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International SHORT VISIT/ FELLOWSHIP Evaluation Report
Personal Data - in confidence

     Please complete the report in layman’s terms
                                                                                              23 Augusr2--6
     Please use font size 10
     Please do not exceed six pages of this report form
     Failure to submit a complete report may jeopardise future applications for support from the Royal Society.

1       Collaborative partner’s country:                       Germany

2       Please tick the type of programme undertaken:
        Study Visit to the UK (1 week to 3 months)                                                           
        Study Visit from the UK (1 week to 3 months)                                                         x
        Postdoctoral Fellowship to the UK (6 months to 36 months)                     
        Postdoctoral Fellowship from the UK (6 months to 36 months)           

        Visit/research dates:                  From       14/08/2006           to     22/8/06

3       Name, title, home institution, address and                            4       Name, title, home institution, address and
        email address of the UK scientist                                             email address of the Overseas scientist

    Eric Goodyer                                                                    Prof Markus Hess
    Principl Lecturer                                                               Department of Phoniatrics & Logopedics
    Department Of Computer Sciience & Engineering                                   Universitat Klinic Eppendorf
    Gateway 5.11                                                                    Martinstrasse
    DeMontfort University                                                           Hamburg
    LE1 9BH

5 Title of Research:

    Investigation of the relationship between the bio-mechanical properties of the human vocal fold and the direction of applied

6       Brief outline of objectives of research

    Scarring of the human vocal fold can result in total loss of, or disordered voice. Various teams in Europe and the US, with whom we
    are in contact, are developing a range of tissue engineering techniques to repair damaged voca fold tissue. Our interest is to quantify
    the elastic behaviour of healthy tissue, to provide a benchmark against which these techniques can be objectively assessed.
    To date it has been assumed that the elastic behaviour of the vocal fold is not dependant upon the direction of applied stress, but our
    research indicates that that this is not correct. This study is an initial attempt to quantify the difference in elasticity with respect to
    direction. These results will impact on other teams developing intending to use scaffolds as a substrate for the application of growth

The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG                                               1of 6
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email                                                  Registered Charity No 207043
7     Achievements/findings as a direct result of the award

    Please type up to 25 lines only

    Please give details of further collaboration.

    We will continue to collaborate for the foreseeable future. DeMontfort will be responsible for the design and deployment of novel
    instrumentation to measure tissue properties, and UKE will provide access to excised tissue and volunteer patients. We will continue
    with our programme to map the variation of tissue properties with respect to anatomical position, and to develop new techniques to
    quantify tissue properties in vivo.

    Please give details of further applications for funding.

    UKE have applyied for project support to the Werner Otto Charitable Trust, and will apply to the German DFG.
    DMU will apply to the EPSRC and Wellcome Trust
    DMU have reached the short-list for funding under the Paul Instrument Fund and await a final result. The new instrumentation will be
    deployed as part of this project (a new in-vivo tensiometer with 100Hz motorised actuation)
    DMU & UKE will be applying to the Royal Society under the International Joint Project scheme

    Eric Goodyer is a named consultant to a 5-year programme based at Wisconsin University Hospital, investigating tissue engineering.
    The results from this study will be the basis for an application for support of a related collaborative project to review the implications
    of the UKE findings for the US team.

8       Details of specific research outputs - papers published, conference presentations, others:

    The results will be presented to AQL 2006 inGroningen this October
    A journal paper will be submitted to the European Archives of OtoRhinoLaryngology

    The key finding is that the stiffness of the vocal fold is highly dependent upon direction of applied stress. This
    was determined by taking a series of measurements from excised human donor larynxes using a Linear Skin
    Rheometer (LSR). The LSR applies a linear force to tissue and determines the resultant strain. In total 3 larynxes
    were tested during the visit, and all 6 vocal folds showed that the stiffness in the transverse direction is far lower
    than the longitudinal direction (i.e. vocal process to anterior commisure). This is very significant for other teams
    involved in developing mathematical models for phonation and tissue engineering therapies.

    To date all published data assumes that the tissue is isotropic. This effects both the mathematical models and how
    scaffold for growth factors are constructed. If the tissue is anisotropic then the mathematical models will have to
    be adjusted to take account of the lower stiffness value in the transverse direction (i.e. the actual direction of the
    mucosal wave).

   The issue for tissue engineering is more complex, as the anisotropic nature could be due to way the vocal fold
   tissue is attached to underlying layers, as opposed to being a fundamental property of the tissue. It is our
   intention to continue our joint study in order to answer this unknown. This will require DMU to develop new
   apparatus to measure the elastic modulus of the lamina propria (i.e. a piece of tissue typically 6mm x 4mm by 1
   mm thick). UKE will undertake a series of studies using excised whole larynxes, carefully removing layers of
The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG                            2 of 6
   tissue to determine in what layer or structure the anisotropic behaviour arises.
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email                                                 Registered Charity No 207043
9      Overall, how has the work undertaken contributed to a better understanding of your
       field of research and what were the benefits to you personally and to UK science in general?

    Please include details of specific benefits the visit brought you and your collaborating scientist.
    I was enabled to meet a new member of the team Dr Katharina Licht, and enabled to take measuremetns from a volunteer
    patient. I also met a patient who had been given hyaluronic acid implant therapy; from which I was able to better
    understand how the procedure is carried out.
    All of the UKE team were able to gain a better comprehension of how the electro-mechnical apparatus works. They are now
    better able to feed back reccomendations for enhancemetns of the design.

    For incoming fellowships only: Did the visitor return to their home country immediately at the end of the fellowship? If not, where
    is his/her next destination?

    For Fellowships only: Please write a brief summary (200 words maximum) about your research. Please write for a lay audience,
    suitable for non-specialist readership. These summaries may be used on our website.

10     Confidentiality
       Some of the information contained in this report and its attachments may be communicated to outside parties and on our website.
       Please identify any sections which cannot be communicated and give your reasons for this.


Personal data on this form will be held and processed on the Society’s computer. A summary of the Society’s data protection
policy, including the rights of subjects on which data are held, is obtainable from the Society (ref: DPSA/JHS).

The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG                                         3 of 6
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email                                             Registered Charity No 207043
Financial Report
   This section of the report MUST be completed.

1        Amount awarded: £ 750

2        Total Expenditure: £                                  All unspent monies must be returned to the Royal Society

3        Please give a breakdown of expenditure where appropriate.

           Item                                                           Amount (£)

           International Travel                                           140

           Local Travel                                                   231

           Subsistence and Accommodation                                  801

           Research expenses (Some Fellowships only)

4        What other sources of funding did you receive for this visit? Please state any additional funding provided, including
         personal funds.

           Please type up to 3 lines only
           I currently hold an EPSRC ward to work with Wisconsin University and Karolinska Institute in Stcokholm. The additional costs will be
           paid from this award.

5        Please give reasons for why the total expenditure has exceeded or fallen short of the total sum awarded?

           Please type up to 3 lines only

6           The marginal overspend Is mainly due to funding for car exchange, please a weekly train pass. The
       If this was not your first attempt to obtain use of a hire thisas opposed to usingstate below the other difference being about £170.
            This was done to you made unsuccessful of my time, as
         agencies to which maximise the effective useapplications. the journey would have required 1 train and a bus journey. I applied at
            the maximum Royal Society rate allowed for subsistence and accomodation, hotels are not cheep in this area.

                          “I confirm that the information provided is an accurate record of the grant expenditure”

         Signature of UK host ___Eric Goodyer                                                                Date___26 Augist 2006

The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG                                              4 of 6
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email                                                  Registered Charity No 207043
International Section Grant Questionnaire

We would be grateful if you could spare the time to fill in this questionnaire to help our monitoring efforts. Please feel free to
add comments in the space provided.

 1 Please assess on the quality of service provided by the Royal Society in administering the visit

 Efficiency of administration                                         (Excellent) X 5 4 3 2 1 (Very poor)

 Ability to handle queries                                            (Excellent) X 5 4 3 2 1 (Very poor)

 Speed of application processing                                      (Excellent) 5 X 4 3 2 1 (Very poor)

 Quality of feedback                                                 (Excellent) 5 4 3 2 1 (Very poor)

 Provision of ongoing support                                        (Excellent) 5 4 3 2 1 (Very poor)

 2 Please describe the original purpose of the visit

 Exchange of ideas/techniques                                  (Strongly agree) 5 4 3 2 1 (Strongly disagree)

 Access to sites/populations/samples                           (Strongly agree) 5 4 3 2 1 (Strongly disagree)

 Access to equipment                                           (Strongly agree) 5 4 3 2 1 (Strongly disagree)

 Preparation of papers/publications (list)                     (Strongly agree) 5 4 3 2 1 (Strongly disagree)

 Development of patent/product                                 (Strongly agree) 5 4 3 2 1 (Strongly disagree)

 Preparation of joint funding application                      (Strongly agree) 5 4 3 2 1 (Strongly disagree)

 3 What would you say were the benefits of this particular scheme?
 Enabling a long term visit to my research partners. Enabling me to participate in a range of activities as they arose.

 4 What would you say were the negatives of this particular scheme?
 Please type up to 5 lines only
 Unrealistic hotel and subsistence rates for a major European City. Otherwise it is a very good scheme. However my other major
 partners are based in the USA, and you have no scheme that would support such a visit.

The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG                                         5 of 6
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email                                             Registered Charity No 207043
    5 Please assess the initial impact of the visit

    Helped completion of ongoing project                               (Major impact) x5 4 3 2 1 (No impact)
    Resulted joint papers/publications (list)
    We will issue an interim paper announcing the                      (Major impact) x5 4 3 2 1 (No impact)
    findings, and presnent then to AQL 2006.
    Further funding applications (please detail)
                                                                       (Major impact) 5 x4 3 2 1 (No impact)
    Werner Otto trust and to the Royal Society
    Introduction to other overseas groups
    UKE have links with the Czech republic which we                    (Major impact) 5 4 3 2 1 (No impact)
    will follow up
    Development of new techniques/products                             (Major impact) 5 x4 3 2 1 (No impact)

    6 Please assess the ongoing impact of the visit
    Very valuable. We will extend the partnership to explore new areas.

    New collaboration with other groups                                (Major impact) 5 4 3 x2 1 (No impact)
    Papers/publications (please list)
    As abive – we will publish more results as they                    (Major impact) x5 4 3 2 1 (No impact)
    Further funding applications (please detail)
    We are building a Europena Partnership for FP7                     (Major impact) 5 x4 3 2 1 (No impact)
    Development of initial collaboration                               (Major impact) 5 x4 3 2 1 (No impact)

    Development of new techniques/products                             (Major impact) x5 4 3 2 1 (No impact)

    Application of technique to industry                               (Major impact) 5 4 x3 2 1 (No impact)

7       Where did you hear about the grant programme?

         Research Fortnight                 Nature          New Scientist              Other publication (please specify)
         Publicity sheet                   x Web             Word of mouth               Other (please specify)
         An event                           Partner Organisation (please specify)

8       Please comment on the performance of other organisations that were involved in this visit

    Please type up to 8 lines only

    One member of staff was made available full time. Another made herself available whenever freed from clincial duties. Prof Hess was
    available at all time (subject to clinical duties). A room and facilties were made available. I cannot fault their preparation and support.

9       Additional Comments

    Please type up to 8 lines only
    A very valuable visit. We produced some good results, and now need funds to move on.

The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG                                             6 of 6
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email                                                 Registered Charity No 207043
Please log onto the eGAP system and upload this report as a pdf file.
                                                                                      Many thanks

The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG      7 of 6
tel +44 (020) 7451 2500 fax +44 (020) 7925 2620
email          Registered Charity No 207043

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