script by babbian


									Scene 1
The stage is clear except for some big rocks in the middle. From out of nowhere comes a loud,
biblical-type voice…
Narrator: In the beginning…there was a rock. In fact there were a lot of rocks! And like all
            rocks, these rocks had to be moved…
4 Cave people enter or are spotlighted and begin trying to move the rocks in an assembly-line
Cave Person #1: (picks up rock and makes a sound as though it is very heavy) Oo!
Cave Person #2: (as he gets the rock) Muh!
Cave Person #3: (as he gets the rock) Chuk!
Cave Person #4: (as he drops the rock on his toe) Uh!
Repeat 3 times with increasing frustration.


Cave Person #1: (exasperated) There’s got to be an easier way to this!
Cave Person#2: Why don’t we just roll it? (Cave people look at the audience…pause…show
                “dawn of enlightenment” expression on face)
Narrator: And the rest…is history! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the history of the
          music we call…Rock and Roll!

“We Put the Rock (Into the Rock and Roll)”

Scene 2
A Wolfman Jack-type disc jockey introduces the next act in his flamboyant way.
Announcer: Hellooooooo, teens and teenyboppers, boys and bobby soxers! Welcome to
            the R-O-C-K, Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll radio! Here we play the hits from
            Berry to Jerry, from Chubby to Buddy, from Elvis to Pelvis! Oo! Ladies and
            Gentlemen, up next from Memphis, with love, the one, the only…the King of
            Rock and Roll!!

“I’m the King”

Scene 3
Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello-types are the hosts for this scene dedicated to the
beach-style of The Beach Boys.
Annette: (dreamily) Oh, Frankie, remember the night we first met?
Frankie: (eagerly) Sure, Annette. We were at eh beach listening to the King of Rock and
Annette:   Gee, Frankie, let’s go back down to the beach and rekindle that feeling!
Frankie:   Sure, Annette, let’s get my surf board, load up the woody and hit the beach!
Annette:   Oh, Frankie! You’re the best!
Frankie:   (full of himself) I know!

“Hot Summer Nights/Let’s Surf”

Scene 4
Announcer: (from off stage) Ladies and gentlemen, live from New York City, it’s the Ed
              Sullivan Show!
Applause sign
Ed Sullivan: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we have a really big show
              (pronounced “shoo”) for you. What we all have been waiting for…making their
              first ever appearance on American television…direct from England, please
              welcome to our sage, the one and only…The Beatles!
Fans start screaming even before The Beatles enter. When the do enter and start to
“perform”, there is so much screaming that The Beatles simply mime their song as if nobody
can hear them. They stop singing.
Ed Sullivan: (to the fans) We certainly are glad that you liked this show, and now so that
               we can actually hear the singing, we’ll turn off the studio microphones and
               try this one more time. Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!!!!
The fans are seen screaming in silence as the Beatles do their number.

“We Never Cut Our Hair”

Scene 5
Norman and Wilma, extremely up-tight parents at Woodstock, introduce this scene. They are
looking in shock at some of the attendees, who are caricatures of Flower Children with
psychedelic hair, bell-bottom pants, medallions and peace symbols, etc. The couple speaks in
shocked voices (Midwestern, Scandinavian accents) as they watch the interaction between the
hippies and Flower Children (ad lib—“far out”…”peace baby”…etc.)
Wilma: Norman! Norman!...Look at that one over there! He’s got hair down to his waist!
Norman: Yah, he does, Wilma! Is it a boy or a girl?...Wilma, a boy or a girl?
Wilma: Yah, well, I can’t really tell, Norman. Must be a hippy…yah, that’s right…a hippy!
Norman: Yah…or worse!
Wilma: Yah…you betcha, Norman! Maybe he’s one of those Flower Children I’ve been
         reading about in the newspapers!
Norman: Yah! Or a radical!...I think he’s probably a radical!
Wilma: A radical!!?!
Both: (after a pause) Yah!
Nerdy boy walks up to them. He has short hair, saddle shoes, a bow tie. He is a throwback to
the 1950s He doesn’t seem to fit in the Woodstock clientele.

“I’m Calling My Mother”

The Nerd, Wilma, and Norma want to leave buy one of the Flower Children approaches them
and explains what is really going on here.
Wilma: Look out , Norman! One of them is coming over here!
Norman: Yah, he sure is! Be careful, he might be “on” something!
Norman, Wilma, and Nerd: Yah!


Hippy: Hey man! Don’t you see what’s really happening here? There’s just a bunch of
        people saying, “Love is a good thing!”, “Brotherhood is cool”, “Let’s work together”.
        (He hands flowers to the trio.) All they are saying is, “give peace a chance”.
Nerd: Give peace a chance? Sounds like a great idea!
All Hippies: (looking at audience) Yah!


Scene 6
This scene is set at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, coming to you live from the Apollo Theater in Harlem,
               New York, the one and only…Godfather of Soul!
An extremely energetic performer enters to applause
Godfather of Soul: Huh! I feel good!
Announcer: Tell us, how does it feel to be on the same stage as great performers like The
               Spinners, The Persuasions, and The Supremes?
Godfather of Soul: Huh! I feel good!
Announcer: And how does it feel to be one of the leading figures in the development of
               Soul music in this country?
Godfather of Soul: Huh! I feel good!
Announcer: Tell us, how does it feel to be performing Live at the Apollo Theater in New
               York City?
Godfather of Soul: (He stops and looks at the audience) New York City???? (after a pause he
                       smiles and repeats) Huh! I feel good!

“It’s in My Soul”
Scene 7

(A steady pounding drum beat is heard. Two people are trying to hear each other over the
pounding beat. They are shouting.)
1st Person: What’s that sound?
2nd Person: What?
1: I said, what’s that sound? Is there a marching band rehearsing in there?
2: No, it’s just a disco!
1: A what?
2: A disco!
1: A what?
2: A D-I-S-C-O!!
A John Travolta Saturday Night Fever character slides in, in a white leisure suit pointing at
the ceiling. He is very slick and is encouraging everyone to get up and dance.


Scene 8
The cave people re-emerge, scratching their heads in wonderment.
Cave Person #1: What was all that sound? And who were all those people?
Cave Person #2: Those were your relatives, and that was Rock and Roll!
Hippy 1 & 2 and Kids enter
Hippy #1: (to the cave person) Hey, dudes, love your threads! Did you dig our Heavy
Cave Person #3: Metal?
Hippy #2: Or is Rap music more your style?
Caver Person #4: Rap?
Retro-Pop Kid: I’ll be you love Retro-Pop!
Country Kid: Country Rock?
R&B Kid: Rhythm and Blues?
Grunge Kid: Grunge Rock?
All Cave People: Ugh!
Cave Woman: I’m more of a…Rolling Stones fan myself! (drum lick)
All Kids: (like before, a la Scandinavian) Yah!
Cave People: What in the world have we started?
Hippy #1: Hey, everybody! Long live Rock and Roll!!
All: Long live Rock and Roll!

“Reprise: We Put the Rock (Into Rock and Roll)

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