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									                                                    Vol XVI - DEZ 2010
Produced by the British & Commonwealth Society of
Rio de Janeiro for the English-speaking Community

                                   FROM THE EDITOR

                                   HOGMANAY ON THE EQUATOR
                                                                               JACK WOODALL

    In 1959, the capital of Uganda was an              director, another entomologist, used to
    insignificant little port on the northern          run all-night experiments on caged mos-
    shore of Lake Victoria named Entebbe,              quitoes and show up at the lab in the
    the word in the local language meaning             morning in striped pyjamas. Len, chief
    “the seat”, since it was the seat of the           lab tech, drove a Chevrolet with flared
    colonial government. Uganda was once               mudguards like a Cadillac, but with all
    known as the “Pearl of Africa” for its sce-        the seats except the driver’s ripped out,
    nic beauty and equable climate –                   allowing it to be taxed more cheaply as
    although the Equator passes through it,            a truck. Jimmy was another Scot whose              compound, at which he would serve
    across the ocean from Amapá, its alti-             passion was producing plays down at                haggis and liberal portions of Atholl
    tude keeps it pleasantly warm year-                the Club. He insisted on rehearsing                Brose which, as those who attended the
    round.                                             scenes until they were perfect, with the           Caledonian Ball last month will testify,
                                                       result that the juvenile lead ended up             is a deliciously sweet, yellow, highly
    There is a cluster of white buildings on           with a bright red face from being                  alcoholic concoction of Scotch whisky,
    a hilltop in Entebbe, with a stunning              slapped over and over again by the                 honey and cream that slips down the
    view over the lake, which still houses             heroine until she got it right. Miles was          throat very easily. At that year’s party
    the virus laboratories built by the                a physician who, that year, isolated the           was a new member of staff, an ento-
    Rockefeller Foundation in the 1930’s for           virus responsible for the biggest pan-             mologist still wet behind the ears and
    research on yellow fever. The director at          African mosquito-borne epidemic in his-            with his newly minted PhD. At some
    that time, Alexander “Sandy”Haddow –               tory. It caused an illness like dengue,            point, Miles looked into that person’s
    later Sir Alec – was an amiable Scottish           but did not kill anyone. The virus was             eyes and said they were yellow like the
    naturalist (not nationalist) whose spe-            named “o’nyong-nyong” after the                    drink. So on 2nd January the young
    ciality was entomology, but who had                tongue-twister local name for the dis-             man went to the clinic of the govern-
    upset a famous zoologist by debunking              ease meaning “that which bends up”.                ment doctor -- who was still recovering
    a scientific paper which purported to              Another David was an English physician             from his own New Year’s Eve hangover –
    establish separate Eastern and Western             who achieved later fame in 1976 by iso-            and was diagnosed with hepatitis. He
    races of the mountain gorilla based on             lating Ebola virus from an outbreak in             would have been routinely hospitalized,
    skull size. Sandy showed that, curious-            the Southern Sudan at the same time as             but since he was not feeling any ill
    ly, all the bigger skulls were of males,           the Americans found it in the Congo.               effects he was prescribed four weeks off
    and all the others of females. The                                                                    the booze and sent back to the lab.
    research staff were all British and a real         Sandy always held a Hogmanay (New                  That young man (and the juvenile lead)
    cast of characters. David, the deputy              Year’s Eve) party at his house on the lab          was me.

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The BCS at 70
JOE HOLMES – BCS Chairman 1987

When I arrived in Brazil 40 years ago, on a very hot summer day,
on 4th December 1970 from England, I had no idea that I
would find in Rio de Janeiro such an interesting institution as
the British & Commonwealth Society and one that was still able
to democratically exist under the then Military Government.

I initially worked in Brazil as an International Auditor with
George Loudon and amongst our many clients were several
British Insurance companies, of which the CEO’s were also often
Chairman of the BCS Council as well.At that time the offices of
the BCS were downtown (conveniently near to the Headquarters           Royal visit with Joe (centre, in glasses) & former BCS chairmen John Lewis, Leo
                                                                       Derrick-Jehu (backs to camera)
of the British Insurance companies) and I was “persuaded” to
help the BCS by becoming the Honorary Treasurer… “just for a
                                                                       Shortly after this, my wife Monika and myself were invited, in my
short time and just for a few hours per week”.
                                                                       capacity as Chairman of the BCS Council, by the then Mayor of
I then spent many long evenings and week-ends for the next five        Rio de Janeiro, Sr. Saturnino Braga (a quite famous Brazilian
years writing by hand the BCS official Accounting Records              politician and character) to an official Reception, held at the
(sometimes during prolonged power outages) and participating           old British Embassy building in Botafogo, in honour of this visit
in many animated and fascinating BCS Council Meetings, where           of the Lord Mayor of London and his Committee. This proved
the occasional clashes amongst the powerful representatives of the     to be an hilarious occasion when the Lord Mayor stood up after
participating Community entities made the external temperature         the banquet under the old crystal chandeliers and, deliberately
mild by comparison and fully displayed the democratic debating         pausing his words, stated that “We are pleased to meet you” –
and negotiation fighting abilities of the British people! In 1987 we   just as if he were addressing an Indian Chief in the Amazon
were most fortunate to count upon a very hard working and              jungle. The Rio Mayor promptly stood up and replied in
talented team on the BCS Council and through this most valuable        excellent English and with somewhat British humour, also
support and collective effort (also coming from my dear wife           deliberately pausing his words, that “We are most pleased to
Monika) we were able to accomplish the following principal items:      meet you too,” lightly beating his breast at the same time whilst
                                                                       he did so! Gales of laughter erupted all around and the ensuing
1. Effectively establish the BCS as the central co-coordinating        jolly evening became quite something to remember.
body in the British and Commonwealth Community in Rio de
Janeiro by consolidating the joint interests of the various entities   4. Participate in celebrating the Bicentenary of the founding of
of the Community and officially incorporate within the BCS             the first British Settlement in Australia in 1788, as during the
Statutes: The Players Amateur Dramatic Cultural Group, The St.         year we were able to personally invite the Ambassador of
Andrew Society of Rio de Janeiro and the Y Cymrodorian Rio             Australia, H.E. Mr. W.E.Weemaes to be the Guest of Honour for
(Rio Welsh Society) and thus consequently protected them               the 1988 BCS Commonwealth Dinner, to be held specifically in
under the BCS legal and fiscal umbrella structure whilst, at the       honour of the British-Australia Bicentenary.
same time, allowing them to maintain their individual
administrative control through their own elected committees.           5. Through the establishment of a BCS Cultural Affairs Advisory
We also enjoyed the specific and generous Welfare support of           Committee it was determined that the BCS would be
the Royal Society of St. George, amongst others.                       responsible for organizing and running the British Stand at the
                                                                       annual Feira da Providencia each year.
2. Consolidate and further the BCS’s legal registration as a Public
Utility with the Brazilian state cultural and income tax authorities   6. A special Membership drive was started and we managed to
in order to maintain tax exemption and obtain tax deduction            register 47 new members in 1987, create a BCS Crest and BCS
status for donors for their contributions made to the BCS.             Membership Posters, and increase the number of places where
3. Reinforce our links with our Commonwealth Patrons through           discounts and use of facilities were made available to BCS
the establishment of an annual BCS Commonwealth Dinner at              members through showing their BCS Membership Cards.
which the Commonwealth Day Message of Her Majesty the
Queen is read out. In this inaugural year we were most fortunate       7. Finally, considerable progress was also obtained in the
to have as our honoured guests the Right Honourable the Lord           ongoing areas of Welfare, Property conservation, Insurance
Mayor of London – Sir David Rowe-Ham and the Lady Mayoress,            analysis, BCS Newsletter and Year Book, the final winding up of
Lady Rowe-Ham, together with his illustrious Committee                 the British School-Niteroi and subsequent distribution of those
composed of the Alderman and Sheriff, the Swordbearer and the          financial proceeds.
Common Cryer and Sergeant-at-Arms. We were also honoured to
have as our guests His Excellency Mr. John Bell, Ambassador of         In summary it was quite an exciting and busy year for the
Canada, Her Majesty’s Consul General Mr. Roger Hart and Mrs.           evolution of the BCS and in 1988 Monika and myself were quite
Hart and Canon John Saunders, who said Grace for us. This new          sorry to have to leave our BCS friends behind in Rio de Janeiro
social event proved to be a sold-out success and a considerable        as we had to go on to Fortaleza to continue my financial career
surplus was able to be donated to the Niteroi Rest Home.               with the Nabisco Brands Group
                                                                                      Marilene Oliver – Artist Talk
                                                                                      Marilene Oliver is a visual artist from
                                                                                      the UK (currently living and working
                                                                                      in Rio de Janeiro) who uses digital
                                                                                      medical imaging as source material

          and more...                                                                 for making artworks. Since 2001 she has
                                                                                      worked with MRI, PET and CT to create
                                                                                      print based sculptures and installations
                                                                                      that have been recognized and
                                                                                      exhibited internationally. She gave an
                                                                                      Artist Talk on 9th November present-
                                                                                      ing a selection of works made since
    BRITISH & COMMONWEALTH                  col. 3) accepted a donation of cash
                                            and children’s toys from the BCS,         2001. Refreshments were courtesy of
    SOCIETY                                 presented by the Chair, Mary Craw-        the British School. The attendance
                                            shaw. Entertainment was provided by       at this free event was disappointingly
                                            carols sung by the SCM Quartet: Lisa      small. [Editor’s note: Marilene is an
                                            Gabbai (soprano), Inês Rufino             attractive young woman of refreshingly
                                            (contralto), Anibal Mancini (tenor) and   non-arty appearance, who was also seen
                                            Martin Hester (bass), and by a tall       dancing with great élan at the Poppy Ball
                                            Father Christmas (Jack Woodall),          with her Faroe islander husband].
                                            who distributed gifts to the children
                                            from his sack. In answer to the           Stuart MacWilliam Trust
                                            routine question about whether they       donation to BCS Welfare Fund
                                            had been good during the year, the
                                                                                      Stuart MacWilliam spent most of his
                   Dear All,                girls were very positive, but the boys
                                                                                      youth in Brazil, was educated in São
    As Chair of the BCS, I would like to    were – probably correctly – hesitant
                                                                                      Paulo and lived for some time in Niteroi.
    wish all our members, as well as our    in their replies.
                                                                                      He inherited a great deal of cash from
    good friends from the Royal British                                               his father and decided to set up a Trust
    Legion, St Andrew Society, American     A large variety of raffle prizes was
                                                                                      to put some of his money to good use.
      Society Rio, International Club,      obtained by Mary Crawshaw, who
                                                                                      Pat Shepheard told him about the
      Christ Church and the Women’s         presided over the drawing, ably
                                                                                      Niteroi Rest Home (NRH), so a Trust
            Diocesan Association            assisted by Clare Cato. The star prize,
                                                                                      was set up to assist the NRH "and other
          a very Happy Christmas.           a weekend at the Copacabana Palace
                                                                                      like Worthy Causes with a British back-
    We have had a wonderful year and I      (courtesy of Philip Carruthers) with
                                                                                      ground". Since the NRH closed, the
     wish you all an even better one for    breakfast, feijoada lunch and dinner,
                                                                                      Trustees decided to make a donation
                    2011.                   was won by John Walker. Two other
                                                                                      of £1,500 to the BCS Welfare Fund,
             - Mary Craw shaw               prizes of meals at the “Copa Palace”
                                                                                      which has been gratefully accepted.
                                            were won by Leopoldo Paganelli and
                                            Philip Coate. There were also several
                                            baskets of perfumed toiletries by
                                                                                      PESCA, a BCS-supported
    BCS Christmas Party                                                               charity
                                            Granado, (courtesy of Chris Freeman),
                                            a bottle of Scotch (courtesy of John      Projeto Educacional e Social Casa da
                                            Walker), a BCS polo shirt, BCS aprons     Amizade (PESCA) <www.casabatista
                                            and mugs, and various music CDs.> works in a Rio favela.
                                                                                      This charity just had its office there
                                            There was much hilarity over the fact     robbed of every single thing – computer,
                                            that some people won multiple             server, printer, TV, brand new digital
                                            prizes, and two beauty treatments         video camera and footballs. They are
                                            (courtesy of Silvia Chvaicer) were        appealing for replacements, plus a CD
                                            won by men! The sale of raffle tickets    & DVD player and funds to buy a folding
                                            and BCS greeting cards helped the         iron grille to protect the entrance. If
    See more photos on p.10-11.
                                            finances of the party to balance out.     you can help at all, in cash or kind,
                                            A group stayed on at the end of the       please contact Clare Cato <cvcato@
    This was held on the last Sunday of
                                            party to sing carols around the piano,> or the BCS office
    November this year, because all the
                                            played by Martin Hester and ending        <> Tel. 2537-6695.
    other weekend dates in December
    had been taken by other Societies. It   with a rousing rendition of “The 12
    began at 5pm to suit families with      Days of Christmas.”                       AMERICAN SOCIETY
    small children. There was an                                                      We’re so glad you’re here.
    immense spread of food -- including a
    beautiful and delicious iced                                                      Welcome!
    Christmas cake made by Noreen                                                     On behalf of the community, the
    Smith and traditional mince pies –                                                American Society Rio extends a hearty
    and at least 50 pots of tea were                                                  welcome to its newest members: Tracy
    consumed (to the detriment, it must                                               & Ana Lúcia Bennett; Robert &
    be said, of the cash bar takings!)                                                Teresa Belnap; Apparecida Maria
    Marcia Kapanyshn from PESCA (see                                                  Brunini; Ruth Raja Gabaglia; Leticia
Ganglianone; Leslie & Kenneth                       Secretary for more than 30 years, and      December. All proceeds will go to

Herd; Mauro Hideo Ionue & Brenda                    former Presidents Pat Cavalcanti and       the charities above, while your tickets
Lee Hitchens; Karen & Andy Peters;                  Henry Sherrill. U.S. Consul General        will give you the chance to win any
Márcio Vasconcellos & Waltraut Erika                Dennis Hearne read out President           number of a growing list of big prizes
Franke Pinheiro; Adriana & Dimitrius                Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving                (you need not be present for the
Pirovolou; André Valverde & Fran-                   Address. After the dinner the 2010         drawing to win). Included are:
cisca Portinari Leão; Jeffrey & Edna                Ralph Greenberg Award was pre-             1) a round-trip ticket to the conti-
Walker; and Joel & Alicia Woodward.                 sented (see below). The beautiful floral   nental US from American Society
                                                    center-pieces on the tables were           Rio Platinum Sponsor American             corners
And, of course, the Society thanks all              raffled off in a silent auction.           Airlines, as well as getaways at          and more...
of its sponsors who help make what                                                             2) the fun-filled Club Med in Rio das
we do for and within the community                  One seems to hear words of                 Pedras (4 nights) and
possible, particularly Platinum sponsors:           good cheer                                 3) the stunning Cachoeira Inn in
American Airlines, Chevron and                                                                 Búzios. Jaded with travel? How about
                                                    And with good reason. The year is
Coca-Cola Brasil. We couldn’t do it                                                            4) an amethyst necklace and
                                                    drawing to a close as friends and
without you!                                                                                   5) a stylish woman’s watch, both from
                                                    family draw near for the holidays,
                                                                                               Society Gold sponsor Amsterdam
                                                    which also means it’s time, once
Thanksgiving Dinner                                 more, for Annual Eggnog Party. It’s
                                                                                               Sauer, as well as
                                                                                               6) a magnificent stone bird from
                                                    coming up soon! It will be held from
                                                                                               Ledoux Jewelry in Copacabana and
                                                    10:00 am until 1:30 pm on Saturday,
                                                                                               7) and 8) from Brasilazy, one large
                                                    11th December at the Marine House.
                                                                                               and one small beanbag pouffe plus
                                                    Please consult <www.americansocietyrio.
                                                                                               fancy tote bag.
                                                    org> for further information or simply
                                                                                               Raffle tickets are R$10 each, 6 for
                                                    drop us a line at <events.amsoc@
                                                                                               R$50, 10 for R$80 and 13 for R$100.
                                          > and we’ll send you an
                                                                                               To purchase your chances to win and
                                                    immediate reply with all the details.
                                                                                               help spread a little love, please send
                                                                                               an e-mail to < co nt act @ am erican
Paul Duval, U.S. Consul General Dennis Hearne,
                                                    All for charity                            s o ciet y rio .o rg> and let us know
                                 Lindsay Duval      Hamilton Wright Mabie, an                  where you live and we’ll make
                                                    American essayist and lecturer, once       arrangements for you to get as many
                                                    said “Blessed is the season, which         raffle tickets as you’d like to buy.
                                                    engages the whole world in a               Everyone at our charities thanks you
                                                    conspiracy of love.” Well, the season      for being a good neighbor!
                                                    is upon us and there’s something you
                                                    can do to be a part of our little          Mello Mattos Christmas
                                                    conspiracy to assist the educational
                                                    and social projects of American            Party:
                                                    Society Rio’s 2010 designated              As we’ve just mentioned, one of
                                                    charities: Instituto Central do Povo;      American Society Rio’s designated
  Former Society President Pat Cavalcante, Silvia   Casa Maternal Mello Mattos; and Centro     charities for 2010 is the Casa
         Chvaicer, John Walker, Regina Medina.      Comunitário da Rocinha. Beyond the         Maternal Mello Mattos, which is
                                                    personal satisfaction of doing what        located in Jardim Botânico on Rua
This was the usual great success, with                                                         Faro, 80. One of the Society’s newest
                                                    you can to care for those in need,
a marvelous buffet of traditional                                                              members on its Board of Governors,
                                                    you might just find yourself being
American Thanksgiving fare, cooked                                                             Nancy McCulloch, is organizing a
                                                    richly rewarded in the bargain.
to a turn. Pre-dinner cocktails were                                                           Christmas Party there for Friday,
served on the roof, and the rain held                                                          10th December, and we welcome all
                                                    Here’s how: Purchase raffle tickets
off while Society President Lindsay                                                            members to join us for this
                                                    for our year-end Holiday Eggnog
Duval presented former luminaries                                                              celebration. If you can’t attend, but
                                                    Party, to be held Saturday, 11th
of the Society: Luz Wright, Society

   - Passeios                  Um transporte seguro com todo                                                    AnTonIo LUCIo
   - Aeroporto
   - Translado                 o conforto que você merece!                                            
                                                                                                                Tels: 21 9338-7152 / 7887-9871
   - Viagens                                                                                                    ID 55*87*127392
   - Shows
   - Eventos
                              Transporte em Sprinter 313 CDI
   - Festas                   da Mercedes Benz, modelo Luxo
   - Locaç õ es               Capacidade: 15 passageiros

                  would like to help out, please contact      Had space not been limited, we               way earning degrees in Mechanical

                  Nancy at <>        could have accommodated the 30+              Engineering and Weapons Systems/
                  for more information about the festa        individuals who were on our waiting          Aerospace Engineering. In 1983,
                  and how you can help these                  list. Sincere thanks are due to all who      while on a naval mission, his ship came
                  deserving kids.                             made it possible, most especially Kris       to Rio de Janeiro. There, he met his
                                                              & Bob Werner for being our hosts;            future wife, the former Helena Rosa
                  Oh Yes, it’s Ladies’ Night…                 organizer extraordinaire, Regina             Campos, whom he wed in 1987. In
                  Last month, American Society Rio            Franco; our chefs: Lindsay Duval,            1992, Peter was given the opport-
    corners       launched yet another new, monthly           Jason Galeria, Divya Loomba, Vanica          unity to attend Brazil’s Navy War
    and more...   event, “Ladies’ Night Out”. It’s a          Royster, Mateen Thobani, Anna &              College in Rio. Thereafter, he served,
                  moment to take a break from                 Donald Whyte, Barbara Launais and            in Rio, as an instructor/advisor at
                  Blackberries, baby bottles and other        Regina Franco (doesn’t she ever              the Brazilian fleet training facility
                  bothers! The next gatherings are set        sleep?), as well as David Zisman and         and, later, as Military Liaison Officer
                  for Thursday, 2nd December and              all the other good folks at the Nam          for the U.S. Embassy in Brasília as
                  Thursday, 6th January, and will             Thai Restaurant in Leblon.                   Director of Navy-Marine Programs.
                  continue to be held on the first                                                         In 2001, he retired at the rank of
                  Thursday of every month, always             Our guests were so delighted with            Lieutenant Commander.
                  starting at 8:00 pm in Ipanema at           the food and the atmosphere that
                  Gula Gula on Av. Henrique Dumont,           everyone encouraged us to do more            From that time forward, he worked as
                  57. Valet parking is available. Your        “themed” events. And so we shall!            a business consultant and also became
                  leading lady is Kathleen Coogan,            Check <>           deeply involved with the community
                  who has made arrangements for               for information about our upcoming           of his adopted home town. He
                  these get-togethers to take place in        Cajun Night. Just start thinking of          regularly participated in Parent-
                  the covered, open-air bar area at the       jambalaya, filé gumbo, and crawfish          Teacher Association meetings at the
                  rear of the restaurant. The first           étouffée and it won’t be long before we’ll   British School, where his daughter
                  bottle of bubbly is on the house! So,       serve up a bayou experience – right          was enrolled; he was a devout
                  if you lack the “Y” chromosome, start       here in our own Guanabara Parish – you       attendee at the Igreja Nossa Senhora
                  your month off right by hot-footing it      won’t want to miss. We’ll pass a good        da Paz in Ipanema; he was active in
                  on over and raising a glass with all        time, that’s what we’re gonna did!           veterans’ affairs and events; and,
                  the other ladies there!                                                                  from 2005-2006, he was the President
                                                              A.M. Java in Barra                           of the American Society Rio.
                  Museum visits are all SRO                   Sincere thanks to Sharon Dwyer for
                                                              hosting a morning coffee at her              To his every endeavor, Peter was a
                  This past August, American Society
                                                              home in Barra da Tijuca on Friday,           thoroughly dedicated human being.
                  Rio launched something new, a
                                                              19th November, which was very well           Through quiet, persistent competence,
                  series of monthly museum visits. To
                                                              attended. We’re always looking for           he demonstrated a devotion to fulfilling
                  date, we’ve had wait lists for people
                                                              new and better ways to engage our            promises and meeting expectations –
                  wanting to join the groups who went
                                                              community on the other side of the           to his family, friends, community,
                  to Niterói’s Museum of Contem-
                                                              Dois Irmãos tunnel and found that            church, and country. And he did so
                  porary Arts; Petrópolis and its Museu
                                                              this opportunity to get together and         with a smile that every single person
                  Imperial; Sítio Burle Marx in
                                                              chat over a cuppa joe hit the spot.          who ever met him will never forget.
                  Guaratiba; and, on 2nd December,
                  in Centro, the Fundação Oswaldo             We’re hoping for a refill soon.
                                                                                                           Michael Peter Rabang died in Rio de
                  Cruz      and      its    brand      new
                                                              2010 Ralph Greenberg Award                   Janeiro on Wednesday, 10th March,
                  “borboletário”. Remember that
                                                                                                           2010 of sudden, massive heart attack.
                  although we have a first-come, first        Since 1974, Ame-
                                                                                                           On Thursday, 25th November, at the
                  served reservations policy, first           rican Society Rio
                                                                                                           American Society Rio’s Annual
                  preference must be extended to our          has annually hon-
                                                                                                           Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the J.W.
                  own members. As 2010 has been               ored an outstand-
                                                                                                           Marriott Hotel in Copacabana, the
                  chock-a-block with events and               ing resident Amer-
                                                                                                           2010 Ralph Greenberg Award was
                  activities (without doubt our busiest       ican who has
                                                                                                           posthumously presented to Peter by the
                  year in over a decade), membership          contributed his or
                                                                                                           Hon. Dennis Hearne, U.S. Consul
                  and its attendant benefits have never       her time and effort,
                                                                                                           General in Rio and the Society’s
                  been more attractive. Next up in the        unselfishly, for the
                                                                                        Peter Rabang       Honorary President. Peter’s widow,
                  Museum Visits Series will be on 18th        good of the Amer-
                                                                                                           Helena Rabang, and their daughter,
                  January, when we’ll head on over to         ican and/or Brazilian communities.
                                                                                                           Stephanie, accepted the award, along
                  the Museu Histórico Nacional and            Named in memory of a past Society
                                                                                                           with a gift of appreciation from
                  the Paço Imperial (learn more at            president, this year’s award went to
                                                                                                           Ledoux Jewelry.
                  <         the late Peter Rabang, also a past
                  ingles>). If you’d like to get your early   president of the Society whose
                  bird reservation in now, simply send        ebullience, spirit of goodwill, and
                  a note to: <>.        charm endeared him throughout                ST ANDREW SOCIETY
                                                              the community and far beyond.                Congratulations to Philip Healey for
                  Sold Out! Curry Night                                                                    winning the 2010 Quaich competition
                  American Society Rio’s Curry Night,         Peter was born in 1958, the son of Fili-     and to Brian Simpson for a well deserved
                  which was held on Saturday, 6th             pino immigrants to the US. Raised in         “wooden spoon”, at the Quaich’s
                  November, was a tremendous success.         Norfolk, Virginia, he embarked on a          traditional mountain home in the
                                                              career in the U.S. Navy, along the           Teresópolis Golf Club. For almost eighty
                                                                                                      after the Quaich was also less than

                                                                                                      usual. Nevertheless, those who did
                                                                                                      go back after the golf made up for
                                                                                                      the lack of numbers by exhausting
                                                                                                      themselves in several Scottish
                                                                                                      Country Dances and a bit of hot
                                                                                                      disco, interspersed with some fine
                                                                                                      quality piping and highland dancing
                                                                                                      displays by the Petropolis Highland     corners
                                                                                                      Dance Group.                            and more...
           Quaich Trophy winner Philip Healey    The whiskey-filled Quaich cup is passed round for
                                                                                       all to quaff   We are discussing ways to put the
                                                                                                      Quaich trophy to better use. We
years, generations of St Andrew                 the winner of the Quaich to being a                   may have just seen the last year of a
Society’s golfers have aspired to               paid up member of St. Andrew’s.                       golf competition which has
seeing their name displayed for                 There must be a whole army of                         remained unchanged for eight
eternity on the base of the                     golfers out there who would happily                   decades, but there will certainly be
magnificent Quaich trophy. Over the             rise at six on a Saturday morning for                 another name to add to the list of
last eighty years, though, much has             the opportunity to see their name on                  proud winners of the St. Andrew’s
changed in the world -- in Brazil, in           Brazil’s oldest golf trophy. It is a                  Quaich next year!
the Rio international community                 prized asset which we can put to
and in the St. Andrew Society. Only             better use, to the benefit of the                     St. Andrew’s Day greetings are
ten golfers were eligible to play for           Society, rather than a “clannish”                     already pouring in from America,
the Quaich this year, as numbers                competition for ten golfers. The                      Argentina, Australia, Canada, Hong
continue to dwindle. It is significant          Quaich can no longer afford the                       Kong, Indonesia, Japan and a dozen
that there were more Teresópolis                luxury of remaining within a closed                   other places scattered around the
golfers competing for the Aberdeen              group of golfers which excludes                       globe, so -- on behalf of the St.
Quaich this year -- donated to the              outsiders, any more than the                          Andrew Society of Rio de Janeiro, a
Club three years ago by the St.                 Caledonian Ball or the Burns                          Happy St. Andrew’s Day to you,
Andrew Society and won this year by             Supper.                                               wherever you may be – and a Merry
Tony Sawyer. With this in mind, the                                                                   Christmas too! For all the latest St.
time seems to be right to think about           The attendance at the traditional                     Andrew Society news, go to
redefining the rules which restrict             ceilidh in the Teresópolis clubhouse                  <>.

                  ROYAL BRITISH LEGION                              the air force. A Pathé News-type film         • Luxury Hamper by Casa Granado,

                                                                    on screen showed how those at home and        Courtesy of Mr. Christopher Freeman
                                                                    away coped with the horrors of warfare        – 0500: John Mason
                                                                    as well as the gravitas of Winston            • Poppies on Porcelain by Mary
                                                                    Churchill's speeches urging victory,          Löfgren, Courtesy of Mary Löfgren –
                                                                    interspersed with quotes demonstrating        73: - John Mason again (!), who generously
                                                                    his sharp wit.                                donated the prize for a redraw which
                                                                                                                  was won by 0818: Jeremy Lovelace.
    corners                                                         As usual the evening moved on apace
    and more...                                                     to the exquisite trumpet playing of           Remembrance Service
                                                                    Alison Spooner, including pieces from
                        Lord Digby Jones receives his Poppy from
                                                                    favourite West End musicals, and the
                       HMCG, Paula Walsh in the British Consulate   Raffle, conducted by Guest of Honour
                                                                    Consul-General, Paula Walsh and
                  Poppy Appeal                                      Chairwoman, Margo Black -- with
                  Our Annual Poppy Appeal got off to a              almost all of the winners present this
                  cracking start with an initial collection at      year -- until the time to let off steam to
                  the Caledonian Ball -- the result demolis-        the compelling music of Neville
                  hed the myth about the Scots and their            Thorley and The Midnight Hour Band.
                  tight grip on their purse strings.                Partygoers continued with taped music
                                                                    until the early hours and the last                          Gerard Lies bearing the Union Jack

                  Collecting continued in the British               stragglers wound their way home after
                  School the British Consulate, at the              a truly memorable night.
                  RBL Gala Ball and Christ Church
                  among others. Some of you may have                Of course, what makes this event such
                  noticed the smart new poppy-shaped                a success are “Yourselves” to quote
                  Collecting Boxes following recent                 ‘The Good Old Days’, so a grateful
                  delivery of them and poppies from the             thanks to all those who bought tickets
                  UK. We also received pamphlets about              and attended, those who bought Raffle
                  the Legion’s work, which we hope were             tickets and may not have been able to
                  of interest, particularly among the younger       attend and, especially, to the Copacaba-
                  generation in the British School and              na Palace, together with our other Sponsors   Stephen Carnt, flag-bearer, Bridget Novaes & Judi
                  elsewhere that had a chance to read               that made this evening possible:                                      Newsam, wreath-bearers

                  them. Naturally our thanks go to those
                  organisations that hosted a Poppy                 Corporate Sponsors: Brasco Logistica          The Service held at Christ Church on
                  Appeal Box and, of course, especially             Offshore, BP, Cultura Inglesa, the            Remembrance Sunday is the Core
                  to those who gave to the Appeal. The              Copacabana Palace Hotel, Global               Activity of this very busy Remem-
                  money will be well used.                          Index, Rolls Royce, Wellstream.               brance fortnight. It is the opportunity
                                                                                                                  to give thanks for those who died
                                                                    Individual Sponsors: John Anderson,           preserving our way of life against a
                  Poppy Gala Ball
                                                                    Margo Black, Jenny Byers, Mary                fearful tyranny. In the presence of Her
                  Once again the Events Team of the Rio
                                                                    Löfgren, Patrick and Vera Lúcia               Majesty’s Ambassador to Brazil, Alan
                  Branch pulled off yet another spect-
                                                                    Hamilton-Hill, Judi Newsam, Bridget           Charlton, the Rev. David Weller
                  acular with this year’s Poppy Gala Ball.
                                                                    Novaes, Colin Olivieri and Neville            conducted a fitting tribute to those
                  Welcomed by the President, Patrick
                                                                    Thorley.                                      brave and honourable souls who left
                  Hamilton-Hill, and despite the attraction
                  of a long weekend holiday, the Golden                                                           Rio to fight in the wars and never
                                                                    Some have a special reason to                 returned. The RBL Standard and those
                  Room at the Copacabana Palace was
                                                                    remember the evening and our                  of Allied countries and organisations
                  filled with a spirit to enjoy this magnif-
                                                                    congratulations go to Prizewinners:           were paraded in remembrance and
                  icent occasion, and the atmosphere
                                                                    • Star Prize, Airline Ticket Rio-London-      respect, in a Service that left the well
                  was perfect from the start. It would be
                                                                    Rio – 0214: Sr. Melchisedech Afonso de        attended congregation reflective of
                  impossible not to be swept up with the
                                                                    Carvalho (who could not collect his           David’s words explaining the necessity
                  thrill of it all, the impressive reception,
                                                                    prize as he was representing the              of standing up against oppression and the
                  decorations, the dinner itself and the
                                                                    Branch at the London ceremonies)              price that has to be paid for doing so.
                  dancing afterwards. But without
                                                                    • A Little Gem, Courtesy of Mr. Neville
                  dwelling on the past there were
                                                                    Thorley – 2010: Anne Robinson                 As many of you know, Rev. David
                  moments to reflect on how different
                                                                    • Beauty Session, Courtesy of Ms. Judi        Weller, fully supported by his wife Sue,
                  the world might be today had it not
                                                                    Newsam – 0424: Brian Simpson                  has been a beacon in the Branch as
                  been for ‘The Few’, victorious 70 years ago
                                                                    • Dinner for Two, Cipriani Restaurant,        Chairman of the Welfare Committee,
                  in The Battle of Britain, epitomised in the
                                                                    Copacabana Palace Hotel- 0135: Alison         and although he will still be with us
                  beautifully produced menu and more
                                                                    Correa do Lago                                until the end of the year, if we do not
                  light-heartedly by balloons forming
                                                                    • Lunch for Two, Pergola Restaurant,          pay tribute to his exemplary service to
                  the Roundel of the RAF and the figure
                                                                    Copacabana Palace Hotel – 0138:               the Branch now, it will be a hollow
                  70. On the night our own RAF heroes
                                                                    Cecilia Medina                                tribute to do so later after he has
                  and Legion stalwarts, John Mason, and
                                                                    • Luxury Hamper by Casa Granado,              returned to the UK. Therefore,
                  the late Stan Haynes, were also rememb-
                                                                    Courtesy of Mr. Christopher Freeman-          members of the Committee, and I am
                  ered along with others who served in
                                                                    0200: Denis Daniel                            sure the Branch as a whole, thank
David for his sterling service and wish       Brazilian artisans, to learn more about       Bazaar. Wrapping up the Christmas

him and his family the greatest success       how these tiny businesses can be sus-         cakes/puddings and the mince pies;
in all they set out to achieve in their       tained, and how potential buyers can          finishing the work on the Christmas
new Birmingham Parish.                        contact various artisans and craftsmen.       crackers; sorting out items for the White
                                                                                            Elephant and Handicraft stalls and for
Bob Arthur R.I.P.                             Speakers Series                               the Swiss Lottery. The ladies in the
Sadly the Branch said farewell to             For 2011, the InC will be presenting a        kitchen, in particular, work extremely
another Legion stalwart, and Ron Lees         Speakers Series designed to assist            hard to produce sufficient quantities of
writes: IN MEMORIAM to Robert Sydney          newcomers, and sometimes not-so-              marmalades, jams, pickles and chutneys        corners
Arthur, “The RBL, Rio de Janeiro Branch,      newcomers, in becoming acquainted             for sale at the Bazaar plus all the           and more...
on behalf of its members, expresses           with life in Rio. We plan to have six         Christmas goodies. Hope you managed
regret on the passing away of Bob             sessions scattered through the year, with     to arrive early enough to get your cakes,
Arthur, a member of the Legion for            each session addressing a different topic     puddings and mince pies; they
many years. Bob, a resident of French         of interest to the expat community.           disappear from the shelves very quickly.
North Africa before the outbreak of           Anyone with ideas on topics which might
WW2, made his way across occupied             be of interest is urged to contact the        Our sincere thanks to all of you who
France with members of the French             InC by email: <>.      have so kindly sent along donations in
Resistance, arriving to join the allied                                                     response to our appeals. Unfortunately,
invasion forces in Northern France. As        Note to all InC members: Member-              we are unable to send out individual
with those we honoured in the last            ship renewals are now being accepted          letters of thanks as in most cases there is
week, We Will Remember Him.”                  for 2011. Membership is for a calendar        no mention of the sender’s name.
                                              year and dues must be paid by no later
                                                                                            We look forward to informing you the
THE INTERNATIONAL CLUB                        than 29th February. For 2011, indivi-
                                                                                            results of the Bazaar in the January issue
                                              dual membership will be R$120 and a
Annual Meeting                                                                              of The Umbrella. Meanwhile, from all of
                                              family membership will cost R$180.
The InC held its                                                                            us at the WDA, best wishes for A VERY
                                              Half-price membership is available to
annual meeting on                                                                           HAPPY CHRISTMAS.
                                              our senior members.
29th October 2010
and elected a new                             Holiday Party cancelled                       NEWS FROM THE SCHOOLS
Executive Board.                              Planned for Saturday 27th November,
The new Board                                 this event unfortunately had to be
will take office on                           cancelled in view of the security
                                                                                            THE BRITISH SCHOOL
                                                                                            It was with great sadness that the school
1st January 2011.                             situation in Rio that week.                   management, together with the PTA
The newly elected                                                                           Executive Committee, took the decision
                              Mary Pinner
Board is made up                              Happy Hour 9th December                       to cancel the PTA Year End Annual
of the following people:                      The last Happy Hour of this year will be      Happening due to take place in Barra
President: Mary Pinner                        from 19.00 onwards at Restaurant Kokyo,       on Saturday 27th November. This
1st Vice President: Glorisabel                Rua Paul Redfern 41, in Ipanema.              decision was taken on the grounds that
Thompson‐Flores                                                                             many parents and students had already
2nd Vice President: Beatrice Labonne          XMAS CAFEZINHO 16th                           registered their decision not to attend
Treasurer: Max Attenborough                                                                 the party, due to the security situation.
Honorary Auditor: Ward Ryan                   December
                                              The December Cafezinho is always a            The British School Carol Service will
Recording Secretary: Kathleen Morris                                                        be held at Christ Church on 9th
Membership Secretary: Christa Pickering       meeting with a twis, and all InC members
                                              bring a Christmas specialty of their home     December from 7-9pm, with musical
Member at Large: Anna Whyte                                                                 presentations from the students and
Charity Committee Coordinator:                country to share with the hostess and
                                              fellow attendees. This year Kathleen          carols for the congregation.
Brenda Edwards
                                              Morris is hosting the Xmas Cafezinho;
General Meeting                               for RSVP and route directions please
                                                                                            OUR LADY OF MERCY
                                                                                            The Thanksgiving Dinner was the most
At its last General Meeting of 2010, held     contact Kathleen at 3624‐2054 /
                                                                                            important event in November 2010 in
on 2nd December, Maud Chalamet,               7239‐0158 or <>.         our school. Due to the increase in our
Executive Director of PlaNet Finance
                                                                                            student body and the fact that the Pre-
Brazil, was our guest speaker. Maud talked
about the use of microfinance as an
                                              WOMEN’S DIOCESAN                              School is entirely waitlisted, we will be
                                                                                            having two Christmas Celebrations this
efficient tool that is helping to alleviate   ASSOCIATION                                   year! The first one will be on Friday,
poverty worldwide, and described the situa-
                                              Christmas Bazaar                              17th December at the front court for
tion of the microfinance sector in Brazil.
                                              Saturday 4th December, commencing             the entire Pre-School. The other
On this same theme, the InC offered a         2 pm. Jubilee Hall, Christ Church.            celebration will be held on Saturday,
tour of the SEBRAE (Services of Support       The WDA Christmas Bazaar is due to            18th December for all the other
to Micro and Small Businesses) Center         take place on Saturday 4th December,          grades. OLM will end its first semester
in Praça Tiradentes on 8th December.          commencing 2 pm. Your copy of The             of the 2010-2011 academic year on
SEBRAE serves as a reference center           Umbrella may arrive after the event has       18th December. The last event of the
for Brazilian handicrafts in Rio and the      taken place, but if so, we do hope you        school year will be our traditional Staff
club's guided tour was focused on the         were able to attend.                          Christmas Mass and Lunch. OLM
theme "From Folk Art and Handicraft           This time of the year is always very hectic   wishes a wonderful 2011 to all! May
to Art Creation." We were able to view        for the ladies of the WDA who deal with       Peace be your gift at Christmas and
a number of award-winning pieces by           all the last minute preparations for the      your blessing all year through!
                                                                                             • The Rio Cricket
                                                                                             Festival took place
                                                                                             over the long holiday
                                                                                             weekend      Saturday
                                                                                             13th- Monday 15th
                                                                                             November at the
                                                                                             RioCricket Club in
                                                                                             Niteroí.     Saturday
                                                                                             began with beach
                                                                                             cricket using a tennis
                                                                                             ball on a rather sticky
                                                                                             wicket because of the

                                                                                             sand. The opening
                                                                                             ceremony featured
             Back from left: Kevin McBrearty, Colin Doman, Robert Aldridge, Brenda Daniel.   Ambassador        Alan     Ambassador Alan Charlton opening the Rio
                                                   Front : Judy McBrearty, Graeme Coulam                                                          Cricket Festival
                                                                                             Charlton, who was pre-
             • A small group of British Bowlers were privileged to share                     sented with a commem-
             in the All Souls Service on 2nd November at the English                         orative plaque. He was accompanied by his wife and broth-
             Cemetery, and enjoyed a brief tour of the cemetery with                         er. The enthusiastic Australian organizers of the Festival,
             Chris Hieatt after the service. Bowls tour leader, Graeme                       who are long-time Brasilia residents, also spoke, and pen-
             Coulam, has been bringing bowls groups to play in Brazil                        nants were distributed to the teams from Brasilia and São
             since 2000. "In that time, I've learned a lot about the con-                    Paulo who would play T20 matches on Sunday and
             tribution of British workers to the development of Brazil,                      Monday. BCS Chair, Mary Crawshaw and a disappointing-
             but this is a connection you never hear about at home. So                       ly small number of BCS members attended.
             it was fascinating to visit the cemetery and to learn a little
             more of the personal stories that have shaped the wider
             influence of the UK in Brazil. It helps explain the gener-
             ous welcome I feel my group has always enjoyed from the
             members at Paissandu and the Brazilian people in general.
             I was also able to light a candle in memory of my mum,
             who as a non-bowler, so enjoyed coming on my bowls tour
             and meeting the many fine and interesting characters at
             clubs in Brazil and Argentina."

             • SCM Christmas Concert with the Bach family and                                                           Mary Jean Job, Sr. Miranda and Manoela Lorch
             Messiah singalong. The SCM choirs will be performing
             their Christmas concert on Monday 6th December and will                         • Mary Jean Job kicked off the Christmas Campaign for the
             lead the Messiah singalong on Monday 13th December,                             Curupaiti hospital and leper community with her usual
             both starting at 8pm in Christ Church, Rua Real Grandeza                        energy this year, and raised a staggering R$35,694 amongst
             99, Botafogo, with Inês Rufino on the organ, David Chew’s                       her friends and family, including a donation of over
             Rio Strings providing the orchestra, and Ruy Wanderley, in                      R$4000 from Cia. Souza Cruz. The money was used to buy
             his 25th year with the SCM, will conduct. Five generations                      more than 3500 items, ranging from blankets and pillows
             of musicians preceded Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)                         to toothbrushes, soaps, items of clothing, toys, fans and
             in the dynasty formed by this extraordinary family. The                         bathroom accessories for the disabled. Other medical
             chamber choir will sing two Advent motets, by his uncle                         items included infra-red lamps, blood-pressure monitors,
             and father-in-law Johann Michael Bach (1648-1694), father                       crutches and 10 brand new wheel-chairs. The donation
             of his cousin and first wife Maria Barbara. The words are by                    from Souza Cruz was used to buy bed linen and towels.
             Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676). Johann Christian Bach (1735-                         Every single item was handpicked and bought by Jean, who
             1782), J.S.Bach’s son by his second wife Anna Magdalena,                        displayed the goods at the traditional tea that she offers at
             wrote the Magnificat in C which will be sung by two choirs                      her home to thank all the contributors to the campaign –
             with orchestra. Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach (1714-1778) is                        more than 90 people. An outstanding contribution was
             J.S.Bach’s son from his first marriage with Maria Barbara,                      made by Manoela Lorch, who raised R$1700 amongst her
             daughter of Johann Michael. Carl Phillip’s works include                        friends at Escola Americana! Perhaps one day Manoela will
             magnificat, cantatas, and hymns, one of which the choir                         be a worthy successor to Jean and carry on the campaign,
             will perform, using the words of the Advent hymn written                        which Jean has run for 39 years. This massive effort goes a
             by Rev. Charles Wesley (1707-1788), one of the founders of                      long way towards supplying the patients with essential items
             the Methodist church. Less well known, his brother Johann                       for hygiene and general wellbeing, as well as a few small
             Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732-1795), the “Buckeburg                            “luxuries” in the form of new clothes, shoes and toys for
             Bach” wrote the cantata the choir sings next, called “The                       the children. The hospital’s administrator, Sr. Miranda, was
             Childhood of Christ”, with words by poet Johann Gottfried                       also present at the tea to talk to the guests about the work
             Herder. For the final part of the concert the choir will sing                   at the hospital and to thank everybody for their generosity.
             three Christmas cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach him-
             self, well-known works that bring the message of Christmas                      • Congratulations to Rupert Brasier on the occasion of his
             to all families present, as they were celebrated by the vari-                   80th birthday last month! Many Happy Returns also to
             ous generations of the Bach family.                                             Gaynor Smith, BCS’s indefatigable Secretary.
15th December 2010 6.30pm - 8pm               music came courtesy of the Choir of St
Visitors will join members of the             Mary Abbots Kensington, Haringey
(Trafalgar Square) for traditional            Youth Steel orchestra and the Hornsey
carols and celebrity readers with a           Girls Gospel Choir. At a traditional
Commonwealth twist.                           evening of festive music and seasonal
                                              readings, they also heard from actor
                                              Bashy, The Apprentice winner Tim
                                              Campbell, former Trade Union
                                              Leader Lord Bill Morris, Sky News
                                              reader Gillian Joseph, poet Patience          St Martin in the Fields Church, Trafalgar Square

                                              Agbabi, Commonwealth Secretary
                                              General Kamalesh Sharma, Eastenders         Entry is FREE to all, but tickets must
                                              actress Diane Parish, Minister of State     be booked in advance by e-mail
                                              David Lammy MP and -- live by               <> or calling 020
                                              videolink -                                 7766-9202 for more information.
                                                                                          Immediately after the Carol Service,
             London Community Gospel Choir    The Commonwealth Carol Service              there will be a ticketed Christmas
                                              takes place this year at 6.30pm on          themed drinks reception and party at
The programme was not available at            Wednesday 15th December at St               the Commonwealth Club, a short walk
time of going to press, but in 2008 the       Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square.     from St.Martin’s Church.

This month in Chandigarh, India,              MPs to push government and                  there is severe
around 50 youth representatives from all      community to support implemen-              depopulation
over the Commonwealth will meet to            tation of the youth motions debated         on Niue, with
elect a new Chair and Vice-Chair for the      last year, such as hosting the Youth        the majority of
Pan-Commonwealth Youth Caucus.                Parliament yearly, including sex            Niue      people
Four candidates from the Pacific region       education in the curriculum and             permanently
are standing for election to fill these       lobbying for a full time counselor,         residing in New
leadership positions, which are currently     promoting Vagahau Niue, the native lan-     Zealand. Tom
                                                                                                                  Tom Junior Misikea,
vacant. The newly-elected Chair and           guage, establishing a savings scheme        was elected as the       Youth MP for Niue
Vice-chair will serve for two years and the   for school students, supporting the         Youth Pre-sident
appointments rotate regionally.               setting up of a creche for young working    for his village because he's the only
                                              families and many more issues.              active member left in the village, as
One of the candidates is Tom Junior                                                       many of the young people have
Misikea from Niue. He has been a youth        Tom's activism was sparked when he          emigrated for further studies. Tom is
activist since he was 14, is involved with    was nominated Youth Parliament              very passionate about getting young
many community activities happening           Member for his village, in the Niue         people to come together and share
on his island and also organising             National Youth Assembly, as part of         their experiences. He is looking
workshops for young people within his         Niue’s Youth Parliament project             forward to telling the youth of today
own community. In 2009 he was                 funded by UNDP in 2009. The love he         to start getting active and let’s work
elected Youth President of Hakupu             has for the youth in his village and also   together, let’s have our voices heard,
Atua Youth and was elected as a               for the rest of the youth on his island     for our young people around the
member of the Youth Parliament,               motivates him to constantly support         Pacific to become advocates. He is
where he presented a motion. He is            youth activities and to help their          looking forward to seeing young
working together with other Youth             government and communities, because         people take the lead.

You read in the September 2010                to Britain to the £6m mansion in the        dren... After all, South Africa had once
edition of The Umbrella (p.11) the story of   New Forest which he shares with his         been our home [but] we were warned
Equatorial Guinea’s bid for Common-           wife, Amanda, vowing to testify against     that it is too dangerous for us to go back
wealth membership, reinforced by the          Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark, who he        and that somebody could take a potshot
release by presidential pardon of             says put him up to the coup. Now, he        at us.” It was while living there that Old
British mercenary Simon Mann from             has cancelled a trip to South Africa        Etonian Mann first hatched his ill-
jail there, as a bargaining chip. In July     amid fears he might be assassinated.        fated plan to lead a mercenary force to
2008, the Appeal Court of Malabo had          Mann, 58 and his wife celebrated their      overthrow the Equatorial Guinea
condemned Mann to 34 years and 4              16th wedding anniversary in November        government. [Oh, the trials of having
months jail for his attempted coup d’etat     and had been looking forward to spending    once been a mercenary! There has been no
and an attempt on the life of the President   Christmas in Cape Town. Amanda said         more news lately on Equatorial Guinea’s
[read dictator] in 2004. He returned          “We wanted to go back for the chil-         bid for Commonwealth membership. – Ed.]
                   ROBINSON CRUSOE’S PETS
                   DANIEL DEFOE                               House breed like the old one; and
                                                              both my Cats being Females, I thought
                   [Excerpted from: The Life and              it very strange: But from these three
                   St range Surpriz ing A dv ent ures o f     Cats, I afterwards came to be so
                   Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner:         pester'd with Cats, that I was forc'd to
                   W ho lived Eight and Tw ent y Years,       kill them like Vermine, or wild Beasts,
                   all alone in an uninhabit ed Island on     and to drive them from my House as
                   t he Coast of A merica, near t he Mout h   much as possible.
                   of t he Great River of O roonoque;
     Pets Corner

                   Hav ing been cas t o n Sho re by           But these were not the two Cats which
                   Shipw reck , w herin all t he Men          I brought on Shore at first, for they
                   peris hed but him s elf. W it h an         were both of them dead, and had been
                   A cco unt ho w he w as at las t as         interr'd near my Habitation by my own
                   s t rangely deliv er'd by P y rat es .     Hand; but one of them having
                   W rit t en by Himself. 25 April 1719]      multiply'd by I know not what Kind of
                                                              Creature, these were two which I had
                   We had in the Ship a Dog and two           preserv'd tame, whereas the rest run
                   Cats, of whose eminent History I may       wild in the Woods, and became indeed
                   have occasion to say something in its      troublesom to me at last; for they
                   place; for I carry'd both the Cats with    would often come into my House, and        started up in the utmost conster-
                   me, and as for the Dog, he jump'd out      plunder me too, till at last I was         nation; but no sooner were my eyes
                   of the Ship of himself and swam on         obliged to shoot them, and did kill a      open, but I saw my Poll sitting on the
                   Shore to me the Day after I went on        great many; at length they left me with    top of the hedge; and immediately
                   Shore with my first Cargo, and was a       this Attendance, and in this plentiful     knew that it was he that spoke to me;
                   trusty Servant to me many Years; I         Manner I lived; neither could I be said    for just in such bemoaning language I
                   wanted nothing that he could fetch         to want any thing but Society...           had used to talk to him and teach him;
                   me, nor any Company that he could                                                     and he had learned it so perfectly that
                   make up to me, I only wanted to have       The story of Poll                          he would sit upon my finger, and lay
                   him talk to me, but that [he] would        [Five years after landing, Crusoe made a   his bill close to my face and cry, "Poor
                   not do…                                    small boat and sailed round to the other   Robin Crusoe! Where are you? Where
                                                              side of the island.]                       have you been? How came you here?"
                   In this Season I was much surpriz'd        I got over the fence, and laid me down     and such things as I had taught him.
                   with the Increase of my Family; I had      in the shade to rest my limbs, for I was
                   been concern'd for the Loss of one of      very weary, and fell asleep; but judge     However, even though I knew it was
                   my Cats, who run away from me, or as       you, if you can, that read my story,       the parrot, and that indeed it could be
                   I thought had been dead, and I heard       what a surprise I must be in when I was    nobody else, it was a good while before
                   no more Tale or Tidings of her, till to    awaked out of my sleep by a voice          I could compose myself. First, I was
                   my Astonishment she came Home              calling me by my name several times,       amazed how the creature got thither;
                   about the End of August, with three        "Robin, Robin, Robin Crusoe: poor          and then, how he should just keep
                   Kittens; this was the more strange to      Robin Crusoe! Where are you, Robin         about the place, and nowhere else; but
                   me, because tho' I had kill'd a wild       Crusoe? Where are you? Where have          as I was well satisfied it could be
                   Cat, as I call'd it, with my Gun; yet I    you been?"                                 nobody but honest Poll, I got over it;
                   thought it was a quite differing Kind                                                 and holding out my hand, and calling
                   from our European Cats; yet the            I was so dead asleep at first, being       him by his name "Poll," the sociable
                   young Cats were the same Kind of           fatigued with rowing, or part of the       creature came to me, and sat upon my
                                                                                 day, and with           thumb, as he used to do, and
                                                                                 walking the latter      continued talking to me, "Poor Robin
                                                                                 part, that I did        Crusoe! and how did I come here? and
                                                                                 not          wake       where had I been?" just as if he had
                                                                                 thoroughly; but         been overjoyed to see me again; and
                                                                                 dozing thought I        so I carried him home along with me.
                                                                                 dreamed       that      Then to see how like a King I din'd too
                                                                                 somebody spoke          all alone, attended by my Servants,
                                                                                 to me; but as the       Poll, as if he had been my Favourite,
                                                                                 voice continued         was the only Person permitted to talk
                                                                                 to repeat, "Robin       to me. My Dog who was now grown
                                                                                 Crusoe, Robin           very old and crazy, and had found no
                                                                                 Crusoe," at last I      Species to multiply his Kind upon, sat
                                                                                 began to wake           always at my Right Hand, and two Cats,
                                                                                 more perfectly,         one on one Side the Table, and one on
                                                                                 and was at first        the other, expecting now and then a
                                                                                 dreadfully              Bit from my Hand, as a Mark of special
                                                                                 frightened, and         Favour.
                             CHRIST CHURCH

                            Chaplain’s Comment – a Final
                            Word – Dec 2010 DAVID WELLER
Dear All,                                        the heat is intense, or at very short notice,
                                                 or in venues more akin to party houses
It could all have been so very different. At     rather than a church, was going to be a
the beginning of 2004 Sue and I were             learning curve. We have always been
thinking and praying about where God             impressed with how flexible and trusting         hurt or upset over the last six years please
might be calling us to serve Him next. Our       Christ Church and its members have been          come and tell me so. It was never my
criterion was to look for somewhere where        as we have tried out all kinds of new            intention to do so, but I’m only human
we could work together, as for the previous      things. We have produced visual aids such        behind the dog collar. I want to leave well,
9 years we’d served in different churches.       as a half naked Roman soldier, a donkey          and if you give me the chance I will be
The idea of working abroad had been in           with a moving tail and a road that               pleased to talk and say sorry face to face.
our minds for some time. Soon afterwards         stretched from Jericho to Jerusalem – well
the post as Rector of the Anglican Church        actually from the pulpit to the lectern.         On a much lighter note – Rio, Brazil and
in Tokyo was advertised. It sounded very         The message we have preached is the              South America have opened up before us
good, they were asking exactly what we felt      same that Christ Church has surely heard         and we have hugely enjoyed the opportu-
we could offer and their time span fitted        over its last 200 years, we have simply pre-     nity to travel. There are simply too many
perfectly into ours. So we prayed about          sented it in new ways.                           highlights and special places to pick from,
submitting an application.                                                                        but the memory of sitting in astonished
                                                 In six years there are always going to be        silence as a wolf (lobo guará) ate raw meat
The danger of praying specific prayers is        highlights. These include Rachel presenting      in front of us in the Parque do Caraçá in
that they can be answered specifically. A        flowers to Camilla Duchess of Cornwall           Minas will always stay with us.
week later a Church member returned from         and us talking to Prince Charles, the moving
a year’s voluntary work in Kobe, Japan.          testimonies when church members have             I wish my successor every joy and happi-
While she enjoyed the school she worked          stood up in church and shared what God           ness and ask that you take great care of
in, her lurid descriptions of Japanese culture   has done for them, the Remembrance Day           him and his family, I know you will. If any
and life, including how the uncooked             and Community Carol services, the                of you find yourselves in the English
innards of all kinds of sea animals are found    Pancake parties, acting with the New             Midlands you can be assured of a warm
on pizzas, the obsession with electronics,       Players, spotting toucans in the trees in        welcome and our cottage in the Peak
cherry blossom parties and paper walls in        our garden, praying with British School          District is always available for holidays.
houses, were more than enough to put us off      staff, and hosting visitors from all four cor-   Sue, Rachel and I pray God’s blessing for
– especially as I don’t like sea food unless     ners of the world. It’s been an honour to        each and every one of you. We hope and
cooked in batter! To cut a long story short,     be Padre to the RBL; we have loved the           pray that something of His love has been
later that year the post of Christ Church        Poppy and Caledonian Balls, the QBPs,            revealed in us, for there is no greater love
was advertised, and five months later we         the Royal Navy ship visits, seeing folks         or better place to be, than to be found in
were heading to Rio de Janeiro.                  grow in their faith and witnessing at first      His embrace, as a member of His family.
                                                 hand faith in action, such as the superb         In an ever changing community, I invite
In almost six years we have been immense-        work and ministry Roy and Noreen Smith
ly privileged to enter into the lives of those                                                    you to put your faith in Christ, for Jesus
                                                 do in the Rio das Pedras favela.                 Christ is the same yesterday, today and for-
within the Church and in the community
the Church is called to serve. We have           This is not the time and place to speak          ever (Hebrews 13:8). There is room in
always considered it a privilege to conduct      about lowlights, but on a personal level if      God’s house and heart for all.
wedding services, funerals, memorial serv-       there are any of you in the community            For the very last time,
ices and baptisms. Conducting these when         reading this whom I have disappointed,           Yours ever, Rev. David

                                  Christmas at Christ Church 2010
                                                      Sunday 12th December
                                       7.00 p.m. Community Carol Service with Candlelight
                                                      Sunday 19th December
                                            6.00 p.m. Niteroi Community Carol Service
                                                      Friday 24th December
                                              7.00 p.m. CHRISTMAS EVE Crib Service
                                                     Saturday 25th December
                                     10.30 a.m. CHRISTMAS DAY Family Communion service
                                                      Sunday 26th December
                                 10.30 a.m. Family Holy Communion and Wellers Farewell Service
    You are all welcome to come and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and receive by faith his life changing gift of eternal life.
          DAVID WELLER

          It takes three hours to fly from São Paulo to Bolivia and you
          land at the exotically named Viru Viru airport in Santa
          Cruz. A Viru Viru is a bird with a distinctive noisy call,
          native of the area. Santa Cruz is notable for being an area
          where Mennonites settled in the past -- we spotted a few at
          the airport dressed in long robes, headscarves and wide-
          brimmed hats on the women, cowboy hats on the men.

                                                                                                                 David and Sue Weller in Bolivia

          We felt we had really arrived in Bolivia when we took a          blocks of salt. Rachel licked the wall and soon confirmed
          short flight to Sucre. Sucre (2790m) is a UNESCO cultural        that indeed it was well and truly salt!
          heritage site, due to its historic white-painted colonial
          buildings, churches, and grand houses. Pictured against a        As the next day progressed we drove over rougher roads,
          blue sky with purple bougainvillea growing along many            not good for either the car’s suspension or ours. We were
          roofs, it was undeniably lovely. But the thin air, steep         thrilled by the sight of dozens of pink flamingos standing
          slopes, and busy traffic took something off the cultural glo-    serenely in a lagoon, overshadowed by towering mountains
          ries and soon we were gasping for breath. Outside the city       of various hues. Our long drive over stony desert was bro-
          lies a concrete works, that 25 years ago unearthed a most        ken by the sight of a cheerful black and white skunk scur-
          impressive collection of dinosaur prints. There are literally    rying along. Goodness only knows how it could survive in
          hundreds of them, which sadly the effects of pollution and       such an environment.
          erosion are removing. But for now we were shown prints of
          dinosaurs walking, mating and eating.                            Overnight the wind began to blow a howling gale, and
                                                                           hardly stopped for the next 24 hours. About 30 minutes
          Early the following morning we arrived at Sucre bus sta-         after setting out the next day, the wind whipped the sand
          tion. It was a shabby building where we had to leave our         up to such a state we had to stop. It was terrifying, a desert
          luggage in a first floor office and then watched as it was       storm with no prospect of driving in any direction. We lit-
          lowered down to the coach with the aid of a frayed rope          erally could see nothing but swirling sand. Every so often
          and iron hook. Who knows what they do when it’s windy or         some sand would find its way into the car and cover every-
          wet. We had to pay a minimal “bus departure tax” and then        thing. There was no one to help us and no hope of any
          walk two paces to hand over our bus departure tax tickets        progress until the wind changed. Finally after 50 minutes
          to another official. Then, bang on time, the coach, with a       our driver dared to start again (with prayer) and with
          mix of tourists and locals, headed out on what was to be a       extremely limited visibility.
          10 hour journey.
                                                                           Our spirits lifted when we drove through an extended area
          Vicar takes cocaine                                              of rock erosion that has left all manner of balancing rocks.
                                                                           The prize for the ugliest town we have ever visited goes to
          The scenery continually changed from river valleys, agri-        a place called “Alota”. It was ghastly – wind blown, consist-
          culture, eroded hillsides, deserts, dusty towns with sleeping    ing of squat buildings set out in a grid pattern. Such was
          dogs, women in bowler hats and shawls and then every so          the awfulness of the place that Uyuni looked positively
          often llamas and occasionally in wilder areas the elusive        attractive when we reached its outskirts and the overnight
          vicuna – brown, elegant and graceful. We stopped in Potosi       bus to La Paz.
          (4090m) an old silver mining town, which was ugly in the
          extreme. Only as it was getting dark and the temperatures        You name it, La Paz probably has the “world’s highest”. In
          were dropping alarmingly quickly did we reach Uyuni              our case it was their wonderful five star hotel (think 3 star
          (3669m). In Bolivia the locals call it “frigido” – the fridge.   elsewhere), the world’s highest -- that allowed us to check
          Not without reason, it was so cold, with a bitter wind blow-     in at 6.15 am and had a wonderful room, view and break-
          ing and you simply cannot imagine how anyone wants to            fast ready. There were even oxygen tanks available should
          live there. Our hotel provided us with blankets, radiator        you need any. La Paz sits along a massive canyon – (3660m)
          and coca tea - made from a derivative of the cocaine leaf –      – the sides of which are covered in poorer housing as far as
          that provides a natural remedy for altitude sickness.            the eye can see. It’s an astonishing capital city of colonial
                                                                           splendour, busy people and markets -- and beyond its
          We set out the next morning on a tour of the Salt Flats.         boundary the snow-capped Mt Illimani looming ominous-
          Words are simply inadequate to describe the scene – imag-        ly down. You used to be able to ski on some of its foothills,
          ine a sea made of salt and no water, sparkling white as far      but global warming has put an end to that. Above the
          as the eye can see. We stopped at a salt factory and saw how     canyon (4000m) sits the world’s highest commercial air-
          salt is cleaned, sifted and bagged. We drove for hours           port. Its runway extends to 5km to enable planes, fitted
          across this white expanse, the salt molecules making hexag-      with special tyres to withstand the forces involved, to lift off
          onal patterns on the surface. We stopped at an island in the     in the thin air.
          salt sea, made of coral and covered in cacti of all shapes
          and sizes. That evening we stayed in a hotel made from salt.     Next year we’ll probably head for a quiet European beach
          The walls, bed bases, tables and chairs were all made from       somewhere….
                    CHRIS HIEATT

                    This year is the 150th anniversary of the death of Admiral
                    Lord Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (1775-
                    1860) – and the only Marquês do Maranhão. There is a
                    monument in memory of his services to Brazil in the
                    English Cemetery at Gamboa, where the Brazilian Navy
                    often conduct memorial celebrations. A large number of
                    the early graves in the cemetery are of British naval per-
     Looking Back

                    sonnel who died in Rio – many of them of yellow fever –
                    and all the war graves from WWI and II are in memory of
                    naval crew members who died in service in Brazil. The
                    most famous grave is that of Admiral John Taylor, who
                    worked under Cochrane, but stayed in Brazil and com-                                             Admiral Lord Thomas Cochrane
                    manded the Brazilian Navy for many years.
                                                                                  to clear his name and as the establishment closed ranks he
                    Thomas Cochrane had a truly remarkable career as a naval      was duly acquitted. Cochrane had made some powerful
                    officer and a politician. After serving with distinction in   enemies and his campaign against corruption in the navy
                    the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815),        offended other leading figures including some, such as
                    he was wrongly jailed for fraud, stripped of his naval rank   Earl St Vincent, who were sympathetic to his views. The
                    and parliamentary seat. Amazingly he went on to com-          establishment was determined on revenge and seized on
                    mand the Chilean, Brazilian and Greek navies, helping         an opportunity to put Cochrane on trial for stock
                    these countries in their fights for independence. He com-     exchange fraud in 1814. Convicted after a suspect trial, he
                    pleted a remarkable comeback when he received a Royal         was swiftly dismissed from the navy and Parliament. After
                    pardon and the restoration of his naval rank.                 sensationally escaping from prison in 1815, Cochrane was
                                                                                  soon released but the authorities put him under serious
                                                                                  financial and political pressure and he decided there was
                    Audacious and feared commander                                little reason to remain in Britain.
                    Cochrane early established a reputation as one of the
                    navy's most audacious and feared commanders. As a             Maranhão fortress surrenders
                    Lieutenant in command of his first ship, the sloop Speedy     In 1817 he left the country and for the next ten years con-
                    mounting fourteen 4-pounder guns and with a crew of           ducted a series of incredible operations for the Chilean,
                    only ninety-two, he captured fifty ships, 122 guns and 534    Brazilian and Greek navies. The formidable Spanish
                    prisoners in just a year. The most famous engagement,         fortress of Valdivia was captured by 300 Chilean troops
                    illustrating the brilliance and daring that typified his      under Cochrane’s command in 1820 and in the same year
                    career, was the capture of the 32-gun Spanish frigate El      he cut out the flagship of the Spanish South American
                    Gamo on 6 May 1801. Cochrane ordered the hoisting of the      fleet, the Esmeralda, from the port of Callao. Lord
                    American flag to confuse the Spanish. El Gamo's broadsides    Cochrane helped to build the Brazilian navy and also assist-
                    missed and Speedy got close enough for her guns to open       ed Brazil to gain its independence from Portugal in 1823.
                    fire, killing the Spanish Captain. Cochrane then stormed      In charge of the embryonic Brazilian fleet, and under
                    the Spanish ship with a boarding party which included the     orders from Rio de Janeiro, he was sent to Bahia, where he
                    entire crew, except for Speedy's surgeon. He ordered one      pretended to be bringing reinforcements for the
                    man to climb the mast and haul down the colours, where-       Portuguese. Against all the odds, Cochrane captured the
                    upon the Spanish crew of 319 surrendered.                     Portuguese garrison of Bahia and accepted the surrender
                                                                                  of the fortress at Maranhão after an outstanding campaign
                    Promoted to Post-Captain and given command of the             of deception.
                    frigates Pallas and later Imperieuse, Cochrane terrorized
                    shipping along the French and Spanish coasts to such an       Cochrane was reinstated in the Royal Navy in 1832 under
                    extent that Napoleon referred to him as the Sea Wolf. In      the new King, William IV, and a sympathetic Whig govern-
                    1808 he attacked Valencia in Spain and captured several       ment. His final appointment in 1847 was as Commander-
                    ships -- some of which turned out to be American.             in-Chief of the North American and West Indies Station.
                                                                                  During the Crimean War (1853-56) the government publi-
                    Battle of Basque Roads                                        cized the possibility of Cochrane commanding a Baltic
                    At the legendary Battle of Basque Roads in 1809 Cochrane      fleet. With Cochrane's unrivalled reputation for coastal
                    used fire-ships and explosion vessels to cause terror among   warfare, the Russians correctly interpreted this as a threat
                    the French squadron, most of which was run aground.           to their capital, St Petersburg. One of Britain's most flam-
                    Unfortunately the Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Lord            boyant and daring naval heroes and a reforming politician,
                    Gambier, hesitated to deploy the main fleet and the oppor-    Cochrane died in 1860 at the age of 85 and was buried in
                    tunity to annihilate the French was lost. This infuriated     Westminster Abbey. His life and exploits served as inspira-
                    Cochrane, who had been elected as a radical MP in 1806,       tion for the naval fiction of nineteenth and twentieth-cen-
                    and he opposed a motion of thanks for Gambier in the          tury novelists, particularly C. S. Forester's Horatio
                    House of Commons. Gambier insisted on a court martial         Hornblower.
LETTERS                                                                    Please send your letters to

"70 years in Brazil: Happenings"
Odd that this article (Nov. 2010 p.3) made no mention of most
of the most important events over this period, such as the golpe
of 1964 and the military dictatorship which succeeded this,
over-borrowing, hyper-inflation, devaluation and loans defaults
in succeeding decades, the eventual restoration of democracy,
the removal of Collor for corruption, the creation of the real
by FHC and consequent defeat of the previous galloping
inflation, and the more recent discovery of vast undersea oil
reserves. Plus the choice of Rio as the next-but-one venue for
the Olympics.
 -Robin Evans
[This was a completely arbitrary selection of notable events of the past
70 years, hence no mention of future events such as the Olympics.
Collor was, in fact, featured with photo there. – Ed.]

 Hoax of the Month                                                         Internet scam
 Aspartame: a hoax has been circulating on the internet                    For anybody who has a check card on a U.S. account, the
 since 1998, stating that aspartame, the sweetener in diet                 following scam has been brought to my attention. A ghost
 drinks and tablets, is the cause of all manner of ills,                   company called Privacymatters123, with a website that
 including multiple sclerosis (MS), Gulf War syndrome                      cannot be accessed, has discovered how to bill checking
 (GWS) and overweight – you name it. This is completely                    accounts for between US$19.95 and US$23.95 a month,
 untrue – see <> which lists a                   allegedly because you clicked on something, for example
 mind-boggling number of hoaxes. – Ed.                                     on a website like Facebook, that authorizes them to do so.
                                                                           There is no recourse other than to tell your bank to block
                                                                           future payments. See:
        THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION XWORDS                                    <
NOVEMBER RESULTS Across: 8. Immodest, 9 Lotion, 10 Sloe, 11 Ember,         123-a26566.html >. - Ed.
12 Miff, 13 Symmetry, 16 Subdue, 18 Tent, 20 Dekko, 21 Item, 22 Otiose,
23 Luminary, 26 Oral, 28 Lunar, 30 Wage, 31 Cousin, 32 Exacting. Down:     ERRATA: In the Caledonian Ball photo spread on p.11 of
1. Employ, 2 Love, 3 Resent, 4 Stab, 5 Alfresco, 6 Atom, 7 Coiffure, 14    the last issue, the name of HMCG Paula Walsh’s husband
Motto, 15 Yokel, 17 Bairn, 19 Exterior, 20 Dwelling, 24 Mortar, 25         should have been given as Nick Gibson. Apologies. – Ed.
Regent, 27 Lash, 29 Need, 30 Watt.

  In Memoriam
                                        Leslie Cyril Carter 1927 - 2010
  After suffering a stroke at the end of August 2010, Leslie passed away peacefully in Liss, Hampshire, on Sunday 31st
  October 2010 aged 83.

  Leslie first arrived in Brazil in 1949 with Cable & Wireless and lived in several cities. He met his wife, Heloisa, in São
  Paulo and remained very happily married with her for 57 years. In Rio, he was BCS chairman in 1972, as well as British
  School Board chairman. Leslie will be greatly missed by his wife, Heloisa; by his children, Denis, Suzan and Marcia and
  by his grandchildren, Julie, Erick, Stephanie, Michelle and Jonathan as well as by his many friends. The Funeral took
  place on Monday 15th November 2010 in England at the Portchester Crematorium.

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