Psalm                                                           54
New Testament Lesson                                      James 3:16-4:6
Gradual Hymn                                                       336
Gospel                                                    Mark 9:30-37
                                         THE SERMON
The Nicene Creed                                                Pg.104
The Intercession
The Act of Penitence and Absolution                             Pg.123
The Peace                                                       Pg.125
Offertory Hymn                                                     496
Offertory Prayer                      Form B                     Pg.126
Eucharistic Prayer                    Form B                     Pg.135
The Lord’s Prayer                                                Pg.144
The Breaking of Bread                 Form I                     Pg.145
Invitation                            Form C                     Pg.145
Communion Hymns –                                       511, 571, 617
Blessing of the Children                                        654
Post-Communion Prayer -               Prayer III
Recessional Hymn                                                 535
                                      READERS FOR TODAY
Church      Old Testament          Psalm               New Testament
St. Paul’s : Young People         Charles Samuel       Young People
St. John’s: Young People          Young People         Young People
with St. John, Belair. We are so pleased that you chose to worship with us today and it is our hope that
you were blessed by Word and Sacrament and we hope that you would visit us again.

1. The Hurricane Season is here. We need to be on the alert, and get ready for any disaster that may
    come upon us.
2. The “Friends of the Diocese of the Windward Islands” committee has
   kindly asked that you reserve Friday 30th November on your calendar
   for an up coming event.

3. St. Matthew’s Biabou will celebrate their Patronal Festival today at 3:00pm. All are invited .

4. Please note the following event ;
   26th September - Diocesan Council

5. This serves as a cordial invitation to attend a Mass of Thanksgiving in
    Celebration of the First Anniversary to the order of Priest for the Reverend
    Father Kari X Marcelle at 8:30a.m on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at the
    Holy Trinity Anglican Church Georgetown. There will be a small breakfast
    reception and all are invited to attend.

Do you want to make an offering in thanksgiving for some special occasion in your life? These are
some of the items you can consider- Candles, Wines, Wafers, Incense, Flowers, Sponsoring the bulletin.

To Groups and Individuals- Please remember your commitment to cleaning the Church at least once per
month. The Process of CLEANING the Church for Sunday Mass takes place on Saturday Morning.

If you wish to sponsor the Church Bulletin, please call into the Church Office at 457-5163.
                                    The Rector ‘s Message
                                           23rd September 2012
I will take up the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord. (Ps. 116:12)
Two themes echo throughout the readings: covenant and sacrifice. Exodus recounts the ratification of the
Sinai covenant by a sacrificial ritual in which the people affirm the whole content of Exodus 19-24,
proclaiming “all that the Lord has said, we will heed and do.” The Letter to the Hebrews presents a
Christian interpretation of the ritual for the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16), stressing that Jesus is
“mediator of a new covenant.” The Gospel roots this in the final Passover meal of Jesus with his
disciples, in which Jesus offers his body and his “blood of the covenant, which will be shed for many.”

Covenant is one of the major ideas of the Old Testament. It has its roots in agreements made in the
ancient Near East between peoples that created peace through the exchange of promises of shared
obligations and respect. The Sinai covenant recalls God’s rescue of the people from slavery (Ex. 19:4-6),
and the people respond by committing themselves to God’s way of acting as a grateful and liberated
people. In other words, God’s gift precedes God’s commands. Covenants were ratified often by sacrifices,
which symbolized the total commitment of the partners, and often concluded with a meal during which
the offering was consumed, symbolizing that the commitments affirmed would continue to nurture the
people. In the New Testament Jesus becomes both the one who enacts the new covenant and the one who
offers his whole life (body and blood) as a covenant meal. Eating the body and drinking the blood of
Christ is a commitment to be nurtured by the kind and quality of life embodied by Jesus of Nazareth. As
the early Jerusalem Catechesis states, “His body is given to us under the symbol of bread, and his blood is
given to us under the symbol of wine, in order to make us by receiving them one body and one blood with
him” (Office of Readings for the Saturday after Easter).

The readings remind us of those covenants that shape our Christian lives. All the sacraments are
covenants, in which the initiative comes from God and the commitments are to be lived out by those who
“affirm” or receive the sacraments. Marriage is perhaps the best human analogue to biblical covenants.
People who have experienced already the gift of mutual love give to each other their whole selves, as
Jesus gave his body and blood for those he loved. The sacrifice offered by Jesus and enacted at every
celebration of the Eucharist is also a reminder that Christian life, and especially marriage, is sacrificial as
ordinary existence is transformed into something holy, which is experienced by self-giving “in good times
and in bad, in sickness and in health.”
                               UP COMING CALENDAR DATES
15th - 19th October - Clergy conference in Grenada
October 27th– Independence Fiesta

November 01 - All Saints Day
November 02 - All Souls Day
November 11th– Harvest St. Paul’s
November 18th– Harvest St. John’s
9th - 17th November - Meeting of Provincial Synod in Jamaica

December 2nd - Advent Mission. The Most Rev’d Dr. the Honourable John Holder,
Archbishop of the Church in the Provincial of the West Indies has consented to be the Preacher
and Celebrant.

                                         PRAYER CORNER

Your prayers are asked for the sick of the Parish, both at home and in the hospital. Pray that God will
restore them to a sound and pristine health.
Sick & Shut-ins

Hugh Bailey             Withfield Bess          Chinello Browne
 Marie Coombs            Marcelle Neverson      Naomi Bennette
Cornelia Cox            Anita David             Lewistina Farrell
Stanley French          Cindy Hogan             Rose Holder
Becenta Haywood         George Haywood          Sydney Joseph
Cynthia John            Theresa Quashie         Helen Joseph
Mildred King            Aleatha Goodluck        Jeremy Grant
Elimina Griffith        Miriam Gurley           Alfred Mandeville
Inez Mandeville         Hugh Marshall           Ardon & Marie Mc Cree
Elmina Martin           Beatrice Noel           Adella Smart
Elaine Ollivierre       Cheryl Peters           Mary Phillips Reid
Violet Revierre         Susan Sinson            Sarah Spencer
Alexandria Sandy        Vera Smart              Clara Sandy
Carl Stephens           Nola Thomas             Amanda Robinson
 G. Barrow              Roland Hannibald         Sylvina John
Alrick Skerritt         Sarah Commissiong       Anselma Soso
Ena Malcolm              Elsa Scott             Randolph Russell

                 Please keep the Church informed of the condition of the above persons...

In the Communion: Hereford - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Anthony Martin Priddis
Hereford - Ludlow - (Canterbury, England)The Rt Revd Alistair James Magowan
                                      FINANCIAL CORNER
St. Paul:                16th Sept       Att: 148              $2111.00
St. John:                16th Sept       Att: 78               $ 590.25

                               WEEKLY SERVICES & ACTIVITIES
Solemn High Mass                      St. Paul                           7:00am
Solemn High Mass                      St. John                  9:00am
Sunday School                         St. Paul                  3:30pm
Sunday School                         St. John                  3:00pm

Mass                                   St. Paul                   6:00am
Bible Study                           St. Paul                   5:00pm
A.C.W.A. Meeting                      3rd Tuesday                5:00pm
Mother’s Union Meeting                St. John           1st & 3rd Tuesday

Mass                                  St. Paul                  6:00am
Bible Study                           St. John                  5:30pm
Choir Practice                        St. Paul                  5:30pm

Morning Prayer                        St. Paul                  6:00am
Mother’s Union Meeting                        St. Paul          2nd & Last Thursday

Mass                                  St. Paul                  6:00am
God’s Garden & Homework Club                                    5:00pm
IMPAC+ Youth Ministry                                           6:30pm

Men’s Fellowship                                                1st Saturday
Altar Servers Practice                St. John                  1:00pm
Altar Servers Practice                 St. Paul                   4:30pm
Your Health and You by: Dr Michael St. A Goodluck

                              Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic disease of a type of sweat gland. It can occur in one or
multiple areas of your body. HS usually develops in your armpits, groin and anal area. It causes
long-term skin inflammation and can be painful.

Symptoms include :
• Blackheads and red, tender bumps, called abscesses. The abscesses get bigger, break open and
leak pus
 •Tunnels that form under the skin between abscesses
 Scarring

No one knows what causes HS. It is more common in women, African-Americans and people
who have had acne. It usually starts after the teenage years. Treatments include antibiotics, anti-
inflammatory medicines and sometimes surgery. Losing weight and wearing loose clothing can
help, too.

In St.Vincent this condition is more common in young people more than we anticipate.

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