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					November, 2010                                            Volume 4 Issue 11
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                 Calling All Angels

                        Day of the Deployed
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Voice of The Angels
Dear Angels and Friends,
For the Past couple of years Soldiers' Angels has been the special invited guest of Blog World and New Media Expo held in Las
Vegas. Soldiers' Angels has been a wonderful case study in Social Media since Patti Patton Bader started her blog which trans-
lated into the online community that metamorphasized into Soldiers' Angels.
Board of Trustee Member Mathew Burden (also known as Blackfive, the most read and famous of Milbloggers) and I were both
speakers at this event on separate issues, in addition to hosting a very successful booth. For three days we represented and
hosted guests at the Soldiers‟ Angels booth, informing the close to five thousand in attendance.
A special video message was sent to the event compliments of Gen Petreaus and used in the keynote speech in which Soldiers
Angels were acknowledged by the CEO of Blogworld Rick Calvert for being forward-thinkers and a shining example of social
media being harnessed for the most righteous of causes: supporting our military! In addition, several great soldiers stopped by
the booth to thank the organization for the efforts to maintain a high level of morale and for continually inspiring others to
support. It was so exciting to be in that position, and being a Soldier and Angel all at the same time—seeing things from both
sides—was so infectious and motivating to push harder and do more.
Toby Nunn
Operations Mgr
Soldiers‟ Angels

Yellow Bowls Gives Back to the Community
The leaves are starting to change, there is a chill in the air, yep its almost November and at The Yellow Bowl Bakery that
means a few things. What crazy fall cake flavors are we going to try this year, what is going to be our signature pie for
Thanksgiving, AND how can we give back to those great teachers that
helped the girls of The Yellow Bowl get where we are today?
The Yellow Bowl Bakery has decided to make November Educator Month!
We will be giving teachers 10% discount on any and all baked goods! To
get the discount be sure to bring your staff ID card!
Orders for cake, cupcakes, pies, cookies, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls
and any other delicious confection you can think of . Feel free to place an
order over the phone by calling 765-588-6212, by stopping by on Satur-
day between 10 and 4, or submit your order via email to Sweet- We will send you email conformation for your
online order.

Sweet Regards
Katy Beck and Molly
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Day of the Deployed in North Dakota
From a speech by Jennifer Vannurden, given for Day of the
Deployed celebrations in North Dakota...
A few months ago, Shelle Michaels asked to me to speak
today on behalf of our Deployed Family members. I want
to thank her and you for inviting me to be here today.
My husband is Captain Walyn Vannurden the commander of
the NDARNG RAID IV/Sentinel currently serving in Iraq and
Afghanistan. This is his second deployment and his second
time being honored at the day of the deployed. The first
time he deployed was in 2005 with the SECFOR. I am sure
there‟s not a person in this room that doesn‟t know how
difficult and costly the SECFOR deployment was. So as my
first point in my speech I want to pay tribute to the soldiers
that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and to
their families. We will never forget their sacrifice.
I have this favorite t-shirt that my husband gave me as a
souvenir from one of his many trips to one of our military
bases. It says on the back “Not all wives are created equal
some become Army Wives” This phrase can be applied to
wives and husbands of all branches of service. I want to
thank all the Military spouses who have stood by their soldiers and supported them in their service to their country. Whether
their soldier has never or not yet deployed or has deployed 2, 3, and 4 times your support is still noticed and appreciated.
As a military spouse you often take on the role of mom and dad, accountant, housekeeper, cook, grounds keeper, the list goes
on and on. You also learn that you can fix things around the house and performed scheduled maintenance on your vehicles,
even if it is just taking it to the quick lube. You can give birth with out your spouse even if you‟d rather not. But as tough as
all of this may sound we generally never feel anger about the situation we may be in. Most of us married our soldier knowing
that this is the way our life may be, we accept the things we cannot change and we grow from it. Again thank you to all of
the spouses that have stood by their soldier and supported them.
 I really have a special place in my heart for the parents of soldiers. As a spouse you marry your soldier knowing full well
what you are getting yourself into. But the parents of soldiers don‟t say to themselves I think I will have a child and that child
will grow up to be a soldier and go to war to protect our freedom. They support their children‟s decision to join the military
sometimes even approve it as my in laws did when Walyn wanted to join the military at 17. Parents of soldiers deserve a spe-
cial thank you for the way they love and support our soldiers like only a mother and father can. Thank you to all the parents
of a soldier for your selflessness and for bringing such incredible people into this world and bringing them up to love and fight
for our country and freedoms.
Military Moms and Dads are awesome but military children are really something special. Some are adults with their own chil-
dren, some college students and teenagers, some in elementary and middle school, some toddlers and babies, and some still
being carried by that incredible military spouse. These children also don‟t choose to be the child of a soldier, but they accept
it and support their parent just the same. Often it is our children that suffer from deployment the most. Many small children
don‟t understand why mommy or daddy is gone but is fully aware that they are gone. Many somewhat understand, many
fully understand. We tell Alaina that Daddy is working. The sweetest thing is that despite the fact that their parent has been
gone for so long and they may have felt abandoned when their soldier left, most children embrace them as if they‟d never left
and love them just the same when they return. Our military children are incredibly forgiving and resilient. Thank you to our
military children for being the bravest little soldiers of all.
Also thank you to all of the brothers, sisters, grandparents, and anyone else that stands behind and supports our soldiers. The
truth is that the reason our soldiers are so great is because of all the love and support that they receive back home.
Last I want to thank our soldiers. They are the reason we are here today. I can‟t imagine saying good bye to my spouse
wondering if they will manage ok with out me for the next year. I especially can‟t imagine saying good bye to my children
knowing I may miss their first words, first steps, first day of school, first ballet recital or baseball game, first date or first prom,
graduation, weddings, all those firsts or all those occasions that no one wants to miss, but sadly many of our soldiers do miss.
Our soldiers live in some of the worst conditions imaginable and sometimes witness things that nightmares are made of, but
they do all this for our great nation. They come home and soldier on thanks largely to the help and support of their families
and their communities and people like all of you! Thank you all for what you do for our brave men and women.
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Relationally Speaking — Angel Mail
                                           Dear Angels, Troops and Supporters,
                                           “You‟ve Got Mail; Angels Mail That Is…”
                                           Do you have a webcam? Put it to use and send a FREE video email to anyone from
                                           “Angels Mail” and a donation will be made to Soldiers‟ Angels. The more video
                                           emails you send, the more you help Soldiers‟ Angels. It is easy to use, check it out
                                           Angels Mail was created by Marlo Anderson for Soldiers‟ Angels as a thank you for
                                           what our organization does to support the troops, as his son is in the National Guard
                                           and received support from Soldiers‟ Angels while he was deployed.
                                           What else is new regarding our social media? Soldiers‟ Angels launched our new
                                           Twitter Background that the MindComet team created for us as a part of the Com-
                                           muniCause $25,000 Social Media Makeover. Some people might think “No one is
                                            going to see your Twitter background - everyone uses a mobile device or desktop
application.” They‟d be right - but only in part. People who are reading an account‟s tweets are generally already subscribed to
the account. In this case, it‟s really about spreading the word and gathering new followers and supporters. A Twitter back-
ground is just like a Facebook landing page. Upon arrival, the user is posed with a decision: should they follow or not? Putting
our best WINGS forward is crucial to enhance our success in that decision making progress for others to follow us on
Our Facebook Landing Page has all the makings of intrigue. If you are not a “fan” or “like us” already, please check out our
Fan Page at When you arrive at our Landing Page you will see we offer three sim-
ple options; To Adopt, To Donate or to Join a Team. These three options are crucial to the existence of Soldiers‟ Angels.
At any given point in time, we have hundreds of service members waiting to be adopted by individuals across the globe with a
simple commitment during the deployment of that warrior with 1 letter a week and 1 package a month.
We are also a one stop shop in troop support with over thirty
teams to choose from. If you want to bake, we have the Angel
Bakers. If you want to help the wounded, we have the
Wounded TLC team. There is a place for you if you love ba-
bies, canines or chaplains. We have the Ladies of Liberty that
focuses on pampering deployed females. We have teams for
veteran and family support and many more.
If you don't have time to volunteer, but have the financial re-
sources, we have a place for you too, you can make a dona-
tion online, via mail or by texting “Soldiers” to 20222.
There is a place for everyone at Soldiers‟ Angels. We encour-
age you to check out all our options. Our American warriors,
veterans and their families deserve to know that we stand
wingtip-to-wingtip in support of all they have done for the
freedom, rights and liberties we have as American citizens. As
Patti Patton-Bader our founder says, “Each of our volunteers
create ripples of kindness that add up to an ocean of great-
Remember all those that have served on Veterans' Day and
bow your heads in thanks this Thanksgiving Day. “Be There”
for our warriors… they are always “There” for us.

Shelle Michaels
National Communication Officer
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S.A.V.E Employee of The Month: CPT (ret) Sean Thomas
Introducing the S.A.V.E Employee of the month…
Soldiers' Angels recently announced its first Angel-operated warehouse, staffed and run
entirely by veterans and Angel volunteers. In addition to the reduction in overhead the
warehouse brings, payroll for the staff itself fits the mission of Soldiers' Angels by sup-
porting veterans as they return home. Staffing it with recent veterans helps provide a
soft-landing for their transition to civilian life...It surrounds them with like-minded people
as they develop skills in the corporate world. Each month we going to meet one of the
Veteran Employees that Soldiers‟ Angels has employed at the Warehouse in Texas. Our
first S.A.V.E Employee of the Month is Captain (ret) Sean M. Thomas…
In 1998, Sean Thomas join the Army and served his country for ten years. He was wounded in Iraq in 2006, and was medi-
cally retired in 2008. Throughout that time of service, Sean was not a part of Soldiers‟ Angels and did not have an “Angel” sup-
porting him—it wasn‟t until later that he found out what who had been there supporting him and his brothers all along...
After retiring from the military and before discovering Soldiers‟ Angels, Sean was employed by other companies, but
“ultimately, there was not enough 'personal resonance' of their mission to my values,” he says. One day in July of this year, he
noticed the building with the big Soldiers‟ Angels logo across the street from Brooke Army Medical Center. “So I walked inside.
Next thing I knew, I was filling out a job application and before I knew it, I was working there, packing care packages for our
troops,” he recalls.
In a sense, being employed by Soldiers‟ Angels completed the circle for Thomas. One day while he was working in the ware-
house, he looked up and on the very top shelf was one of the ever-popular First Response backpacks for wounded warriors
(the camo ones with the Purple Heart and Soldiers‟ Angels patches). He said to himself, “I think I have one of those.” He
went home and started looking through the numerous bags he had and found one that looked just like that backpack. It just
happened that Thomas received one of Soldiers‟ Angels wounded backpacks, not knowing where it had come from.
Sean has grown quickly in his roles with Soldiers‟ Angels. “First I was a Warehouse Associate simply packing care packages,”
he says. After two weeks I was the facility manager. After two months I was promoted again, this time to Director of Devel-
opment. I now forge, maintain, and nurture relationships and projects with other companies for our organization.”
In today‟s economy, finding employment can be difficult. By chance, Sean found the prefect employer, one that he says is
more important than all the other positions he‟s had outside the army. “It's much more important than just any job. I‟ve had
many different jobs while growing up before the military and before Soldiers' Angels, but this job is the closest thing a man
could find that reaches a deeper place within him…. a place that warms my heart.”
And more than warming his heart, it challenges him, something Sean seems to relish. Out of the three positions held with
Soldiers‟ Angles, the only one he asked for was the packing of care packages position. “The others, it seems, are as a result of
my efforts, and the confidence placed in me by my superiors,” he says. “But rather than taking it as a compliment, I take it a
                                                                      move to action, a demand that they want solid results
                                                                      and that achieving those results are my charge. I be-
                                                                      lieve in this organization, its core values, and most of all,
                                                                      what it stands for. I'm thinking about the longevity of
                                                                      our organization as Angels and as leaders. There is a
                                                                      great deal of potential in our midst, and one of our chal-
                                                                      lenges is to construct a way to harness everyone's
                                                                      strongest capabilities and use them to the greater ad-
                                                                      vantage of the organization—which ultimately leads to-
                                                                      wards a higher standard for our key demographic, our
                                                                           Operations Manager Toby Nunn is impressed with Sean‟s
                                                                           contributions. “He's highly motivated, and works really
                                                                           hard,” Toby reports. “When he's on a task he's relent-
                                                                           less. His TBI presents challenges and his leg and arm
                                                                           damage keep him from typical labor, but he has a mas-
                                                                           ters in project management.” Those injuries obviously
This picture of Sean and his platoon was taken just days before he was     don‟t slow him down in using his powerful skills and
wounded in Iraq. Sean is on the front left. Directly to his right is his
                                                                           abilities to the benefit of his fellow soldiers through
platoon sergeant, Lyle McCallum, who saved his life .
                                                                           Soldiers‟ Angels.

                         Thank you to Sean for the interview and picture, but most importantly,
                        THANK YOU your service to our country and the sacrifices you have made!
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Drum Hike Headed to Southern California
                                                Calling all Angels and other patriots in California... You're in-
                                                vited to help a hero and veterans' families!
                                                Former soldier Troy Yocum is currently in Utah, headed to California on
                                                his 7,000-mile "Drum Hike for Heroes"--he has already completed over
                                                2500 miles! He will cut across the bottom tip of Las Vegas and be in
                                                California by early November, where several big events are planned to
                                                celebrate his hike and raise funds for the military families who are his
                                                On November 3, Troy will be in Twentynine Palms, home of the
                                                word's largest Marine Corps base. There he will be joined in his
                                                march by supporters and veterans, including the mayor, law enforce-
                                                ment and first responders, local high schools, the Patriot Guard Riders
                                                and community organizations such as Rotary and Kiwanis. There will
also be a $20 dinner with various VIP guests to help Troy raise money for military veteran families in need. For more
information or to RSVP for the dinner, email Kimberly brown at (more info here; Facebook here).
On Veterans Day, November 11, Troy will be marching in the San Diego Veterans Day parade and appearing at
the Veterans Museum & Memorial Open House. There will be live entertainment and fundraising activities to support
military families, including two special families who will be honored at the event. They are looking for as many Angels
as possible who would like to march in the parade or assist with entertainment, food and activities at the open house.
For more information click here or contact Susan Lawson at
Troy will be stopping at cities and towns all along the way from Twentynine Palms to Los Angeles and down to San
Diego. To see his route and current location, click here. To plan an event anywhere from Los Angeles to San Diego,
contact Susan Lawson at As Susan says, "He has a list of cities walking and he needs fund-
raising events--at minimum, people meeting him along the way to support him and stick $5 in the dona-
tion box. Let's get busy - he's out there counting on help!"

Moose Munch for the Troops
                                    Thanks to the generosity of gourmet gifts retailer Harry & David, troops far from
                                    home this holiday season will have an extra special treat in their Soldiers‟ Angels
                                    care packages—Harry & David‟s delicious and hugely-popular Moose Munch® Bars.
                                    The “Support Our Troops Moose Moose Munch® Drive” previously resulted in over
                                    115,000 bars sent to soldiers overseas and is returning just in time for the winter
                                    holidays. Harry & David stores nationwide are offering customers the opportunity to
                                    purchase two Moose Munch® bars for $4 (one bar is usually $2.50) and donate one
                                    of the two bars for the Moose Munch® Bar Drive along with a personal message to a
                                    soldier. Soldiers‟ Angels will distribute this new round of bars in its Wrapped in Holi-
                                    day Spirit care packages and Harry & David is assisting with shipping.
"We're delighted to support our troops on the front lines," said Steve Heyer, CEO of Harry & David. "The program gives
our customers the opportunity to give back to soldiers who have already given so much of themselves for our country."
“This is a fantastic gift for deployed service members who will be so far from home during the Holidays and we are
thrilled to be able to include the in our care packages,” says Soldiers‟ Angels Founder Patti Patton-Bader. “Moose
Munch® Bars will be sure to bring a smile to the faces of these heroes.”
Soldiers‟ Angels is aiming to send a Wrapped in Holiday Spirit care package to every deployed service member this holi-
day season. Care packages will include snacks, candy, hot chocolate, socks, a handmade blanket, a travel mug and a
personal note.
To participate in the Support Our Troops Moose Munch® Bar Drive, visit your local Harry & David store.
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100,000 Blankets of Belief
Every goal Soldiers‟ Angels has set we have pretty much
have reached. Well, another goal has been set and your
help is NEEDED! Did you know its starting to get chilly in
Afghanistan and Iraq? For the past two winters—which
include the holiday seasons—our deployed heroes have
received a warm and toasty hug by opening a care pack-
age with a warm BLANKET OF BELIEF!

It is that time of the year, and with the BLANKETS of BE-
LIEF being so popular with the troops, Soldiers‟ Angels has
set a GOAL of 100,000 BLANKETS OF BELIEF. We
need your help to reach this goal!

You don‟t need to be an Angel to make a blanket of be-
lief—anyone can help make a blanket for a hero, even if
they can‟t thread a needle! If you can sew, knit, crochet,
or just hold a pen, you can wrap a hero in love from

                                   A chief warrant officer wrote from Iraq when he received his blankets:

                                   Christmas came early this year and I just wanted to say thank you. If only you
                                   could have seen the looks on my troops' faces when all those boxes came in. I
                                   have never seen such a giddy group of grown men. The blankets were
                                   snatched up first.

                                   A soldier wrote from Afghanistan after receiving blankets from Soldiers' Angels
                                   for his unit:

                                   It can be very cold at night and we don't have heat in our tent. We have cold
                                   weather sleeping bags but they are not comfortable to sleep in because they
                                   are so narrow. They are too short for some of our tall guys. We can finally
                                   get out of the sleeping bag and stretch out while still keeping warm
                                   because we now have blankets.

In                            Iraq, winter nights are quite cool, and temperatures in Afghanistan can reach -20 degrees Fahr-
                              enheit! Conditions at many bases in Afghanistan are very austere, and so as more troops are
                              deployed there, the appreciation for blankets from home grows.

                              Working together, we can make sure each deployed hero knows "We believe in you!" If every
                              Angel made just one blanket, we'd have enough to send a blanket to every single deployed Sol-
                              dier, Sailor, Airman, Marine and Coast Guardsman. It's a great project to share with family,
                              friends, scout troops, sewing guilds, and church teams.

I                             encourage all of you to pitch in to reach this goal. So spread the word and—if you can—sew,
                              knit, quilt, crochet or draw.

                       For more information, see
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Interview With Hero: Chief Matthew Rose
                                                           It‟s ALWAYS an honor to interview anyone of our “heroes” but this
                                                           month‟s Interview With A Hero was requested by the interviewee as
                                                           a way to give back to Soldiers‟ Angels. This month‟s hero is a Chief
                                                           on well-known base, Matthew Rose.
                                                           It was while in high school that Chief Rose decided he wanted to
                                                           join the Navy. “I was in the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training
                                                           Corps for four years,” he says. Rose did give the college scene a
                                                           try, but as college isn‟t for everyone “I always knew I would be in
                                                           the military, it just took about two years after high school to finally
                                                           make the best decision I will probably ever make in my life,” he ex-
                                                           plains, adding “I joined because I wanted to be a part of something
                                                           a lot bigger than myself. I drifted around aimlessly for the first 20
                                                           years of my life. I needed some guidance and direction. I needed
                                                           a family who would be there with me.”
                                                           Rose was deployed several times before hearing about Soldiers‟
                                                           Angels and those deployments seemed to go by relatively quickly,
                                                           but it was still a bit lonely at times. In 2006, enroute to Afghani-
                                                           stan, he was watching the Armed Forces Network and happened to
                                                           see the America Supports You Program, which included Soldiers‟
                                                           Angels. Rose noted the Soldiers‟ Angels website and after he got
                                                           settled in Afghanistan, he took a look at the website.

                                                           “I thought the SA program looked interesting since I didn‟t have a
                                                           lot of family and signed up to receive letters,” he recalls. “I was
                                                           pretty excited that there were so many people back home who took
                                                           the time out of their hectic lives to show us how they cared. I ex-
                                                           pected a few letters, but really what I got was a wave of kindness
                                                           and compassion that still makes me smile to this day.”
                                                            Even though the time seemed to fly by without an Angel or much
other support, once Rose received his Angel, his entire attitude changed. “I had a reason to check the mail and email. I had
a friend back home who wanted nothing more than to tell me that she
was thinking about me.” Having an Angel was also a mental diversion for
Rose. “Instead of thinking about danger all the time,” he says. “I was
busy writing letters and emails to as many Angels as I could. It was a
nice break from the rigors of deployment, something that kept me going
long past the deployment.”
Rose‟s favorite story about his Angel is best told in his own words. “We
had chatted through email and letters and she thought it was the strang-
est thing that the U.S. government would send a Sailor to a landlocked
country with barely enough water to drink. She was bound and deter-
mined to make me feel at home, even in the sandbox. After a few
months of correspondence, she finally figured out how to bring the Navy
to me… even in Afghanistan. I had come in to work after only a few
hours of restless sleep and saw that I had a package from my Angel.
Never knowing what to expect, I opened the box and started to laugh at
its contents. Included in the box was my very own Navy… a fleet of bath-
tub ships and a bottle of water to make my own fleet. All my troops
laughed with joy as they saw me sitting down arranging my fleet for bat-
tle. The little boats stayed with me throughout the deployment and were
lovingly shipped home once I was headed out of theater. Before was
deployed again (yes, I am on deployment yet again as I write this), I
would take them out of their special box and think back to my time in
Afghanistan and how some plastic ships brought the Navy back to a Sailor                  Chief Matthew Rose was deeply touched by
stranded on the sand.”                                         ... continued                the support he received while deployed.
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Interview With Hero: Chief Matthew Rose….cont.
Rose continues, “I had a tremendous amount of Angel support over in Afghanistan. So much so that I spent every waking
moment for several months trying to write everyone that contacted me. Didn‟t work out so well for my sleep schedule and
had to curtail the one-man letter writing campaign. That does not mean that I wasn‟t indebted to the Angels for keeping my
spirits up. Thank you to all my Angels for their kindness.”
To Rose, his Angel is “a pretty big deal in my book. Throughout the interview, it was obvious that Chief Rose and his Angel
had become good friends and he thought very highly of her.
When it was asked what one thing he would like to say to Soldiers‟ Angels, Rose replied, “Only one thing to Soldiers‟ Angels?
You must be joking!” Picking one thing can obviously be difficult for many of our heroes, especially those who have been with
Soldiers‟ Angels for multiple deployments. However, Rose does have this to say to Soldiers‟ Angels: “Thank you seems shal-
low. Words cannot even begin to express the eternal gratitude I have for SA. Whenever I was feeling down, my Angels were
there to spread a little (actually quite a bit) of joy to my fellow service members and my own life. Even four years later, my
Angel is still there with me, no matter where I go. She was always arriving at the perfect time to offer a joke or just let me
know how the real world was doing.”
                  A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Chief Matthew Rose for the interview and picture,
            but most importantly, THANK YOU for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make.

Books for My Father
Author Richard Jackson is making a special donation to
Soldiers‟ Angels in celebration of his father, a tailgunner in
WWII who passed away on Easter Sunday this year. Rich-
ard‟s two newest thrillers are now available on Kindle, and
he will be donating $2 from each download to Soldiers‟ An-
gels in tribute to his father‟s service.
Power & Deceit tells the story of equipment failures and
successive explosions in a West Virginia mine that lead to
more questions than answers. As business executive Rick
Henderson digs into the issues, he uncovers an international
web of greed and corruption that could bring down the gi-
ants of the industry—if he lives long enough to tell about it.
In The Reckoning, former CIA operatives go up against
terrorists who have killed the Vice President and are
planning a more deadly attack on Washington, DC.
Things get even more difficult when they discover that
the man behind the terrorists is the Iraqi President.
Both books are available for Kindle on, with
$2 from each download going to Soldiers‟ Angels.
Richard found Soldiers‟ Angels while looking online for
information on how to donate hardcover copies of his
books for deployed soldiers. After talking to the father of
a service member in Afghanistan who had reported
“There‟s never anything to read,” Richard decided to do-
nate 1700 copies of his books to be sent in Soldiers‟ Angels
care packages for the troops.
In addition to the military connection through his father,
Richard has a brother-in-law who was a Cobra helicopter
pilot in Vietnam and a niece and nephew who attend the Air
Force Academy. "We can never forget the service of our
military and the safety and comfort they provide people
here and abroad," he says.
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Across the Miles: Connecting Heroes with Their Kids
                                   Each organization that supports the troops has its own directive/mission. Many of these
                                   organizations have programs within that in some way involve the children of our “heroes,”
                                   but this special organization brings our heroes and the littlest supporters together...
                                   Beth Allen has been creating custom-made drawing for her own children and later developed
                                   her own business, but it wasn‟t until a close family friend with two children was deployed to
                                   the Persian Gulf that Beth realized that were few organizations and products that deployed
                                   parents can have readily available to communicate with their young children while deployed.
                                       Wanting to help her friend stay in touch with his children, Beth went to work designing inter-
                                       active post cards for him to mail home from his deployment. The best part of her creations
                                       was that he and his children were able to share these postcards from across the sea. Along
                                       with a special “note from Daddy, each postcard included a special activity for the children
                                       such as a picture to color, connect-the-dots or a maze. Once the children were finished cre-
The deployment of a friend helped
Beth Allen understand what military    ating their masterpieces, their artwork was mailed back to “daddy,” leading to an ongoing
parents and their children go through, project between Beth‟s friend and his children.
leading to Troops in Touch.
                                  Now with over 50 designs, including military, sports, seasonal and holiday themes and gen-
der specific-designs, these postcards include the littlest ones who miss their deployed parent, but are unable to write yet. The
postcards offer an awesome way for Little Ones to communicate in their own way.
Besides helping military families, Beth has found her project affects her as well. “Working on this project has made an huge
impact on my life. It took a deployment coming into my life before I realized how little I knew about military families and what
they experience. I was embarrassed by my lack of interest and knowledge, but now I feel connected to the many wonderful
people who have shared their feelings with me and have encouraged and supported my work.”
Beth isn‟t sitting on her laurels. She‟s always looking for ways to improve and build on her creation. “I've expanded and re-
fined the artwork from feedback and suggestions and am always eager for more,” she says. “I'm currently working with
                                                                      Melissa Seligman on a program to foster dialog between
                                                                      milkids & non-milkids in schools with military presence. A
                                                                      pilot program has been very successfully completed in
                                                                       Soldiers‟ Angels is also benefitting from Beth‟s great work.
                                                                       Angels can receive a 20% discount on the Troops in
                                                                       Touch "Salute to Kids" Art Activity Coloring Book or in-
                                                                       teractive coloring/activity postcards at
                                                              with the discount
                                                                       code “ANGEL.” These books and cards would make a
                                                                       great holiday gift for an adopted hero or a family wait-
                                                                       ing for the return of their loved one!

      For more ways to support
      military families or children
      in particular, check out Op-
      eration Top Knot and Op-
      eration Outreach at
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DarkTime Tales for Military Kids

Darktime Tales, a leading publisher of Children‟s Books, is teaming with Soldiers‟ Angels to bring its children‟s stories to the
families of American servicemen and women stationed around the World.
“We know how hard it can be for families, especially children during the holidays, to adjust to who are living the military life-
style,” said Richard Horwitz, President, Darktime Tales Publishing, Inc. “Stories seem to bring families together. The effect is
long-lasting as they can be told and then talked about with the family who is stateside. Teaming up with Soldiers' Angels al-
lows us to bring the children of active service members and veterans our stories and audio books.” Darktime Tales is donating
$20 off coupons to 5,000 Soldiers' Angels families. The stories are full of magic, monsters and adventure, and are appropriate
for children of all backgrounds, ages 8 and up. No additional purchase is required to use these coupons.
“We are honored to help facilitate this generous donation from DarkTime Tales,” says Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers‟
Angels and a military child herself. “Children sacrifice right along with their military parents and this is such a beautiful way to
not only recognize that sacrifice, but reinforce the bonds between deployed parent and stateside child
What makes Darktime Tales so different from other children‟s stories is that the main character of the series, the Salesman, is
never given a name, nor is he described physically. In fact, none of the characters in the stories are given names. The Sales-
man could be any shape or size (tall, short, etc.) or of any background...whatever the child imagines!
This distinctive style of writing allows children to imagine the characters as anyone they want -- family members, people in
their own communities, or even classmates. Swift developed this style to give children a voice as he conveys that stories are
for sharing.
“I came up with this concept so kids would see who they wanted in the characters, not who I wanted,” said Author, Scott
Swift. “If I had named a character, say, „Brittney‟, you would immediately get a picture in your head of who I was talking
about. Even if I went on to describe how she looked, you would still have that initial picture in the back of your mind. This
way kids get to imagine the characters as anyone they want. Uncle Paul, cousin Malik, or grandpa Chan - the Salesman is
whoever the child wants him to be.”
Based on stories the author made up out of thin air each night at bedtime for his own children, the Traveling Salesman is a
mystical, magical wizard of sorts who uses his wits and wizardry to escape tight spots and help those in need. Traveling from
town to town, he sells everyday items enchanted with magical properties. But beware! If the items are misused, the conse-
quences can be dire!
Each tale is a standalone story in its own right, but taken together they weave a rich and vibrant world inhabited by were-
wolves, witches, and magical creatures of every kind!
There are currently five audio books and fifteen stories in The Traveling Salesman series. Stories are available individually in
PDF format and MP3 audio from Several stories are also available on the Kindle, iPad and Nook
eBook readers. A paperback containing eight stories (The Traveling Salesman‟s Darktime Tales Anthology) is also available

                        If you are a service member who would like to receive $20 worth of
                         DarkTime Tales, or you would like to give them as a gift to military
                       families, you can purchase them through and
                                     use the coupon code ANGEL20 at checkout.
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Singing Veterans
                                                                               As I sat in front of the TV, a group of men and
                                                                               woman walked out onto the stage. Before they
                                                                               sang, choir director George Hill explained to the
                                                                               judges that they were the New Direction Choir,
                                                                               made up of formerly homeless military veterans!
                                                                               After hearing that, a tear rolled down my cheek.
                                                                               After hearing them sing, I screamed at the TV,
                                                                               “Put them through!” and mumbled to myself, “I
                                                                               gotta do a interview.” Who would have thought
                                                                               that watching the first few episodes of America‟s
                                                                               Got Talent would lead to the amazing story of a
                                                                               choir made up of America‟s veterans….a story of
                                                                               support, new beginnings and how music truly
                                                                               does soothe the soul.
                                                                            Growing up, all George Hill ever wanted to be was
                                                                            a Marine. In 1977, his dream came true and he
                                                                            served his country until 1985. While stationed in
                                                                            South Korea on the DMZ (De-militarized Zone)
                                                                            that marks the very tense border between North
                                                                            and South Korea, Hill focused on the mission at
                                                                            hand although he accepted that there was a possi-
bility that he would end up making the ultimate sacrifice. This awareness took it‟s toll on then Staff Sergeant Hill as he fulfilled
his tense mission honorably.
Thankfully SSG Hill wasn‟t asked to make that ultimate sacrifice, but that doesn‟t mean sacrifices weren‟t made—For Hill, the
sacrifice was in a sense invisible because PTSD was unheard of for among those who served on the DMZ at that time. From
Hill‟s perspective, he was a warrior and he didn‟t want to worry or upset his family. He felt that if he asked for help he was
“weak,” he was unaware that he had a small case of PTSD from his time on the DMZ and ended up coping by substance abuse
(alcohol and drugs), which led to him to being homeless for ten years.
During those ten years of homelessness, Hill would sing on occasion to help push through the difficult times. Something
clicked for him one day and after ten years of living on the streets he decided to get help and went to New Directions, a non-
profit that helps homeless veterans. One day George was singing in the stairwell of the New Directions office because it had
the same acoustics as the tunnel he used to sing under. Someone just happened to hear him singing and suggested that he
start a singing group. Soon the New Directions Choir was born.
The News Directions Choir is now made up of 11 men and women who have served in many of America‟s conflicts from the
Vietnam War to Desert Storm, including every branch of service except the Coast Guard. The goal of the New Directions Choir
is to spread the word through music to all of America‟s veterans, reservists and active duty that it is okay to get help. “This
doesn‟t mean you‟re weak!” Hill exclaims. It doesn‟t matter what branch you are in. I don‟t want to leave anyone behind. NO
Unfortunately, the New Directions Choir didn‟t make it into the semi-finals of America‟s Got Talent, but they are currently in
the studio recording a CD and continuing to spread their message of strength and reaching out for help.

   New Directions offers a wide array of services, includ-
   ing substance abuse treatment, job training and place-
   ment, parenting and money management classes, legal                    Thank you to LaShanda Maze for coordinating
   and financial assistance, counseling, remedial educa-                  the interview with Mr. George Hill, and thank
   tion and resources for alumni. Clients leave New Direc-                 you to Mr. Hill for his time and the picture.
   tions with a job, housing, a savings account, computer
   skills, renewed self confidence and the support of men-               To the New Direction Choir: thank you for your
   tors and peers. Such a transformation takes hard work,                           sacrifices and service!
   motivation and accountability, but the results are life-
   altering and—for many veterans—life-saving.
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Angel of Valor                                                                                         by Beth Schietzelt

Sometimes Angels are valorous, too…
In 2006 Angel Amy, whose physical challenges confine her to a wheelchair, helped another Angel
support her adopted Marine by asking the owners of the New England Patriots to send him Patriots
gear to raise his morale. Amy kept in touch with the Marine over the years, and earlier this year he
reported he was having difficulty coping with a previous deployment but was in therapy. “I told him
I was glad he was getting help and that I would be here to support him in any way I could,” Amy
“You know, you inspire so many, even us Marines,” he said in reply. Amy expressed surprise, as-
suming that meant he had told other Marines about her. “Just a few,” he replied to her statement.
How can a Marine even think about giving up when you set so many things straight...there are no
Amy assured him that if it inspired Marines, he was welcome to “tell all the Devil Dogs you want
about me.”
The Marine mentioned a combat event he‟d experienced and said, “If it weren‟t for the strength you
have given me through your life, I would have stopped way before I did in my little tiff in Afghani-
Of course Amy thanked him for the compliment, and added that she was honored to have inspired him.
“Wish I could give you the honors I received from [that combat action],” he mused before pausing to think. “Perhaps I can,
come to think of it. I may send you something.... I don't know if any other of your adopted troops have ever given you the
thanks you deserve—the things you and so many of the Angels give is ever endless.”
What this heroic Marine sent was his Navy and Marine Corps Commendation with Combat Distinguishing Device, the medal he
had received for the combat action he mentioned.
According to the citation, Marine X (he has asked that he remain anonymous) received the medal “for heroic achievement
while serving…in support of operations in Afghanistan…X‟s convoy was attacked by an improvised explosive device destroying
two vehicles and injuring several Marines. X‟s quick thinking and reaction assisted in identifying insurgents that triggered the
device and attempting to trigger another. Despite being wounded from the blast, X directed fire and eliminated the threat. At
the completion of the engagement he did refuse medical treatment until all other injured Marines were taken care of and coor-
dinated logistical efforts to medically evacuate personnel and equipment in order to accomplish the mission at hand. X‟s out-
standing initiative courageous actions and loyal devotion to duty reflected credit upon him and were keeping with the highest
traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”
                                                                                    The Commendation Medal with Combat
                                                                                    Device is a “mid-level” award authorized
                                                                                    for valor. It is awarded to a person who
                                                                                    distinguishes himself/herself by heroic or
                                                                                    meritorious achievement or service in the
                                                                                    military. The acts or services must be ac-
                                                                                    complished or performed in a manner
                                                                                    above that normally expected and suffi-
                                                                                    cient to distinguish the individual above
                                                                                    those performing similar services.
                                                                                    Amy says she has received thank yous
                                                                                    over the years , but nothing like a medal
                                                                                    for valor!
                                                                                    Marine X says that giving his medal to
                                                                                    Amy seemed appropriate, considering the
                                                                                    valor she displays in fighting past her
                                                                                    physical challenges. “I will always have
                                                                                    the honors from the Corps,” he says. “But
                                                                                    I always think those behind the scenes
                                                                                    really deserve the respect and honor.”
Page 14

Bravo To The King of Horror!
Spotlighted Team: 2010 Holiday Season
                                                                                            The Spotlighted Team section usu-
                                                                                            ally highlights one of SA‟s many
                                                                                            amazing teams, but this month
                                                                                            we‟re changing things up just a
                                                                                           Our Armed Forces and their fami-
                                                                                           lies give so much of themselves,
                                                                                           and just because these brave men
                                                                                           and women are volutneers doesn‟t
                                                                                           mean that we who they are pro-
                                            tecting shouldn‟t do everything we can do to show them that they are APPRECI-
                                            ATED, LOVED and SUPPORTED… especially during the winter holiday season.
                                            Anytime is a good time to boost the morale of our heroes—our veterans, de-
                                            ployed, wounded warriors and their families—especially those who may feel for-
                                            gotten. And with the 2010 Holiday Season just around the corner, it‟s also the
                                            perfect time to boost the morale of our heroes who are staying at all of the Fisher
                                            Many of our deployed heroes are on their 3 rd, 4th and 5th (and even 6th or 7th!)
                                            deployments. A servicemember‟s deployment morale is often a rollercoaster of
                                            emotions. Compound that rollercoaster with the natural longs of the Winter Holi-
 If you would like your team to be spot-    day Season—when you are supposed to be with your loved ones and instead are
 lighted, pick ONE member to be inter-      on the other side of the world—and it can get very dificult. When you call home
 viewed and send an email to newslet-       your heart aches because when you ask your little ones what they want Santa to with the Subject    bring them for Christmas their answer is “You, Daddy/Mommy!” Then there are
 Field “Spotlighted Team.”                  our veterans in healthcare facilities who may feel completely “thrown away” or
                                            forgotten with loved ones who busy living their lives or who aren‟t able to visit for
some reason.
Or image the typical ‟holiday blues” when you are on the other side of the world from the ones you love or you are a family
who is living at one of the Fisher Houses while a wounded loved one recovers... At least the family unit is together at the
Fisher House, but think don‟t forget the stressors of having a family member who is wounded and (in many cases severely),
the families bearing the burdens of the trials of today and uncertainty about the future.
There is a way you can help boost the morale of the families and wounded warriors staying at the Fisher Houses! A greeting
card, small gift card, robe or slippers would mean so much to all of them. These simple things can mean the world to those
who feel forgotten. And we can‟t forget the littlest ones, the children of our wounded warriors often get lost in the shuffle
with the focus on the wounded… a small toy can help a the child feel noticed and help keep them occupied.
For our deployed heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Soldiers‟ Angels has the 2010 Wrapped in Holiday Spirit project. Sending a
simple Holiday care package of yummy snacks, socks, and a holiday card with a personal note of thanks and support
boosts the morale of our Armed Forces it lets them know that they ARE loved, supported and appreciated. We NEED
your help to reach the goal of sending 190,000 care packages! Quite a bit still need to be done to to reach this goal and
bring a piece of home to all our deployed heroes.
For details on what is needed and how you can help bring some love to military families, veterans, wounded warriors and de-
ployed heroes, please visit for a list of items that is included in the Holiday
care package.
                                                                   Across America (including Alaska) and reaching
For Postage donations            Send donated items to:            overseas to Landstuhl Germany there are a total of
                                                                   45 Fisher Houses and by 2011, thirteen more will be
Soldiers' Angels                 Soldiers' Angels
                                                                   built. All of these Fisher Houses are homes to
Wrapped in Holiday Spirit        Wrapped in Holiday Spirit
                                                                   VIP’s—No, not our President, Vice President or any-
1792 E. Washington Blvd          4408 N PanAm Expwy
                                                                   one of that nature! These VIP’s are our wounded
Pasadena, CA 91104               San Antonio, TX 78218
                                                                   warriors and their families, the TRUE VIP’s!
                                                                                                                     Page 15

Sewing Team: AMERICAN!
                         I didn't know James. He was 24 when he died recently in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. He
                         was from Camp Pendleton.
                         I also didn't know Carlos, 24; Tramaine, 20; Rafael, 36; Eric, 30; Jordan, 19; Raymon 22; Alec, 19;
                         Joseph, 26; Jorge, 22; Ian, 25 or Irvin, 21. Let's see… did I miss anyone? According to news reports,
                         they are identified as "NATO" troops. Oh, really? They are AMERICAN heroes… they are our sons,
                         husbands, uncles, nephews.
                          According to a recent CNN poll, American support for the war has never been lower. That is not the
                          case with Soldiers‟ Angels. While many of our countrymen are at the mall, we are re-focusing our
efforts to bring attention and support to those AMERICAN heroes who are deployed, wounded, veterans and their families.
I know that this is a crazy time of year and life gets very busy with making costumes, shopping for the right-sized turkey, bak-
ing, and finding that perfect Christmas gift... and I know that this season just flies by. But I'm asking you to consider making
JUST ONE blanket for JUST ONE wounded or deployed AMERICAN hero.
We've been at this for nine years! I know this is getting old for some of us. I cannot possibly imagine how old this is getting
for the Marine deployed six times, or the Army wife home alone with three babies for 12 months at a time, or the corpsman
coming home on a medevac flight.
Please make ONE blanket for ONE hero
who will spend this Christmas in a tent,
not home with his family… or ONE blanket
for ONE hero coming home on a stretcher,
instead of on his own two feet.
These blankets can provide a tangible re-
minder that our heroes are not in this fight
Information and a flyer may be found at by clicking on
“Teams and Projects,“ then “Sewing
Team,” and then “Blankets of Belief” or
“Blankets of Hope.”
Thank you!

Dee :)
Dee Jerge, Vice President-Sewing Team

                                       Sewing Team Information & Contacts
Vice President—Sewing Team                     Sewing Team Newsletter                 Germany Blankets of Hope
Director—Blankets of Hope                      Karen Giffen                           Maryann Phillips
Dee Jerge                                                        Cooling Scarves                        Crafts Corner/Crochet Team
                                               Deborah Delcorio                       Deborah Delcorio
Sand Scarves                          
Anita Dice                   Operation Top Knot
                                                                                                                      Page 16

Soldiers’ Angels Germany – Angels at Work!
In addition to unpacking and sorting donations and stocking our donations shelves, the SAG volunteer team has been busy
visiting patients at the request of their families.

Recently Meredith, another SAG volunteer, went to check on a Marine on behalf of his 1stSgt back in Afghanistan. As she was
leaving the ward, one of the nurses pulled her aside and told her the Marine's 22nd birthday was the following day.... and
would she mind coming back with a little cake or something to celebrate??? (Our inside joke about Meredith is that her patient
visits always seem to snowball into something more!) We know Landstuhl hospital was the last place this Marine wanted to
celebrate his birthday, but we hope the cake brightened his day a little.

Although the hours are long and the work isn‟t glamorous, it‟s an honor and a privilege for us to help with the little things that
can mean so much to a young Soldier or Marine lying hurt in a hospital bed, far away from both friends and family.

      A huge THANK YOU to all of our donors and on-site volunteers who care about our guys here at Landstuhl hospital!

                                         Soldiers’ Angels Germany
     If you would like to help with a donation of clothing, personal care items, calling cards or Blankets of
     Hope, please email us at or visit the Soldiers’ Angels Germany blog at

                                       MTD, Medical Transient Detachment
                                             Attn: Soldiers' Angels
                                                   CMR 402
                                                APO AE 09180
                                    Please include your email address with your shipment!
Page 17

To Soldiers’ Angels... Cont.
Soldiers’ Angels Supports Scholarships
Soldiers‟ Angels has once-again stepped in to help veterans, spouses and dependents who may have fallen through the
cracks of support available for veterans and families. Mike Plummer, President of National Association of the 10th
Mountain Division explains:
                                                An Unintended Inequity
The 10th Mountain Division was reactivated in Feb 1985 and since that time has been the most deployed division in the
United States Army. By design and by hard won reputation, the division will remain extremely active in the years ahead
in the Global War on Terrorism.
Here is the problem … the bi-laws of the 10th Mountain Division Foundation Scholarship Fund do not allow for current
members of the 10th Mountain Division to be eligible for scholarship monies that have been collected and invested over
the last 65 years. Rightfully, the original World War II Veterans who donated the money want it to go to their descen-
dants. Since there are no Korean, Vietnam, Granada, Panama or Desert Storm 10th Mountain Veterans, we don‟t have
that funding source to help us make up the shortfall.
This leaves the 10th Mountain Division (Light) without a self perpetuating scholarship fund like the rest of the Army's
active duty divisions have. This is an unfortunate situation that has created an unintended inequity for those who serve
America in the 10th Mountain Division.
In order to correct this inequity, the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Inc. a 501(c)(19) organization
formed a fund raising committee in 2006 to raise $5 Million for a self perpetuating scholarship fund. To date over
$500,000 has been raised and the Association has been able to award five $5,000 scholarships in 2007, six in 2008,
seven in 2009 and eight this year. The plan is to add one each following year.
Unfortunately at the rate the fund is currently growing it will take ten more years to achieve the $5 million required to
provide a self perpetuating fund. With over 3,500 Soldiers currently deployed to Afghanistan and another 7,500 deploy-
ing this fall, the need for a self perpetuating fund scholarship fund is now.
The purpose of this article is to ask members and friends of the Soldiers Angels to assist us in shortening the time it
takes to achieve our fund raising goal. We need your donations and your help in identifying and contacting potential
donors whom may be willing to make a donation or bequeath.
Donations should be made out to the Northern New York Community Foundation and on the “For” line, write 10th
Mountain Division Scholarship Fund. Please mail checks to:
Northern New York Community Foundation
HSBC Building, Suite 400
120 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601
Or, if you want to use a credit card
click here.
Once your check has been processed
you will receive a confirmation of re-
ceipt and the income tax information
you need to deduct your tax-
deductible gift. If you wish to donate
stocks or property, please call Mr.
Rande Richardson 315-782-7110 and
he will advise you on how to maxi-
mize the tax benefits of your gift.       Officials from the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division stand with three recipi-
If you want more information on the:           ents (center) of $5,000 scholarships for post-WWI 10th Mtn. veterans and families.
National Association of the 10th Moun-
tain Division, Inc., please visit our web site or the Northern New York Community Foundation. If you have any other
questions, please contact me Mike Plummer at:
Soldiers‟ Angels has been proud to stand with Mike and his organization. With the support of SA (and other donors),
they recently awarded eight $5,000 scholarships to 10th Mountain veterans, spouses and children to assist them in at-
tending community colleges and universities.
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To Soldiers’ Angels... Cont.
Activities and Fundraisers

                                                                                     IF you know of an event, activity or fund-
                                                                                     raiser that is either sponsored by or for
                                                                                     Soldiers‟ Angels, please let me know.
                                                                                     My goal is for every state to take part in
                                                                                     this new addition, so PLEASE email me:
                                                                                     Thank You —Amy

                                                                               Drum Hike Journey November 3, 2010 Time
                                                                               12:00pm - 5:00pm at 29 Palms California Start-
                                                                               ing on corner of Adobe Road & 29 Palms High-
                                                                               way to Elks Lodge 2134. If you need any addi-
                                                                               tional info or you have a group that would like to
                                                                               participate, email or call Kim-
                                                                               berly Brown at 760-596-1078.

American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Holiday Boutique Satur-
day November 6, 2010 Estimated set up time 7:30 Estimated Event
time: 10AM-2:00PM Tear Down: event ending at American Legion-
Los Alamitos Post 3252 Florista St. Los Alamitos, CA 9072 For more
information please email Anita Dice at
VETERANS DAY PARADE on Nov 6—Detroit Michicgan Sol-
diers' Angels is marching in the parade, which is on Nov. 6th,
2010. For details please visit
the website will be updated until November 5th 11:59PM (2359)
If you are not marching please come to HART PLAZA SOMETIME
OUR TROOPS! For more information please email Jo Wheaton at
San Diego Veteran's Day Parade November 11th Troy Yokum,
Drum HikeVeteran Troy Yokum is walking across America to raise
$5 Million dollars for Soldiers' Angels to help military families. Troy
will provide us with his projected location in your area as time gets
a little bit closer to November 9th so that volunteers can walk with him, and raise money as sponsors for this effort. If you can
help get sponsors such as $5 per mile, or $1 per mile, or donations of any kind please contact Anita Dice at
To Soldiers’ Angels... Cont. ...continued
Activities and Fundraisers
Puttin on the Glitz
Christmas Street
Fair Saturday, No-
vember 27, 2010
Event Hours: 5PM to
9PM Set up: 2:30 to
unload. Tear down
around 9PM (we
need to be off the
street by 9:30PM in
San Clemente, CA
For more information
please email Anita
Dice at anita-

Barefoot Hike for our Heroes World Record Attempt Dec. 4th 8 AM Phoenix, AZ Online
Registration fee $20 - proceeds go to military families in Arizona and across the country.
Shadow Walkers are encouraged to register online for $20. You get a T-Shirt sent to you and
you can walk in support for Troy and other walkers on Dec. 4th 2010. If you prefer to register
offline, you may download a registration form and mail it to 4PeaksRacing office no later than
November 29th. For more information please visit
 May No Soldier Go Unloved,
 May No Soldier Walk Alone,
May No Soldier Be Forgotten,
  Until They All Come Home.

     Soldiers’ Angels
1792 E. Washington Blvd.
   Pasadena, CA 91104
   Tax ID# 20-0583415

                  • 1792 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91104 • (615) 676-0239 •
                          Soldiers’ Angels is a non-profit 501(c)(3) • Tax ID# 20-0583415

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