TechQuest- PC Trouble Shooting by babbian


									                                  PC Trouble Shooting

   1. What is the first thing you should do when troubleshooting a computer? The first
      thing you need to do is to check the cables. First you check the power cables and
      make sure it has a good power source. Unplug the power source from the back of
      the computer and plug it back in to make sure power is getting to it. Then check
      the outlet that the power cable is hooked up to. If you are having an internet
      connection problem then you need to check the network plugs. If you have an
      indication light that tells you if everything is working properly and it is not on you
      might want to try a different cable to hook up to your computer and wall jack.
      Next you need to check the monitor cords. Other cords that might need to be
      checked are USB cords for your mouse, keyboard, or digital camera. Once all
      these cords are checked your problem should be solved if one of the cords was

   2. How do you access the task manager? There are a couple different ways to access
      task manager. The first is to press CTRL+ ALT+DELETE, then click task master.
      The second is to press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. And the third is to right click an
      empty space on the task bar and click task manager.

   3. How do you stop a program with the task manager? Once you are in task manager
      you click on the applications tab. Then if you want to stop or quit the program
      click on it and then hit the end program button.

   4. What is the last resort for shutting down a computer? The last resort for shutting
      down a computer is first to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Then this will show you
      the windows task manager. With the left mouse button click on the menu item
      that is labeled ‘shut down’. Next, hold down the CTRL key and with the left
      mouse button click turn off.

   5. How do you check to see how much free space you have on your hard-drive?
      Open up My Computer and place the mouse over the drive you want to check.
      After a minute or two a window should pop up. This will give you the basic
      information on your free space and occupied space. If you want more information
      about your free space right click on the drive and go to properties.

   6. How do you defrag a hard-drive? There are three different methods to defrag a
      hard drive. The first one is to use the properties on your local disk. First open My
      Computer and right click the local disk volume that you want to defrag and then
      click properties. Then you click on the Tools tab and click defragment now. The
      last step is to simply click on defragment. The second method you can use is to
      use computer management MMC. You start with computer management MMC
      and click on disk defragmenter. Then click on the volume you want to defragment
      and defrag. The third method is use the disk defragmenter MMC. You start with
      the Disk Defragmenter MMC and choose the volume you want to defrag.

Lauren Davis EDTD 3011
   7. How do you set a default printer? You first go to Windows XP, click start, and
      then click Printers and Faxes. Then you right click the icon for the printer you
      want to use as the default printer, and then click Set as the Default Printer on the
      shortcut menu.

   8.    How do you select a printer? First you go to the file menu and select print. In the
        name box you want to insert the printer you want to use. If you can not find your
        printer you want to use you can use the find printer button and add it to the list.
        Once you have found the printer you want, select it and add it to the printer’s
        folder on you computer.

   9. How do you cancel a print job? The first step is to go into the Printers and Faxes
      folder. Then you double click on the printer that you are using to open its queue.
      Then you must right click the document you want to cancel and click on cancel.

   10. How do you install software? To install software you must first go into the control
       panel and double click add/remove programs. Then you must locate the
       Install/Uninstall tab and click install. Insert the CD-ROM you want to install. A
       menu will pop up and then you must click next. Verify the set up program to be
       run, or click Browse to locate the setup program. Once you click next to continue
       the program will run.

   11. How do you remove software? Removing software is similar to installing it. You
       go to the control panel and double click add/remove programs. Locate the
       install/uninstall button and click on the program you want to uninstall and then
       click remove.

Lauren Davis EDTD 3011

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