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					Business game for young specialists,
TOP-managers and OPTIMUS team.

April 2009
Business game. 23 April 2009
         Formula of success -
              together to the future

Preparation stages

                                    Main activities                                              Jan     Feb     March    April
                                                                                      Dec 2008
                                                                                                 2009    2009    2009.    2009

1 Initiation of idea. Including to the HR program 2009.

2 Discussion with the Optimus project’s leader Konopatskiy V.P. The decision was
made to organize the business game.
3 Meeting with the OPTIMUS members: discussion of ideas, tasks, purposes, setting
the approaches.
4 Motivation meeting with Group Engineers. Discussion of idea, presentation of
Andrey Moroz – Optimus member.

5 Teams’ formation. Selection the interested employees to take part in the business
game. Interviews, drawing procedure.

6 Course of oriented training for the game participants by the OPTIMUS project

7 Official start of the game. Setting tasks and aims.

8 Defining the consultants from the OPTIMUS project

9 Defining the consultants from the corresponding services

10 Work in teams. Meetings with consultants. Discussion of the teams' decisions.
11 Defining the list of the expert committee among TOP-managers of the enterprise.

12 Carrying out the business game.                                                                                       23.04
Business game
Realization of the creative potential of young
specialists, enlargement of their view concerning the
enterprise work, strengthening the feel of involving to
the enterprise activity, development of management
and leadership qualities

Proposal of improvement ways of the priority spheres
of the enterprise activity and development of
presentations for optimization of these spheres

The priority spheres of enterprise activity
for optimization:
•   Work and Fire safety
•   Environmental protection
•   Quality of the products
•   Working assets (current capital)
•   Production cost

The teams were formed by the priority spheres of optimization
 Business game

Key issues for
presentation development

1. Concept and proposals of the team
for improvement of enterprise activity in
the selected sphere;

2. The general task for all teams:
Development of decision by the
concrete production task – open-pit
filling in No.1 of M&BC.

Each team has task – according to the selected sphere of enterprise
activity to prepare the optimization proposals.
Business game
Steps for task realization:
Review the existing situation at OJSC ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih in the selected
sphere of activity;

Defining the level of satisfaction by this situation;

Analysis of data and factors, influencing on the selected sphere of activity:

      а) identification of the useless tools;
      b) increase of effectiveness of useful tools;
      c) reduction of surplus expenses;
      d) development of new effective tools.

Development of the unique strategy of optimization of production and economy
activity by the selected sphere of activity taking into account the existing methods
and approaches, which are used by the OPTIMUS project’s members.
 Business game
Technical task - filling in of open-pit – 1 of M&BC

• The possibility has emerged since 1985 as a result of open-pit mining No.1 to storage of overburden
   rocks into the mined-out space Since this period the filling in by the overburden rocks is performed
   around the perimeter of open-pit No.1. However, to the definite moment, taking into account some
   circumstances, such an opportunity can be excluded, namely:
  - open-pit No.1 is half-filled with water, but in native and world practice today there is no experience of
   filling in the high piles into the water with the level of under flooding more than 170 m;
  - during the process of open-pit No.1 filling in the enlargement of prism width occurs of the possible
   rock falls to the limited points, after which the work of loading operations is not safe;
  - the size of the open-pit by the brow of upper level is 900х900 m.

• At the moment delivering the overburden rocks is performed by the railway transport to the waste
   dumps at the distance of up to 18 km. The mentioned dumps of the overburden rocks will
   not provide the storage of all required volume of stripping the overburden by the residual capacity of
   open-pit No.2-бис, it is necessary to use the significant expenses for railway transportation.
•The mined space of open-pit No.1 is close to the open-pit
            No.2-бис, for this reason the decision of the safe storage of
  the overburden rocks of open-pit No.1 is economically profitable.

•The residual capacity of open-pit No.1 is enough for storage
   of barren rocks for all time of mining the open-pit No.2-бис.

Business game
Requirements to the preparation of the

The presentation should consist of slides in PowerPoint;

The use of different visual effects, animation, photos,
pictures is welcome;

Time duration of the presentation – no more than
  20 minutes;
The evaluation of presentation will be carried out by the
following criteria:

-actuality (significance of the proposed ideas
 and decisions);
-progressiveness (use of modern science and technology
 achievements in the proposed decisions);
-originality (ability to present your decision effectively);
-reasonableness (advantages and strengths of the
  proposed decision);
-reality (ability to implement and practical use of the
 proposed ideas).
  Business game
 Participants
 5 teams of young specialists

 The expert committee of TOP-managers:
  - Sheremet Vladimir     – COO
  - Konopatskiy Vitaliy   – Director for Economy
  - Baygush Anatoliy      – Director for HR and Labour
  - Kucher Vasiliy        – Director for Quality
  - Kirilenko Vladimir    – Work Safety Director
  - Chelombitko Aleksandr – Director for Production
  - Chikalo Oksana        – Director for Corporate communication and PR
  - Kozenko Georgiy       – Director of M&BC
  - Drashko Vladimir      – Deputy Director of testing – Chief metrologist
  - Karaman Tatyana       – Deputy Finance Director – Head of Department of finance
  - Lisovenko Aleksandr – Deputy Director of economy – Head of planning and economic department
  - Kudrich Elena         – Deputy head of planning and economic department
  - Savitskiy Vitaliy     – Deputy Director – head of department of water protection, waste and chemical
                             things use and land protection
  - Ostapenko Sergey      – Head of MD of M&BC
  - Uchitel Aleksandr     – Pro-rector of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, D.Ing.
 The support groups of the teams
 The consultants, who worked with the teams:
   > OPTIMUS members:              > by departments:
   - Shorokhov Oleg                - Kuzmenko Elena, Gerasimov Roman (Service of Environmental protection)
   - Efremov Aleksandr             - Kostenko Vitaliy, Zadesenets Evgeniy (Service of Director of Quality)
   - Moroz Andrey                  - Yaroshenko Natalia, Boyko Elena (Department of Finance)

Business game
The 1st place – team No.3   Topic of the 1st issue –
                            Current assets (working capital)

                            Team members:

                            Makarenko Maksim (Open-hearth shop)
                            Podgalniy Aleksandr (Central Electrical
                                                          technical laboratory)
                            Koptev Denis (Foundry-forging production)
                            Kucher Denis (Shop of repair of metallurgical
                            Evpak Artem (Service of Automated technical
                            Shubin Igor (Department of technical control)
                            Terehov Dmitriy (Mechanical repair complex)

Business game
The 2nd place – team No.1   Topic of the 1st issue –
                            Work and Fire safety

                            Team members:

                            Zozulya Aleksey (Steelmaking department)
                            Kononenko Ivan (Division of project planning,
                                                confirmation, monitoring and
                            Karpechenko Gennadiy (Technical
                            Rudnitskiy Evgeniy (Blooming shop - 1)
                            Irhin Evgeniy (Mine administration, M&BC)
                            Vitryak Evgrniy (Blast-furnace shop - 1)

Business game
The 3d place – team No.4   Topic of the 1st issue –
                           Production cost

                           Team members:

                           Klimov Igor (Service of automated technical
                           Vysochin Leonid (Work and Fire safety
                           Nechiporuk Aleksandr (Sintering shop – 2,
                           Istomin Igor (Blooming shop - 2)
                           Dashko Nikita (Sintering shop – 1, M&BC)
                           Ratushnyy Yuriy (Section rolling shop - 1)

Teams, won in the nominations:
“The most extraordinary decision”   “The brightest presentation”

     Team 4                             Team 3

    “The best team work”              “The experts’ sympathy”

     Team 1                            Team 2

Quiz of expert committee’s members:
                    V.Sheremet, COO:
                     “All presented ideas during the game are worth to be
                    considered. But the most important – 5 teams of like-minded
                    persons, who can generate ideas”.

                    A.Baygush, Director HR and Labour:
                    “The benefit of the game is obvious for everybody. It gives
                    an opportunity to look at common things, which we see
                    every day, in another manner ”.

                    O.Chikalo, Director of corporate communication and
                     “Well done! The main participants of the game were young
                    specialists. Namely young people can generate the most
                    extraordinary decisions and today they confirmed it”.

                    A.Uchitel, Pro-rector of the National Metallurgical
                    Academy of Ukraine, D.Ing.:
                    “The game turned out well. It is great that at the enterprise
                    such business games are organized. The practical ideas
                    come into the world from the most fantastic projects”.
Thank you!


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