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Course Overview:
This comprehensive course combines informative lectures and discussions with relevant activities and
labs so that you can administer WebSphere Portal.This course is designed for users who are new to
developing applications for IBM WebSphere Portal Server . It describes the fundamentals of designing
and creating portlets and how to put the new features to use including managed pages.

In addition, you have the opportunity to apply best coding practices throughout the course, developing
robust portlet applications and portal themes by using Dojo, asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax),
and client-side aggregation. This course makes extensive use of Rational Application Developer to
develop and test JSR (Java Portlet Specification) 286-compliant portlets.

Course Content:
     Overview of IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0
     Working with portlet concepts
     Performing basic tasks
     Creating, deploying, and testing a portlet
     Working with the core API
     Working with core portlet objects

     Using tag libraries
     Using tag libraries in portlet applications
     Processing portlet input
     Processing client input requests
     Customizing portlet behavior
     Customizing portlet behavior
     Working with client-side aggregation

     Interactive portlets
     Developing and testing interactive portlets
     Introduction to JavaServer Faces (JSF)
     Creating a JSF portlet application
     iWidget development
     Developing an iWidget
     Serving resources
     Creating a resource serving portlet

     Using Dojo and Ajax in portal development
     Using Dojo in a portlet application
     Overview of portlet services
     Creating a custom portlet service
     Working with portlet services
     Using a standard portlet service

     Building portlet filters
     Developing and testing a portlet filter

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    Implementing personalization
    Developing and testing components by using personalization
    Creating a portal brand
    Creating a portal brand
    Creating multichannel Portal applications
    Creating a multichannel Portal application

Developing WebSites Using IBM Web Content Manager

    Getting started
    Building a web page
    Creating your core web content items
    Creating pages and page templates
    Content acquisition
    Adding navigational components to your website
    Adding rule-based content
    Custom authoring features
    Change management
    Item management
    User access and security

IBM WebSphere Portal : Administration

    Deploying Portlets
    Portal Security Management
    Wikis and Blogs
    Tagging and Rating
    Personalization Attribute-based Administration
    Virtual Portlets and Realms
    Feed Syndication
    Mashup Integration
    Portal Search
    Other Miscellaneous Administrative Portlets
    Usage/Site Analytics
    Theme Architecture (Branding)
    Creating a Cell
    Federating a Portal Node into a Cell
    Portal Security
    XML Access
    Production Topologies
    Portal Clusters
    Staging to Production
    Production Procedures

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