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					                                                                                                Feb 2013
bird news                                dodging on the grass and a nice           eden centre
                                         Short eared owl hunting on 12 .
The first month of 2013 fades away                                                      Open 9am-4pm
and winter arrived up north. Some        Eden Centre: Up at the Centre were
cold snowy days affected Fife but the    3 Little grebe on 18 , 30 Canada               Code available on 07985
                                                       rd                    th
reserve was largely snow free and        geese on 3 , 3 LT duck on 26 ,                  707593
the mild and wet theme has returned.     these along with up to 20 Goldeneye
The ground is wet everywhere and         have been highly visible all month at          Please record your visit
there are pools and burns where          the centre. 2 White tailed eagle on             and the birds spotted.
there never has been. Here is            the posts out in the mudflats on 8
January’s highlights.                    and a Spotted redshank on 5 along              Please ensure heaters are
                                         with a Raven and a Glaucous                     off when leaving.
Geese numbers are building once          gull...nice day. A cracking wee red
                                                                       th     th
more      with   around    4000-7000     head Smew dropped in on 14 – 17           reserve news
Pinkfooted and some 50-200 Greylag       always good to see. The feeders
on most nights roosts. These are         have been buzzing with 7 Long tailed           Volunteers: if you would
                                                  th                      th
giving some spectacular morning          tit on 7 , 3 Tree sparrow on 15 and             like to come along and help
flights. The geese tend to return to     2 Brambling on 27 along with the                restore the West Sands
roost after dark, so an early start is   usual peanut gobblers!                          dunes, meet at Coach
recommended to see them. A healthy                                                       parking at 10am Feb 12 .
count of LB Brent were on the            Thats nae a bad month at all!
estuary all month with 53 recorded on                                                   Eden Brewery: Some good
14 .
    th                                   Bird of the Month                               news after all the glum
                                                                                         economic stuff. Part of the
Goosepools and Earlshall: Fairly                                                         papermill has been taken
quiet over the north side, 13 Long                                                       over by Eden Brewery a
tailed duck, 2 Slavonian grebe and 1                                                     micro brewery specialising
Velvet scoter offshore on the 7 ,                                                        in real ale......Hurrah!!!
onshore were 3 Jays, a single
Goldcrest and 2 Crossbill. A Raven                                                      Guardbridge Inn: The Inn
and a Green woodpecker on Earlshall                                                      at Guardbridge is open for
muir on 31 .                                                                             business again, under new
                                                                                         owners      and     a   new
Estuary Count (WeBS): Out across                                                       this
                         th   th
the estuary on the 14 and 15 were                                                        space. You can get a coffee
222 Wigeon, 241 Shelduck, 28                                                             or a pint if desired on your
Pintail, 127 Teal and 61 Mallard. 10                                                     next visit!
Whooper and 10 RB Merganser too.
Better nubers of waders this month                                                      Mallard Nest Tubes: A
with 796 Grey plover, 258 Knot, 456                                                      small pilot project is being
                                         Smew (Red Head)
Bar-tailed godwit, 1033 Dunlin and 8                                                     carried out on the Coble
Greenshank. Black tailed godwit          This small, compact diving duck is              Pools. Placing 2 nest tubes
numbers have been slow to pick up        the female or juvenile, with its red            for Mallard, this is being led
with only 74 on 15 , however 200         head and white cheek compared to                by           a           local
were present on 31 .                     the almost all white male. Around 180           wildfowler/naturalist and if
                                         birds winter in the UK annually and             successful will be expanded
Leuchars Airfield: A single Raven
                                         mainly the South of England,                    to support our ‘national’
spotted here on 5 , 12 Waxwings on                                                       duck. Please observe and
   th                       th           however some birds can show up
19 and 32 Fieldfares on 20 , nice to                                                     let us know if you see any
                                         when there is bad weather around on
see showing up in the records. A nice                                                    action, please do not disturb
                           st            the continent, it fits with this bird
disply by 5 Skylarks on 31 gave a                                                        the nests.
                                         spotted mid month when the weather
hint of things to come.
                                         was indeed wintery. The bird was
                                                                                        Coble Track: Due to be
                                         spotted at other east coast sites and
Outhead: A single Stonechat and 9                              th  th                    upgraded soon....more info
                        th               dropped in here 14 -17 Jan. Last
Grey partridge on 10 . Lots of                      th th                                to follow when confirmed.
                                         turned up 5 -8 Mar 2012.
Oystercatchers noodling around dog

      Ranald Strachan: Fife Coast and Countryside Trust: 07985 707593:

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