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					Seattle Department of Transportation Streetside Garden Plant List

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Highlighted = drought tolerant Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) reccomends the plants below for gardens within the street right-of-way, including traffic circles, curb bulbs, medians, and planting strips. These plants are suggestions only. Plants must remain low (24" high) in traffic calming devices within 30 ft of an intersection. Prune trees to provide visibility of pedestrians, signs and oncoming traffic. Rocks and wood or metal posts are NOT allowed in traffic calming devices. TREES Amelanchier species Betula utilis var. Jacquemontii Cornus ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’ Crataegus crusgalli var. inermis Fraxinus americana ‘Empire’ Gingko biloba Koelreuteria paniculata Magnolia species Malus ‘Adirondack’ Pyrus 'Capital' Quercus rubra Quercus phellos Sorbus aria SHRUBS Berberis thunbergii ‘Kobold’ Common Name Description Size (H x W) 10 to 30 x 6 feet 60 x 30 feet 20 x 15 feet 15 to 25 x 30 feet 35 x 25 feet 100 x 25 feet 30 x 30 feet 18 x 10 feet 40 x 25 feet 80 x 70 feet 75 x 72 feet 35 x 25 feet Size (H x W) 16” x 24” 4-24” x 30” 2-3 feet x 4 feet 8” x 22” 3 feet x 2 feet 12” x 2-3 feet 3 feet x 4 feet* 3 feet x 3 feet 2 feet x 2 feet 12-18” x 3-4 feet Size (H x W) 6" x 20" Updated 12/05

Deciduous, white flowers, fall color Serviceberry Deciduous, white bark Himalayan Birch Deciduous, greenish-white flowers Dogwood Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn Deciduous, white flowers, orange to scarlet fruit Deciduous, good fall color Empire Ash Deciduous, fan shaped leaves, fall color Maidenhair Tree Deciduous, yellow flowers, brown fruits Golden-rain Tree Contact SDOT Urban Forestry for acceptable types Various species Deciduous, white flowers, red fruit, disease resistant Adirondack Crabapple Deciduous, white flowers, fall color Flowering Pear Deciduous, yellow to red brown fall color Red Oak Deciduous, narrow lvs, yellow fall color Willow Oak Deciduous, soft green lvs, white flowers Whitebeam Description Common Name Kobold Green Barberry Deciduous, compact, bright green leaves Evergreen, green to gray foliage, flowersshrubpurple, pink, or white Small silver leafed evergreen mounding red, Needs full sun, drainage Evergreen, flowers are purple, pink, or white Evergreen, compact, dark green leaves Deciduous, slow growth, yellow flowers Evergreen, gray-green foliage, purple flowers Evergreen, slow growth, dense mound Evergreen, compact, purplish-blue flowers Evergreen, vigorous, low growing, deep lavender-blue flowers Description Evergreen, gray-green foliage, yellow flowers

Berberis thunbergii ‘Golden Nugget' Calluna vulgaris Heather Convolvulus cneorum Erica carnea Euonymus japonicus ‘Microphyllus’ Forsythia viridissima ‘Bronxensis’ Lavandula species Prunus laurocerasus ‘Mount Vernon’ Rhododendron impeditum Rosmarinus officianalis prostrata PERENNIALS Bush Morning Glory Heath Box-leaf Euonymous Forsythia Lavender Mount Vernon Laurel Rhododendron Creeping Rosemary Common Name

Alyssum montanum 'Mountain Gold' Mountain Gold Alyssum

*Select varieties maturing at less than 24" tall for traffic circles. Highlighted = drought tolerant

Seattle Department of Transportation Streetside Garden Plant List
Anthemis biebersteiniana Aquilegia species -low ones only Arabis species Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’ Aster species Bergenia species Berlandiera lyrata Blechnum spicant Campanula species low one only Coreopsis species Crocosmia ‘Kathleen’ Dianthus species Eriogonum umbellatum Festuca glauca Geranium sanguineum Helianthemum species Hemerocallis species (dwarf) Heuchera species Kniphofia ‘Little Maid’ Leucanthemum ‘Silver Princess’ Dwarf Marguerite Daisy Columbine Rock Cress Silver Mound Artemisia Aster Pigsqueak Chocolate flower Deer Fern Bellflower Coreopsis Crocosmia Pinks Sulfur Buckwheat Blue Fescue Bloody Cranesbill Sun Rose Dayliliy Coral Bells Red-hot Poker Dwarf Shasta Daisy Yellow flower Blue-green leaves, flower color varies Evergreen, clusters of white, pink, or purple flowers

Liz Ellis (206) 684-5008

12" tall 1-4 feet x 2 feet* 2-6” x 3-16”* 12” x 12-18” 1-4 feet x 3 feet* 1-2 feet x 18-24”* 15" x 18" 1-3 feet x 3 feet 3 feet x 2 feet* 8-18” x 2 feet* 3 feet tall* 4-36” x 24”* 24" x 18" 12” x 10” 8” x 12” 6-8” x 3 feet 30-48” x 2-3 feet* 12-36” x 24”* 24” x 18” 12-15” tall* 24” 1-3 feet x 1-3 feet* 2-4 feet x 4 feet 1-6” x 18”* 2-8” x 8”* 18 inches tall* Size (H x W) Variable* 8” x 18”* 2” x 12”* 2 feet tall 1-2 feet tall 18-24” Size (H x W) Updated 12/05

Evergreen, silvery white leaves Daisy-like flowers are white, pink, blue, or purple Evergreen, glossy foliage, red or purple flowers Deciduous, yellow flowers with maroon centers smell like chocolate Evergreen, dark green leaves Bell-shaped flowers, flower color varies Daisy-like pink or yellow flowers, attracts bees Deciduous, scarlet to orange flowers Evergreen, grass-like leaves, flower color varies Evergreen, yellow pom flowers rise above leaf rosettes Evergreen, dense, blue-green foliage Profuse cup-shaped deep magenta-pink flowers Evergreen, flower color varies Evergreen or deciduous, arching, sword-shaped leaves Evergreen, heart-shaped leaves, attracts hummingbirds Grass-like leaves, pale yellow flowers Coarse, leathery leaves, white flowers (Leucanthemum x superbum) Fragrant, pale-pink flowers Evergreen or deciduous, bell-shaped flowers, color varies Evergreen, narrow, leathery, dark green leaves Evergreen or deciduous, flower color varies Evergreen or deciduous, flower color varies Evergreen, long pointy leaves come from a central base Description Compact or loose clusters of white, pink, or violet flowers Lots of varieties, cup-shaped flowers Grass-like leaves, spring and fall blooming types Evergreen, vigorous, glossy leaves, flower color varies Blue-purple flowers Lots of varieties Description

Lilium low growing hybrids Miss America Oriental Lily Penstemon species low ones only Beard Tongue Polystichum munitum Sword Fern Sedum species low ones only Stonecrop Viola Violet Yucca baccata 'Gold Sword' or 'Silver Sword' Banana Yucca Dwf BULBS, CORMS, etc. Allium species Anemone species Crocus species Iris douglasiana Iris setosa Narcissus species GROUND COVER Common Name Ornamental Allium Windflower Crocus Iris Iris Daffodil Common Name

*Select varieties maturing at less than 24" tall for traffic circles. Highlighted = drought tolerant

Seattle Department of Transportation Streetside Garden Plant List
Ajuga Arctosaphylos uva-ursi Epimedium species Fragaria chiloensis Genista pilosa Juniperus horizontalis Helianthemum species Liriope spicata Mahonia nervosa Sempervivum Thymus lanuginosus Bugleweed Kinnikinnick Barrenwort Beach Strawberry Silky Leaf Woodwaxen Creeping Juniper Sunrose Lily Turf Low Oregon Grape Hens and Chicks Woolly Thyme

Liz Ellis (206) 684-5008

Evergreen, spreading, deep blue-purple flowers Evergreen, small dark green leaves pink-tinted flowers, red fruits Evergreen or deciduous, flower color varies Evergreen, glossy, dark green leaves, white flowers, red fruits Deciduous, dark green leaves, bright yellow flowers Evergreen, gray-green leaves, dark blue fruits Evergreen/Perennial, gray-green lvs hardy 'Wisely Pink'to white Semi-evergreen, grassy, dark green leaves, pale violet or 'Cheviot' flowers Evergreen, yellow flowers, blue-black fruits Evergreen, succulent, rosettes of thick, pointed leaves Evergreen, woolly gray leaves, pink flowers

6” x 36”* 4” x 20” 6-12” x 2 feet* 4-8” x indefinite 16” x 3 feet 12” x indefinite 8" x 18" 10” x 18” 18” x 3 feet 3” x 2 feet* 2-3” x 3 feet

*Select varieties maturing at less than 24" tall for traffic circles. Highlighted = drought tolerant

Updated 12/05

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