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Top Four Party Themes!
A theme can help make a party perfect by creating opportunities for fun and and creative costumes, decorations, music, and cuisine. The Perfect Party has years of experience in planning themed parties! Let us create The Perfect Party for you!

Theme: Baby Shower!
Decorating  Cuet or sophisticated? Blue or pink? Ice sculptur or flowers? Teddy bears or angels? So many choices, so many years of The Perfect Party experience To guide you. Entertainment  The Perfect Party know all the latest baby shower games, but how about something different like a caricaturist or salsa band? Only you know what the mom-to-be would like, but with The Perfect Party, you never have to settle for the same old thing! Venue  Our experienced staff will help you choose the right place for this very special event. Indoors, outdoors, beautiful gardens, lavish tents, living room, ballroom, we will make it happen. Cuisine  Light fare is the most appropriate for a baby shower. Our chefs create beautiful, all-natural canapés, salads, main dishes, and desserts to fit your group’s lifestyles.  Of course we will create a memorable cake!

Theme: Luau!
Decorating  Flowers are a must for the perfect luau! Fresh or silk flowers are available, and our staff will help you choose the right mix to suit your taste and budget. We won’t let you forget the leis!  Table settings can include runners made of leaves and ferns and a variety of ocean- and tropical-themed dishes, glassware, and table decorations.  Consider brightly-printed sarongs as wall hangings and table cloths. Entertainment  Your guests will love the soothing and mellow, yet happy sounds of Hawaiian music! Choose from a wide selection of classics featuring the distinctive slack key guitar and popular favorites like Elvis Presley and Don Ho.  Why not really give your guests a treat and show them a real Polynesian dance? Our staff can arrange for professional dancers to entertain at your luau. Venue  Any spot is a good spot for a luau! A backyard with a pool is ideal, but any room in your home, a banquet hall, or a hotel patio can be turned into a tropical paradise.  We can plan a luau for any number of guests. Cuisine  Our chefs create tangy tropical punches from the finest fresh fruit juices.  Some popular dishes include Kalua pork with sweet potatoes, poi, lomi salmon, coconut chicken and shrimp, sesame cabbage salad, and haupia, a delicious coconut pudding.  All dishes can be made according to your dietary restrictions and requests.

Theme: Football!
Decorating  Decorating for a football theme party can be as simple or lavish as your taste and budget require. Go all out with official team gear or keep it simple with prepackaged party favors, balloons, and banners available at The Perfect Party stores.  Create some good-natured competition by having guests dress in their favorite team’s colors! Entertainment  Football parties usually center on a televised game or live event. The Perfect Party can help you choose the right audio/visual equipment for your group.  Even though the game is the main event, you’ll want music for before and after, and, of course, we will help you choose the right sound. Venue  Whether you are entertaining a small group of friends at home or hosting a company-wide business event, The Perfect Party will scale the theme to the venue.  The Perfect Party can even cater a tailgate party at your team’s stadium! Cuisine  When it comes to football parties, go for the touchdown and give the crowd what they want! Hotdogs, hamburgers, chili, nachos, and chips and dips are favorites. We give them gourmet flair!   How about a Hot Sauce Bar? All those finger foods will require lots of plates and napkins. We have the experience to provide just the right serving pieces, dishes, glassware, everything you need!

Theme: Child’s Birthday!
Decorating  The options for decorating a child’s birthday party are endless, but so much fun to think about!  The Perfect Party stocks favors, decorations, and balloons in all the current trend themes like Disney, Muppet, Barbie, and popular video games. If your child has heard of it, we have, too! Entertainment  We contract with the highest-quality, most respected child entertainers in Dallas. Magicians? We have them. Snake handlers? We have them. Pony rides? We have them. Plus inflatable rides, skateboarding ramps, artificial snow, costumed characters and more!  New this year—a climbing wall!  Maybe you want the kids to just play games like we used to do. We can coordinate a great game of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey or Hide and Seek! Venue  Home or away, The Perfect Party is there for you.  We can cater to local activity centers and parks. Cuisine  We’ve been planning parties for kids for years and have learned that when it comes to gourmet fare—well, for kids, not so much. Unless you tell us otherwise, we know that chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and punch are all big favorites—all homemade and all natural, of course! (The kids don’t need to know the food is “gourmet!”)

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