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            CASS COUNTY LIFESTYLES                              January/February, 2009

                                                                                                                – and of men – but the good news
                                               See RED on                                                      is that heart disease can largely be
                                               Valentine’s Day                                                 prevented.

                                                                                                               It’s not hard to reduce your risk for
                                               S   ee “Red” on Valentine’s Day and
                                               throughout the year. Red fruits and
                                                                                                               heart disease. Start with simple
                                               vegetables contain many health-                                 Celebrate with a checkup: Let
                                               promoting phytochemicals including                              each birthday remind you that it’s
                                               lycopene and anthocyanins. This                                 time for your yearly checkup and a
                                               color group may help promote:                                   talk with your doctor about how
                                               [       A lower risk of some cancers                            you can reduce your risk for heart
                                               [       A healthy heart                                         disease.
                                               [       Memory health                                           Get off the Couch: Step, march,
Check it out...                                [       Urinary tract health                                    or jog in place for at least 30
                                               Red fruits and vegetables include:                              minutes most days of the week.
See “Red” on Valentine’s . . . 1               tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, pizza                                You can even do it while you
Love Your Heart . . . . . . . . . . 1          sauce, tomato juice, red peppers, red                           watch TV.
10 Good Reasons to Walk . . 2                                                                                  Quit smoking in four steps: Can’t
                                               onions, beets, red cabbage, kidney
5 Veggies to Buy Each Week 2                                                                                   go cold turkey? Cut the number of
Whole Grain . . . . . . . . . . . . 2          beans, apples, pink grapefruit, red
                                               grapes, strawberries, cherries,                                 cigarettes you smoke each day in
$250,000 FDIC Coverage . . . 2
Weight-los Tip . . . . . . . . . . . 3         watermelon, raspberries, cranberries,                           half; then cut that number in half;
Lemon Laws . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3         and pomegranates.                   O                           cut it in half again; finally, cut
Drive Clean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                                                                      down to zero!
Wring out the Old . . . . . . . . 3                                                                            Drop a pound or two.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs . . . . 4                                                                              Become a salt detective: Try not
                                               Love Your Heart                                                 to consume more than 2,300
                                                                                                               milligrams (about a teaspoon of

                                               T   aking care of your heart is more
                                               important than you might know.
                                                                                                               salt) each day.
                                                                                                               Know your family’s medical
                                                                                                               history: Chart all the relatives who
                                               Too few people realize that heart                               live or have lived with diabetes or
                                               disease is the No. 1 killer of women                            cardiovascular disease.             

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              Extension programs serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.
               The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating

                                        A member of The Texas A&M University System and its statewide Agriculture Program
                                                                              Whole-grain Switchouts
                               5 Veggies to
                               Buy Each Week                           Instead of this       Choose this
 10 Great Reasons to
    Take a Walk                U       Bagged Lettuce                  White bread           100% whole-
     Every Day                 U       Baking Potatoes                                       wheat bread
                               U       Broccoli                        White rice            Brown rice or
Walking can...                 U       Carrots                                                  barley
                               U       Tomatoes                        Flour tortilla        Corn tortilla
                                                                       Spaghetti             Whole-wheat
- Help control your
                               Bagged lettuce is essential for                                  spaghetti
                               salads every night. It is washed,       Pita                  Whole-grain pita
                               cut, and ready to go. Baking            “Butter” crackers     Low-fat, whole-
- Help you avoid
                               potatoes can be for snacks and light                           grain crackers
cigarette smoking.
                               meals. Stuff them with fat-free sour    Regular cereal        Whole-grain
                               cream and broccoli. (Baked sweet                              cereal
- Help control your
                               potatoes are more nutritious.)          Farina or Cream       Multi-grain hot
blood pressure.
                               Broccoli is easy to cook in the          Wheat                    cereal      
- Increase your HDL            steamer or microwave and liked by
(good cholesterol.)            most people. Use steamed broccoli
                               as a side with baked chicken and
                               fish. Carrots are wonderful when
- Give you more
                               used for snacks or grated into
                                                                       $250,000 FDIC
                               salads, soups, and pasta dishes.        Coverage
- Relax you and make           Tomatoes are tasty in salads and
                               pasta dishes – or chop and make
you feel less tense.
                               your own salsa. Don’t forget about
                               fruits and seasonal items, too.   
                                                                       T   he economy is rocky, and well-
                                                                       known banks are failing. Is your
- Tone your muscles
and keep your bones                                                    money safe? If your accounts are
strong.                                                                insured by the Federal Deposit
                               Whole Grain                             Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – and
                                                                       most checking and savings accounts are
- Make you look and
feel better.                                                           – your deposits will be safe. There are

- Aid in appetite
                               U    p your whole-grain intake by
                               making simple smart-food swaps.
                                                                       limits, however, to the coverage on
                                                                       individual bank accounts. If you know
control.                       Try to get your whole grains in         the limits, you can set up your accounts
                               foods that you purchase from the        to ensure that all your money is safe.
- Improve your ability         market to eat at home, since most
to fall asleep quickly         restaurants don’t offer many whole-     As of October 3, individual deposits up
and sleep well.                grain menu options.                     to $250,000 are fully insured by the
                                                                       FDIC through the end of 2009. This is
Source: American Heart
                                In the chart that follows, there are   an increase from old coverage limits of
Association’s Walking for a                                            up to $100,000. Retirement accounts
Healthy Heart pamphlet         suggestions that you might try.
                                                                       were not changed and are covered up to
                                                                       $250,000.                             

      CASS COUNTY LIFESTYLES                                                                        PAGE 2
                                                                                    control equipment on your
                                   Lemon Laws                                       vehicle, and produces polluting
                                                                                    emission, nitrogen oxides, and
                                   T    he Texas “Lemon
                                   Law”(Vernon’s Texas Civil Statues,
                                                                                    carbon monoxide – an invisible,
                                                                                    odorless, poisonous gas.
                                   Article 4413 (36), 6.07) is a state       3.     Drive less. Reducing the
                                   law administered by the Texas                    number of vehicles on the road,
                                   Department of Transportation                     especially during peak periods
 Weight-loss                       (TxDOT) that helps consumers who                 (rush hour), means less traffic
                                   buy or lease new motor vehicles
     Tip                           from Texas dealers or lease
                                                                                    and less fumes.
                                   companies and have repeated               4.     Slow down. Drive within the
To stave off hunger                problems getting their vehicles                  speed limit. At high speeds
when you’re dieting,               properly repaired. The Lemon Law                 you’ll burn more fuel for each
try foods that are high            can help a consumer get the vehicle              mile you drive and contribute
in water but low in                repurchased, replaced, or repaired.              more harmful pollutants into the
calories.                          It can be less complicated and less              air.
                                   expensive than going to court. (The
You can eat more                   relief available to used motor            5.     Drive cleaner vehicles.
when you choose                    vehicle buyers is limited to repairs             Consider the emissions rates of
water-based soups,                 only, if the vehicle is still under the          the vehicle you buy, and select a
vegetable chili, stir-             original manufacturer’s warranty.                vehicle-engine combination that
fried vegetables, fruits,          TRVs must be titled and registered               is a low.
and salads (without                in Texas.)
toppings or lots of                                                          Each of us can make a difference! Each
dressing).                         For more information visit the Web        of us needs to do our part!         
                                   site: or call
Foods made with lots               1-800-622-8682.                   
of sugar and corn
syrup can also leave
you hungrier a couple
                                   Drive Clean                               Wring out the Old;
of hours later. Instead                                                      Bring in the New
of sugary regular
sodas, try sugar-free
popsicles or drink a               T   he way you drive affects the
                                   way you breathe! Texas is facing a        T   he start of a new year is a good time
glass of sparkling
water with a twist of              challenge to reduce air pollution         to put to rest some cleaning practices
lemon.                             and improve air quality. Remember         that have seen their day. Nancy Bock,
                                   to:                                       Vice President of Education at The
Source: American Journal of                                                  Soap and Detergent Association, gives
Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 83, No.   1.      Maintain your vehicle.            the lowdown on some old (and not-so-
1, pg. 11
                                           Proper and timely                 old) cleaning myths.
                                           maintenance of your car will
                                           conserve energy and reduce        The Old: It’s a good “green” practice
                                           emissions.                        to save energy by drying clothes on a
                                                                             clothesline, rather than in the dryer.
                                   2.      Don’t idle. Idling wastes         The True: The increased use of cold-
                                           gas, damages pollution

       CASS COUNTY LIFESTYLES                                                                             PAGE 3
                           and warm-water wash cycles means        The Old: Washing dishes by hand is
                           that some bacteria may not be           more energy efficient.
                           destroyed during the laundering         The True: A dishwasher with an
                           process. Machine-drying after           Energy Star rating may actually use less
                           washing and rinsing will help           energy, water, and soap.              
                           reduce those lingering bacteria and
                           viruses. In addition, some modern
                           fabrics contain optical brighteners
                           or fluorescent whitening agents that
                                                                   Fluorescent Light
  “It’s                    may turn yellow when exposed to
                           long periods of sunlight.

 easier to                 The Old: Club soda is a good stain
                                                                   A    recent article in the Bowie-Cass
                                                                   Coop magazine talked about compact

                           The True: There’s no scientific         fluorescent lamps (bulbs) that are
                           basis for the claim that club soda      selling like hot cakes. These bulbs
                           removes stains. Its success is          consume 75% less energy than a

   good                    probably due to the fact that it’s
                           usually close at hand so the stain is
                           treated promptly. Tap water is
                                                                   conventional bulb and last up to six
                                                                   times longer. They also add less waste
                                                                   heat to your home. According to the
  health                   cheaper and works just as well. Be
                           aware that water treatment may
                           only dilute, but not remove, the
                                                                   Austin Fire Department, if a bulb is
                                                                   broken, air the room out for 15 minutes

                                                                   and put the broken pieces in a jar with a
                           stain. Stain sticks, stain wipes, and   metal lid or a plastic bag that can be
                           prewash stain removers are usually      sealed. You are cautioned not to
                           better remedies to avoid stains.
regain it
                                                                   vacuum the broken pieces. Clothes that
                                                                   come in contact with bulb fragments
                           The Old: Crumpled newspapers are        should be thrown away.                 

 once it’s
                           great for cleaning windows and
                           The True: While this may have

   lost.”                  worked at one time, paper and ink
                           formulas have changed, so you may
                           end up with smudges on your
                                                                    This bi-monthly newsletter is
                                                                    prepared and published by
                           windows and casings. Paper towels
- - Dr. Kenneth            or a microfiber cloth are better
     Cooper                solutions.
                                                                    Cass County Extension Agent for
                           The Old: Hair spray is a great way       Family and Consumer Sciences. If
                           to remove ink stains.                    you have a suggestion for an article
                           The True: This technique surfaced        or information that you would like to
                           – and often worked – when alcohol        see, please contact Lincoln at
                           was a key ingredient in hair spray.                   P.O. Box 471
                           Today, hair spray formulas are                  Linden, TX 75563-0597
                           either low-alcohol or alcohol-free.                 903-756-5391 or
                           Use undiluted rubbing alcohol or a            e-mail
                           stain-removal product formulated
                           for ink stains instead.

  CASS COUNTY LIFESTYLES                                                                        PAGE 4

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