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					                                                                             Voyce Pullin
V P                                                                             Auctioneers, Valuers
                                                                                 & Rural Surveyors
                                                                              The farming cattle & younger stores were also well sold with steers
   CIRENCESTER LIVESTOCK                                                      generally £780 - £900 & heifers £550 - £680.
                                                                              The weaned calves were in shorter supply with purebred Blonde steers to
       MARKET REPORT                                                          £720 and heifers to £615 from Mr M Wheeler, King Stanley.
                                                                              Aberdeen angus steers sold to £680 from M/s J Hanby & Son, Apperley &
      TUESDAY 29th NOVEMBER 2011                                              £650 from M/s C Wells & Sons, Purton. The heifers saw Aberdeen Angus
                                                                              to £590 & £585 from the same home.
                 85 REARING CALVES
                    10.30 am – Auctioneer: Jon Pullin                             THURSDAY, 1ST DECEMBER 2011
A pleasing entry of calves for time of year and an excellent trade for
generally better calves than recent weeks, medium calves a firm trade best                         857 PRIME LAMBS
calves in strong demand and many more wanted.
                                                                                                   10.15 am – Auctioneer: Chris Voyce
Dairy (18): Fewer forward. Best Friesians £80+ topping at £120 from e J
                                                                                                      Overall Average – 204.4p/kg
Webb & Son. Medium types to rear at £55-£80 the few plainer types
traded £25-£30 nothing less.                                                  A larger entry saw a wonderful show of sheep forward which sold to a very
Native (25): A range of type on offer topped by a tremendous heifer at        good trade helped by the quality and increasing trade nationally. The show
£230 from K D Sheridan with their Hereford Bull calf of equal quality         lambs saw a flying trade throughout with the Champion & Reserve Champion
making £335. Terry Reeves sold Hereford bulls to £248 and heifers to          lambs from M/s P & C Houldey selling to £198 (508p/kg) for 39kg & £130
£218. Some small Hereford bulls traded £120-£130 all heifers £100+.           (351p/kg) for 37kg respectively both purchased by Mr D Morgan, Golden
                                                                              Heart. The remainder of the show lambs traded between 220 – 250p/kg
Angus bulls from Perry Beard topping at £230 his heifers £110-£158.
                                                                              generally. The commercial lambs were also a good trade with the handyweights
Weaned Angus reached £288 (steers) and £222 (heifers) from Twin Oaks          200 – 215p/kg and the heavy lambs trading between £95 - £110
Simmental (21): Another good entry. Ben Gough topping again with                                 MORE LAMBS NEEDED EACH WEEK
bulls at £378, £355 and £348 for Richard Baker. £262 saw Richard Baker          Kgs       Vendor                                £                p/kg
top the heifers with a good run from M/s Corp to £245.                           32       M J C Hocken & Sons                 71.20              223.0
Charolais (2): The almost extinct Charolais returned with Terry Reeves          33.5      R Cruse                             76.50              228.0
bull calf at £370 a heifer from Peter Sidgewick made £260.                      34.5      S Powell                            78.50              228.0
Limousin (3): Heifers to £230 and £200 from David Meredith.                     35.5      R Deeley                            81.00              228.0
                                                                                 36       A Goscombe                          84.00              233.0
British Blue (12): Tremendous money for this breed throughout the day.
                                                                                 37       P & C Houldey                       130.00             351.0
Mark Maslin sold bulls to £392 only bettered by Roy Townsend whose 20           37.5      T A Smith                           90.00              240.0
day old bull calf off the cow at £405. Medium bulls £310-£315, smaller           38       P & C Houldey                       100.00             263.0
types very well sold £240-£265, heifers a flying trade all at £210+              39       P & C Houldey                       198.00             508.0
reaching £270 twice for J D Wright & Son. John Cook’s good heifer made          39.5      A Goscombe                          88.50              224.0
£268 whilst L J Scott’s heifer topped the day at £278.                           40       M Garrett                           85.00              213.0
          MANY MORE CALVES NEEDED TO MEET DEMAND                                 43       R & B Kimber                        95.00              221.0
                                                                                43.5      R Richins                           100.00             230.0
                                                                                44.5      J Cook                              95.00              213.0
             25 BEEF COWS & CALVES                                              46.5      P & C Houldey                       152.00             327.0
                   11.30 am - Auctioneer: Arthur White                          47.5      S T Redman                          109.00             229.0
A run of organic Dairy Shorthorn heifers sold to £455 from M/s J & M            48.5      C Foote                             110.00             227.0
Ravenhill, Minchinhampton. Continental x grazing cows sold to £860 &            53.5      J Cook                              110.00             206.0
765 from Iles Park Farm Syndicate, Quenington. In calf pedigree Blonde
cows sold to £1340 & £1140 from Mr M Wheeler, King Stanley.                                           440 CULL EWES
                                                                                                   10.30 am – Auctioneer: Chris Voyce
                                                                                                        Overall Average - £72.93
                   435 STORE CATTLE                                           Another very good entry sold to a slightly easier but still good trade. The best
        11.30 am - Auctioneer: Arthur White, Jon Pullin & Chris Voyce
                                                                              good meated Suffolk & Continental x ewes trading between £90 - £100 topping
                     Averages: Steers £778, Heifers £621                      at £126 for the Champion Ewes from M/s D Corfield & Partners. The best
A very pleasing entry up 250 head on this sale last year with some grand      Mules traded between £70 - £75. The half meated & plainer ewes again seemed
runs of strong cattle on offer. Trade was exceptionally with many buyers      very well sold trading between £65 - £75. Small meated ewes or bigger plainer
around the ring and more like a spring sale than an autumn one.               ewes traded between £50 - £60. Slaughter rams & wethers sold to £100.
The stronger cattle were very well sold with mostly well grown or meated
sorts over £1000 topping at £1300 & £1270 for overage Simmental steers
from M/s J & W Powell, Brimscombe. Under thirty month cattle saw                                   307 STORE LAMBS
Simmental steers to £1190 from Mr I Maddocks, Painswick. A grand run                               11.00 am – Auctioneer: Chris Voyce
of 70 suckler bred Simmental’s from M/s R & J Merrett, Slimbridge sold                                   Overall Average £71.73
to £1185, £1145 & £1140. The general run of bigger framed but lacking         A pleasing entry saw another strong trade with the bigger framed lambs over
finish or small steers traded between £900 - £980 generally. The native       £80 topping at £86.50. The medium sized lambs seemed extremely dear trading
breeds saw Hereford steers to £1110 from Mr I Maddocks, Painswick,            between £70 – £78. The small & backward lambs seem the dearest of all
£1000 from Mr D Hibbard, Malmesbury & £960 from Mr T Fowles,                  trading between £55 - £65 generally.
Middlesex. The stronger Friesian steers were also well sold topping at
£725 from M/s E Webb & Son, Tockenham & £660 & £635 from M/s A
Honour & Son, Fencot.
                                                                                                     58 BEEF CATTLE
The stronger older heifers again saw some grand cattle forward and met a                           11.30 am – Auctioneer: Chris Voyce
very good trade. The better shaped, well grown or close to meat                              Bulls 211p/kg Steers 209p/kg Heifers 214p/kg
Continental’s traded over £900 topping at £1075 & £920 for Simmental’s        A good entry of quality cattle was a credit to all who exhibited which sold to a
from M/s R & J Merrett, Slimbridge. Limousin’s sold to £1100 from Mr T        very good trade. The top 17 show cattle averaged 242p/kg showing the quality
Fowles, Miidlesex & £955 & £930 from M/s F & S Humphris & Son,                and trade.
Westerleigh. Overage Continental heifers sold to £1170 for a Simmental        The Supreme Champion & also Champion steer was a 570kg Limousin from
from Mr E Amesbury, Newbury. The native breeds saw Hereford heifers           M/s Gilbert & Colin Brooke which sold to 365p/kg purchased by the judge Mr
to £865 from Mr T Fowles, Middlesex with overage Aberdeen Angus               M Jarrett. The Reserve Champion was a 580kg Limousin steer from M/s D E &
heifers to £1100 from Mr A Jones, Edge.                                       S J Cheacker selling to 300p/kg again purchased by Mr M Jarrett.

                                             Voyce Pullin Markets Ltd
             Cirencester Market (Weekly – Tuesday & Thursday) – Tel: 01285 869911 Fax: 01285 869514
                         Lydney Office: 01291 680068        Oldbury Office: 01454 269486
                                                                               Voyce Pullin
V P                                                                                Auctioneers, Valuers
                                                                                    & Rural Surveyors
The Champion heifer also from M/s Gilbert & Colin Brooke weighed 600kg
selling to 275p/kg purchased by Mr D Morgan, Golden Heart. A smart British
Blue heifer weighing 430kg sold to 300p/kg from M/s R & M Butler. The
                                                                                                 FORTHCOMING SALES
remainder of the Continental show cattle nearly all traded over 200p/kg. The       NEXT TB RESTRICTED STORE CATTLE SALE
native breeds traded generally between 165 – 180p/kg.
The commercial cattle also sold to a good trade with better shaped sorts (R
                                                                                     MONDAY 5TH DECEMBER 2011 at 2.00 pm
                                                                                           40 Simmental x Steers & Heifers (20mths), 40 Blonde x Steers
grade types) selling between 170 – 185p/kg. The medium shaped sorts (O+ &
                                                                                             & Heifers (12 – 18mths), 23 Limousin x Steers & Heifers
O- grades) traded between 160 – 175p/kg generally.                                               (20 – 26mths), 11 Friesian x Steers (25 – 30mths)
              Class 1            Butchers Steer                                                        Licences required for selling& buying
                1st                  365p/kg          G Brooke
                2nd                  300p/kg          D & S Cheacker                          COMMERCIAL ASSETS AUCTION
                3rd                  225p/kg          A Albutt
              Class 2            Butchers Heifer
                                                                                                  NEXT SALE DATES
                1st                  275p/kg          G Brooke                            At Cirencester Sale Centre, Driffield, Cirencester, GL7 5QA
                2nd                  235p/kg          D & S Cheacker                            WEDNESDAY 7th DECEMBER 2011 at 10.30 am
                3rd                  219p/kg          A Albutt                                        COMMERCIAL ASSETS AUCTION
              Class 3           Unhaltered Steer                                To include a large quantity of unused Performance Car Parts and Accessories for
                1st                  235p/kg          R & M Butler              Japanese Imports, 2003 (53) Renault Laguna Dynamique Petrol, 4 Tonne Lorry HI-
                2nd                  222p/kg          D & S Cheacker            AB, Large Quantity of Gold & Silver Jewellery, Metalworking Machinery, IT
                3rd                  210p/kg          D & S Cheacker            Equipment, Photocopiers, Office Furniture, New and Used Power Tools, Vehicles,
              Class 4           Unhaltered Heifer                               Plant & Machinery, Log Splitters, Cement Mixers, Cordless Drills, Generators,
                1st                  236p/kg          A Albutt
                                                                                Compressors, Wooden Packaging Crates, Woodworking Equipment, Catering
                2nd                  245p/kg          R & M Butler
                                                                                Supplies and Excess Stocks.
                3rd                  233p/kg          D & S Cheacker
              Class 5             Butchers Bull                                                              Further Entries Accepted
                1st                  211p/kg          P Tutcher                                 WEDNESDAY 14th DECEMBER 2011 at 6.30 pm
              Class 6             Native Breed                                                     HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS & FURNITURE
                1st                      -            M Hocken & Sons                     All Enquiries contact Steve Wright 01285 869333/07850 209936
                2nd                  189p/kg          D & S Cheacker
                3rd                  186p/kg          B J Ford & Sons                      SALE NOT PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED
              Class 7            Young Farmers                                                   Monday, 16th January 2012
                1st                      -            S Butler
                2nd                  240p/kg          M Albutt                             On farm Dispersal of 130 Holstein Friesians
                3rd                  216p/kg          A Richardson               Comprising the Genuine Dispersal of the inmilk and in calf heifer portions of the
              Class 8           Best Pair of Cattle                             “Matty” herd on behalf of A C & C A Brookes at Haw Street Farm, Coaley, Dursley
                1st                  214p/kg          D & S Cheacker
                                     220p/kg          D & S Cheacker                          FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY
                2nd                  227p/kg          D & S Cheacker                            15 British Friesian Bulling Heifers TB Restricted
                                     234p/kg          D & S Cheacker                                        South Gloucestershire Area
                 3rd                 214p/kg          D & S Cheacker
                                     220p/kg          D & S Cheacker
                                                                                          ENTRY LEVEL STEWARDSHIP
                          60 SHOW PIGS                                          Renewal or interested in entering - If you entered your ELS agreement in 2006 you
                        11.00 am – Auctioneer: Jon Pullin                       should be receiving information soon from Natural England regarding renewing the
                                                                                agreement – ensure there is no gap in your payments. We can assist you in
A very good entry of show pigs forward for the Christmas Show kindly            completing the renewal or alternatively if you are not currently in the scheme, we can
judged by Mr Malcolm Cooks of Ragley Home Farms. Champion pen of                help you submit an application to enter the scheme, which offers payments of £30 per
pigs were consigned by Mr R J Giddy selling to the judge at £135 per            hectare. Contact Tom Pullin at the Oldbury Office for further information
head. Mr Austin Pearce, Old bury sold his 4 pigs at £112 and £108 per
head. The sow class was won by B J Ford, Fosse Farm and sold to Mr                      LAND AND PROPERTY ADVICE
Paul Batt at £200 per head.                                                                            Are you making the most out of yours?
                                                                                Land and property are valuable assets and we can help you maximise the incomes
     65 BARREN COWS & OTM CATTLE                                                and value of your property. We have the expertise to help you ranging from
                     12noon – Auctioneer: Jon Pullin                            planning, property finance, compensation, property sales and lettings, valuations,
               Cows 127p/kg Steers 135p/kg Heifers 167p/kg                      landlord and tenant, to estate planning advice.
                                                                                          Contact Tom Pullin at the Oldbury Office for further information
A tremendous entry of first class overage cattle met a very strong trade.
The Champion British Blue Cow from D E & S J Cheacker made 240                                       SPRING PROPERTY
ppkg and sold for £1808 selling to Mutch Meats at Witney. The best                                   & LAND AUCTION
Continental Cows traded generally 120-150ppkg with Limousins from J J
& B D Comer at 173p and a run of cows from M Potter, Goosey all 146-                                 Entries now being taken for a Spring Sale
                                                                                If your considering selling your farm, smallholding, farmhouse, cottage or land over
166 ppkg. Those best cows all grossing between £1200 and £1300 per              the coming months, please contact us for a free market appraisal. We are able to
head, James Kimber sold his Simmental Cow at £1330.                             advise you on the best course of action to maximise the value of your property,
Friesian cows sold to 144ppgk from Anton Smith, Badminston £990.15              whether that be sale at Auction, Informal Tender or Private Treaty.
with first prize cow from R J & N J Clarke Ltd to £967.                                             Contact the Oldbury Office for an appointment
Overage cattle sold to £1077 from M J C Hocken & Sons with J M Miller,
Windsor Edge selling his Angus steers to £1213 and £1136. White Park                              CHRISTMAS MARKETS
Steers from J Dunford topped at £909.                                                              Tuesday, 6th December – Normal Market Day
Overage heifers were topped by D E & S J Cheacker at £1242 (Limousin)                     Thursday, 8th December – Normal Market Day + Pigs & Poultry
with most heifers £700-£980.                                                                      Tuesday, 13th December – Normal Market Day
                                                                                                 Thursday, 15th December – Normal Market Day
                                                                                         Tuesday, 20th December – Normal Market Day + Dressed Poultry
              Class 9              Beef Cow                                              Thursday, 22nd December – Normal Market Day + Dressed Poultry
                 1st                240p/kg           D & S Cheacker                                   Tuesday, 27th December – No Market
                2nd                 146p/kg           D J Cheacker
                                                                                                       Thursday, 29th December – No Market
                 3rd                163p/kg           M Potter
              Class 10             Dairy Cow                                                        Tuesday, 3rd January – Normal Market Day
                 1st                127p/kg           R & N Clarke

                                              Voyce Pullin Markets Ltd
              Cirencester Market (Weekly – Tuesday & Thursday) – Tel: 01285 869911 Fax: 01285 869514
                          Lydney Office: 01291 680068        Oldbury Office: 01454 269486

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