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                                        Includes winterization checklist

                                                                A step-by-step guide

Prevent freezing pipes and other
damage by winterizing your RV.
Camco created this handy brochure to show you how
to prepare your RV for storage during winter months.

    From the outside  e...
            p p                   p
    a hand pump can be used to push the
    antifreeze into the system, bypassing
    the water pump.

    OR               Water Tank
               Fresh W
            From the inside...
                     reeze upstream
            add antifr      p                                Plumbing
            f    the
            from th water pump.                               Fixtures
                                       Fresh Water

– Preparing Your RV for Storage
                           You’ve had a great year in your RV and now it’s time to store it for winter.
                           Follow the guide below to properly winterize and prepare your RV for long
                           or short term storage.

                           Use Freeze Ban (#30767) antifreeze for the winterization of your RV.
                           It is safe for fresh water plumbing.

                           Step-by-Step Guide to Winterizing Your RV.
                           The following are general suggestions. Read your owner's manual for winterization
                           methods specific to your RV.

                           1 Disconnect the outside water source. DO NOT DRAIN THE WATER
                              HEATER until after you have filled your pipes with antifreeze.

                           2 By-pass your water heater. See page 3, By Passing the Water Heater and
                              follow all steps before continuing. By-pass any under-sink water filtration

                           3 Open the petcock to drain as much water from your pipes as possible.
                              Open the water taps and flush the toilet to drain any remaining water from
                              the system.

                           4 After draining as much water as possible, it is recommended a Blow Out
                              Plug (#36153) be attached to the Water Intake Fitting. Apply air pressure
                              from an air compressor to drain the remaining water. Although blowing
                              out the remaining water is not required, the remaining water will dilute
                              your antifreeze. Close all faucets and petcock when complete.

                                                         Blow Out Plug
                                            Air Compressor

                           5 You can add antifreeze either from the inside using the Water Pump
                                               eeze                              th
                              Conversion Kit (#36543) or from the outside using a hand pump
                              (#36003). Be sure to check your progress by opening up one
                              faucet at a time, starting from the highest and working
                              to the lowest point in the fresh water
                              system. Begin with the kitchen faucet.
                              Open the HOT side of the kitchen
                              faucet ONLY. Pump antifreeze until flow
                              from the faucet becomes very pink. This will
                              indicate that all water has been flushed from your system.
                              Close faucet. Repeat on COLD side. Continue to the next lower
                              fixture. This is normally the bathroom sink, then the shower and
                              finally the toilet.

                           6 Pour at least 2 pints of antifreeze into all sink & shower drains. The
                              ice maker, washing machine and external shower will also need to
 Key Points to Remember:      be winterized. Look for this information in your appliance manuals.

                           7 Open drain plug/valve on water heater and leave open.
  water heater
                           8 Finally, leave antifreeze in lines until spring. Do not drain.

                              For more information call            1-800-334-2004                              2
    By-Passing Your Water Heater
    How RV Water Systems Work
    Your RV’s water system draws water either from your fresh water tank and/or from
    the city water hookup. From the fresh water tank, a water pump is used to push
    water through the RV. (No pump is needed for water coming from the city hookup.)
    The water from the water tank and city water hookup will always be cold. To get hot
    water, the water must flow from your water pump into your water heater. The water
    is then heated and flows to your hot water fixtures such as your sinks and shower.
    When winterizing your RV you will need to by-pass the water heater.                           hot line

                                                                    CITY WATER HOOKUP                                 Water
                 FRESH WATER FILL                                                                                     Heater
                                                                                                  cold line

             Fresh Water Tank

                         Water                                                                 * The above by-pass setup is the Quick
                                                                                                 Turn RV Permanent By-Pass Kit
                                                     Water Pump

                Hot                                                     Toilet                  Also remember to...
                                              Grey Water       Black Water

                                                                                    and areas around dinette.

     How To By-Pass Your Water Heater                                               Caulk if necessary.
     By-passing the water heater can save you money by not having to
     fill the water heater with antifreeze, saving as much as 6 to 8 gallons         Make repairs if necessary.
     of antifreeze. Some RVs come with a by-pass system pre-installed
     but many do not.
                                                                                    condition shroud.
     Before you start,
       1. Make sure to turn off all power to the water heater (the electric         the winter months.
          water heaters usually have their own power on-off switch).
       2. Disconnect the water supply.
       3. Make sure the water heater gas pilot is NOT lit.

     Make sure your water heater remains full of water. If you have a                                                             chocks.
     by-pass system in place go to step 3.
       1. If you need to install a by-pass system, disconnect hot and cold          when you walk inside it.
          lines going into and out of the water heater.
       2. Connect by-pass. (See package instructions.) Be sure to use 3 to 5
          turns of Teflon tape when attaching each connection.
       3. Close off hot and cold lines going into and out of the water heater.
       4. Open the by-pass.                                                         They contain de-greasers which can cause your
                                                                                    awning to dry out and crack. Camco’s Awning
     There are many by-pass kits available for your water heater.                   Cleaner (#41027) is recommended to clean,
     See details on page 4 for by-pass kits available from Camco.                   moisturize, and remove mildew.

     By-Pass Kits

     A.      Seasonal By-Pass Kit
             This temporary by-pass kit allows you to hook up for winterizing and remove in the
             spring for reconnecting the system. Comes with crimp-resistant nylon reinforced hose.

     Easy seasonal winterizing is yours with the Camco Seasonal By-Pass Kit. The most                              Heater
     economical of our kits, the RV Seasonal By-Pass Kit requires a simple
     temporary hookup for winterizing. Remove in the spring,
     and re-connect during winter months.



B.        Supreme By-Pass Kits, Permanent
          Simple, permanent installation of either below by-pass kits allows you to easily drain
          your water heater for winterizing. Kits include brass valve to allow free flow* and
          crimp-resistant nylon reinforced hose.
           35953 With 8" tube for 6 gallon tank                                                                    Heater
           35963 With 12" tube for 10 gallon tank
          Replacement valve is also available.
           37463 3-Way by-pass valve replacement

Once installed, the RV Supreme Permanent By-Pass Kits allo you
to drain your water heater and forget your RV for the winter.
                                                                   s -passed;
* Not designed for using fresh water systems while water heater is by-p     ;
  some seepage into hot water tank is normal and poses no problem with the
  winterization process or the level of protection your unit receives.

C.        Quick-Turn By-Pass Kit, Permanent
          Save on antifreeze when you winterize with this easily-installed wat
                                                                 nd     %
          heater by-pass kit. Sturdy, brass back flow preventer an 100% shut-off
          valve lets you by-pass the water heater with a single turn.

The Quick Turn RV Permanent By-Pass Kit allows you to by-pass    a
your water heater and save antifreeze while winterizing. This
permanently installed system saves you time and money every year.y
Sturdy brass back flow preventer and 100% shut-off valve are included.   d
Once installed, this kit will allow you to by-pass your water heater with
                                                                     life your RV.
the simple turn of a valve. Easy to install and designed to last the lif of y

                                                          For more information call
                                                                    nformation               1-800-334-2004                 4
    Winterization Supplies from Camco

    A. Hand Pump Kit with Fittings                                         F. RV & Marine Antifreeze
       Pump antifreeze directly                                                 Protect your RV’s potable water system from freeze
       into your RV water lines        A.                                       damage. These antifreezes inhibit fouling and corrosion
       and supply tanks. Kit                                                    while preventing algae growth. They also help in
       includes flexible                                                        lubricating pumps and valves throughout the system.
       connecting line with                                                     Choose a temperature-specific product designed for
       city water connection.                                                   your winterizing needs. Safe and tasteless.

          36003                                                                    30626 Premium Ban Frost 2000®                          32 oz.
                                                                                   30627 Ban Frost 2000® Marine Engine
                                                                                         Antifreeze & Coolant                             Gallon
                                                                                   30629 Ban Frost 2000® Marine Engine
    B. Pump Converter                                                                    Antifreeze & Coolant                         5 Gallons
       Winterizing Kit                                                             30767 Freeze Ban -50                                  Gallon
       Winterize your RV annually                                                  30769 Freeze Ban -50                               5 Gallons
       with ease. This permanent                                                   30787 Winter Ban -100                                 Gallon
       kit installs with an adjustable
       wrench and includes brass
       valve, siphon hose, Teflon tape e
       and pump adapters.                                                  G
                                                                           G. Antifreeze pH Test Strips
          36543                                                                 Test the pH of the your ant tifreeze
                                                                                solution to indicate the leve of
                                                                                corrosion protection.

    C. Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
                         sulation                                                  36011
       Protect your pipes with a antifreeze,
       anti-drip insulation. -R5
          12660 3" x 25' roll

                                C.                                         H.
                                                                                Quickly and efficiently service inboard/outboard
       Blow Out Plugs                                                           marine engines. The patented Do-It-Yourself Winterizer
       Completely clear your water lines
                                      li                                        allows flushing and preparation of boat engine for
       with Camco RV Blow Out Plugs. Screw                                      winter storage with just five gallons of antifreeze and
       the plug into the city water inlet, open                                 your flusher. Save time and money, season after season.
       all drains and faucets, attach and                                       Great for technicians, too. For front mounted raw water
       activate air pump until all lines                                        pump systems, use the Flush Adapter, sold separately.
       are clear.
          36103 Plastic                                                            65493 Front (Volvo) Engine Pump Adapter
          36153 Brass

    E. Freeze Check Refractometer                                                                                                           H.
       An economical, highly accurate instrument for testing the
       point at which antifreeze solutions begin to solidify. No charts,
       graphs or conversions. Eliminates guesswork, reassuring the
       user that the unit is protected to the desired level. Saves
       money by eliminating overuse
       of antifreeze and verifying
       proper protection.
       Recommended for use with
       all methods of winterization where  e
       propylene glycol based antifreezes are used.
          65401                                                            E.

Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                                  Q. I have seen other antifreeze on the market offering
                   y     d    e    s
          Frequently Asked Questions                                                             g                            p
                                                                                     different degrees of protection and applications,
               About Antifreeze                                                      what is the difference?
                                                                                  A. Camco offers a number of different antifreezes for different
                                                                                     applications. The primary difference is in the formulations
Q                 a
Q. How much water should you add to your -50 RV Antifreeze                           and amount of propylene glycol used. We offer not on only
    o h v                          c
   to achieve a -25˚F burst protection??                                                                                              0   colde
                                                                                     the -50 RV antifreezes but also Winter Ban -100 for colderd
A. Camco -50 RV Antifreeze SHOU
      m        0      ntif z       OULD NOT be diluted. It is a
                                   OU                                                climates and marine engine winterization. Our Ban Frost
                                                                                                                                n O Ban rost
   pre-diluted solution that is designed to be used full strength.
        d      d u          ha                                                       2000® Antifreeze & Coolant is a highly co ntrated   d
                                                                                                                               concen ated
     dd                  amatically e
   Additional water dramati y alters the expansion properties of
                                                             e                                                           m ne ng e g
                                                                                                                                  ngin      is also
                                                                                     product that is used to winterize marine eng nes and is also
            py e
   the propylene glycol solution making adequate burst protection
                          l    o     k                                                                                nt reeze 100 #3 027) is
                                                                                     used as a coolant. Our Boiler Antifree e -100 (#30027) is
   difficult to achieve.                                                                                                   g ystems, ille
                                                                                                          h onic eating systems chillers and
                                                                                     designed for use in hydroni heating systems, chillers and  d
                                                                                                        e ntifreeze is recommended for V
                                                                                                               f            o    e
                                                                                     solar systems. Boiler antifreeze is recommended for RVs
     h s m 50               if
Q. I had some -50 RV antifreeze stored in my garage
                         a tifr ez                                                   with AquaHot & HydroHot systems.
                                                                                               aHo          roHo
                                                                                                         ydro o s stemems.
             t      t s r
   and I noticed it was frozen. Is your product defective?
A. No. Propylen glycol antifreezes are designed to provide
A N P opy ene glyco
            opyl       c                                                                                             ntifreez
                                                                                                                    Antifreeze      oo ant the
                                                                                                                    Antifreeze & Coolant the
   bu s prote t
   burst protection to temperatures of -50˚F or below. Ice crystals
                                                             ry a s                  same way I use ethylene glycol based automotive
                                                                                     same y           thylene ycol ased utomo ive
                                                                                                     ethylen glyc         e     omot
       l t
   will start to form in -50 RV Antifreeze at temperatures around
   will star                                     p a ur around                          tifr
                                                                                     anti r eze?
      10                                         un -10˚F
                                                 u             15˚F
   +10˚F and will appear to be solid ice at around -10˚F to -15˚F. F                 They are usesed     u the same a e howe e the rul
                                                                                  A. They are used in much the same manner; however, the rule   u
   Propylene glycol based antifreezes continue to contract and
   P                                     on u
                                         o           ontr c a
                                                        r                            of thumb is to add about 10% more Ban Frost 2000® than
                                                                                         humb t add b
                                                                                     o thu            d        10% mor Ban Fros 2000 h
                                                                                                                  % ore           ost
                                      e      0˚F
   will not expand until temperatures of -50˚F are reached, thus
                                                      ache hus
                                           -50˚ are reached, thu                                  i
                                                                                     was used with ethylene glycol. There is a blending chart on
                                                                                     was used wit thyle glycol. e
                                                                                                         lene y l                     ding h
                                                                                                                                 b endi cha on
                            t          e
                                   r ipes f you e      product that
   providing burst protection for pipes. If you need a product that
                                                          o                          the product label for mixing Ban Frost 2000® as a coolant
                                                                                             oduc bel        x
                                                                                     the product labe for mixi Ban Fro 200
                                                                                                                     n rost 000           c o ant
                          m         e highe      centrate
                     e em e ature higher oncentrated product
   flows at the lower temperature, a higher concentrated product
                                                             oduc                       p atio
                                                                                     application and also chah      r mixing to winteriz
                                                                                     application and also a chart for mixing it to winterize an
                                                                                                                                      nter z
   such as Wi ter Ba -100 or our Premium Ban Frost 2000®
        h s Wint r Ban 0 r             remi
                                         m          rost 000                            gine o          inte
                                                                                     engine block for winter storage.
                                                                                     engi blo for wint torage    age.
   should be used.
   s u           s d
                                                                                  Q      ave boat i             n inboard/outboar engi tha
                                                                                                                    nboa d utboard g
                                                                                  Q. I have a boat with an inboard/outboard engine that           hat
Q      nd s a        hat most anti reezes are oxic yet y c aim your
                            s   t ezes
Q. I understand that most antifreezes are toxic, yet you claim your
                                                 ic,                                   need to w nterize. h
                                                                                              d          eriz                    e meth
                                                                                     I need to winterize. What is the best method to use? h       u
         ntifreez products e
           i e         oduc s           armful. How tha poss ble?
                                           mful         hat ssib
   RV antifreeze products are not harmful. How is that possible?                  A Ther are s vera methods used
                                                                                  A. There are several methods used by Marine dealers
                                                                                           r              r       thod        d    Mari          lers
                                                                                                                                       rine eale s
A              m i        tifr
      o t utomotiv antif ezes are made rom thylen glyc le
A. Most automotive antifreezes are made from ethylene glycol,lyco                           interize                    f
                                                                                         winterize. o s ould ref to your wner an   u
                                                                                     to winterize. You should refer to your owners manual   ers
   whic c         hly x
                ighl toxic     antifreeze a made fro propylen
                                    freeze           e o
   which is highly toxic. RV antifreezes are made from propylene
                                                            opyle                               t z          p        e         en i
                                                                                     f winterizing tips d reco mendations. Some dealers
                                                                                     for winterizing tips and recommendations. Some dealers     m eale
   glycol which is considered GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)
     ycol h
   glyc            is c s dered RAS Gener l y egard As Saf
                               d              e        arde      afe)                  s         A    ethod here the utdr v      d        lowered int
                                                                                     use a VAT method where the outdrive is lowered into anower       nto
     y h      S G v rnment. r pylen g ycol is used in many
                          ment           n
   by the U.S. Government. Propylene glycol is used in many
                                                       d                                      e     o o
                                                                                       nt free solutio and the engi          g
                                                                                     antifreeze solution and the engine is run for a few minutes
                                                                                                                                     run o few m nute     tes
     onsumabl pro u t such as ice cream n y and v
   consumable products such as ice cream, candy and even
              b     rodu                    a                                            operati
                                                                                              e i       emperatu e maki sur all the wate
                                                                                                             p t            k       r
                                                                                     at operating temperature, making sure all the water is         e
     osmet cs          fore
                    erefore, t h product d        s whe winteriz n
   cosmetics. Therefore it is the product to use when winterizing
                                                            nterizin                     r
                                                                                     purg and               ant fr eze solut o is througho
                                                                                                              n            luti
                                                                                     purged and the antifreeze solution is throughout the system.
     o able wate systems.
   potable water systems.
                 ter stems                                                                   h       thod equi
                                                                                     A othe meth req ires t removal o the ther  mova
                                                                                     Another method requires the removal of the thermostat,      e
                                                                                     open n f
                                                                                           n                etcocks dra wat fro t
                                                                                                              cock        rain ater rom
                                                                                     opening of all petcocks to drain water from the engine block
Q. H can test the tifreeze my plumb          umbi system t mak
Q. How can I test the antifreeze in my plumbing system to make      k                              ouri
                                                                                     and then pouring the antifreeze into the engine block until
                                                                                     a then pou in the antifree n o e g
                                                                                                                e ntifreez
             ave         p
   sure hav the prop r rs protection?
   sure I have the proper burst protection?
                                      r ctio                                         the solution runs out of the petcocks. Camco offers the
                                                                                     the solution uns u              the etcocks.
                                                                                                                                o s
                                                                                     D -It- ou self Boa Wint r z
                                                                                             t-Yo           oat nter            hc
                                                                                     Do-It-Yourself Boat Winterizer which requires approximately
A. Unfortunatel h
       fortunat l           is    eliab economic tester n the
                                    iabl   onomical este
A. Unfortunately, there is no reliable economical tester on the
                                                                                        g llon f ant freez for prop
                                                                                              ons      ntif eze              oper
                                                                                     5 gallons of antifreeze for a prop winterization.
   mark for h
       rket                  boa owne o use The best ssura
                               a     ner    se.
   market for the RV or boat owner to use. The best assuranceuran
                                                                                     Instructions for using the Do-It-Yourself Boat Winterizer
                                                                                     Instructi n                            It-Y u
                                                                                                             sing the o-It ou
    s to follow h nstru t ons
              w        truc              a       d      careful
   is to follow the instructions on the label and be careful to
                                                                                     shou be foll w closely
                                                                                         o            llow
                                                                                     should be followed closely    o ly.
      move       wat rom t s stem e ore winte zing
                  a                                nter
   remove all water from the system before winterizing to avoid  v
   dilution of the antifreeze. Camco offers an instrument called
   dilution      h antifreeze. C mco o fers
                      tifreeze              r       stru n
                                                  inst ument alle l
                                                                                     Wha h u
                                                                                       hat          do     spi ome
                                                                                  Q. What should I do if I spill som of your RV antifreeze
       efractome e whic a c ratel rea s bot free e poi
          actomete       ich          e eads t e             oint
   a refractometer which accurately reads both freeze point and
                                                                                     on my driveway or grass?
                                                                                     o my driveway or g s
   burst point of the propylene glycol solution. This instrument is
          poin            r    lene y       luti
   b rst point o the propyle glycol solut on. T instrumentn umen
                         amco acil t
   used in all f the Cam o facilit e         heck the qual of u
   used in all of the Camco facilities to check the quality of our
                                                    e a                                 like oxic hy ene glyco prop
                                                                                  A Unlik tox
                                                                                  A. Unlike toxic ethylene glycol, pro ylene glycol is rated GRAS
   blends at the time of manufacture.
   blend at t time of manufactu nufac                                                (Gen ra Rega ded A afe)
                                                                                       ener      egar
                                                                                     (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA. Should you spill
                                                                                                                  e    h
                                                                                     small amounts on your driveway or grass, hose the area
                                                                                        all   ount
                                                                                     smal amoun          our
                                                                                                        you d i e a
Q. What is the difference between freeze point and burst point
      hat           ifferenc      twee
                    ifference between f eeze oint and bur t poi  u        oint        horoughly wit
                                                                                     thoroughly with a good supp y of water. Propylene glycol is
                                                                                          ough y ith good uppl o
   of antifreeze?
     f t freez eze?                                                                     d radab
                                                                                     biodegradabl and w         ssip
                                                                                     biodegradable and will dissipate in the water.
   T f eeze oin the t mpera u
             ez oint                  erat         the sol ti wher
A. The freeze point is the temperature of the solution where           ere
                                                                                    . Shou
                                                                                         ould use    e     ant freez o
                                                                                                            n     eze         g
                                                                                  Q. Should I use -50 antifreeze or a higher concentration such
   ice rysta wil star
             tals ill art       orm         e solutio n i wil h
   ice crystals will start to form in the solution and it will haveill
                                                                                      as Winter Ban -100 or Ban Frost 2000® Antifreeze & Coolant
                                                                                       s Winter Ban -100 or Ban Fros 2 0ro
   difficulty flowing . This temperature is around +10˚F with
      ffic      lowing.          m ratu
   diff c l y flowing h temperature is a ound +10˚ wit         0        ith
                                                                                           inte i           arine engine?
                                                                                      to winterize my marine engine? g
   -50 RV Antifreeze. This temperature is not indicative of the
   -50         ntifreez
             Antifre z             m         r
                            his temp ra ure not dicati o the  ativ
   winterizing prote tion T
   winterizing protection. The burst point is the temperature
       nteri        otec n             urst poin i
                                                 n          empe
                                                           temp r ture    e       A C m                e a
                                                                                                  reeze Ban –50 ntifreez h
                                                                                                                      i e
                                                                                  A. Camco Freeze Ban –50 Antifreeze has been used for over
        e             t
   wher h s luti n i begi t x and and thus cau
   where the solution will begin to expand and thus cause
                                   gin                            ause                      e             e
                                                                                      3 yea s by d aler and customer   t ers     e
                                                                                                                                he a    i
                                                                                      30 years by dealers and customers in the Marine industry
                        s       t         i
   the p e t urst unit nteri e roper y ith 5
   the pipes to burst. A unit winterized properly with -50 RV
                                                      erly                            for ng         and pot bl wate sys e wint
                                                                                      for engine and potable water system winterization. It is safe
                                                                                                                     t yste
       tifreeze houl
   Antifree should show fre z poin  reez       i      around + 0˚F
   Antifreeze should show a freeze point of around +10˚F
                                                       roun                                     o           ine gine p icati
                                                                                         use for the arin engi applicat o
                                                                                      to use for the marine engine application; however, if you
        ich d t                    otection
   which indicates a burst protection of -50˚F.
   whic indicate b rst protecti of -50˚F            0˚F.                                          rtai    out ttin
                                                                                      are uncertain about getting all of the wate purged out of
                                                                                      a u certain abou getting a o the ater                u
                                                                                      the engingine ock,        sugg usin
                                                                                                                 ugge       i   ore
                                                                                      the engine block, we suggest using a more concentrated
                                                                                      formulation such as Winter Ban -100 or Ban Frost 2000®
                                                                                      formulat o s                n       n
                                                                                                              Wint Ban 100 o          ot 0
                                                                                        nt free
                                                                                              eeze      oolant.
                                                                                      Antifreeze & Coolant.lant

                                                                             For more information call           1-800-334-2004                                 6
                                             RV Winterization Checklist
                                             Camco, a leader in RV supplies for over 35 years, has provided this handy checklist to
                                             help you winterize your RV. Keep this How-To booklet in a convenient place so you can
                                             refer to it when it is time to winterize!
               35713 -
   RV Seasonal By-Pass Kit

                             Supplies you may need to winterize
                                                           - Amt. may vary                    (See page 4.)
 35983 - Quick Turn
 RV Permanent By-pass Kit                                         (36543)
                                                 (36103, 36153)
                              WINTERIZING YOUR RV                                                             2007   2008   2009    2010   2011
                                Disconnect outside water line.
                                By-pass your water heater.
                                Turn on water taps to drain water.
        30767 -
Freeze Ban -50 Antifreeze       Flush toilets.
                                Attach Blow Out Plug to intake fitting and attach air compressor.
                                Close all water taps once you have drained as much water as possible.
                   36003 -    Antifreeze:
             Hand Pump Kit
                                Use ONLY nontoxic antifreeze specifically designed for RVs.

                                Kitchen sink:
                                    Open Hot side of kitchen sink faucet ONLY.
                                    Pump antifreeze until flow from faucet becomes very pink.

     12660 -
                                    Close Hot side faucet. Open Cold side of kitchen sink faucet ONLY.
  Fib l Pipe Insulation
  Fiberglass Pi I l ti
                                Bathroom sink
  36011 -
      0 1                       Ice maker
Antifreeze pH Test Strips
                                Washing machine
                                Exterior showers
                                Pour at least 2 pints of antifreeze into all sink and tub drains.
                                Water Heater: Open drain plug on water heater. Leave open till spring.
                              General maintenance:
                                Stabilize RV. Make sure it does not rock when you walk inside it.

 40492 - RV Wash & Wax
                                Apply emergency brake and use wheel chocks.
                                Remove any food that can spoil.
                                Clean storage areas, oven, range, refrigerator, and areas around dinette.
                                                                                                                                                  #907 70143

                                Inspect roof, roof vent covers, plumbing vents, and roof seams.
                                Wash and Wax

   44412 - Wheel Chock

   For more information call                1-800-334-2004

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