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                                                             If you would like to be part
                                                             of the Surrey Real Nappy                                     Project
                                                             Network please call us on
If you would like to know more about cloth
nappies please call us on 0208 541 9781                      0208 541 9781
for a ‘Nappy Guide’.
                                                                                                                                    Surrey Cloth Nappy Project
You can see the Environment Agency’s Life Cycle Assessment                                                                                     Managed by the
                                                                          Production managed by The Communications Team
at                                     05/05/10k/Cope & Glory/CS0640       Surrey Authorities Waste Network
This flyer will give an overview of the activities        Why are we doing this?                                                            What are we doing?
ongoing in Surrey to promote washable cloth nappies.      For a typical family with one baby, half of a waste bin is likely to consist of   In 2003 Surrey County Council along with Tandridge District Council, Mole
                                                          disposable nappies. It is not known how long it takes for a disposable            Valley District Council and Reigate and Banstead Borough Council helped
The Surrey Cloth Nappy project is an initiative of the    nappy to biodegrade but estimates have been up to 500 years. All                  the East Surrey Hospital change its maternity ward policy to cloth. This
                                                          disposable nappy waste in Surrey goes to landfill.                                meant that every mum on the ward had the opportunity to try a cloth
Surrey Authorities Waste Network that contains                                                                                              nappy in a safe and supported environment.
                                                          Surrey Local Authorities share the responsibility for waste management in
representatives from every local authority in Surrey.     Surrey and have a target to reduce the amount of disposable nappies in            The Surrey Cloth Nappy Project is now trying to support the other Surrey
                                                          landfill. Disposable nappies make up 3.5% of all of the waste that goes to        NHS hospitals in changing their maternity ward policy too.
                                                          landfill in Surrey; this is a large percentage for a single item.
The Surrey Cloth Nappy Project has two main objectives:
                                                          The disposal of this 3.5% of nappy waste costs council taxpayers over             Surrey Real Nappy Network
                                                          £700,000 every year.
• To support and encourage the use of cloth nappies                                                                                         The Cloth Nappy Project Team want to develop a Surrey Real Nappy
                                                          Using washable cloth nappies dramatically reduces the amount of nappy             Network. This is a group of mums, midwives, health visitors and friends
  on the maternity wards of Surrey’s NHS hospitals.       waste that needs to be landfilled. This is an irrevocable fact and is not         who share their experiences with mums to be. Activities include: ‘Clothie’
                                                          disputed in the Environment Agency’s recent Life Cycle Assessment.                mornings or ‘Nappucinos’, displays and demonstrations, talks and
                                                                                                                                            presentations on the choices that parent have when it comes to nappies
• To improve and increase public awareness of nappy
                                                          Seems like a good reason doesn’t it?
  choice in the wider community of Surrey.

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