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									Volume XI    SUMMER 2008                         Number 3

                                          Special Honorees and
                           Theodore Roosevelt Award Recipients
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A message from the President:
                                                                                                                      JOHN T. MATHER
Our Pillars of Excellence                                                                                           MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
                                                                                                                     Board of Directors
                               I hope everyone is enjoying the summer season - beaches, backyard
                            barbecues, family and friends – it’s a great time of year, filled with a lot of          Chairman of the Board
                            memory making moments. At Mather, we’ve also had some memorable                          Kenneth A. Jacoppi, Esq.
                            summer moments. Among them, our Voyage to Excellence inauguration and
                            the dedication of our four “Pillars of Excellence” stand out as my favorite
                                                                                                                       Kenneth D. Roberts
                               I especially enjoyed that day for several reasons – it was a great summer                Vice Chairmen
                            day; it was an opportunity for our Mather Hospital Family to gather together; it           Betsy Noyes Britton
                            was the official launch of our Voyage to Excellence; it celebrated our ongoing               Konrad J. Kuhn
                            commitment to our patients and it offered us a chance to honor our top                     Harold Tranchon, Jr.
  Kenneth D. Roberts Service Excellence employees… and it was great!
        President                                                                                                           Treasurer
                               The purpose of our “Voyage” is to reach a new and important vision – to                     John R. Sini
                            become the best community hospital in New York State; we want Mather to be
the best place to receive healthcare and the best place to work. The four great pillars in our courtyard                    Secretary
                                                                                                                           Gene Gerrard
support the realization of John T. Mather’s personal vision – creating the first community hospital in the
Town of Brookhaven. What could be more fitting than to have these great pillars of John T. Mather’s
                                                                                                                    President, Medical Staff
vision now serve as icons for our vision – to be the best community hospital in New York State?                     Chairman, Medical Board
   As we sail in pursuit of becoming the best, we will build upon our four “Pillars of Excellence” –                  Randall Schrager, M.D.
People, Service, Quality & Safety and Innovation & Growth – the core values, which will guide all our
                                                                                                                        Board Members
future activities.
                                                                                                                          Alan D. Beck
   I take great pride in the fact that the Mather Hospital Family always rises above the challenge. Our              James F. Canniff, Ed.D.
seven Voyage to Excellence employee teams have hit the ground running with several projects currently                      Gary Cress
underway. Mather Hospital, as a whole, has embraced the spirit of the Voyage early on, resulting in                     James Danowski
improved patient satisfaction scores already.                                                                              Carl Ferraro
   Our Voyage to Excellence is an exciting and fun opportunity for all of us to help make coming to                   M. Cecile Forte, Ph.D.
Mather Hospital an even better experience for our patients, their families and ourselves. Thank you for                Judith A. Fortunato
your ongoing commitment to our patients and our community. I look forward to working with all of you                     Kathryn B. Frey
as we Voyage together.                                                                                                  Robert A. Isaksen
                                                                                                                     Frederick C. Johs, Esq.
                                                                                                                       Thomas Kohlmann
                                                                                                                          Richard Lusak
                                                                                                                        James F. Maiella
 Inpatient Safety                                                                                                       Wayne Rampone
                                                                                                                      Richard Savino, M.D.
 Team Receives                                                                                                            Leo Sternlicht
 Honorable Mention                                                                                                       Edward J. Weiss

     Mather’s Inpatient Fall Performance                                                                       Chairman, Public Affairs Committee
 Improvement Team submitted a paper                                                                                       Gene Gerrard
 to the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council                                                                                   Co-Chairman,
 titled “Getting Results: A Patient-                                                                                Public Affairs Committee
 Centered Fall Reduction Program:                                                                                          Alan D. Beck
 Utilizing Safe Patient Placement.” The                                                                           Vice President, Public Affairs
 paper was submitted for the Hospital                                                                                     Marlene Israel
 Council’s Excellence in Patient Safety
 Award. Our team received honorable                                                                                 Director, Public Relations
 mention in the program’s first year of                                                                                   Patrick Regina
 award presentations. Our thanks go out                                                                            Public Affairs Coordinator
 to the entire nursing staff for all their                                                                                 Julie Parenti
 support and cooperation.
 Congratulations to all.
     Team members (not all in photo):
 Bernadette Brochard, RN, Joyce
 DeMoore, RN, Grace Ebinger, RN,
 Eugenia Ercole-Fricke, RN, Anna Gaeta,
 RN, Kim Hagerman, RN, Marilyn
 Hannett, RN, Allison Lombardi, RN, Julia
 Macauley, RN, Deborah Schafmayer, RN,
                                                                                                                    Published quarterly by the
 Laura Wooten. Additional Team
 Supporters: Cathy Babst, NA, Darlene                                                                            Public Affairs Department
 Beirne-Steigman, RN, Dolores Heintz,                                                                            (631) 476-2723 or ext. 4291
 NA, Kevin Hood, NA, Vicky Palmiotto,                                                                                     or e-mail us at
 LPN, Lee Viggiano, RN.                                                                                 

43rd Annual                                                                                                                 Marsha and
One Enchanted Evening                                                                                                       Henry Laufer
                                                                                                                            are Mather Hospital’s 2008 One
                                                            Community                                                       Enchanted Evening special
                                                            pillars and                                                     honorees.
                                                            Hospital                                                        Marsha is currently chairwoman of
                                                            benefactors                                                     the Brookhaven Democratic
                                                            Barney and                                                      Committee and serves on the board
                                                            Judi Fortunato                                                  of Planned Parenthood Hudson
                                                                                                                            Peconic and the Eleanor Roosevelt
                                                            will host the
                                                                                                                            Legacy Committee.
                                                            43rd Annual
                                                            One Enchanted                                                   According to her colleagues,
                                                            Evening Gala,                                                   Marsha brings an infectious
                                                            themed,                                                         enthusiasm to everything she does.
                                                            “Moulin                                                         As chief scientist, Henry is part of
                                                            Rouge,” which                                                   the leadership team at Renaissance
                                                            benefits the                                                    Technologies, which for more than
                                                            Fortunato                                                       20 years has been at the forefront
                              Breast Health Center and breast cancer              of research in mathematics and economic analysis. Henry is a strong
                              treatment at Mather Hospital.                       supporter of Stony Brook University and is a trustee of the Stony Brook
                               Entertainment will be provided by the              Foundation.
                               sensational musical group, "Up Front."             The Laufers are avid supporters of Mather Hospital and perennial sponsors of
                                   Tickets to One Enchanted Evening are           Breast Cancer Victory Day. Most recently, Marsha and Henry contributed to the
                                 on sale now; call the Mather Hospital            underwriting of a state-of-the art digital mammography machine for the
                             Office of Public Affairs at 631-476-2723 or          Fortunato Breast Health Center.

      caring for the community                                                                         mather hospital celebrates the
                                                                                                         2008 theodore roosevelt award recipients
Fifty years ago, the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council created the Theodore Roosevelt Awards to honor those who demonstrate exceptional volunteer
commitment to a member hospital and their community. Mather Hospital’s 2008 Theodore Roosevelt Award recipients (below) will be recognized October
10th at the 43rd Annual One Enchanted Evening gala for aiding the progress and development of Mather Hospital. Special honors also will be presented to
two community pillars for their philanthropic support.

 Randall Schrager, M.D.,                  Steven Rothstein, M.D.,                 Fredric Matlin, M.D.,                     Paul Elliott
 joined the hospital’s medical staff in   has been a valued member of the         has been an esteemed member of            is chairman, president and
 1993 and has been                        Mather Hospital                         the Mather Hospital                       commercial
 one of Mather’s                          Family since 1984.                      Family for more                           director of
 most dedicated                                                                   than 20 years.                            Prudential CRES
 surgeons and                             Dr. Rothstein has                                                                 Real Estate, one of
 effective leaders.                       served as chairman                      Dr. Matlin’s                              the top
                                          of the OR                               technical expertise                       commercial
 Dr. Schrager has                         committee since                         was a key factor in                       services in the
 been director of                         2003. A respected                       Siemen/Philips                            region. Elliott’s
 general surgery                          leader of the                           Corp.’s selection of                      level of success in
 since 2003. As chairman of Mather’s      medical staff, he has served as         Mather as a clinical introduction         business is matched by his
 medical board and president of the       president in 2003, vice president in    site for a sophisticated operating        commitment to community.
 medical staff, Dr. Schrager has          2002 and secretary-treasurer            room monitoring system. His
 introduced innovative management         in 2001.                                penchant for research and cost            Great Rock Golf Club and the
 techniques that have allowed more                                                consciousness has helped to               adjacent Blackwells Restaurant in
 time to be focused on issues that        Known for his business acumen,          ensure state-of-the-art equipment         Wading River, which he co-owns,
 improve patient care. His colleagues     Dr. Rothstein has an ability to         for Mather physicians and high-           are the sites of Mather Hospital’s
 credit him with continuing to foster     evaluate the long-term impact of        quality care for patients. Dr. Matlin     Annual Golf and Tennis Classic to
 productive and efficient meetings        decisions and has proved                has also been instrumental in the         benefit nursing education programs
 and board activity.                      invaluable to his department and        planning stages of operating              and An Evening of Fabulous Food,
                                          the hospital. “Mather is an excellent   facilities, ensuring optimal              which supports the chest pain
 “It’s a privilege to work with such an   hospital that gives so much back to     installation of anesthesia utilities.     emergency room.
 esteemed medical staff,” Dr.             the community,” Dr. Rothstein says.                                               “Mather is the hospital my family
 Schrager says. “Mather is an             “For me to do the same is the right     “I am very pleased that I am able to      uses whenever there’s a need,”
 outstanding community hospital and       thing. It’s important.”                 contribute to Mather’s quality of         Elliott says. “I was quite honored
 I am proud to be part of the Mather                                              service,” Dr. Matlin says.                when they told me I was receiving
 medical team.”
                                                                                                                            this award.”

United Way
Raises $24K
   Mather Hospital’s 2008
United Way employee
campaign raised nearly
$24,000. The hard work and
dedication of our Mather
campaign managers helped
increase the campaign by
$6,000 over last year’s total.   Pictured (from left to right) are United Way of Long Island
Thank you to everyone who        President and CEO Christopher Hahn, Employee Campaign
contributed to this year’s       Manager Brenda Bonacum, Committee Member Yvette
campaign!                        Martinez, Mather President Kenneth Roberts.

                                                                                               And the Winner is…
                                                                                               Mather’s Annual Car Raffle
                                                                                                  Miller Place resident Olga Manolis (center) held the winning ticket
                                                                                               for this year’s Mather Hospital Car Raffle. Manolis chose the cash
                                                                                               prize option and was presented with a check for $15,000 by Mather
                                                                                               Hospital Board Member, Wayne Rampone (left) of Ramp Ford and
                                                                                               Mather Hospital President Kenneth Roberts.
                                                                                                  Congratulations to Olga Manolis (who happens to be a Mather
                                                                                               employee) and thank you to Ramp Ford, Ramp Chevrolet, Riverhead
                                                                                               Toyota/Scion and North Shore Lincoln-Mercury for their generosity
                                                                                               and support. We also wish to thank our Car Raffle Co-chairs, Leo
                                                                                               Sternlicht (Riverhead Toyota/Scion) and Wayne Rampone for their

Community Gathers to Celebrate Creativity
   It was a celebration of community and culture at Mather Hospital when the 28th
                                                                                                 2008 Golf Classic Raises $120,000
Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show opened Friday, June 13.                                            for Nursing Education Programs
   More than 40 local artists are sharing their creative talents through the                        More than 130 competitors teamed up at Mather Hospital’s
outstanding exhibit. The 60 pieces are displayed throughout the hospital’s                       23rd Annual
historic courtyard and grand lawn and they will remain there until August 31.                    Golf Classic
Mather employees Dawn Radu (mailroom), Peter Levine (nutritional services)                       at Great
and Christine Bilbao (administration) were among the artists.                                    Rock Golf
                                                                                                 Club in
July 4th                                                                                         Wading
                                                                                                 River on
Parade                                                                                           June 2. The
                                                                                                 event raised
Volunteers                                                                                       more than
                                                                                                 $120,000 to
Introduce                                                                                        benefit
2008 Cash                                                                                        education
Cow Raffle                                                                                       programs at
                                                                                                     Mather     Vincent Bove Memorial Golf Award recipients – (from
   Drawings for prizes, which range from $300 ($500 if                                               Hospital. left) Dr. Nicholas Craig, Tony Naples, Louis Bove (son of
1,000 tickets sold) daily drawings to an early-bird                                                    After    the Hon. Vincent Bove, presenting award), James
$5,000 ($7,000 if 1,000 tickets sold) prize, begin                                                 golf, guests Danowski - not pictured: Paul Naples
September 2 and continue through December 31.                                                      were treated
Tickets are $200 each – best of all, if you win, your                                             to dinner, compliments of Blackwells Restaurant. More than
ticket goes back in the tumbler and you can win                                                  100 raffle prizes were presented, as well as team trophies for
again and again. Raffle tickets are limited, so don’t                                            first, second and third place. This year’s first place foursome
drag your hooves. Call Public Affairs, Mather                                                    was also the first recipients of the Vincent Bove Memorial Golf
Hospital at 631.476.2723 or visit                                                                Award, in memory of Mather Hospital’s longtime chairman. Photo: Mather auxilians and
volunteers (left to right) – Mafalda Smith, Barbara Zinna, Barbara Junior,
Lorraine Altman, Louise Grinere.
Hundreds of Bikers Ride to
Support Fortunato Breast
Health Center
   On Sunday, July 13, nearly 700 bikers, including a number of
Mather Hospital employees, rode in the 30-mile Sticky Finger
Motorcycle Run, which was supported by WBAB Radio,
Jagermeister, Allstate and the Great South Bay Music Festival. The
event raised more than $20,000 for the Fortunato Breast Health
Center at Mather Hospital. At the start of the Run at Dave & Buster’s
in Farmingdale, WBAB afternoon radio host Fingers (back row,
second from right) joins Mather Hospital benefactors Judy and
Barney Fortunato (standing in front of Fingers) and Mather
employees John Gluckler (on bike, left) and Glen Jamotta, (third
from right) of engineering; Ray Gulino, administrative director of
transfusion services (on bike, center); and Steve Vassallo,
phlebotomy supervisor (far right), along with several friends.
                                                                             Pictured (behind children) at the starting ribbon for the 14th annual Families Walk for Hope
                                                                             are Dr. Michelle Price and Dr. Joseph Carrucciu of the Fortunato Breast Health Center,
                                                                             Director of Mather Hospital Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence Dr. Arif Ahmad, Mather
                                                                             Hospital President Kenneth Roberts and Board Chairman Kenneth A. Jacoppi, Suffolk County
                                                                             Legislator Vivian Viloria-Fisher, New York State Assemblyman Steve Englebright, Brookhaven
                                                                             Councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld, Mather Board Member Gene Gerrard, Brookhaven
                                                                             Councilwoman Jane Bonner, Suffolk County Legislator Dan Losquadro, Mather Hospital Board
                                                                             Member James Canniff.

                                                                             14th Annual Families Walk for
                                                                             Hope & Obesity Awareness
                                                                                Despite the wet weather, spring was still in the air and hope in every heart. On May
                                                                             3rd, more than 1,200 walkers raised upwards of $130,000 for the Fortunato Breast
                                                                             Health Center, breast cancer treatment and obesity awareness and education programs
                                                                             at Mather Hospital.
                                                                                After completing the journey, walkers were treated to a barbeque lunch and
                                                                             refreshments served by members of the Port Jefferson Lion’s Club.

 With a Little Help, Tony Wiley                                                           How can I prevent staph or
 Kicks the Habit                                                                          MRSA skin infections?
    “I was a two-time drop-out of the                                                     Practice good hygiene:
 Suffolk County program,” recalls CT                                                      • Keep your hands clean
 Supervisor Tony Wiley, a 32-year                                                           by washing
 smoker, who marks his 18th month of                                                        thoroughly with soap
 being smoke-free in August. “I tried                                                       and water or using an
 hypnotism, lozenges and other                                                              alcohol-based hand
 medication. Nothing worked.”                                                               sanitizer.
    Determined more than ever to quit                                                     • Keep cuts and scrapes
 for good, Wiley signed up for the Get                                                      clean and covered
 Quit program offered through                                                               with a bandage until
 Employee Health Service, which provides prescription Chantix to participants.              healed.
 Chantix is designed to block nicotine addiction receptors in the brain.                  • Avoid contact with
    “With Chantix, the nicotine doesn’t do anything for you,” says Wiley. “It took a        other people’s wounds or bandages.
 lot of the depression away and it made quitting so easy.”                                • Avoid sharing personal items such as towels or razors.
    Now, he’s not just a lot healthier, he’s a little richer. Get Quit Mather employees      Are staph and MRSA infections treatable?
 who stay smoke-free for a full year will be reimbursed for the Chantix ($30 per             Yes. Most staph and MRSA infections are treatable with antibiotics. If
 prescription) and also receive a $100 bonus.                                             you are given an antibiotic, take all of the doses, even if the infection is
    For more information, contact Employee Health Service at 476-2725. If in-             getting better, unless your doctor tells you to stop taking it. Do not share
 house, call extension 5903.                                                              antibiotics with other people or save unfinished antibiotics to use at
                                                                                          another time.
    Service Excellence Awards
                     MAY 2008

Kelly Abbe           Jocelin Vargas           Carolyn Mosley
Frank Clarke         Christine Volk           Joan Samborski
Danielle Colao       Kristin Wagner           Daria Dodds
Sandie Connolly      Jean Englezos            Jane Foley
Gail Garcia          Gilma Godoy              JoAnn Jelley
Kara Hickey          Marie Kaplan             Valerie Konon
Bini John            Chanel Loganzo           Meredith Rickenbacker
Sally Ann Lien       Julia Vetere-Schuchman   Kathleen Jochen
Susan Morin          Caridad Bringuier        Robin Lisanti
Melissa Musgrove     Marie Hassard            Carolyn Troxell
Lorraine Nigita      Wayne Miller             Theresa Carter
Frank Pizzurro       Paul Zampieron
Sharon Scanlon       Moria Farrell

                     JULY 2008

                                                                      Our Future in Their Hands
                                                                      Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day
                                                                      is a great way to introduce children to career opportunities, and to
                                                                      envision their future. From having their blood pressure taken to
Jeanne Brennan       Jennifer Flanagan        Jill Snelders           checking out Mather Hospital’s vast information technology
Ditas Burgos         Gail Garcia              Darlene Steigman        system and visiting Pharmacy, Food and Nutritional Services,
Linda Folken         Jim Hegarty              Ramona Born             Respiratory Therapy, Imaging Services, the Emergency
Susan Greco          Christina Lauria         Marina Grennen          Department, Central Supply, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit,
Cristy Kokell        Jean McCarrick           Ginger Postiglione      Nursing, Sleep Disorders Center, and the Physical Therapy
Audrey Krutys        Karen Mercurio           Peggy Sauve             Department, these wonderfully inquisitive children between the
Luisa Machado        Louise Reichel           Bill Manzi              ages of 8 and 13 had the opportunity to understand what many
Connie Reilly        Andrea Wohlenberg        Colleen McDermott
                                                                      adults do during their work day. Participants were: Joseph
Teotimo Robles       Mary Yakutsk             Donna Baas
Shelley Rosenfeld    Joann Brazil             Anna Marie Braslow
                                                                      Barttolotto, Hailey Connolly, Jared Ducker, Lauren Ducker, Taylor
Deborah Schafmayer   Diana Caiazza            Mary Ann Goodman        Filiu, Sean Frank, Kaylie Gazura, Mackenzie Gazura, Gina Gordon,
Penny Stock          Katherine Montefusco     Jamie O'Hara            Emily Kelliher, Nicholas Kelliher, Kylie Kramer, Kaitlyn Link,
Cara Taranto         Danielle Rosenblatt      Terry Carter            Brianna Link, Anthony Martello, Jessie Quick, Rachel Robb,
Cynthia Whispell     Lisa Eggers              Anna May Drewes         Rebecca Robb, Austin Schmidt, Maxwell Schmidt.
Ellen Dwyer          Marie Hassard
                                                         Employees                              Mather Hospital
                                                         Recognized                             Announces
                                                         for 40 Years                           Stuart Fisher
                                                         of Service                             as New Director
                                                             Three dedicated employees of       of Engineering
                                                          Mather Hospital were honored for         Stuart Fisher of Setauket has
                                                          their 40-years of service to the      joined the staff of Mather Hospital,
                                                          community and hospital at a           as its new director of engineering.
                                                          recent reception. On hand to offer       Fisher brings more than 30 years of hospital facility
                                                          congratulations to Vice President     experience to his new position, where he will oversee
                                                          of Nursing Barbara Farruggia of       plant maintenance, grounds, equipment and hospital
                                                          Setauket (seated, left) and           utilities.
                                                          Suzanne Bittner, RN, of Miller           Fisher says he is looking forward to exploring ways to
                                                          Place (seated, right) were            make Mather Hospital more energy efficient. “The fact that
                                           (standing from left) Mather Hospital’s Board         I can now take all of my experience and use it to benefit a
                                           Chairman Kenneth A. Jacoppi, Vice Chairman           community hospital right in my own neighborhood is
                                           Betsy Britton, and Mather Hospital President         wonderful,” said Fisher.
                                           Kenneth Roberts. Forty-year celebrant Ramona            He is also taking the energy-saving efforts personally.
                                           Born, LPN, of Medford is also pictured with Ken      He’s hoping a proposed bike route between Setauket and
                                           Roberts.                                             Port Jefferson comes to fruition so he can pedal to work
                                                                                                and leave his car at home. A real savings, considering just
                                                                                                prior to joining Mather he was with Hoboken University
                                                                                                Medical Center in New Jersey and commuting about four
                                                                                                hours a day.

                                           We lcome Ne w Doctors
Joshua Rothenberg, DDS                                                            Keith Harris, DO
Orthodontics                                                                      Pulmonary Medicine
  Dr. Rothenberg earned his dental degree and                                        Dr. Harris is a pulmonologist who has additional
certificate in orthodontics from New York University.                             training in critical care medicine. He will focus on
He completed his residency at Long Island College                                 the care of patients in the intensive care units at
Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.                                                         Mather Hospital.
  During his residency, Dr. Rothenberg was a dental                                    Dr. Harris earned his medical degree at
emergency clinic attending, supervising dental                                    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He
residents from the Manhattan Veterans Affairs Hospital                            completed his internship at Good Samaritan Hospital
and New York University College of Dental Residency. He is affiliated with        Medical Center in West Islip and his internal medicine residency at Stony
the American Dental Association and the American Association of                   Brook University Medical Center. Dr. Harris recently concluded a
Orthodontics and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.            fellowship in pulmonary and critical care at Stony Brook.
                                                                                     Dr. Harris is board-certified in internal medicine and pulmonary
                                                                                  medicine. He has presented his research findings at international
Denise C. Monte, MD, FACS                                                         conferences and has been published in medical journals and newsletters.
   Specializing in pediatric otolaryngology/head and
neck surgery, Dr. Monte earned her medical degree at                                Mather Hospital also proudly welcomes the
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, N.Y., where she                               following physicians who will be featured in the
was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical                                      next issue of Mather Matters:
Society. She completed her internship, residency and                                  William Buffone, DPM, Podiatry        Irene Patrylo, MD, Physical
chief residency at Albany Medical College, Albany, N.Y.                                                                      Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                                                                     Joshua Kalowitz, MD, Radiology
   Prior to joining Mather, Dr. Monte was on the full-                                                                    Michael Sileo, MD, Orthopedics
time faculty at Stony Brook University Medical                                      Craig Litman, MD, Otolaryngology
Center.                                                                                  Theofanis Mitsinikos, DO,         Brian Webber, DO, Radiology
   Dr. Monte is a clinical assistant professor of surgery at Stony Brook,                     Endocrinology             Jonathan Weinstein, DO, Cardiology
and she is affiliated with a number of medical organizations, including the         Pragnesh Patel, MD, Endocrinology
American College of Surgeons.
Marie Mulligan, RN, Named Vice                           Theresa Grimes, NP, Named Associate
President for Nursing Services                           Vice President for Nursing Services
   Marie Mulligan, RN, has been named vice                  Theresa Grimes, NP, has been named associate
president for nursing services. Mulligan joined          vice president for nursing services. She is a 17-year
the Mather Hospital Family in 1993 as assistant          veteran of Mather whose previous positions include
vice president for surgical services. She rose to        unit nursing coordinator for critical care and
the position of associate vice president for             telemetry, nursing coordinator and nurse
nursing in 2007 and has been an integral part of         practitioner for pain management for both Mather
our Hospital’s success. In addition to her role at       and St. Charles Hospital. She has been recognized
Mather, she is an adjunct instructor at Adelphi          and honored for her outstanding work throughout
University and St. Joseph’s College.                     her career. Congratulations Terri!
Congratulations Marie!

Nurses Week: Thank
You for All You Do!
   Though the celebration is just one week out of each
year, our appreciation for our nurses is shared 24/7 –
365 days a year. Employees and patients are very
proud and fortunate to have such a dedicated and
talented team of health care professionals as part of
our Mather Hospital Family. We salute you all!

                                                                                         Mather Auxiliary
                                                                                         Donates $203,500
                                                                                         Record Donation Will Help Fund Emergency
                                                                                         Department Expansion
                                                                                            It’s a record! At Mather Hospital’s Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party,
                                                                                         members of the Hospital Auxiliary proudly presented a check for $203,500
                                                                                         to hospital representatives, which will be used to help renovate and expand
                                                                                         Mather’s emergency department.
                                                                                            It was another banner year for Mather’s Auxiliary members with the Thrift
                                                                                         Shop’s record donation of $131,500; the Gift Shop donating $37,500; and
                                                                                         the flower and lobby sales raising $34,500.

                                                                                                 Volunteer Service Awards
Auxiliary and Thrift Shop Treasurer Dorothy Milau, Mather Hospital Thrift Shop Liaison
Louise Grinere, Mather Hospital Senior Vice President Kevin Murray, Auxiliary
President Ida Forstel, Mather Hospital Chairman Kenneth A. Jacoppi, Auxiliary 1st
Vice President Helen Rodowicz, Gift Shop Manager Kathleen DeBenedetto

 Geranium Time of Year
   Each year, the Auxiliary raises approximately $3,000, which benefits
 various Mather programs, through various flower sales. Assisting with
 the late spring geranium sale were (from left) Audrey Freudenberg, Ida
 Forstel, Susanne Klenk, Dot Duggan and Helen Rodowicz.                                      Robert Lundquist             Nancy Cherinak         Linda Delvecchio
                                                                                               4,000 hours                 1,000 hours              1,000 hours

                                                                                                Ida Forstel               Jeannine Cook            Joe Grinere
                                                                                                9,000 hours                6,000 hours             4,000 hours

Happy 95th for 20-Year Volunteer
   Friends and
fellow Mather
                                                                                               Barbara Junior             Louise Grinere          Clint Stepanek
surprised Harriet                                                                               1,000 hours                4,000 hours             1,000 hours
Brown (seated,
center) of Miller                                                                              2,000 hours                3,000 hours              3,000 hours
Place with a                                                                                 Christa Sonowsy             Richard Skelton          Terry Saverase
birthday party in
July at the Thrift                                                                        $5K Lotto Winner in
Shop where she
has volunteered                                                                           Hospital Gift Shop
since 1985. The                                                                              Scott Viscardi of Imaging Services recently
retired attorney,                                                                         won $5,000 with a Lotto ticket he purchased in
who is 95 years                                                                           the Hospital Gift Shop. “I was shocked,”
young, celebrated                                                                         exclaimed Scott. “When I told my mother that I
her milestone birthday at the Thrift Shop with (from left, seated) Lois                   was giving her $1,000, she started to cry.” As
Nevius, Genevieve Mikorenda, (standing) Eleanor Tisall, Lorraine Altman,                  for the rest of the money, Scott says he has to
Louise Grinere, Corny Wakefield, Toni Ricottone and Netti Minella.                        think about it a while. Congratulations, Scott!
Birthdays                                               Laboratory: Birthday wishes to Claudette McGinley
                                                        4/26, Blanca Schineis 4/23, Stacey Keane 6/24, Woj
                                                                                                                   the wedding is set for Sept 18, 2009. Imaging
                                                                                                                   Services: Wedding bells will be ringing as Sue
TCU: Birthday wishes to Lee Viggiano 6/16, Susan        Strus 4/14, Ray Gulino 6/22, Peter Bell 6/25, Donna        Dolson’s son, Cory, got engaged to Lindsey on 5/16,
Krietzman 6/22, April Conte 4/25, Marion Porter 5/9.    Morgan 5/24, and Don Baker.                                and an August 2009 wedding is planned. Congrats
Public Affairs: Happy birthday to Cynthia Court                                                                    to Donna Blaskopf’s son, Brian, who married Dena
4/27, Randy Ackerman 5/11, Hannah Feldman 5/12,
Nancy Fischetti 5/24, Laura Juliano 6/9, Dale Moller
                                                        Birth Announcements                                        on 3/22. TCU: Congratulations to the newlyweds,
                                                                                                                   Victoria Cafarelli and Brian White, who wed on 6/20.
6/22. Administration: Happy birthday to Wayne           Business Office: Dorothy Morabito’s son and                Physical Therapy: Congratulations to Melissa
Shattes 4/1, Kevin Murray 4/12, Christine Bilbao        daughter-in-law, Keith & Melissa Bauman, gave birth        Musgrove, who wed Dan Hafner on 6/20 at Larkfield
6/28. Respiratory Care Services: Birthday               to Shawn Brady on 5/23/08 – Congratulations. Pat           Manor in Northport – A great time was had by all!
celebrations by Bill DeMicco 6/6, Nancy Corso 6/16.     Parente’s daughter gave birth to Diondre Julian            House Staff: Nancy Kennedy’s son, Sean, became
Security: Best Wishes to to Ken Sullo 6/12, Robert      Denson, weighing in at 6 lbs 9 oz. Congratulations         engaged to Pam Friedt from Washington, D.C. and
LaRocca 6/17. Environmental Services: Many              to the proud parents, Kristina & David Denson.             will be married in the fall of 2009. Andrea, daughter
birthdays celebrated by Tania Gonzales 3/21, Maggie     Environmental Services: Jan Paskoski has become            of Patty Fernandez, was married on 6/13/08 to
Batista 4/7, Sofia Arroyo 4/12, Vadalisa Garcia 4/28,   a proud, first time grandparent as her son, Staff Sgt.     Robert Day. Social Work: We want to extend all the
Jan Paskowski 4/24, Eric Ekert 5/6, Tracy Wilson        Andrew Brophy and wife, Melissa, gave birth to             best of luck to TCU Social Worker Victoria Cafarelli
5/6, Jon Weisbrod 5/8, Justin Decarlo 5/8, Kevin        precious little Alaura 5/13, 7 lbs. 4 oz. 21” long. Port   on her marriage to Brian White on 6/20. She was a
Winter 5/10, Frank Armenti 5/23, Marty Callahan         Jeff Wound Care: Jan Doscher celebrated the birth          beautiful bride. After their wedding at Good
6/2, Maureen Gross 6/4, Azee Hanson 6/6, Brian          of her grandson, Tobin, in Hawaii. Imaging                 Shepherd Church in Holbrook they had a fabulous
Alfredsen 6/9, John Louhney 6/21. Purchasing:           Services: Nuclear Medicine’s Jean Dumas became a           reception at the Inn at Fox Hollow. Much fun and
Happy birthday to Sabrina Davis 5/20, Jeremy            grandpa to twin girls. Debbie Garsik’s daughter            merrymaking was had by all.
Robitsek 5/6, Maureen Mischler 5/26. Melville           Jessica, gave birth to a baby girl on 3/14, Kirsten
Wound Care Center: Birthday wishes to Eileen            Elizabeth. Danielle Flaherty had another beautiful
Seidell, Patricia Monroe, Chanda Jeffries & Janice      daughter, Kiera Grace. Physical Therapy:                   Vacations
O’Connor. Port Jeff Wound Care: Birthday candles        Congratulations to Dena Promutico on the birth of          Environmental Services: Marty & Mary Callahan
were blown out by Elizabeth Looney, Anne Marie          her daughter, Sophia Noel. Congrats to Sherri              took their first cruise to beautiful Bermuda, and now
Daley and Deborah Lamendola. Imaging Services:          Schafer who gave birth to Sabrina Lynn. ASU: Lilly         they can’t wait to go back. Maria Fernandez took a
Many birthday wishes to Mark Profitt, Tim Collejo,      Lauckhardt was born on 4/2 to Grandma                      trip to beautiful Cancun. The fun continues as
Suellen D’Andria, Carol Borsman, Rob Wells, Mr.         Lauckhardt; Carson Taylor Kagan came into this             Sophia Arroyo and Azee Hanson traveled to Costa
Joe Cline, Marilyn Pizza. Physical Therapy: Happy       world on 4/29 to Grammie O’Hara; Jacob Ryan                Rica, which will never be the same. Then Sophia
birthday to Samantha Schmidt, Daniel Epstein, Anne      Massaro was delivered via stork on 5/23 to                 took another trip to Santo Domingo, and she’s all
Babcock, Lena Debono. ASU: Birthday celebrations        Grandma Massaro – Congratulations to all! Partial          vacationed out. Jan Pasoski and her husband, Bob,
by Peggy Sauve, Irma Rivera, Terri McDonald, Joan       Hospitalization: Best wishes to Ann Weiss, our lead        took a trip to Niagra Falls. Imaging Services: Nancy
Adams, Mary Friel, Jen Whitfield, Katie Nowaski,        teacher who had a baby boy, Maximus. Presurgical           Salino vacationed in Montauk with her sister. Mary
Margaret Massaro, Joann Meisenzahl, Valerie             Testing: Double congratulations to Michele Leary,          McIntosh, Bob and Terry Murphy also vacationed in
Broderick. Finance: Many birthday candles blown         who is a new grandma to beautiful twin girls,              Montauk. Vivian Langford visited her parents in
out by Elaine Conroy 4/8, Anne Marie Brooks 4/8,        Morgan & Emma, born 6/4. House Staff: Jeff                 India. Laura O’Brien cruised to Bermuda. Katie Rush
Rosemarie Barbato-Schor 4/13, Theresa Healy 4/18,       Kniffen’s son, Dylan Ian, was born 6/24, weighing 5        went to North Carolina and Patti Nugent vacationed
Joanne Machacek 6/7, Morgan Miller 6/9, Joseph          lbs, 17” long. Laboratory: John William Trinkwald IV       in Florida. Roseanne Russell sunned herself in Aruba
Wisnoski 6/14, Christine Livreri 6/16, Samantha         was born 6/3, 8 lbs. 14 oz, 20-1/2” long, to grandma       on her 60th birthday, thanks to her generous son!
Bublik 6/17, Linda Klein 6/22, Ruth Wheeler 6/26,       Claudette McGinley.                                        The outer banks will never be the same after being
Susan Kehoe 6/30. Partial Hospitalization: Happy                                                                   visited by Suellen D’Andria, Laura Manne and Donna
birthday to Moira Farrell, Sharon Zariello, Paul
Zampieron and Renee Lake. Presurgical Testing:
                                                        Anniversaries                                              Blaskopf. Physical Therapy: Jay Swarz cruised the
                                                                                                                   beautiful Carribean. ASU: Karen Tuzzolo and family
                                                        Volunteer & Auxiliary: Congratulations to Fred &
Best wishes to Carol Murphy, Pat Slokovitz, Patty       Anne Behr who celebrated their 57th wedding                visited Disney World the end of June. Partial
Zarb, Loretta Sleavensky & Maria Rubino. Admitting      anniversary on June 2. Respiratory Care Services:          Hospitalization: Joan Auguste and her husband
& ER Registration: Birthday wishes to Alexandra         Ted Nilsson celebrated 24 years of marriage on 4/29.       spent a week in gorgeous St. Kitts. Daria Dodds &
VanSteen 4/11, Denise Leombruno 4/17, Lisa              Environmental Services: Frank & Lorraine Armenti           Marie Hassard went to Mexico for a relaxing week in
Kaufman 5/1, Suzanne Donadio 6/26, Joan Clare           celebrated their anniversary on April 1st - No Joke!!      a spa. Anita Mayer and her husband visited the
6/28, Carol Salzman 6/22, Cindy Polistina 6/22.         Business Office: Pat Parente & husband, Frank,             Bahamas with some friends and had a great time.
House Staff: Happy birthday to Loretta Didwell, who     celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary on 6/28.         Denise Driscoll and her son, Daniel, enjoyed relaxing
celebrated the BIG 50 with a great party at Macari      Port Jeff Wound Care: Happy anniversary Barbara &          on the beach at Montauk. Presurgical Testing: Rose
Vineyards. Food and Nutritional Services: Many          Tony Yamitelli celebrating 28 years of wedded bliss.       Plank celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary with
birthday celebrations by Kyle Brochard 4/4, Carin       Imaging Services: Donna Blaskopf celebrated her            a cruise to Bermuda in July. Laboratory: Blanca
Cecere 4/14, Susan Sullivan (Coffee Shop) 4/22;         30th anniversary with a well deserved vacation in          Schineis enjoyed sunny California. Stacey Keane
Everette Charles, 4/25, Kelly Denimarck, 4/30,          Bermuda. ASU: Pat Rivers celebrated her 45th               enjoyed a Vegas vacation in June. Pat Callaghan had
Jacqueline Magee 4/12, Chris Ramirez 4/23,              anniversary with a city trip overnight at the Sheraton     a great time in Italy.
Christopher Schumacher 4/27, Linda Uebel, 4/25,         Towers, dinner at Orso’s, and to see the show
Carrie Bruno 5/31, Kelly Faller 5/4, Michael Giordano
5/10, Enrique Gonzales 5/24, Celeste Gorman 5/12,
                                                        “South Pacific.” Admitting & ER Registration:
                                                        Happy anniversary to Jennifer & Michael Thebner
                                                                                                                   Graduations &
Bob Jackson 5/20, Sharon Rhodes 5/21, Steven
Squillace, 5/25, James Campbell 5/29, Ingrid
                                                        who celebrated 17 years on 4/7, and congrats on
                                                        Diane & Jim Trube’s anniversary on 5/10. House
                                                                                                                   Advanced Degrees
Schmidt (Coffee Shop) 5/9, Susan Page (Coffee                                                                      TCU: Susan Krietzman’s son, Christopher, graduated
                                                        Staff: Patty Fernandez and husband, Ruben,                 high school – congratulations. Finance: Congrats to
Shop) 5/25, Derek Woodward 5/16, James                  celebrated their 37th anniversary on 6/19.
McConville 6/4, Drew Kaelin 6/26, Kathy Marshall                                                                   Ruth Wheeler’s son, Christopher, who graduated
6/23, Robin Martinez 6/16, Charlete Piggott 6/7, Lisa                                                              from Ward Melville High School and will be attending
Ragozzino 6/20, Richard Scott 6/14, Winston             Engagements/Weddings                                       Vassar College this fall. Respiratory Care Services:
Thomas 6/5, Michael Varga 6/20, Jonathan Andrews        Purchasing: Congratulations to Sabrina Davis on the        Kudos to Cathy Catalanotto’s daughter, Alyssa, who
6/27, Linda Howlett 6/29, Maria Nuzzi 6/28.             engagement of her daughter, Taryn to Antonio, and                             See FAMILY on the next page
graduated from Miller Place High School and will be      graduated from 8th grade at the James W. Young         would like to extend a warm welcome Rose
attending Coastal Carolina University in South           Middle School in Bayport, and Paige Miller, daughter   Brisciano, our new part-time clerical assistant.
Carolina in the fall. Ted Nilsson’s son, Jared,          of Cassidy Conley, graduated from Pre-K at Scraggy     Laboratory: Welcome to Lynn Mitchell, Tara
graduated from Westhampton Beach High School             Hill Elementary School. Branden Kelledy, grandson of   Gallagher, KaTyma Rhymer, Cathy Miller, Tracey
and will be attending SUNY @ Albany in the fall. Port    Jean Kirouac and son of Deanne and Michael Kelledy,    Siciliano, and welcome to our students, Theresa &
Jeff Wound Care: Annette Dale’s daughter, Nicole,        graduated from Noah’s Ark Pre-School in                Diana.
graduated from 8th grade and received the Merit of       Ronkonkoma. Nicholas Keissling, grandson of Chris
Excellence award. Imaging Services:                      and Frank Reganato and son of Susan and Gene
Congratulations to Amanda Smith for graduating           Keissling, graduated from Pre-K. Social Work:          Retirements
from St. Joseph’s College! Care Management: Diane        Congratulations to Danielle Duryea’s daughter,         Nursing Administration: Barbara Farruggia retired in
Martin’s daughter, Colleen, graduated cum laude          Crystal, for graduating with honors from Sachem        June after 41 years of employment at Mather
from SUNY Cortland and is headed to Phoenix to           East HS. She will be attending St John’s University    Hospital. Barbara plans to take life a bit slower and
teach sixth grade physical education. ASU: Karen         majoring in Italian Education. Jordan Schwartzberg,    to enjoy more time with her family and 11
Tuzzolo’s daughter, Brittany, graduated Farmingdale      son of Marlene Dmytryshyn & Harvey Schwartzberg,       grandchildren. Congrats to you, Barbara! You will be
High School and will be going to Marist College for      MD, graduated from Ward Melville High School. He       missed by all!
Special Education. Scarlet and Michael, Irma Rivera’s    will be attending Fordham University studying Pre-
daughter and son in-law, both got their master’s
degree. Pileigh Shahinian graduated kindergarten
                                                         Health Sciences, and was voted “Funniest Male” in
                                                         his graduating class.
Class of 2020; Britany Whitfield graduated high
school and will be attending Hunter College; Amanda
                                                                                                                items of interest
DeTuris graduated from high school and will be           New Employees/                                         Public Affairs: Terri Quinn’s son, Kyle Nigro, was
                                                                                                                promoted to SPC (Specialist) and is presently
attending Marist College; Cecilia Hassett graduated
from high school and will be attending Stony Brook
                                                         New Appointments                                       stationed in Iraq. Respiratory Care Services: Jared
University; Dan McDonald graduated Suffolk               TCU: A warm welcome to our new employees: Tomy         Nilsson, son of Ted Nilsson, is the Suffolk County
Community College and will be joining NYC Police         Troche RN, John Baitz RN, Diane Cesario C.N.A.,        Spring Track and Field 110 meter Hurdles Champion
Academy in January. Human Resources: Human               Henry Pahl C.N.A., Victor Emponsa RN , Luisa           (14.54 secs) and is ranked fourth in New York State.
Resources congratulates Jazmine Ducker, daughter         Machado C.N.A., Stephanie Carr C.N.A.                  Health Information Management: H.I.M. had their
of Christina Ducker, on her graduation from Newfield     Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy: We are          first annual picnic at Southaven Park in June. The
High School. Jazmine will be attending Baruch            happy to introduce Penny Stock, Certified              barbeques were blazing all day while the children
College and will be playing basketball and earning her   Occupational Therapy Assistant, who joined us in       tossed water balloons, hopped in potato sacks, and
business degree. Good luck Jazmine! Katie Beacon,        May. She has an outstanding background in              had three legged races. The bocce balls were played
daughter of Kathy Beacon, graduated Magna Cum            orthopedic and interdisciplinary rehabilitation, and   after the horseshoe competition. Fun was had by
Laude from Marist College with a B.S. Degree with a      looks forward to her success at Mather Hospital.       family & friends, and looking forward to next year!
Marketing major and Music minor. Congratulations         Respiratory Care Services: Welcome to Respiratory      Care Management: Ellen Kasprzak’s son, Michael,
Katie! Presurgical Testing: High School graduation       Therapists Gary Eyrich, Stephanie Brown and Brian      graduated from Chaminade High School and will
celebrations by Mary, daughter of Carol Murphy, and      Whist. Infection Control: Jean Nesbitt is the new      attend SUNY New Paltz in the fall. Michael works in
Brittany, daughter of Denise Bonneville. College         Infection Control Secretary – welcome! Purchasing:     Environmental Services. Marca Enriquez’s daughter,
graduation celebrations by John Paul, son of Rose        We are thrilled to have Susan Rivera come aboard       Katlin, graduated from CHS and will attend Mount St.
Plank, and Kelly, daughter of Kathy Wilson.              here. Congratulations to Maureen Mischler who          Vincent in the fall. ASU: Six ASU Nurses just became
Admitting & ER Registration: Congrats to Annette         moved on to become our contract manager. Melville      ASU-CAPA Certified: Chris Brons, Sue DeTurris,
Rivers’ daughter, Amanda Ann Smith, who graduated        Wound Care Center: The Melville WCC welcomes           Andrea Lauckhardt, Trisha Calverse, Jamie O’Hara
from Saint Joseph’s College, and begins her new          Patricia McGowan, our new receptionist. Business       and Shirlee McKenna - Congratulations. Partial
career as a Spanish teacher in Sachem North. House       Office: The Business Office welcomes Michael           Hospitalization: Barrie Jacobsen’s son, Matt, moved
Staff: Congrats to Genine Schwinge’s daughter, Lee       Giordan. Port Jeff Wound Care: Welcome Patsy           to Hollywood working for Bravo as a post production
Ann, who graduated from Longwood High School.            Santoro, Reimbursement Clerk. Imaging Services:        assistant. Presurgical Testing: Good luck to Joseph,
Food and Nutritional Services: Congratulations to        Welcome Andrew Adams to CAT Scan. Physical             son of Maria Rubino, who deployed to Iraq with the
our High School graduates: Dan Huber, Joe Meyer,         Therapy: Welcome Dawn Robson. ASU: Jennifer            U.S. Army. PST celebrated the Voyage to Excellence
James Campbell, Kevin Ford, Maria Nuzzi (Coffee          Whitfield went from per diem to full time Nursing      with a Lido Deck Party. Tropical food was enjoyed,
Shop), Laura Adcock (Coffee Shop), Paige Deale,          Aide, and we welcome Mary Friel as our new ASU         and our manager, Patty Zarb, was enthusiastic and
Christina Taranto, Dana Court, Lauren DeBiase, Eric      Receptionist. Human Resources: Human Resources         motivated in her “sailor suit,” and shared her
Doxey, son of Rosemary Doxey, Danielle Alicastro,        welcomes Jennie Coletti from IVF! Gale Elling moved    experience in Florida at the Baptist Hospital. House
daughter of Darlene Alicastro, Morgan Altinok,           to the position of Secretary in the Finance Office.    Staff: Congratulations to Dennis Ryker, who was
daughter of Kim Altinok. Joseph Ryan, grandson of        Presurgical Testing: A big warm welcome to Kelsey      named Chief of the Physician Assistants in the
Jean Kirouac and son of Chris and Dan Ryan,              Hagerman and Bindy Koontz. Social Work: We             Intensivist Program. Laboratory: Fran & her band “T
                                                                                                                Bone & Franny Mae” will be playing at Mather’s
                                                                              Long Island Community             employee picnic in September!!
                                                                                 Federal Credit Union
                                                                          OFFERS EXCELLENT RATES
                                                                              and has a wide range of
                                                                                                                In Memoriam
                                                                                                                   The Mather Hospital family mourns the passing
                                                                       products and services to satisfy         of Betty Fuhrmann, who served more than 20,000
                                                                                  your financial needs.         hours as a volunteer since 1965. We also extend
          • Share/Savings & Checking Accounts
                                                                                                                our deepest sympathies to the families of Doris
          • On-line Banking & Bill Pay                                    MATHER HOSPITAL                       Mario, who began volunteering in 1967 (7,000
          • VISA Check Cards/Line of Credit
          • I.R.A. Accounts                                          EMPLOYEES ARE ELIGIBLE                     hours); Dorothy Griswold, who had been a
                                                                                                                volunteer since 1987 (3,000 hours); and Matt
          • Mortgages
                                                           For details see showcase outside cafeteria,          Zitto, a member of the Auxiliary since 2000 (3,000
          • Personal/Debt Consolidation Loans
                                                                           visit, or call        hours). Their dedication to this community will
          • New & Used Auto Loans
                                                                                                                long be remembered.
          • Student Loans                                  (631) 476-6581 • (631) 474-8530
                                                                                                                       Victory Day
                                                                                     (l to r): Associate Director of   Celebrating the Champions
                                                                                     Imaging Services Dr. Louis
                                                                                     Amblard, Director of Surgical        On Saturday,
                                                                                     Services Karen Tuzzolo, RN,       September 20,
                                                                                     Imaging Systems Administrator     renowned cancer
                                                                                     Jeanine Genco, Imaging            researcher Dr.
                                                                                     Systems Specialist Marie          Diane Esposito,
                                                                                     Laudisio, Senator LaValle,        pioneering
                                                                                     Mather Hospital Board Chairman
                                                                                     Kenneth A. Jacoppi, Mather        psycho-oncologist
                                                                                     Hospital President Kenneth        Marlena Vega,
                                                                                     Roberts                           PhD., and breast
                                                                                                                       cancer survivor
State Senator LaValle presents $300K for                                                                               Jeannine
                                                                                                                                             Marlena Vega, PhD.

                                                                                                                       Grantham will be
State-of-Art Imaging Systems                                                                                           guest speakers at
   New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle recently arranged for John T. Mather Memorial Hospital to receive         the 12th Annual
$300,000 to upgrade its operating rooms’ imaging system from film to high definition digital display. The new          Breast Cancer
system provides surgeons with immediate access to images (x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, etc.) and with greater              Victory Day at
detail than traditional film. The funding has also made it possible to upgrade the hospital’s EKG system from          Mather Hospital.
traditional paper print-out to an internet accessible system that displays results digitally on screen. The combined      Victory Day
benefits of these state-of-the-art upgrades provide superior diagnostic capabilities for Mather physicians.            celebrates the
                                                                                                                       triumph of those
 Assemblymen Alessi                                                                                                    who already have Dr. Diane Esposito
                                                                                                                       beaten breast
 and Englebright                                                                                                       cancer, and offers
 Support                                                                                                               their example as
                                                                                                                       inspiration to
 Mather’s                                                                                                              those whose fight
                                                                                                                       continues or is
 New Digital                                                                                                           just beginning.
                                                                                                                       More than 800
 Mammography                                                                                                           breast cancer
    New York State Assemblymen                                                                                         survivors, family
 Marc Alessi and Steve Englebright                                                                                     members and            Jeannine Grantham
 recently arranged for Mather to                                                                                       friends are
 receive $150,000 to support the                                                                                       expected to take part in the
 purchase of its new digital                                                                                           celebration.
 mammography unit for the            (l to r): New York State Assemblymen Marc Alessi and Steve Englebright,              Dr. Esposito is a researcher at Cold
 Fortunato Breast Health Center.     Mather Hospital benefactor Judith Fortunato, Mather Board Chairman Kenneth        Spring Harbor Laboratory.
 The new digital unit captures       A. Jacoppi                                                                           Dr. Vega is a third generation breast
 dramatically detailed diagnostic                                                                                      cancer survivor and one of the nation’s
 images in high definition (HD), thereby providing the Breast Center’s two exclusively dedicated                       foremost experts on survivorship.
 mammography physicians with images that are remarkably clear and incredibly valuable when making a                       Sponsored by the Mather-St.
 diagnosis.                                                                                                            Charles Health Alliance, Marsha &
                                                                                                                       Henry Laufer and Astoria Federal
                                                                                                                                    Savings, Victory Day is the
Allstate Supports Fortunato Breast Health Center/                                                                                    largest non-fundraising
                                                                                                                                       breast cancer
                              Motorcycle Run                                                                                            awareness gathering on
                                                                      Allstate Insurance Company presented                             Long Island. Victory
                                                                   Mather Hospital with a check for $5,000 in                          Day will take place from
                                                                   support of the hospital’s Fortunato Breast                         12 noon until 2:30 p.m.
                                                                   Health Center and Sticky Finger Motorcycle                           To register or for
                                                                   Run. On July 13, hundreds of Long Island                           updated information on
                                                                   bikers hit the highway for the 2nd annual                           Breast Cancer Victory
                                                                   motorcycle event, which raised funds for the                         Day, call 631-474-6030
                                                                   Breast Center.                                                        or visit www.mather
                                                                   Allstate Corporate Relations Manager Krista
                                                                   Conte (left) presents a check for $5,000 to                             This memorable
                                                                   Mather Hospital’s Fortunato Breast Health                             event is free to all.
                                                                   Center. Seated on bike are WBAB afternoon
                                                                   radio host “Fingers” and Fortunato Breast
                                                                   Health Center Director Eileen Swieczkowski, RN.

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