Supply list 2012-2013 by babbian


									          W.R. Thomas Middle School
                      Supply List
This is the basic starter supply list for the first days of
school. Teachers may request additional supplies
after school begins.
  1. 1 inch- 3 ring binder for each class (7 total- includes
  2. 1 Composition notebook
  3. 1000 count package of loose leaf lined paper (no spiral)
  4. Blue and black ink pens, a box of “# 2” pencils
  5. Highlighters
  6. Jump Drive (2 gigabyte minimum)
  7. 12-inch ruler
  8. Pocket dictionary and thesaurus
Please make sure that all of your child’s supplies are labeled or
marked with their names to avoid confusion. Students will begin
class work and receive home learning on the first day of school.

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