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					Reverential & Humble Offering of

“True Flowers”
at the Divine Lotus Feet

By families of CT, Maine, MA, NH, NY (north of NYC), RI, and VT

SAI Pilgrimage: i to I Mission:
 Excel in spiritual endeavors and evolution  Humbly offer the True Flowers at the Lotus Feet

Sai Says:
 Sadhana is 1/4th and inquiry 3/4ths  Sadhana is the drug, regimen is the inquiry  Every one of you is a pilgrim on that road proceeding at your own pace, according to your qualification and the stage reached by its means.  You can be a pilgrim even while attending to your daily duties. Only, you have to feel that each moment is a step towards Him.

SAI Pilgrimage
Excel in spiritual endeavors and evolution
Spiritual Components:
 Commitment w/Sai (Adoration)  Contribution to the center, the region (group Service)  Study for steady (Illumination)  See Always Inside  Freedom (not mandatory, no imposition)  Choice of discourses  Choice of integration tools  Not instruction but construction  Not information but transformation)  Don’t have to go on the physical journey  Quality (definitely not quantity)  Unified sadhana - Unity

Flowers for the Month

Sadhana Details
  Continue the daily sadhana (prayers & meditation) and His words of wisdom in the discourse on ‘True Flowers for Worship’ Enhance, enlarge these pointers using other discourses on each flower – How? Read & note the pertinent lines (quotes) in the discourse Prepare pointers from those quotes Use an integration tool for day-to-day living Keep record of your experience to offer at the Lotus Feet

  

Spiritual Pointers from ‘True Flowers for Worship’
True Flower

SAI Regimen: Follow His words & Life
Don‟t cause any harm to any being either through thought, word or deed.  Offer the harmonized & unified thought, word and deed

Sense Control Compassion

Restrain, guide, and regulate the senses for the right and divine purpose using discrimination

Cultivate and manifest love towards all beings in whom God (Atma) is inherent

Peace Penance

Develop brotherhood of man and blossom the heart of forbearance
  

Arrest all your thoughts and mental agitations, acquire peace Harmonize your thoughts, words and deeds Sacrifice all unholy thoughts and purify the mind


 

Recognize and manifest the omnipresent God Work is worship

Steady and steadfast faith in the human dignity and the divine omnipresence  Enquire and follow the path of eternal truth

Integration Tools

 

A simple contemplative approach in the booklet ‘A Practice for Purifying the heart’ by Dr. Goldthwait Self-inquiry approach as in the book ‘Roadmaps to Self-Realization’ by Jack Hawley Educare Process by Dr. Ronne Marantz SWOT analysis with Dos and Don’ts as in the ‘Self Awareness Integration, SAI’ project The 3HV analysis based on EHV is 3HV which is implemented in the ‘SAI’ project

Integration: Simple Contemplative Approach – Dr. Goldthwait
 Reflect on the spiritual pointers that made an impact  Make a commitment to repeat silently or loudly those pointers  Contemplate its meaning  Examine its applicability to the present moment (daily life)

Integration: Self Enquiry Approach – Jack Hawley
 Ask certain questions of those poitners „Reflect,‟ „Ruminate,‟ „Ponder this,‟ „Rate yourself on that,‟, “Be the referee,”etc.) Assess your current level on the scale of 1 to 9


Never Vague Seldom Hazy Sometimes Clearer Frequently Evident Always A certainty


Enhance and seek His guidance

Integration: Educare Approach – Dr. Ronne Marantz
   In Latin, “to draw out, or elicit.” Practiced as self-inquiry and a non-judgmental outlook Exercise your conscience and will to „watch‟ your thoughts, words, and put them into action. State your specific intention for the month. Think of a situation in your life that presents itself from time to time, in which you need to draw out the human value of the specific flower Describe two or three instances, in which you practiced the specific flower in your walk of life



Integration: 3HV Analysis– SAI
How many in group?

Hands In Action

Head In the In Thoughts Heart
40 1 Devotion, unity Inherent divinity Love for God
Bliss Wisdom

Devotional Singing Meaning and singing w/tune etc. imagining Service Pooja Other examples Serving Rituals
Pleasure Information

Not mine but His time etc Invoking, visualizing
Joy Knowledge

Integration: SWOT Analysis – SAI Strength
Knowledge: Understood the importance of it.
• •

Forgetfulness • Not living in the moment • Lack of determination

Family to remind • Sound mind
• •

May not digest well • Affect sleep, thoughts


Pay full attention to initiate and complete the food prayer, force yourself before the plate comes to your hand Don’ts: Don’t eat right away

Sai Awareness
Let us do Service for that is the fastest way to self purification Let us sing His glory with Love for that is the fastest way of feeling His presence with us Let us try to understand Him, for that is the fastest way to undergo transformation to His form Let us surrender to Him, for that is the fastest way to experience His Loving Care. Let us stay in real Mouna (silence), for it is being one with Him