A Call to Arms

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					a call to arms
take the lead in system innovation

Peter Kalish GE Global Research PROMODEL User’s Conference May 2006

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better communication tools (telephone, networks, internet, cell phones) faster communication of consumer alternatives increasing consumer demand for new products faster new product introduction accelerated delivery of Market Forces are new production (or service) systems Increasing the Value of Our Skill Set and Our Vision better system designers

3/ GE Global Research

the pace of market change is almost scary
Diffusion of Technology into US Households

SOURCES: U.S. Bureau of the Census (1970 and various years); Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (1996); The World Almanac and Book of Facts (1997).

4/ GE Global Research

the technology adoption lifecycle
(Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm)

early market

the chasm

the tornado


late market

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adoption lifecycle accelerated
e.g., VCR (1980 – today) e.g., telephone (1910 – today)

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7/ GE Global Research

simulating the early market…questions
> how many products can I launch simultaneously? > how will existing operations be impacted by a new product? > how might the manufacturing process look?

key stakeholders >

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early market tools
• modify resource plans to meet product launch dates • identify impact of key technical risks • coordinate efforts in cross-functional teams

• assess viability of marketing plan ($$ allocation) • manage resource (people, equipment) interdependencies • project revenue stream under different scenarios

• design pilot production facilities • analyze supply chain alternatives • project throughput from conceptual design of factories

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simulating near the “chasm”…questions
> do my suppliers have enough capacity? > can I produce orders if the market takes off? > can I distribute products when the orders come in?

key stakeholders >

10 / GE Global Research

tools for jumping the chasm
• run scenarios on different market segments • assess impact of targeting options on sales force • anticipate risk of stretching resources too thin

• design supply chain • design factories • assess stress on resources due to poor market targeting

• design order fulfillment workflow systems

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simulating in the tornado…questions
> how can I improve my workflow? > do I have enough cash to support runaway orders? > do we have a sufficiently large sales force?

key stakeholders >

12 / GE Global Research

tools for managing the tornado
• identify throughput increase opportunities • assess staffing plan • collaborate with suppliers to increase capacity

• identify workflow deficiencies and opportunities • assess sales force effectiveness programs and incentives • support financial projections (revenue and cost increases)

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simulating the mid-market…questions
> am I doing things most efficiently? > can I improve product or service quality? > are there other sources of revenue for this product?

key stakeholders >

14 / GE Global Research

tools for mid-market navigation
• • • • design product line upgrades for new market segments assess impact of quality improvement alternatives design spare parts production facilities find cost takeout opportunities

• design service offerings • perform risk analysis on long term service agreements

15 / GE Global Research

simulating the late market…questions
> how can I change the product to improve margins? > can I expand my service and spare parts business? > should I divest myself of this product line?

key stakeholders >

16 / GE Global Research

tools for riding the late market
• • • • improve productivity (more with less) assess product redesign costs analyze product line consolidation alternatives perform due diligence for acquisition/divestiture

• improve productivity in services (more with less) • assess service upgrades, cost and revenue implications

17 / GE Global Research

back to superman
our role as systems innovators… > know the product (service) lifecycle better than anyone in our organizations > use simulation tools to be persuasive – know what the key issues are – address those issues visually and through data > act and speak with confidence (“do you believe?”)

18 / GE Global Research

learn from Marc Antony

“…for Brutus is an honourable man”
19 / GE Global Research

persuasion, an example… capacity entitlement at GE Solar
{notional data}


percent of current raw material input
20 / GE Global Research

four things to remember…

1. our time has arrived

2. there is no shortage of opportunity

3. don’t just talk, be persuasive

4. be confident, you have earned it
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