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									          November #22

     Skiing in Korea
Hidden Girls of Korea
    Tattoos and Tarot
Thanksgiving Day
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                                                                                                                   Photo on opposite page by Joseph Bengivenni            Above photos by Jordi Sanchez Teruel

    Buseoksa                                                      Written by Joseph Bengivenni                     who stand before most temple complexes in
                                                                                                                   Korea. Once through, you are in the complex.
                                                                                                                   In Buseoksa, you are immediately confronted by
                                                                                                                   an impressive and massive two storey pavilion that
                                                                                                                                                                          was distraught. Running out to the pier after
                                                                                                                                                                          his ship, she threw herself into the waters and
                                                                                                                                                                          became a dragon, protecting UiSang’s ship on his
                                                                                                                                                                          return to the peninsula. Later, when UiSang was
      On the northern edge of Gyeongsangbuk-do,         I followed a small side road and admired the
                                                                                                                   houses the temple’s drum. The wooden dragon-           threatened by a group of locals while building
    past the ginseng fields of Punggi, just south of    cherry blossoms, then returned on my way
                                                                                                                   headed fish, carved from a log, hung beside            his temple, SeonMyo flew into the sky with a
    the middle of nowhere, sits Buseoksa, Temple        to the temple.
                                                                                                                   the drum, the belly hollowed out to be used as         large boulder to protect UiSang. In the 17th
    of the Floating Stone. No matter where you’re
                                                                                                                   a percussion. The grounds are surrounded by a          century, it was documented in the official text of
    traveling from, it’s far away, hence its appeal.      Buseoksa dates back to 676 CE (1220 BE –
                                                                                                                   short, horse-shoe slope that wrapped the temple        the Joseon Dynasty that a string could be pulled
    The path to the temple is surrounded by terraced    Buddhist Era) and was founded by Venerable
                                                                                                                   with the first buds of spring. Muryangsujeon, the      beneath the entire length of the stone, proving
    gardens and orchards, and lined with cherry         UiSang. UiSang Daesa, along with his friend
                                                                                                                   main hall, remains one of Korea’s oldest wooden        that it is indeed floating.
    trees. As I made my journey up the hill toward      WonHyo Daesa, were the first truly influential
                                                                                                                   structures. Within, there lingers an air of clarity,
    the temple, the rain fell intermittently, but the   monks in Korean Zen history. Uisang Daesa
                                                                                                                   the scent of that which was never born, never            I followed a path up the slope, behind the
    dense mist creeping through the hills made it       studied the Mind Only and Buddha Nature
                                                                                                                   dies, and cannot be named.                             ridge, to a small hermitage, exactly the kind of
    worth the damp clothes and foggy camera lens.       teachings at Hwangbok temple in Gyeongju,
                                                                                                                                                                          place I’d love to live in, plant a garden, and practice
    The only sounds were the drips of condensation      during the reign of Silla’s SeonDeok YeoWang
                                                                                                                     Beside the main hall sits, or rather floats, the     meditation. The path continued further and
    falling from the branches and the distant chants    (Lady King). Eventually, he made his way to
                                                                                                                   stone that Buseoksa owes its name to. When             I discover two small shrines. The first was firmly
    of Mahayana’s Greatest Hits being played in         Tang Dynasty China to study the doctrine of
                                                                                                                   UiSang arrived in China, he was exhausted from         closed, but I was able to jar the doors of the second
    the temples sound system. From a distance, it       the Avatamsaka Sutra (Flower Garland Sutra),
                                                                                                                   the long trip across the sea. He was invited by        one open. Inside were three carved Buddhas,
    sounded less like a recording and the echoes of     which Buseoksa became a center of. He is also
                                                                                                                   a local Buddhist lay-family to stay in their home.     more impressive for their age than their overall
    the mokteok and sutras added to the environment.    known for doing away with social hierarchies
                                                                                                                   The daughter, SeonMyo, immediately fell deeply         aesthetic, but still interesting enough to me.
                                                        and indiscriminately gave positions to all classes
                                                                                                                   in love with UiSang. But, since he was a monk,         I was able to spend a few minutes alone before
      Like most country temples, the gate is still      of people within the Buddhist community.
                                                                                                                   who took his precepts seriously, he could not          finally being caught-up with by the first tour
    a ways from the rest of the complex, creating a
                                                                                                                   accept her love. She became his faithful disciple      group of the day. And that’s usually a good sign
    nice space between the temple, the car park and       Given the soggy and chilly weather, there were
                                                                                                                   and made a vow of eternal devotion to him as           that it’s time to go.
    everything before it. It’s a nice time to thumb     only a few other people visiting, which maintained
                                                                                                                   her mentor. When he attained Buddhahood in
    through my yeomju and whisper 108 Namo              the silent atmosphere. I climbed a short flight
                                                                                                                   China and returned to Silla, she followed. That’s
    Amitabuls, Gwan Sae Eum Bosals, or whichever        of stairs, passed beneath the first roof and greeted
                                                                                                                   history’s version of the story, but legend tells
    other Bodhisattva is with me at that moment.        the ubiquitous guardians of the four corners,
                                                                                                                   it differently. When he left China, SeonMyo

                                                                                                                   More insightful articles on Korean Buddhism
                                                                                                                   can be found by visiting the author’s blog,
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                                                                                                                                                                                    Die Torte(디 토르테)     몇 방울 떨어뜨린 초코
                                                                                                                                                                                    에서의 후식               시럽으로 접시가 장식되어
                                                                                                                                                                                    사실 나는 단 것을 그다지
                                                                                                                                                                                    좋아하는 편이 아니다.         첫번째 접시에 담긴
                                                                                                                                                                                    미국에서 나를 보러 온         타르트는 초코 바나나와
                                                                                                                                                                                    친구에게 근사한 한국          라스베리 타르트였다.
                                                                                                                                                                                    저녁을 대접하기로 했다.        우리는 분명 라스베리가
                                                                                                                                                                                    밥을 먹기 전에 삼덕          아닌 스트로베리, 즉 딸기맛
                                                                                                                                                                                    소방서에서 걷기 시작해         타르트를 주문했는데 그러나
                                                                                                                                                                                    홀리 그릴 레스토랑           라스베리가 토핑된 바나나향
                                                                                                                                                                                    가로질러 위치한 “타르트        커스타드와 같은 그 맛이
                                                                                                                                                                                    홍차 전문점 Die Torte(디   너무 기막혀 모든 것이
                                                                                                                                                                                    토르테)”부터 갔다. 그래서      용서될 지경이었다.
                                                                                                                                                                                    살짝 부담되었던 것이          다음은 케익위에 초코
                                                                                                                                                                                    사실이다.                무스가 올라간 초코 바나나
                                                                                                                                                                                    Die Torte (디 토르테)    타르트. 첫 한 입땐 그럭저럭
                                                                                                                                                                                    는 외관뿐 아니라 내부         괜찮았는데 두번 째
                                                                                                                                                                                    인테리어도 몹시 인상적인        맛봤을땐 초코맛이 강하다는
Written by Whitney Way Thore - Korean summary by Mina Jo                                                                                                                            곳이었다. 우리는 구석에        것을 알았다.
Photography by Whitney Way Thore and Annie Hong
                                                                                                                                                                                    자리를 잡고 앉아 일단 저녁      두 번째 접시에 담겨진 치즈
I have to admit that in the beginning,               desserts. The menu                                                                                                             메뉴는 포기하고 타르트         타르트. 겉보기는 심플해
I wasn’t very excited about visiting                 boasts an array of                                                                                                             리스트를 살펴보았다. 한        보였지만 그러나 그 맛은
Die Torte for dessert. Considering                   tarts, with options                                                                                                            사람당 하나씩이 아니라 두       내가 본 디저트 중 최고였다.
that I’m not a huge fan of sweets, I                 ranging from the                                                                                                               가지씩 제공된다는 사실에        살짝 느껴지는 레몬맛은
agreed to go with a bit of trepidation.              fruity (strawberry, mango, and                                                                                                 나는 몹시 기뻤다. 음료는       입안에서 사르르 녹을 정도.
Accompanying me was a visiting                       apple), to the expected (cheese,        We received our                             fun – topped with white chocolate          카페모카로 주문했다.
friend from the US. I had promised                   tiramisu, and choco-banana), to the                                                 flakes and green tea powder. The           딸기, 망고, 사과와 같은       마지막 녹차맛 타르트. 초코
                                                                                             desserts more quickly than I had
him a delicious Korean dinner late in                peculiar (green tea, sweet pumpkin,                                                 initial bite was a little misleading, as   과일맛부터 시작해서, 치즈,      후레이크와 녹차분말로
                                                                                             anticipated, and I was impressed by
the evening, but first, we followed the              and sweet potato). In an effort to                                                  it tasted semi-sweet, but soon gave        초코 바나나, 고구마 그리고      토핑한 모양새가 좀
                                                                                             the presentation. Both plates were
well-beaten path from the fire station               have a diverse sampling, we settled                                                 way to a sour aftertaste. Post cheese      녹차, 단호박, 고구마에        웃겼다. 달작지근하면서도
                                                                                             garnished with three kiwi slices, two
downtown to Die Torte, which is                      on strawberry, cheese, choco-banana,                                                tart, it certainly didn’t measure up.      이르기까지 부터 다양한         끝에 신맛이 나는 그
                                                                                             orange slices, and three teardrops
located across from a well-known                     and sweet potato. After being told                                                  One bite each of the green tea tart        종류의 타르트가 구비되어        맛이 좀 오묘했다. 앞서
                                                                                             of chocolate syrup. The first plate
restaurant among expats, the Holy                    that sweet potato was unavailable,                                                  was enough for us. In the end, the         있었다. 딸기, 치즈, 초코      치즈 타르트는 확실히
                                                                                             had a choco-banana and raspberry
Grill.                                               we asked for sweet pumpkin, but                                                     choco-banana was just too savory,          바나나 그리고 고구마맛         모자랐지만, 녹차 타르트는
                                                                                             tart. We had ordered strawberry,
                                                     that wasn’t in the cards, either. So,                                               the green tea was too… green               타르트로 결정했지만           우리에겐 그저 한입 맛 보는
The exterior of Die Torte is visually                                                        but all was forgiven because it
                                                     our final choice was the old Korean                                                 tea-ish, while the raspberry was a         고구마는 제공되지            것만으로도 충분했다.
impressive, with two visible floors                                                          was a delicious treat consisting of
                                                     standby, green tea.                     alternating layers of cake and what         scrumptious treat. However, the            않는다고 하여 단호박으로        이상 정리하자면, 초코
of tables and the name written in
                                                                                             tasted like banana-flavored custard         cheese tart definitely took the cake       바꾸었으나 그것마저도          바나나는 너무 단향이
blue lettering. The inside is equally                As we sat sipping our café mochas,
                                                                                             topped with raspberries. Next was           (the tart?). We only had one real          없어서 결국 우리의 최종        강했고, 녹차는 음.. 너무
inviting, with its hardwood floors                   topped with a mountain of whipped
                                                                                             the choco-banana tart, which piled          complaint, which was that the crust        선택은 녹차가 되었다.         녹차스러웠고, 반면
and desserts showcased behind glass                  cream and chocolate syrup, I felt
cases. Though the bottom floor was                   both comfortable and slightly           chocolate mousse on top of cake             on all the tarts was a bit bland and       잔뜩 올라간 휘핑 크림에        라스베리는 아주 맛이었다.
virtually empty, we were led up one                  underdressed. The atmosphere was        with syrup-coated bananas and               chewy.                                     초코시럽이 뿌려진            그리고 치즈 타르트는
floor and seated in a back corner.                   a combination of refined and funky.     shaved coconut. The first bite was          At the start of our outing, I was          카페모카를 한 모금 마시고       정말 놀라웠다. 유일한
Foregoing the dinner menu, we                        There were simple and elegant white     just right, but the second revealed         dubious about Die Torte desserts,          나자 나는 편안해졌다. 그       불만은 모든 타트 위 표면이
immediately began poring over the                    tablecloths, accentuated with plush     that the chocolate was just a bit too       but as we paid our 30,000won               곳의 분위기는 고상하면서도       단조롭고 씹힌다는 것 정도.
dessert menus, of which, we were                     navy mats, diagonally placed in the     rich. Following that, we sampled            bill and left to go to our dinner          펑키했고, 처음엔 빠른         사실 처음엔 이 곳이
given two. Being given two menus                     centers. The walls were splattered      the cheese tart on the second plate.        destination, I was glad that we had        템포의 하우스 뮤직이          꺼림짐했는데, 일단 디저트
delighted me and confused my                         with bright colors and creative         Confectioner’s sugar and a black            eaten our dessert first.                   흘러나왔지만 곧 조용한         비용으로 3만원을 지불하고
companion, who was unaware that                      designs, and books and knick-           cherry made for a simple appearance,                                                   클래식 음악이 흘러나왔다.       다음 저녁 목적지를
it’s somewhat of a luxury in Korea to                knacks lined the bookshelves. At        but it was the most delicious dessert                                                                       남겨놓고 나니 나는
                                                                                                                                                                                    타르트는 생각했던 것보다
be given one menu for each person.                   first, fast-paced house music played    I have ever tasted. With a distinctly                                                                       디저트를 먼저 먹은 것이
                                                                                                                                                                                    훨씬 빨리 나왔는데 일단 그
There was a large selection of tea                   throughout the restaurant, though it    sharp lemon taste, it was firm, but still                                                                   기뻤다.
                                                                                                                                                                                    예쁜 모양에 놀랐다. 키위
and coffee, and we both ordered                      was soon followed by a soft classical   soft enough to melt in your mouth.
                                                                                                                                                                                    조각, 오렌지 조각 그리고
café mochas and began perusing the                   tune.                                   Last, was the green tea tart. It looked
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                       11
Tasting Tranquility
                                                                 Written and Photographed by Nick Elwood                                모든 목욕탕은 그곳만의
                                                                 Korean summary by Hyemin Lee

 Jeju Love land                                                  Korean proof by Sooyoung Kim
                                                                                                                                        불빛과 장식, 디자인
                                                                                                                                        등의 조합을 통해 다른
                                                                                                                                        목욕탕들과 스스로를
All bathhouses have their own                of paces into the bathing complex.             the seventh floor.                          차별화 시키는 독특한
unique ambiance, which is created by         Here you will find a very intimate             Unless you simply want to shower,
                                                                                                                                        분위기를 만들어 낸다.
a combination of lighting, décor and         atmosphere with black marble                   you should never frequent just one
design. Additionally, they differ in         tiling, low lighting, and even some                                                        영화관, 부페, 각종
                                                                                            bathhouse, anymore than you should          오락거리들이 밀집한
terms of what they offer. Bathhouses         slightly darkened areas. Hwang-so              eat one type of food. Different             성서의 중심가에 위치한
all have common features but every           is certainly not a large bathhouse.            establishments provide different            Mega Town Complex
bathhouse provides something                 Four central baths, all internally             experiences, and to capitalize on this,     에 황소 목욕탕은 그 중
that differentiates it from other            lit, provide the option of a water             you need to try a few alternatives,         계속해서 나의 이목을
establishments in the vicinity.              massage pool, a warm and hot pool,             which can be matched with your              끄는 곳이다. 처음 그
                                             and a bubbling Jacuzzi with herb               appropriate moods. Hwang-so has             곳에 갔던 날은 어느
Mega Town Complex, which is
                                             additives. A large cold pool occupies          no poolside television or piped
                                                                                                                                        춥고 어두운 11월의 새벽이었고,
located in the heart of Seongseo, not                                                                                                   이른 시각에 걸맞지 않게
                                             one end, and completes the facilities          music, and swimming or playing
only dominates the area, physically,                                                                                                    고등학생으로 가득 찬 목욕탕은
                                             found in every bathhouse. As for               in the cold pool is not allowed.
but also in terms of facilities. It boasts                                                                                              작고, 소란스럽기만 해 그 후로
                                             the complex’s specialties, you can             However, if you find yourself in
a large cinema complex, a buffet and                                                                                                    한동안 가지 않게 되었다.
                                             enjoy a Japanese-style oak bath and,           Seongseo with a hangover or simply
pizza restaurant, and numerous other                                                                                                    새벽 5시에 고등학생으로
                                             my favourite, a humidity sauna. The            want to relax, this is a great sanctuary.   꽉 찬 목욕탕은 ‘매우 드문
amenities - among which is Hwang-
                                             water in the sauna sprays from the                                                         현상’이라는 것을 알게 된
so Sauna, which has gradually begun                                                         Location
                                             ceiling like the finest, warm rain and                                                     것은 나중이었고, 그제서야
to grow on me. My first visit was on
                                             hangs, caught in subdued lighting,             3 minutes walk from Seongseo                황소 목욕탕이야 말로
a cold, dark November morning. I
                                             like a heavy mist. Adjacent to this is         (성서) Industrial Complex Subway              평화와 안정을 찾기에
arrived to find the premises packed                                                                                                     안성맞춤의 공간이라는
                                             a Swedish-style pine sauna. I have             Station. On the same road, and
with a class of school boys – not the                                                                                                   것을 알게 되었다.
                                             come to really enjoy the tasteful              situated in the Mega Town complex,
kind of atmosphere you want at 5am
                                             ornamentations, such as water                  which also houses the Lotte Cinema.
on your first visit to a bathhouse in                                                                                                   건물 8층에는 남녀
                                             features, rocks, and chunks of pine
a number of years. I found it small,                                                                                                    공동 접수처가 있으며,
                                             tree, which occupy various nooks                                                           옷을 벗고 들어간 후의
noisy, and claustrophobic and didn’t
                                             and crannies.                                  Keywords                                    목욕탕은 검은색 대리석,
go back.
                                             The changing area is fairly spacious,                                                      낮은 천장 그리고 은은한 불빛으로
I have since learnt that if you want                                                        peace and tranquility – 고요함,                구성되어 매우 편안한 분위기를 조성한다. 마사지
                                             with central slatted benches and               평온함
peace and tranquility, it can indeed                                                                                                    탕, 온탕, 냉탕, 거품이 나오는 허브탕 등의 4개 탕이 주를
                                             sofas, plus the usual television and
be found in the centre of this                                                              Jacuzzi - 물에서 기포가 생기게                       이루고 있는데, 그 중 냉탕은 한쪽 벽에 크게 위치하고 있는 것이 여느
                                             resident barber. From this area, the                                                       목욕탕과 다를 바가 없다. 특별한 시설은 일본느낌의 오크 나무로 만들어진 탕과
bustling building, and that school-                                                         만든 욕조
                                             jjimjilbang (the clothed, mixed sex                                                        짙은 안개속에 있는 느낌을 주는, 그래서 개인적으로 가장 좋아하는 습사우나이다. 인공폭포나
boy invasion is a rare blip that can
                                             communal area), can be accessed on             Birthday suit – 나체의                         바위, 소나무 등 구석구석의 소품들을 발견하는 것도 쏠쏠한 재미를 준다.
temporarily blight any bathhouse.
The reception to both the male and                                                                                                      단지 목욕만 하려는 것이 아니라면 절대 같은 목욕탕만을 고집하지 말라. 여러 곳을 경험해봄으로써
female bathhouses is on the eighth                                                                                                      자신과 맞고 편한 곳들을 알 수 있게 된다. 비록 커다란 TV나 음악, 냉탕에서의 왁자지껄한 수영 따위를
floor, and once you have stripped to                                                                                                    기대할 순 없지만, 성서에서 숙취를 풀고 싶다거나 휴식을 원한다면 황소 찜질방은 당신에게 훌륭한
your birthday suit, it’s only a couple                                                                                                  안식처가 될 것이다.

                                                                                                                                        위치 – 성서공단 역에서 도보로 3분 거리에 위치한 Mega Town Complex(롯데 시네마와 동일 건물) 내
                                                                                                                                        위치. 영업 시간 – 24시간 찜질방, 목욕탕, 스포츠 시설 운영

12                                                                                                                                                                                                        13
     The Hidden                                                kwan Scandal both feature females pretending
                                                               to be males to accomplish something only males
                                                               can do, as the main storyline. And of course, the
                                                                                                                       엄 마 뱃속에서부터 하이힐을 신고 태어났을 것 같은
                                                                                                                       그녀, 10cm 가까이 되는 힐을 신고 또각 거리며 유유
                                                                                                                       히 걸어가다가, 가방에서 거울을 꺼내 부드럽고 세침
                                                                                                                       떼기 같은 입술에 바른다. 그러고는 또 박자도 놓치지

     Girls of Korea
                                                               topic can’t be discussed without the inclusion of
                                                                                                                       않고 또각 또각 다시 걷기 시작한다. 남자들에게선 선
                                                               Harisu, Korea’s first transsexual entertainer. Born     망의 눈길을, 여자들에게서는 질투의 눈길을 받으며.
                                                               a male, Harisu underwent sex reassignment sur-          그녀는 그 어떤 누구도 자신이 한 때 남자였음을 알아
                                                               gery in the 1990s and has subsequently pursued          채지 못하는 것에 자부심을 느낀다.
     Article and Photography by Annie Hong                     a career in singing, modeling, and acting, and
     Korean summary by Sun Lee                                 eventually married long-term boyfriend Micky            한 국은 다른 주변 아시아 국가들만큼 성전환자들에
                                                               Jung in 2007.                                           게 그리 관대한 문화가 아니다. 아주 보수적이고 관
                                                                                                                       습을 고수하기로 유명하다. 특히나 한국인들은 섹스
                                                                                                                       나 성에 관해서라면 얼굴을 붉히며 이야기 하기를 꺼
                                                               In Daegu, though minuscule at best, hints of an
                                                                                                                       린다. 그러나 한국도 이문화 집단이 존재하는 현대 국
        She struts down the street in her 4-inch heels,        alternative gay scene do exist. Upon the discovery      가였다.
     clicking and clacking as if she came out of her           of two transgender bars several subway stops
     mama’s womb with stilettos attached to the feet. She      outside the downtown district, I was fortunate          한 국 주요 미디어는 점점 동성애 주제에 관대해 지고
     opens her purse, whips out a foldout mirror, and ap-      enough to venture to places most foreigners and         있는 추세다. 올 해 방송된 한 TV드라마 “인생은 아

     plies bright, alluring, red lipstick on her soft, pouty   Koreans alike have never stepped foot in. The           름다워”에서는 처음으로 게이 커플의 사랑과 그들이
                                                               first, “깜보 (Ggam-bo),” had about 3 or 4 male            겪는 일을 주요 스토리 라인으로 다루고 있다. 2005
     lips. She continues her strut without missing a beat,                                                             년에는 동성 광대에 대한 왕의 애착을 그린 영화 “왕
     turning the heads of men and envious women alike.         customers and about the same number of work-
                                                                                                                       과 나”가 영화 한국 영화사상 두번째로 높은 수익률
     She bears the small smirk of an individual keeping        ers in a brightly lit, empty room. The descrip-         을 기록하기도 했다. 2007년 방영된 인기드라마 “커
     a secret from the rest of the world. She takes pride      tion of the woman in the opening paragraph of           피프린스 1호점”이나 현재 방영중인 있는 “성균관 스
     in the fact that hardly anyone can recognize that she     this article could fit the description of most of       캔들 역시 남자들이 상대가 동성의 남자인줄 알면서
     was, in fact, once a he.                                  the workers at this bar. I was shocked to learn         도 사랑을 느끼는 이야기를 다루고 있다. 또한 한국의
                                                               that all the workers were trans, as I was initially     성전환 연예인 1호인 하리수도 빼 놓을 수 없을 것.
                                                               convinced that some of them were women (and             남자로 태어나 90년대에 성전환 수술을 받고서 가수,
     South Korea isn’t exactly known for its transgender                                                               모델, 연기 등에 도전하고 2007년에는 믹키정을 만나
     and transsexual culture - as some of its neighbor-        better looking than many actual women). Though
                                                                                                                       백년가약을 맺기까지 했다.
     ing Asian countries are. As a matter of fact, Korea       we were turned down for an interview due to the
     is known for quite the opposite. The Republic of          sensitivity of the subject, my skepticism at the ex-    대 구에도 게이문화는 아닐지라도 아주 극소하게 나
     Korea is known to be very conservative and adher-         istence of believable trannies in Korea, instantly      마 대체문화가 존재한다. 시내에서 지하철로 몇 정거
     ent to a traditional lifestyle. Koreans shy away from     disappeared.                                            장 떨어지지 않은 곳, 대부분의 한국인도 외국인도 발
                                                                                                                       을 들여놓지 않을 곳에서 “깜보”와 “아까사까” 두 곳
     anything related to the taboo topics of sex and sexu-
                                                               The second bar, “아까사까 (Akasaka)” refused                의 트랜스젠더 바를 발견했다. 그곳에서 본 그녀(!)들
     ality, especially when the topic deals with atypical                                                              은 진짜 여성들보다 더 아름다웠다는 것! 맥주 다섯
     sexuality. Even still, South Korea is a modern coun-      to be interviewed, as well. This bar appeared
                                                                                                                       병에 기본 요금이 십만원 에서 십이만원의 이들 고급
     try with numerous subcultures existing throughout         more upscale and larger than the first, but still
                                                                                                                       바 안에는 사람이 거의 없었으며, 인터뷰 시도를 저
     the country.                                              empty. Both were karaoke bars with very high            지당하기도 했다. 그러나 이들 바는 이토록 보수적인
                                                               prices for their drinks (100,000 - 120,000won for       땅에서도 비슷한 마음을 가진 사람 (성적소수자) 끼
     Mainstream media has become even more open to             five beers as the starting price).                      리 모여 마음을 나눌 수 있는 공간이 있다는 것이 증
                                                                                                                       명 된 것이다.
     homosexual characters and themes in recent years.
     In this past year, the Korean soap opera, Life is         These managers’ refusals to be interviewed is re-
     Beautiful, became the first prime-time drama to fea-      flective of the taboo nature of homosexuality and
     ture the trials of two gay men in a relationship as a     trans-related topics. However, just the fact that        Keywords:
     central storyline in the series. In 2005, The King and    bars like “깜보” and “아까사까” exist, proves                  Hooligan-훌리건, 난봉꾼
     the Clown, which focuses on a king who falls for his      that even in as conservative a land as Korea,            Botched-엉성한, 서툰
     male cross-dressing jester, became Korea’s second         there is an outlet for those seeking alternative life    Word of mouth-입소문
     highest grossing film of all time. The popular 2007       choices and a chance to connect with other like-
     drama Coffee Prince and the ongoing Sungkyung-            minded individuals.

14                                                                                                                                                       15
     Anapji                                              Written by Michelle Power
                                                         Photo by Kim Byoungwook
                                                                                                                   Kicking Back at
                                                                                                                   Byeongsan Seowon
                                                                                                                   Written by Craig White

       Anapji, or Anap Pond as it is also known, is an     After the fall of Silla, the pond fell into disrepair
     artificial pond in Gyeongju National Park, and      for many centuries with time wrecking havoc                 Visiting Andong for a tourist usually amounts to a day trip
     at night, belongs on anyone’s list of Korea’s top   on the original structure. However, in 1974, as           involving a walkthrough of Hahoe Folk Village and taking
     scenic spots. Anapji, which means ‘Goose and        part of a renovation project of historic sites in         in the mask dance performances. As beautiful as that experi-
                                                                                                                   ence is, people tend to overlook another beautiful experience
     Duck Lake’, was constructed in 674 AD at the        Gyeongju, the Anapji Pond was temporarily
                                                                                                                   just 30 minutes away at Byeongsan Seowon.
     order of King Munmu of Silla. It was originally     drained to reveal thousands of Silla artifacts and
     part of a detached palace complex built for the     relics that had either fallen or were thrown into
                                                                                                                     Byeongsan Seowon is an old Confucian academy, which
     crown prince and was designed according to          the lake. In total, almost 33,000 pieces of historic      was founded in 1563. Like other prestigious academies in
     Taoist principles.                                  relics were recovered from the site, including            Korea at that time, aristocratic students from all over would
                                                         extraordinarily designed roof tiles, architectural        come there to study for the nation’s civil service exams,
       During Munmu’s time, Anapji served as a resort    materials, pottery, gilt bronze figures of Buddha,        which were the key to securing cushy government jobs. Visu-
     garden, rich in rare plants and animals, creating   and unique jewelry.                                       ally, if you’ve seen one Seowon in this country, then you’ve
     an exquisite garden environment. Miniature                                                                    seen them all. But the real value of visiting here is what’s next
     models of the twelve famous peaks of China’s          730 of these relics are now on display at the           door.
     Wushan Mountain were erected around the lake        Anapji Exhibition Hall of the Gyeongju National
     to impress the Tang dynasty Chinese envoys          Museum, and Anapji Pond can presently be                    Coming out of the east gate of the Seowon, you find the
     and ensure they could relax in an atmosphere        viewed in near original splendor. The best time           accommodation quarters known as 임청각 (Imcheong-
     inspired by the scenery of their homeland.          to visit is right before sundown, when the sky            gak), where the visiting scholars would rest. It has since been
                                                         turns purple and the pond-side pavilions light up,        rebirthed as a 민박 (traditional inn), where you can sleep in
       The pleasant and relaxing ambience of Anapji      producing some wonderful reflections.                     the same quarters as the scholars did. Imcheong-gak comes
     also often served as a center of Silla diplomacy.                                                             complete with an open courtyard looking up to the stars
                                                                                                                   and an unforgettable stay for a night. You won’t be totally
     The pavilion of Imhaejeon seated over one
                                                                                                                   roughing it, though, as western-style kitchen is in an adjacent
     thousand people and is even presumed to be
                                                                                                                   room, as well as washrooms and showers. Starting as low as
     the place where the surrender of Silla to Goryeo
                                                                                                                   50,000won a night, it’s worth a visit, despite the long gravel
     took place in 935.                                                                                            road it takes to get there. More info and directions can be
                                                                                                                   found at

16                                                                                                                                                                                     17
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Written by Michelle Power
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Keywords by Sooyoung Kim
                                                                                                                                                                                One of the major reasons
                                                                                                                                                                                for the national disdain            Upon visiting his recently opened
                                                                                                                                                                                is that tattoos have long           tattoo studio in the Keimyung
                                                                       Written by Annie Hong Keywords by Sooyoung Kim              Tattoos have been around for                 been associated with gang           University area, it is clear that he
Once associated with gangsters and         only serviced a handful of foreigners.     Seok’s girlfriend, Jungeun Woo,              thousands of years, with early           membership and violence or seen         runs a very tight ship and does not
mafia members, tattoos have slowly         However, foreign customers are gladly      also adds that Daegu artists have a          versions found on mummified              as a social ill having seeped in from   tolerate substandard hygiene levels,
been permanently stamping themselves       welcomed by Seok and his fellow            reputation for sticking to traditional       human bodies as far back as              Japan. Whilst, admittedly, tattoos      with him adhering to western
in the hearts and bodies of more and       tattooists because they are entertaining   tattoo styles, such as those inspired by     3000 BC. Early Romans used               are not to everyone’s taste, they       health regulation standards. He
more Koreans in recent years. Though       to work with and they provide different    the Japanese Yakuza, and they don’t          to tattoo slaves and criminals           are not the reserve of delinquents,     tells me that his clientele are
tattooing is still illegal in Korea,       and original tattoo ideas that local       easily adapt to new ways to tattoo. She,     for identification, whilst sailors       thugs and hooligans that the older      a diverse mix of Koreans and
its popularity has been spreading          Koreans wouldn’t ever think of.            also, wants to become more adept at          collected tattoos as souvenirs of        Korean generation would have            foreigners of all ages, signaling a
throughout the country, particularly                                                  new wave and pop art styles that artists     their travels and experiences.           you believe. An attitude shift is       more relaxed attitude to body art.
with the younger generation.               Seok explains that the majority of his     in Seoul have become well known for.                                                  occurring, however, with the            Due to the illegal nature of his
                                           customers are in their 20s, many of                                                     Today, tattoos are primarily for         help of continued exposure to           business, his advertising is almost
Local tattoo artist, Jinwoo Seok (25),     whom are college students, and there       In terms of being a female in a male         decoration and whilst this ancient       western pop culture and national        exclusively done online, with the
has been tattooing for the past two        is about a 7:3 male to female ratio. The   dominated arena, Woo explains that           motivation for ink is still the same,    soccer players and pop stars            majority of his business for his
                                           most common reasons his customers          most of their customers are males and        the profile of person getting inked      proudly showing off their ink.
                                           get tattoos are to cover scars, make a     most males want their tattoos done           has certainly altered, with body art     Koreans are starting to see it as
                                           fashion statement, express one’s mind,     by males, so it can be tough being a         no longer the preserve of circus         a more mainstream form of self-
                                           or explain a life purpose.                 woman in the field, at times. Similarly,     members, prisoners and sailors.          expression.
                                                                                      most of Woo’s customers end up being         Tattoos have successfully infiltrated
                                           The underground tattoo industry is a       female because females are more              mainstream culture with sports           In spite of changing attitudes,
                                           competitive one, especially in a smaller   comfortable getting work done by             and pop stars flaunting their ink at     the situation is not helped by
                                           city like Daegu. Seok claims that tattoo   another woman, especially in more            every given opportunity.                 the absence of specific laws.
                                           artists who have been around the block     intimate areas.                                                                       Whilst tattoo parlors can be
                                           longer, tend to grab the majority of                                                    Tattoo culture, for all its popularity   found throughout the country,
                                           customers. Younger, more recent artists    In his final words, Seok wants to tell       and prevalence worldwide, is still       they are illegal with only medical
                                           must lower their prices in order to        anybody interested in getting a tattoo       a shady topic in Korea, especially       doctors permitted to carry out
                                           compete with older tattoo shops.           to make sure to look around several          with the older generation. This is       such procedures. Korean tattoo
                                                                                      tattoo shops and find the shop and           not to say that a change in attitude     artists are now, not surprisingly,
                                           Seok mentions that competition             artist that fits their style and design of   is slowly creeping in, but for the       starting to call for regulation and
                                           between Daegu tattooists was quite         choice. A tattoo is permanent, so there      most part, Koreans still have a          legalization of the industry.
                                           ardent until the emergence of the          can never be too much planning that          very dated viewpoint and treat
years and gained inspiration from          Daegu Association for Tattoo Artists       goes into designing the one of your          tattoos with disdain. Nowhere is         The government’s failure to act         company, “Pirates Ink Tattoo”,
Western tattoo styles and from his         in Korea, last year. Though new            dreams.                                      this more relevant than Daegu.           and their indefinite stance of          generated by word of mouth and
father, who taught him the skill.          and small, the organization’s main                                                      With its extremely conservative          ignoring the issue is doing more        Facebook promotion.
Seok, his father, brother, and Seok’s      aim is to reduce competition and           For consultation with Seok, visit            attitudes, this is a city where social   harm than good, according to
girlfriend operate a tattoo business in    back-stabbing between tattoo artists and/or       acceptance of tattoos is minimal.        one Daegu-based foreign tattoo          If you would like more information
a discrete location near Kyungpook         in Daegu. The organization is also         liveinlife to contact him and his team                                                artist. The Canadian tattoo artist,     or a free consultation email:
National University. Seok explains that    working towards the exchange of ideas      of artists.                                  One Keimyung University student          known only as “J”, has been based or search
practically all tattoo artists operate     and design methods between artists                                                      tells me that she is currently           in Korea for four years studying        on Facebook for ‘pirates ink tattoo’.
in hidden and discrete locations           to spread diversity amongst the city’s     Keywords                                     undergoing very painful and costly       his trade under the guidance of
throughout the city because of the         tattooists. Because the organization is    Around the block-지역 혹은 범위                    tattoo removal due to the fact her       experienced Korean tattoo artists.
illegality of tattoo practices in Korea.   so new, it doesn’t involve every tattoo    내, 근처.                                       father threatened to disown her          He tells me that the lack of laws       Keywords:
He would guess that there are about a      artist in Daegu, but Seok believes         Badmouthing-남의 흉을 보다                         completely for shaming her family.       and regulations means that hygiene      Hooligan-훌리건, 난봉꾼
hundred tattoo artists dispersed and       that it has been effective in reducing                                                  In a bid to display the serious          levels are being neglected, leading     Botched-엉성한, 서툰
hidden throughout Daegu.                   dirty competition and badmouthing                                                       nature of his threats, he destroyed      to poor practices, botched ink jobs,    Word of mouth-입소문
                                           between local artists.                                                                  some of her school books in return       skin irritations and in some cases,
Seok mostly caters to Koreans, and has                                                                                             for decorating her body.                 infection.

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    19
     Antica Villa                                                           Na mu@906
     Written and photographed                                               Translation by Ji-yeoun Shin
     by Craig White                                                         Edited by Annie Hong
                                                                            Photographs by Craig White

     A whiff of real Italy can be found on the footsteps of Apsan.          At the base of Palgongsan Mountain, one can expect to find
     Nestled away at the base of 고산골 (Gosan-gol), a popular                 a humble but picturesque restaurant that has been around
     valley for trekking the west side of Daegu’s famed southern            since last spring. The restaurant, ‘Namu@906,’ is the definition
     mountain, you will see Antica Villa. A strange site to find what       of a self-made family restaurant.
     possibly could be Daegu’s best Italian restaurant, bar none.
                                                                            The owners of the restaurant are an eclectic group of friends,
     Trained in the art of Italian cooking in the small town of Assisi      ranging from a former pharmacist, to a yoga teacher, to a
     in the Italian province of Perugia, Chef Seo Ju-hyeong has             computer programmer. Having known each for more than
     been cooking for over 11 years and finally opened up his               20 years, these 10 best friends share the same common
     own slice of Italy over a year ago. Despite its out-of-the-way         interest of ‘wellness,’ and all that goes with that theme. This
     location, Antica Villa has received positive buzz from Naver           close-knit family of friends has successfully established and
     bloggers, which has helped his business overcome the struggles         maintained this restaurant, which has been filled with so
     that most restaurants receive in their first few years of operation.   much love and dedication from the beginning.

     The great thing about Antica Villa, is that he whips stuff up          These friends could be considered amateurs in the food
     on the fly. Very little on the menu has been pre-made and              industry, but judging by the food itself, they are no amateurs
     sitting in the fridge. And it’s just him in the kitchen, doing         in their abilities to please one’s appetite. Namu@906 is
     prep to cooking to cleaning. Everything that either he or his          most well-known for its tteok-galbi steak (a type of Korean
     lone waiter brings out to your table, totally oozes in freshness.      meatloaf). The restaurant uses a secret family recipe that has
     And given the quality of it, you could care less if it takes           been passed down for over 50 years; and all Korean food
     him a little extra time to crank stuff out on a busier night,          enthusiasts who pass through are lucky to experience this
     while you sip wine and nibble on eye-dazzling antipasti. The           delicious tradition. Don’t fret if you are not into Korean, as
     menu is in Italian and Korean, but Ju-hyeong can manage his            they have an eclectic western menu featuring sirloin steaks,
     way to explain a bit in English, if you can’t read the Korean          pasta, pizza, quesadillas, and even curry with naan bread.
     descriptions or don’t already know what the Italian dish is.           Another important element that draws customers to this
     Pizza is always a hit, but, oh mio dio! Merely trying the              establishment is the comfortable family atmosphere that the
     antipasti, lasagna, and pasta selections, will make you want           restaurant provides. Most customers will agree that they feel
     to leap onto your table and belt out the falsetto that you never       at home as soon as they enter, so much so that customers
     knew you had within you. A great time to go is at lunch,               will occasionally volunteer to promote the restaurant online
     where you can get a 4 course set for 25-30,000won and have             and even wash the dishes for the owners if it gets too busy!
     your friend order something different, so both of you can
     sample a larger variety of what Antica Villa has to offer.             Discover this gem for yourselves! From Pagyesa Temple
                                                                            Parking Lot head back down the slope, cross the intersection,
     Contact: 053-471-3523                                                  and look for the café on the right, further back down a side road.
     Taxi Directions: 대구 남구 봉덕2동 1220-16 (앞산 고산
     골 공용주차장앞)                                                              More info, maps, and contact info can be found at

20                                                                                                                                               21
          Experiencing the sun
       rise over the Himalayas
            at 5:43am from an
     abandoned military post’s
     tower in Nagarkot, Nepal
     during the spring of 2005
           Photo by Scott McLaughlin

22                                     23
                                                                              Written by Ryan Murphy
                                                                              Korean summary by Jaran Song
                                                                              Photo by Ryan Murphy

                                                                              mountain passes and flood-prone
                                                                              areas. During the rainy season,
Angled defiantly away from the         rushing to develop its amenities       roughly July to November, roads
rest of the Philippine archipelago     for the well-heeled traveler and       may be washed out and impassable.
like an elongated bullet, Palawan      bootstrap backpacker alike. The        For some, this may be a welcome
flaunts its uniqueness, even           latter can check into cheap, basic     adventure; others may prefer to pay
topographically. While its             rooms or cottages at the many local    premium rates to fly directly to El
reputation as the Philippines’         joints, while the former can splurge   Nido or Coron, in the Calamians,
“last frontier” may be somewhat        on a stay at an exclusive luxury or    instead of braving a land trip out of
overstated – the island has            eco-resort.                            Puerto Princesa.
sufficient tourist infrastructure to    Many travelers base themselves         Whether following the well-worn
satisfy those that wish to travel in   in El Nido for easy access to the      trail up through Sabang to El Nido
luxury – large tracts of the rugged    Bacuit Archipelago and the nearby      and the Calamians or eschewing
island do indeed contain enough        Calamian islands, but the point        the hype and braving the island’s
untouched wilderness to soothe         of entry for most is the provincial    seldom-visited southern half,
weary urbanites.                       capital of Puerto Princesa, which is   travelers will find that Palawan
Tourist literature touts two primary   serviced domestically by Philippine    provides a range of options in a
attractions in Palawan. The first      Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air. From    setting that has not yet experienced
is Sabang’s underground river,         Puerto, travelers can explore nearby   the wholesale degradation wreaked
one of the longest in the world,       Honda Bay and dine at restaurants      on many of the country’s tourist
which winds its subterranean           like KaLui, a polished-rustic place    spots. And regardless of the route,
way through bat-infested caves         serving scrupulously prepared          the island’s wild beauty and the
on Palawan’s west coast. The           seafood and vegetarian fare.           friendliness of its locals make it
other is the Bacuit Archipelago,       Palawan provides a challenge           an attractive destination for those
the offshore playground near the       when it comes to land travel,          seeking somewhere remote.
island’s northern tip, where hired     as its questionable roads
outrigger boats play hide-and-seek     wind up through precarious
among the tiny specks of land that
hide secret beaches and crystalline
lagoons. Nearby lies El
Nido, a small town

Korean summary                         섬의 북쪽 끝쪽에있는 곳이다.이                      야생의 아름다움과 친근감이
                                       곳에서는 아웃트리거보트가 작은                       먼 곳으로 여행가고싶어하는
필리핀군도에서 좀 떨어져있는
                                       섬들 사이에서 노닐고,이것은                        사람을위해 이 곳을 더욱 더
팔라원은 지형학적으로 특이한
                                       신비의 해변과 수정같이 맑은                        매력적이고 빛나게 해 줄 것이다.
형세임을 보여준다. ‘마지막
                                       석호를 비밀스럽게 간직한곳이다.
국경’이라는 별명이 약간은
과장되었지만,관광객들을위한                         팔라원은 불안정한 산이 많고,                          Keywords
충분한 기반과 도시인을 달래줄                       홍수가 나기 일쑤여서 여행을
때묻지 않은곳임은 분명하다.                        하는것은 모험을 하는것이라고 할                         bootstrap 자기스스로하는,
                                       수 있다. 7월부터 11월까지 비가                       혼자힘으로 감당하는
관광객들은 팔라원에 대해
                                       오는 시즌이면 길은 씻겨나가기                          backpacker
칭찬하는 두가지가 있는데,
                                       때문에 돌아다닐수는 없을것이다.
하나는 사방의 지하강이다.이                                                                  배낭여행하는사람
                                       하지만 카라미안스의 엘닌도나
강은 세상에서 가장 긴 강 중
                                       코론으로 바로 날아간다면,문제가
하나이고,팔라원의 서해안에 있는
동굴에서는 박쥐가 들끓기도한다.
또다른 한가지는 바큇군도인데,                       어떤 루트로 여행을 가던지간에,

24                                                                                                                    25
                                                                                                            slopes, while
                                                                                                            Seolcheon holds ten more. Also has
                                                                                                            outdoor hot springs available for a refreshing
                                                                                                            way to end a hard days work on the slopes!

                                                                                                            2. Jisan Forest Resort. Located in Icheon
                                                                                                            (not to be confused with Incheon), just
                                                                                                            outside of Seoul. As well as providing
                                                                                                            all your skiing needs, it has a public golf
                                                                                                            course at a reasonable price.

                                                                                                            3. Yangji Pine Resort. Located in Yongin
                                                                                                            (approx 1 hour south of Seoul). The fact
                                                                                                            that all of its 9 slopes are illuminated for
                                                                                                            night skiing, sounds dangerously appealing!
                                                                                                            Also not too far from Everland, if you’re
                                                                                                            looking for even more adventure.

                                                                                                            4. Konjiam Resort. Located in Gwangju
                                                                                                            (the Gwangju in Gyeonggi-do, not the
                                                               Written by Darren Kenneth Quillinan          larger one in Jeollanam-do). Less than one
                                                               Photo by Zach Dischner                       hour drive from Seoul). This is the largest
                                                                                                            in the region, offering 11 slopes and with

                                                     Skiing in
                                                                                                            the majority of them designed for the less
                                                                                                            talented skiers, this maybe a good place
                                                                                                            to go for people who fit into this category
                                                                                                            (like myself!) or first timers.

So the air con has been            skiing option
switched off and rapidly           for the more
replaced with ondol heating.       adventurous                                                              5. Daemyung Vivaldi Resort. Located to
The unbearable summer heat is      (or maybe less                                                           the south east of Seoul, this place has it all!
a long way away from return-       intelligent, you                                                         As well as offeringskiing/snowboarding
ing, so now for the next few       decide). Most                                                            on 13 different slopes and being ranked
                                                                       ones caught my eye):
months, we can all change our      of the ski resorts are based                                             No.1 in South Korea, Daemyung also has
tack and complain about the        in Gangwon-do Province, as          1. Muju Ski Resort. Closest          a variety of other entertainment available.
bitter winter ahead of us. Or on   most of the winter snow falls in                                         The best of these would be the indoor wa-
                                                                       resort to Daegu (just over two
the other hand, we can embrace     this region. If you’re willing to
                                                                       hours bus ride).                     ter park where you can test out the water         coupons        tear out

                                                                                                                                                              21          10%
it and make the most of it.        travel a little further, your op-                                        slides or just relax and maybe indulge in
                                                                       It has the longest slope in Korea,
Time to take to the slopes....     tions are very much broadened                                            a full body massage, which may be well
                                   with numerous resorts in and        which
                                                                       is measured at 6.1 km. It accom-     needed after a long day...
Korea offers twelve premier        around Seoul to choose from.                                   
ski resorts around the country,
and all have the required rental
                                   After doing a little research, I
                                   would recommend the follow-
                                                                       modates for both beginners and
                                                                       intermediates.                                                                              for    Discount
equipment for very reason-
able prices,as well as a night
                                   ing five resorts (I am sure the
                                   rest are just as good but these
                                                                       The resort is divided into two
                                                                       bases. Manseon holds twelve                                                            CoCktAil   All Foreigners
26                                                                                                                                                                                      27
Tarot Cafés in Korea
                                                                               mid-15th century Europe. It wasn’t      “이건 사랑점, 이건 결혼,      슬픔, 상실, 심리적 변화를
                                                                               until the 17th century that it was      이건연애, 이건 사업운에        의미할 수 있다. 타롯카드는
                                                                               adapted by occultists and mystics,      관한거야.” 한국에만 있는 ‘     상징적이기 때문에, 가장
                                                                               who believed that tarot cards could     시험운’ 까지, 열 두 종류의     널리 쓰이는 의미에 기초하여
 Written by Whitney Way Thore
                                                                                                                       타롯점을 친구 나래가 설명하고     자신만의 해독법을 익혀야
 Korean summary by Sun Lee
                                        to choose cards with my right          be used to tell fortunes or make
                                                                                                                       있었다. 오른쪽 집으로 들어가자    한다. 카드를 섞은 다음에
                                        hand since I am left-handed,           predictions by helping the reader       진홍색 립스틱을 바른 전형적인     테이블에 펼칠 때 가장 흔한
“This is for love, this one is for      swatting gently to remind me           gain insight into the current and       한국 아줌마가 우리를 기다리고     방법은 켈트식, 말발굽식, 세
marriage, this one is for dating        when I forgot which hand to            future situations of the subject.       있었다. 나는 내 건강, 재물,    장을 펼쳐 놓는 방법이다.
relationships, and this one is for        use. The reading lasted almost                                               사랑 운에 대해 알아보고 싶었다    각각의 카드는 여러 가지 의미를
business,” Narae said, as she rattled                                          The seventy-eight card deck
                                                  an hour, with Narae                                                  (만원). 손금보기는 오천원,     지니고 있으므로, 이 카드를
off the types of tarot card readings                                           is divided into two parts: the          궁합과 인생 전반에 관한 것은     제대로 읽기 위해서는 카드가
                                                          perched at my        Major Arcana, which consists of
we could have. There were twelve                                  side,                                                이만원 이었다.             놓여진 위치, 다른 카드들과의
in total, including some that                                                  twenty-two cards without suits;          곤색의 카드를 능숙한         관계, 그리고 점을 보는 사람의
seemed specifically suited for                                                 and the Minor Arcana, which             손놀림으로 테이블에 올려놓고      질문과의 연관성을 모두
Koreans, such as “taking a test.”                                              consists of fifty-six cards of four     점술이 시작되었다. 미래의       고려하여 해석할 수 있어야
                                                                               suits, each suit having fourteen        남편, 수입, 그리고 건강문제     한다.
We were basking in the neon pink                                               cards. There are slight variations      등이 궁금해지기 시작했다.       우리 타로점을 봐 주었던 분은
and blue lights of two side-by-side                                            in decks depending on the sources       내가 오른손 잡이이니 왼손으로     7년간 타로점을 봐 왔으며, 그
tarot cafés on a narrow downtown                                  furiously    they are derived from and what          카드를 고르라고 하더니,        시간이 그녀 인생에서 가장
street. We entered the café on the                               scribbling                                            나래가 타로점 보시는 분의       행복한 시간들이라고 말한다.
                                                                               time period and culture they            질문을 영어로, 나의 대답을      그녀는 이미 그 정확성 때문에
right to find a small room with                                notes, and      are found in. For example, the          말로 번역하느라, 타롯점을 다     꽤 유명한 편이라고. 나에
three stalls. The tarot reader was                            translating      thirteenth Major Arcana card,           보는데에 한시간이 걸렸다.       관한 것은 얼마나 정확할까?
an average-looking ajumma with                               the reader’s      Death, can signify loss, sadness,       그녀의 말에 의하면 타로는 전     아무래도 시간이 지나면 알게
crimson lipstick. I decided on                              questions into     or psychological transformation.        세계 어디나 똑같다고..        되겠지…
a tarot reading that would                                 English and my      Because the cards are symbolic,          원래 타로는 15세기 유럽에서
focus on my health, wealth,                              answers back          the reader must develop his or her      카드게임의 일종이었다. 17      Keywords
and love life for 10,000                                into Korean.           own understanding of the cards,         세기가 되어서야 주술가들이       Rattle off- 줄줄 말하다
won. Palm readings                                                             based on the most commonly used         타로가 상대방의 현재와 미래를
                                                       I noticed that the                                              읽을 수 있는 힘을 주어 미래를
were 5,000 won, while                                 reader was working       meanings. After being shuffled,
couple fortunes and life                                                                                               예견하게 해 준다고 믿으면서
                                                     with cards labeled in     cards are laid out in a spread. Some    점술의 일환이 된 것이다.
fortunes were 20,000                                English that appeared      of the most common spreads              카드마다 기원을 두고 있는
won.                                              nearly identical to those    are the Celtic cross spread, the        시대나 문화에 따라 약간의
The reader fanned                               I’d seen before. When          horseshoe spread, and the three-        차이가 있다. 예를들어, 13번째
out the cobalt                                 asked if there were any         card spread, all of which entail a      메이저 아르카나는 ‘죽음’카드로
blue-backed cards                             differences between Korean       specific placement of cards in a
across the red                               tarot and “normal” tarot, she     certain pattern. Each card may
tablecloth in                              explained that since tarot is       have several meanings, so in order
one masterful                             universal, it’s the same all over.   to read a card successfully, it must
movement, and the                        Then, she pulled out a book           be interpreted based on other
reading started. I began to             and began explaining the history.      factors, such as its location on
get curious about the potential         Originally, the tarot (or tarocchi)    the table, where it is in relation to
husband(s), salaries, and health                           was a deck of       other cards, and its relevance to the
problems that rested beneath her                            cards used for     question that is being asked.
glittered nails. She instructed me                          game-playing in     Our reader revealed that she has
                                                                               been a tarot reader for seven years
                                                                               and is the happiest she’s ever been
                                                                               in her life. She claims that she’s
                                                                               quite popular due to the accuracy
                                                                               of her readings. So how accurate
                                                                               was the reading she did for me? I
                                                                               guess only time will tell…

28                                                                                                                                                               29

       (Global Health Food and Used English Bookstore)

     If you live in Daegu or are just passing through, Buy the Book imparts
     an unusual atmosphere. We have English books in all genres. We hold
     many monthly events that are popular in the expat community. We
     have upgraded our food menu for summer. At Buy the Book, there are
     vegetarian and meat options, as well as organic foods made with the
     freshest produce. The menu is constantly changing so you can come by
     week after week and try something new. Try our wide range of cheap
     used books while you have a meal and listen to some relaxing music.

                       Monthly Events:
                          Every second Sunday
                       Free English Yoga (11:30am)
                        Every second Saturday
      Drum circle for beginners (8:30pm) + music jam(9:30~12:00pm)
                       Last Sunday of the Month
                        Swaparama (3:00~6:00pm)
           New events happen every month as well!

                           Store Guide:
           Various English books (pre-owned) for sale
            Available time: 12:30 p.m. to 20:00 p.m.

                             Main Menu:
                      Vegetarian chili 8000won
                        Turkey chili 10000won
                   Vegetarian quesadilla 8000won
                    Turkey Quesadilla 10000won
                   All natural smoothies 5000won

        Contact: ‘buy the book cafe’ on
         Location: Above Mr. Pizza, 3th Floor,
           between Billibow and Club That

30                                                                            31
32   33
MOVE M BE R                                 Written by Edward Pye
                                            Edited by Craig White


A     t various times of the year,
      you’ve probably seen ‘the
pencil...’, probably chuckled at ‘the
                                        moustache growing marathon.
                                        The challenge was to be clean
                                        shaven on November 1st and then
                                                                                 educate each other, too.”

                                                                                 The Daegu effort has already
handlebar...’, and (if you’ve been      see who could grow the best mo           rounded up 53 members and,
lucky enough to see one) then           in one month, all in aid of raising      along with the moustache growing,
you’ve definitely marveled at the       awareness for common men’s               will include several charity events,
‘Fu Manchu’, but it’s not often that    health issues, such as prostate          such as a softball tournament
you’ll get the chance to see them       cancer and depression. Five years        at Keimyung University on
all in one month.                       later, the idea had spread to New        November 7th, a poker evening
                                        Zealand and today, Movember              (date to be announced), with all
                                        is celebrated around the world           money raised being donated to
                                        including Canada, the UK, the US,        selected Movember charities.
Of course, these are all styles of      Spain and Ireland. This year sees
moustache, and for all the men          Korea joining the list in an effort to
out there (maybe even a girl or         promote the grander ideals behind
two, depending on your level            the hair.
of hirsuteness), at one point
or another, you may have even                                                    If you want more information
dabbled in growing one of these                                                  about the events or would like to
styles. If you haven’t, then the        Event organizer Lee Brownger put         donate money for the cause, then
upcoming month of “Movember”            it this way; “It’s always fun to grow    check out the “Movember Daegu”
will provide you with the perfect       a mo and see if your mates can, too,     group on Facebook.
opportunity to test your upper          but what is even more important
lip, while at the same time             than having a laugh, is being aware
raising awareness for male health       of and being able to talk about
problems.                               the common health risks that we
                                        face every day. 1 in 7 men will
                                        develop prostate cancer at some
                                        point, so if there’s some way to get
“Movember” began in Australia           more information out there on the
in 1999 with a group of friends         subject, then let’s do it. Movember
who decided to have a month long        is a great way for guys to bond and

34                                                                                                                                                                  35
38   39
       in                                    ApartmentTrapsMakePeople“HousePoor”                                            Daegu’sTourismChallenges
     Brief                                    아파트 덫 걸려 ‘하우스 푸어’가 된 중산층
                                             Translated by Emily Cashwell and Philip Coleman
                                             Edited by Whitney Way Thore
                                                                                                                            관광 정보가 없다
                                                                                                                            Translated by Bosun Kim
                                                                                                                            Edited by Annie Hong

Since the onset of the global financial crisis, the raging                                                                  Is Daegu ready for welcoming its foreign guests? On        Last October, Sandro Schwaderer, a 28 year old
apartment trade recession has been growing into a                                                                           closer inspection of the city’s tourism industry in        German, came to Daegu after a trip to Seoul, but
serious societal problem. The screams of the debt-                                                                          local offices and on the Internet, tourist information     could not find any accommodations in Daegu. He
tormented middle class can be heard everywhere. The                                                                         is hard to come by, inevitably meaning that tourists       mentioned, “Whenever I travel around the world,
price of existing housing is falling, and since apartments                                                                  are hard to come by as well. “’Jagalmadang’ is             I make accommodation reservations on the Hostel
are not selling, families are unable to move into new                                                                       the quintessential site to see in Daegu...” is the         World website but there was no information to be
apartments that have already been purchased. In Korean                                                                      information a foreigner can find when opening up           found for Daegu. If I didn’t have friends in Daegu, I
society, owning apartments is considered a symbol of                                                                        the World Travel Guide looking for an introduction to      wouldn’t have come.”
stability in the middle class. Apartments remain a fantasy                                                                  Daegu. However, Jagalmadang is known as Daegu’s
for many, due to the fact that purchasers can make a huge                                                                   red light district and not exactly a prime family-         It is too complicated to search for travel information
investment income from buying them.                                                                                         friendly tourist destination. This is a clear example of   in Daegu using global search engine sites such
                                                                                                                            the mishaps that can happen when failing to update         as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. and difficult to find
However, since 2008, the “apartment invincibility myth”                                                                     or develop Daegu’s “Things to See and Things to Do.”       accurate information, as well. When using the world
has been quickly dissolving. Members of the lower class                                                                                                                                travel guide site ‘Lonely Planet’ (www.lonelyplanet.
are part of the increasing number of people who are                                                                         Though local governments are trying to promote             com), only four attractions are posted: Daegu
“house poor.” Due to falling apartment prices, increased                                                                    the tourism industry in the city, there has been no        National Museum, Bullo-dong Tombs, Woobang
interest loans, and the expensive rent owed to the bank,                                                                    progress due to Daegu’s insufficient efforts. Because      Tower Land, and Jagalmadang.
their lives have become burdensome. Not long ago,                                                                           of the lack of organization and promotion in the
the Korean banks raised the base interest rate by 0.25                                                                      industry’s infrastructure, Daegu is being neglected by     The Daegu-Gyeongbuk Tourist Information Center
percent. The expected further increase in future rates is                                                                   foreign tourists.                                          can be found in front of exit 5 at Dongdaegu Station.
making the realization of profit even more improbable for                                                                                                                              One can find booklets that introduce tours in these
those who are house poor.                                                                                                   If things go on like this, travel experts are concerned    areas in Japanese, Chinese, and English. However,
                                                                                                                            about missed opportunities in improving Daegu’s            pamphlets about Daegu’s famous restaurants are
In December 2005, Jusangbokhap Apartments in Beomeo-         While the real estate bubble is disappearing, many             image and reaping economical benefits expected             only in Korean with none in English. An official
dong were recorded as having Daegu’s best plot selling       economic experts predict that apartment prices will            from the recent 11th World Firefighters Games and          worker of the center explained, “Restaurants open
prices and a 95 percent contract rate. Despite the high      plummet. A professor in the Department of Real Estate at       the upcoming 2011 IAAF World Championships in              and close rapidly here, so we update the information
contract rate of this apartment complex, and the fact that   a Daegu university said, “Not only for local areas, but even   athletics.                                                 quarterly, but it looks like we haven’t updated the
the selling of lots began last December, about half of the   for Seoul’s principal “Gangnam Infallibility” region, the                                                                 English brochures quickly enough for this period.”
apartments remain empty. According to a nearby financial     trade depression is becoming long term and transaction         Foreigners desiring to visit Daegu complain that the       A similar case of lack of useful information in English
company and a real estate company, 70-80 percent of          prices are falling.” He added, “Such prospects as abnormal     unavailability of travel information in English on the     is found at the Daegu Tourist Information Center
people who have entered into contracts in this complex       apartment prices and rising interest rates are a natural       Internet and the lack of satisfactory information          inside of the Daegu International Airport, as well.
have received loans and are faced with the problem of        result. This is possibly the beginning of the bubble           even in the regional tourist centers make it difficult     Though the center has 3 workers in a space the size
bad credit. A licensed real estate firm in Beomeo-dong       collapse.”                                                     to travel in and around Daegu. Foreigners cannot           of 14 x 14m, foreigners still had difficulty finding
announced that within this complex, around half of the                                                                      fathom the thought of planning a Daegu trip without        information in English on low-cost accommodations
buildings are available for rent or lease and that the                                                                      going through a travel agent or through friends that       and local food eateries. One employee explained,
majority of people cannot get rid of their old houses.                                                                      have sufficient knowledge about Daegu.                     “Information for local hotels is in the brochure, but
                                                                                                                                                                                       for motels and cheaper lodging, we have to search
                                                                                                                            Daegu is not even registered on ‘Hostel World’             on the portal sites, one by one, too.”
                                                                                                                            (, a world hostels
                                                                                                                            accommodation search site, meaning that it is that         Yong-ho Hyun, a professor of Tourism Management
                                                                                                                            much more difficult for foreigners to find lodging         at the Catholic University of Daegu, said, “Tourism-
                                                                                                                            for themselves. Meanwhile, Hostel World has 38             related websites should be created and organized so
                                                                                                                            accommodations registered for Seoul and 12 for             that visitors can easily access useful information. It
                                                                                                                            Busan. The English website for Korea National              would also be worth it to promote Daegu on English
                                                                                                                            Tourism Organization does not bode well for Daegu,         search engines like Google since it is utilized by
                                                                                                                            either. Phone numbers for only 11 hotels and 4             people all over the world. It’s unfortunate for Daegu
                                                                                                                            motels in Daegu are listed on the KNTO website.            and its economy for the city not to do anything
                                                                                                                                                                                       about it.”

McGowanShinesinFirstGame                                                                                                 HagwonCrackdown
오리온스 멕거원, 1순위 ‘이름값’                                                                                                      ‘불법•수강료 폭리’ 度 넘은 학원
Translated by Bosun Kim                                                                                                  Translation by Bosun Kim
                                                                                                                         Edited by Whitney Way Thore
Glen McGowan was chosen as a first round draft pick
of foreign players by the Daegu Orions and his first
                                                                                                                         The English learning craze in Korea shows no signs of       which can total 800,000 won in monthly tuition fees.
game validated that decision. On October 5, 2010,
                                                                                                                         slowing down any time soon – and certainly not in           Any time more than 50 children are served a meal, it
Daegu Orions beat the Changwon LG in an extremely
                                                                                                                         Suseong-gu, the “Gangnam” of Daegu. In fact, in the         should be reported to the Office of Education, so that it
close exhibition game of 81 to 80 at Daegu Gymnasium.
                                                                                                                         last year, the number of private learning institutions,     can be verified that the meal meets current standards.
McGowan played 25 minutes and 30 seconds of the
                                                                                                                         called ‘hagwons’, has risen by 9.72 percent, considerably   However, if a hagwon is not a full-time institution, it
game and scored 24 points with 8 rebounds. McGowan
                                                                                                                         higher than the national average growth rate of 3.59        is able to skirt this regulation, resulting in its students
showed brilliant skills by scoring a 3-pointer as well as
                                                                                                                         percent. Concerned parents, who don’t want to see           being fed meals that have not been properly inspected.
making several dunks.
                                                                                                                         their children left behind, send them to hagwons in         Officials of one such hagwon said, “The tuition fee is
                                                                                                                         droves. Meanwhile, many hagwons routinely commit            not that expensive because it includes textbooks, meals,
                                                                                                                         illegal acts by charging exorbitant tuition fees for        training suits, lunchboxes, bags and so on. There’s no
EnglishCafesopenatDaeguCatholicUniversity                                                                                everything from textbooks and transportation to meals       problem at all.”
                                                                                                                         and other operating expenses, making a mockery of the
대구가톨릭대, 잉글리쉬 카페 2곳 개소 호응                                                                                                 governments private education control policy.               Experts emphasize the need for a law that restricts
                                                                                                                                                                                     hagwons from charging so many additional fees.
Translated by Ji-yeon Shin                                                                                               Some hagwons are charging students twice the monthly        Gwang-joo Lee, from the Office of Education, resolved,
                                                                                                                         amount that they reported to the Office of Education,       “From now on, through focused inspections, we will try
Last month, two English cafes opened at Daegu Catholic University; One is located within the Center of Employment and    which is a stark violation of policy; other hagwons fail    our best to fix the problems of illegal businesses and
Business, and another is in the Hall of Saint Jerome. A third café will open in the Student Union building next month.   to report accurate records of foreign employment.           excessive tuition fees.”
 The cafes are open from 9am to 5pm during the school semester and admittance is free of charge. Students can read       Another problem is private institutions playing the
English books, magazines, or newspapers. They can also watch DVDs of English movies. Light refreshments and bottled      role of daycare, some providing meals to the students,
water are also offered. Finally, conversation classes with six native instructors are available.

The cafes are already becoming popular meeting and resting areas for foreign students.

42                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 43
                  Photo News
                                                                                         28일 오후 대구 중앙로 중앙파출소 앞 광장에서 대구국제무용제 야외공연에 참가한
                                                                                         무용단이 힘차고 활발한 몸짓을 선보이고 있다. 도심 빌딩에서 내려다보니 쏟아지는
                                                                                         가을빛이 빚어낸 실루엣(그림자) 춤사위가 아름답기 그지없다. 우태욱기자 woo@msnet.

             Photos courtesy of our friends at Daegu’s Maeil Newspaper.
                                   Translated by Daniel Foster                           Last month, dancers from Daegu International Dance troupe dance vividly on an
                                                                                         outdoor stage in front of Jungang Police Station. The autumn sun shone down from
                                                                                         above, casting undoubtedly beautiful silhouettes of the dancers on the ground.

                                                                                         국제식량농업기구(FAO) 아시아•태평양지역 총회에 참석한 각국 대표자들이 유네스코
                                                                                         세계문화유산에 등재된 경주 양동마을을 29일 오전에 방문해 둘러보고 있다. 이채근기자

                                                                                         Delegates from the Asia-Pacific branch of the International Food and Agricultural
                                                                                         Organization who attended a UNESCO World Heritage conference in Gyeongju, take
                                                                                         time out to visit the city’s Yangdong Village.

     2011 대구세계육상선수권대회 성공기원 대구시민 한마음대회가 12일 오후 두류공원
     코오롱 야외음악당에서 열린 가운데 평양민속예술단의 공연이 펼쳐지고 있다.

     2011 Daegu International Aerobics Tournament hopefuls put on a show for Daegu
     citizens at the Kolon Open Air Music Hall, where a performance by the Pyeongyang
     Folk Art Troup was unfolding.

44                                                                                                                                                                           45
564돌 한글날(9일)
을 앞두고 5일 대구
결혼이민여성들이 초급반
수업을 받으며 발음 연습을
하고 있다. 정운철기자

In celebration of Hangeul
Day, immigrants who
became Korean through
marriage, take a beginners
class and practice
pronunciation at Daegu’s
Nam-gu Multicultural
Family Center.

                                                                                     프로야구 플레이오프 5차전을 앞둔 13일 오전 대구시민운동장 야구장 입구에는 열성 팬들이
                                                                                     전날부터 텐트에서 밤을 지새우는 등 좋은 자리를 차지하기 위해 진을 치고 있다.

                                                                                     On the eve of game 5 of the baseball playoffs, passionate fans camped in tents from
     ‘金배추 샀다!’                                                                       the night before in front of Daegu Citizen’s Baseball Stadium, in order to nab a good
     서울에 이어 대구에서도 할인배추 판매가 시작됐다. 대구시가 배추값 안정을 위해                                     seat for the game.
     배추 5만 포기를 도매시장 경락가격으로 일반 소비자들에게 공급한 7일 오전
     대구시청 광장에서 시민들이 배추를 손에 들고 기뻐하고 있다. 정운철기자 woon@

     Cabbage from Seoul has come to Daegu, triggering discounted cabbage sales.
     In order to stabilize cabbage prices in Daegu, 50,000 heads of cabbage were
     bought at a bulk discount price and supplied to regular consumers in front of
     Daegu’s City Hall.

46                                                                                                                                                                           47
                                                                                           another branch is just east of Exit 3 of                                                      foreigners, as of yet. Daegu has been                     Kyotong Card
                                                                                           Wolbae Station. The nearest location           Daegu has an excellent transportation          steadily improving its English services for             Transportation cards, or locally known
                                                                                           to Camp Walker and Camp Henry                  system, involving an expansive bus             its buses and you can now find bus stops                as 교통카드 (pron. Kyoh-tohng kah-
                                                                                           can be found just north of Yeungnam            system, 2 subways (with a 3rd one in           that have LCD panels that display local                 deu) are handy little plastic cards that

Survival Guide
                                                                                           University Intersection.                       development), and notoriously fast taxi        bus arrival times, in both English and                  make public transit easier and cheaper.
                                                                                                                                          drivers. However, there are a few hurdles      Korean. However, the vital information,                 You can buy kyotong cards at any
                                                                                           Using Credit Cards                             to overcome as foreigners, when using          such as on-bus stop announcements, and                  Daegu Bank, subway station ticket
                                                                                           Visa and Mastercards are accepted              these services.                                the bus stops for a bus route that are listed           kiosk that has an attendant, bus ticket
Welcome to our section on the essentials for living in Daegu. It won't                     nearly everywhere, however, it is                                                             on the sides of the buses, are all in Korean.           kiosk, or KOSA Mart. You can refill
cover everything, but it'll be a work in progress. If there's any question                 advisable to make sure you have                Street Addresses                               Until the city's transportation system                  your card at those same locations. The
that you have that is still unanswered or if you'd like to see some advice                 enough cash on hand when using taxis           Korea doesn't use street addresses as          further upgrades its English services of                benefits of using a kyotong card is that
added on a certain topic, please contact us at                       or shopping at small corner stores             you would find in Western countries.           these aspects, your best bet is to pre-plan             bus and subway fees are cheaper (950
or ask on the Wall of our Daegu Friendship Club group or our Daegu                         and street markets. As for applying            Although house numbers and regional            your bus travel, by visiting Daegu's English            won for adult on bus or subway vs
Pockets fan page on Facebook.                                                              for a Korean credit card, it is a very         addresses do exist, they are mostly used       bus route website, which can be found                   1100 without card); have transfering
                                                                                           daunting effort for a foreigner to get         for postal or delivery services. They are      by Googling 'Daegu Bus Info' or asking                  discounts (see above); and are time-
                                                                                                                                          not useful for navigating the city. So         a Korean colleague to research bus route
Money                                         you may encounter Koreans who speak
                                              clear English, but struggle to think in
                                                                                           one, unless you have a Korean co-
                                                                                           signer. It is not too difficult, however,      Koreans frequently make note of what           info on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 savers (ie. don’t need to rummage
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 for change when getting on buses or
                                              English when it comes to speaking            to get pre-paid credit cards, which            landmarks are near the destination that        The ticket price for adults is 1100 won.                subways.)
Korean money is called Won (₩). The                                                        you are unable to use once your funds          they need to get to. Once you arrive in        There are some express buses in Daegu                    
                                              about their currency. So don't be quick
current US exchange rate is $1=1,135                                                       have been depleted. Alternatively, you         Korea, one of the first things you should      that can take you to one end of the city to             Taxis
                                              to get upset if a Korean tries to tell you
Korean won. The demoninations come                                                         can inquire at KEB about their Expat           do, is ask a Korean friend to write down       the other and has less stops in between,                As one would imagine, taxis are the best
                                              a price or dollar amount in English
in coins and bills.                                                                        Card, which is a credit card that they         the whereabouts of your accommodation,         than the regular buses. The adult fee for an            way to get somewhere in a hurry or if
                                              that either seems unusually low or
 Denomination          Korean   Phonetical    high. If you are unsure, ask them to         offer for foreigners, however, they do         in Korean. Then you can show this to taxi      express bus is 1,300 won                                you are in an inconvenient or unfamiliar
                                romanizaton   write it down or input the amount in a       also have some particular eligibility          or bus drivers, in the event that you get                                                              area. Daegu taxis charge 2200 won
                                              calculator.                                  requirements.                                  lost on your way home. The directions in       Transfers                                               for the first 2 km. Then, 100 won per
      50 won coin        오십원    Oh-ship-uhn
                                                                                                                                          Korean will usually mention the nearest        You can transfer to different buses, as                 150 meters. If stopped or driving less
      100 won coin        백원      Beg-uhn
                                                                                           Using ATMs                                     notable landmark that is familiar to most      much as you like, but unless you are using              than 15km/hr, the fee is 100 won per
                                              Exchanging Money
      500 won coin       오백원    Oh-beg-uhn                                                 ATMs/Bank Machines can be found                taxi or bus drivers. Once you have been        a kyotong card (see below), you will need               36 seconds. Make note of the deluxe
                                              Currency exchange desks at airports
                                                                                           everywhere. Most of the major banks            in Daegu for a bit and are familiar with       to pay again. Transfering from one subway               taxis, they are the black ones with more
     1000 won bill        천원     Cheon-uhn    may charge more than at banks. So if
                                                                                           will have an English option in their           locations, you can begin to know where         line to another is free, regardless if you              comfortable seating. They are usually
     5000 won bill       오천원     Oh-cheon-
                                              you have a lot of money or travellers
                                                                                           ATM machine. You can also get cash             to tell taxi drivers to go. For example, to    pay cash or use a kyotong card, but if you              found in front of major hotels, and also
                                    uhn       checks to exchange, you may want to
                                                                                           withdrawals from your credit card.             get downtown, most foreigners will tell        miss your station, and have to get off at               Dongdaegu Station or the airport. Their
                                              consider waiting until you go to a bank.
     10,000 won bill      만원     Mahn-uhn                                                                                                 taxi drivers to go to Samdeok Fire Station     the next stop to cross and
                                                                                           Korean Banking Terms                           (삼덕소방서, pron. Sam-deok Soh-                    take a subway back in the
     50,000 won bill     오만원    Oh-mahn-uhn   Banking                                                                                                                                                                            English                Korean         Phonetical romanizaton
                                                                                                                                          Bahng-seo), if they want to go to the east     direction you came from,
                                              Korean banks are stable and have all              English        Korean       Phonetical                                                                                        Go left, please       좌회전하세요              jwah-hey-jeon-hah-
Note: When spoken in Korean, Won                                                                                                          downtown area and Rodeo Street (see            you will need to pay again,
                                              the excellent services that you would                                        romanizaton                                                                                                                                        say-oh
phonetically sounds like 'uhn', hence                                                                                                     our Rodeo map for more info). Or they          unless you are able to flag
                                              hope for. There are numerous banks
why we have written phonetical                                                               Account Number   계좌 번호         gyeh-jwah     will direct a taxi driver to go to Jungangno   down a subway station               Go right, please       우회전하세요               oo-hey-jeon-hah-
                                              available in Daegu, such as Kookmin                                            beon-ho                                                                                                                                          say-oh
romanization, rather than follow                                                                                                          Police Station (중앙파출소, pron.                   attendant and explain your
                                              Bank (KB), Korea Exchange Bank
Korean romanization standards.                                                                    Bank         은행           eun-haeng     Joong-ahng Pah-chool-so) or Academy            predicament. If you have          Go straight, please       직진하세요             jeek-jeen-hah-say-oh
                                              (KEB), Woori Bank, Daegu Bank,                                                              Theater (아카데미극장, pron. Ah-kah-
Furthermore, it is strongly advisable                                                                                                                                                    a kyotong card and are
                                              Nonghyup Bank, etc...English-speaking           Bank Account     계좌           gyeh-jwah                                                                                         Please let me       여기 세워주세요             yeoh-gi say-wuh-joo-
that you learn how to speak about                                                                                                         deh-mi Gook-jahng), if they want to go to      intending to transfer from              off here                                     say-oh
                                              services at these banks can be varied,           Bankbook        통장          tohng-jahng    the West side of downtown.
Korean currency denominations, as                                                                                                                                                        one bus route to another
                                              however, KEB Bank actively positions                                                                                                       bus route, keep in mind               Traffic light           신호등                 shin-ho-deung
the vast amount of Koreans who you                                                            Bank Transfer    송금          sohng-geum
                                              itself on being the preferred choice                                                        Subways                                        that you have only one
encounter will speak to you in these                                                                                                                                                                                       4-way intersection     사거리 or 네거리             sah-geo-lee/neh-
                                              for foreigners living or travelling in              Cash         현금          heun-geum                                                                                                                                         geo-lee
terms. As soon as you are finished                                                                                                        Daegu has two subway lines with stations       hour to use that transfer
                                              Korea. Many foreigners find that KEB               Check         수표            soo-pyoh     that are conveniently situated throughout      from the time of boarding
learning the Korean alphabet (see our
                                              most consistently has English-speakers                                                      the city. You can find our Daegu Subway        the original bus. You don't need to swipe
Hangeul page) and you have learned                                                             Credit Card    신용카드         sheen-yohng-
                                              working at their branches, as well as                                                                                                                                                              fees start at 4000 won.
some basic phrases (see our Korean                                                                                           kah-deu      Map on the first page of our Daegu Map         your card as you exit the first bus, but
                                              having excellent phone and internet                                                                                                                                                                 Interpretation Services
Language page), ask a Korean friend                                                             Deposit        입금           eep-geum      Guide. The ticket price for adults is 1100     when you swipe the card on the next bus,
                                              banking options in English. KEB has                                                         won, however, discounts are available,                                                                 If you are ever lost or in a confusing
to practice with you about discussing                                                                                                                                                    the system will make note of the time and
                                              8 locations in Daegu. Notable ones                 Money           돈            dohn        if you use a kyotong card (read further                                                                situation and experiencing some
Korean money. Also, when discussing                                                                                                                                                      charge you again, if you are past the 1 hour
                                              include their location near Exit 4 of             Password      비밀 번호         bee-meel      below).                                        transfer period. You also cannot use your               language barriers, call the free
larger denominations, Koreans think in
                                              Jungangno Station (walk back towards                                          beon-ho                                                      kyotong card to freely transfer from one                telephone interpretation service called
terms of divisibles of 10,000 won. For
                                              the big intersection); a location in                                                        Buses                                          bus to another, that is on the same bus                 BBB Korea, at 1588-5644. They will
example, when we think of 2 million                                                           Wire Transfer    이체            ee-cheh
                                              the center shopping concourse of                                                            The good news is that buses are                route (ie., if you get on the bus to go to              interpret while you pass the phone back
won (roughly $1750), Koreans think
                                              Banwoldang Station; another location             Withdrawal      출금          chool-geum     everywhere and are usually very prompt.        quickly buy some groceries and take the                 and forth between you and the Korean
of it as being two hundred 10,000 won
                                              can be found north of Exit 8 of                                                                                                                                                                    who you are trying to communicate
(이백만원, ee-beg-mahn-uhn). So
                                              Seongseo Industrial Complex Station;         Transportation                                 The bad news is that the bus system is
                                                                                                                                          not very navigatable for English-speaking
                                                                                                                                                                                         same bus route back home.). Your card
                                                                                                                                                                                         will be charged again, in those cases.                  with.
48                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           49
                                                                                                                                                                                         Survival Korean
                                             Hangeul Overview
                                             한글은 한국어의 고유문자입니다.
                                             Hangeul is the native alphabet of the Korean language.                                                  Hello - 안녕하세요 (pron. Ahn-young-hah-say-o).                            I don’t understand - 모르겠습니다. (pron. Moh-lah-
                                             Warning: This Hangeul study chart has been purposely designed with the intention of you studying        Fluently, this will sound like ‘Ahn-yaw-say-oooh’,                    guess-seub-nee-dah)
                                             with a Korean partner, in order to master the structure and phonetics properly. Otherwise, the chart    when spoken quickly.                                                  Are you OK?Is it OK? - 괜찮아요? (pron. Gwen-
                                             may look confusing and daunting, if you don't have a Korean to assist you and you are studying by       Goodbye - 잘가세요 (pron. Jahl-gah-say-oh).                               chahn-ah-yoh?)
                                             yourself. Please check out our Facebook group, 'Daegu Friendship Club', for more info on our language
                                             exchanges and how you can meet Korean study partners to help you.                                       Goodbye (if leaving a business, store, restaurant,                    I’m OK/It’s OK - 괜찮아요. (pron. Gwen-chahn-ah-
                                                                                                                                                     etc…)                                                                 yoh)
                                                                                                                                                     수고하세요 (pron. Soo-go-hah-say-oh). This is                              Do you have _____? - ____ 있어요? (pron. ____ iss-
 “Jamo” ( 자모 ) are the letters that make up the Hangeul alphabet. The name “jamo” comes from the words “jaeum” (consonant)
                                                                                                                                                     similar to saying ‘keep up the good work!’.                           aw-yo?)
 and “moeum” (vowel).                                                                                                                                Nice to meet you – 반갑습니다. (pron. Bahn-gahp-                           I have _____ - 있어요. (pron. ____ iss-aw-yo)
                                                                                                                                                     seum-nee-dah)                                                         Could you please give me _____? – 주세요 (pron. ____
 In a syllable with a final ( 받침 ; batchim), the jaeum and moeum are written in the top of the block, and the final is placed below them.            Yes (formal) – 네 (pron. Neh) (Note: When in doubt,                    Joo-say-yo)
 In some cases, a syllable will contain two finals, where the two characters are next to each other.                                                 use this one)                                                         Could you please (do) ______? - _____ 해주세요.
                                                                                                                                                     Yes (informal) – 예 (pron. Yeh)                                        (pron. ____ Hay-joo-say-yo)
                                                                                                                                                     Yes (casual) – 응 (pron. Eung)                                         Where is the washroom? - 화장실은 어디에 있어요?

     자음Jaeum                                       모음 Moeum                                              받침Batchim
                                                                                                                                                     No (formal) – 아닙니다 (pron. Ahn-eeb-nee-dah)                            (pron. Hwah-jahng-shil-eun aw-dee-ay iss-aw-
                                                                                                                                                     (Note: When in doubt, use this one)                                   yo?)
                                                                                                                                                     No (informal) – 아니오 (pron. Ahn-ee-oh)                                 Where is ______? - ______ 어디에 있어요? (pron. aw-
                                                                                                                                                     No (casual) – 아니야 (pron. Ah-nee-ya)                                   dee-ay iss-aw-yo?)
                                                                                                                                                       Classroom Korean
                                                                                                                                                        English                                         Korean                               Phonetical Romanization
                                                                                                                                                        Are you ready?                                  준비했어요?                               Joon-bee-hess-ah-yo?
                                                                                                                                   l                    Be quiet, please.                               조용히 하세요.                             Joe-yong-hee Haw-say-yo.
                                                                                                                                                        Please don’t be noisy.                          시끄럽게 하지 마세요.                         She-keu-lup-gye Hah-jee-mah-say-yo.
                                                                                                                                                        Calm down, please.                              진정 하세요.                              Jeen-jeong Haw-say-yo.
                                                                                                                                                        Don’t do that!                                  하지마세요!                               Hah-jee-mah-say-yo!
                                                                                                                                                        Stand up, please.                               일어서 주세요.                             Eel-eo-seo Joo-say-yo
                                                                                                                                                        Sit up straight.                                똑바로 앉아 주세요.                          Ddohk-bah-lo Ahn-ah Joo-say-yo.
                                                                                                                                                        Face the front, please!                         앞쪽을 보세요.                             Ahp-jjoak-eul Bow-say-yo!
                                                                                ^                                                                       Look over here.                                 여기를 보세요.                             Yeogi-leul Bow-say-yo!
                                                                                                                                                        Repeat after me.                                따라 하세요                               Ddah-lah Haw-say-yo!
                                             ^                                                                                                          Write it on the board, please.                  칠판에 써 보세요.                           Cheel-Pahn-eh Sseo Bow-say-yo!
                                                                                                                                                        Open your books                                 책 펴세요                                Chek Pyeo-say-yo!
                                                                                                                                                        Close your books                                책 덮으세요                               Chek Deop-eu-say-yo!
                                                                                                               The Actual Sounds of Batchim
                                             ^                                                                                                          Please wait.                                    기다리세요.                               Kee-dah-lee-say-yo.
                                                                                                        ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅇ                                         Please don't run!                               뛰지 마세요.                              Twui-jee-mah-say-yo.

                                                 *Marked vowels are used in the 2nd placement.
                                                                                                        g n d l m b ng                                  Don't fight!
                                                                                                                                                        Come here, please!
                                                                                                                                                                                                        이리 오세요.
                                                 ^Marked vowels are used in the 3rd placement.
                                                                                                               Batchim only contains 7 actual           What's this in English?                         이것은 영어로 뭐예요?                         Ee-gaws-eun Yeong-eo-lo Moh-yeh-yo?
                                                 Other vowels are used in the 1st placement.
                                                                                                               sounds: the written form of each         Don’t speak Korean                              한국말 하지마 마세요!                         Hangoog-mahl Haw-jee-mah-say-yo!
                                                                                                               depends on the written context.

                                                                                                                                                     Useful Sites
                                                                                                                                                     •                                              • Lets Speak Korean Series (Youtube search: let's speak Korean)
     구조 The Placement                                                                                                                                • (Google:                   •
                                                                                                                                                     Declan Korean)
                                                                               JA                                               JA M
                        JA MO
                                                                               MO*                                              MO^ O^
                                                                                                                                                     Learning Korean in Daegu
                        BA BA                                               BA       BA                                        BA       BA
                                                                                                                                                     • Search for ‘Daegu Language Exchange’ group on Facebook and          • Search for ‘korean language program KNU’ to learn more about
                                                                                                                                                     join one of our events.                                               the Korean classes at Kyungpook National University
                                                                                                                                                     • Search for ‘Galbijim Daegu YMCA’ to learn more about the            • Visit for more
                                                                                                                                                     Korean classes at YMCA.                                               info about Korean classes at Keimyung University.
                                                                                                                                                     • Search for ‘daegu university korean language’ to learn more about
                                                                                                                                                     the Korean classes at Daegu University.
                    Batchim is not always necessary. and It may be written only once like in the 2nd example of each placement.

50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      51
          65        54   66        64





               66             67

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                English Movies in Daegu
     Please refer to movie maps opposing page for directions to below listings. Note: We make no guarantee about the availability
     of these current or upcoming movies at any of the listed theaters. These listings are current, as of Oct.30

     Current Movies

          Playing at Lotte Theaters, CGV Theaters,   Playing at Lotte Theaters (except Yulha),       Playing at Lotte Theaters (except
          Spectrum Megabox, and Primus               CGV Theaters, MMC, and Primus                   Dongseongno and Seongseo)

     upcoming movies

                                                         Playing at Lotte Theaters (except         Playing at Lotte Theaters (except Yulha),
                                                         Dongseongno), CGV Theaters, CINUS         CGV Theaters, CINUS Chilgok, Hanil
                                                         Chilgok, Hanil Theater, Spectrum          Theater, Spectrum Megabox, MMC,
                                                         Megabox, MMC, and Primus                  and Primus

                   Red 11.04
                                                                                                 Upcoming New Releases
                                                                                                           in November
                                                                                                 Red 11.04
                                                                                                 Devil 11.04
                                                                                                 Unstoppable 11.11
                                                                                                 The Social Network 11.18
                                                                                                 The American 11.18
                                                                                                 Let Me In 11.18
                                                                                                 Skyline 11.25
                                                                                                 Due Date 11.25

      The Social Network 11.18                            Due Date 11.25

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 November Events

    Keimyung Art Center
    2010-10-21 ~ 2011-01-02                                                              2010-11-4 ~ 2010-11-06                                                                       Daegu Exco

If you have any Daegu events that you’d like to announce in our   Note: The last date to submit your event for the next monthly edition will
    magazine, please email us at           be the 20th of every month. We will then print and and begin magazine
 대구에서 열리는 이벤트를 저희 잡지에 싣고 싶으시다면                                    distribution of the next edition, in the final week of the month, so please 로 문의 주세요.                                                   submit your events early.

 저희와 협력하기를 원하시거나 다른 지역에서 도움을 주기를 원하시면 info@daegupockets.com로 메일을 보내주세요.
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             Learning Korean through                                                                               숨은 그림 찾기 by 자우림 (Jaurim)
                the music of Jaurim Written by David Macleod
A great way to learn the Korean language is through studying Korean music. The harmonies and
repetitive choruses will enable vocab to stick a lot more easily than standard memorization. You can
also follow along with the accompanying Korean music videos on YouTube and not to mention, the
great chances for practice in noraebangs!                                                              그래 모두 돌아가고 싶은 그때로                               That’s right, to the time that everybody wants to return
                                                                                                       길던 하루해 작은 선물상자 따스하던 엄마의 품                       to...
We have chosen to study along with the Korean alternative band, Jaurim (자우림), led by the vocals        학교가는 길, 작은 구멍가게 재미있던 소꼽놀이                       Long days, small treasure boxes, mom’s warm lap/breast
of the “Queen of Korean alt-rock”, Kim Yoona. Jaurim has a popular sound amongst foreigners, due to    다시 볼 수 없을 그리운 친구들 하지만 이런게                       the road to school, small hidden stores, playing house
                                                                                                       다일까, 그럴까                                        Dear friends that you’ll never see again, but is that all? Is
the band’s western musical influences, such as Bjork, Joni Mitchell, Garbage, and Lenny Kravitz.
                                                                                                       전쟁놀이 하던 날 내가 던진 돌에 맞아서 울던                       that right?
                                                                                                       그 친구, 피가 흘렀던 이마                                 The day we played war, the friend who got hit by the
The song that we have chosen for this month is ‘Looking for the Hidden Picture’ (숨은 그림 찾기)                                                             rock I threw and cried, the blood on his forehead
and is another of their older hits. You can find the accompanying video by searching ‘자우림 숨은           병원놀이 하자고 우릴 옥상으로 불러내 묘한눈
                                                                                                                                                       When you called us up to the roof to play hospital, the
그림 찾기’ on Naver.                                                                                       빛으로 우릴 바라보던 그 오빠
                                                                                                                                                       guy who gave us that strange look
                                                                                                       지루한 하루 원치 않은 선물 무서웠던 아빠의                        Boring days, presents you didn’t want. dad’s scary whip
                                                                                                       매                                               Those hateful people you didn’t want to see anymore,

돌아가다-Return, go home.                                                                                  다신 보기 싫은 미웠던 사람들 하지만 아무말                        but you couldn’t say anything, right?
길다-Long.                                                                                               못했지, 그랬지                                        The day you lied, when you were nervous because
                                                                                                       거짓말을 했던 날, 들킬까봐 마음 졸이며 뒤척                       you might get found out, spending nights awake, your
                                                                                                       이던 밤 두근거리던 마음                                   thumping heart
따스하다-Warm, soft.
                                                                                                       아빠 엄마 싸운날 동생하고 둘이 손잡고 무서워                       The day mom and dad got into a fight, holding hands
                                                                                                       울었던 기억하고 싶지 않은 그날밤                              with your younger sibling, that night you don’t want to
                                                                                                                                                       remember when you got scared and cried...
가게-Store. Adding 구멍 to가게 means a
store that is slightly hidden, or not well
재미-Interest. 재미 있다 means interesting,
                                                                                                        Grammar                                       Were this a full sentence it might look like:
                                                                                                                                                      어제 친구가 병원놀이(를) 하자고 그랬어/
재미 없다 means boring.                                                                                     1. This song has many excellent examples      말했어. Yesterday my friend said let’s play
소 꼽놀이- Playing house. The dictionary                                                                    of using nouns at the end of the sentence.    hospital.
claims that this word is written 소꿉놀이,                                                                  These are the equivalent of the English ‘he
                                                                                                        (somebody) who (somethinged) the (noun),      3. 보기 싫은-Something somebody doesn’t
which was backed up by a few friends I
                                                                                                        as in: The man who drank the coffee, the      want to see. Putting a -기 싫다 after a verb
know, so either Jaurim has written it wrong                                                                                                           implies that the person doesn’t want to do
                                                                                                        river that leads down south, the floor that
or there is another spelling for it.                                                                                                                  the action. The opposite is -기 좋은. E.g.
                                                                                                        used to be made of wood, etc.
친구-Friend.                                                                                              For example, 학교가는 길-The road that             먹기 싫은 걸 안 먹어도 돼. You don’t have to
다-All.                                                                                                  goes to school. If one were to reverse the    eat what you don’t want to. Note: 걸=것을.
전쟁-War.                                                                                                 order it would become 길이 학교에 가다-              하기 싫은 일 Something you hate to do
던지다-Throw.                                                                                              The road goes to school. By taking the verb   하기 좋은 일 Something you like to do
맞 다-In this case 맞다 means to be hit                                                                     and replacing 다 with 는, or 은/던, we can        읽기 좋은 책 A book you like to read
by something. 맞다 also means to be                                                                       join verbs to nouns in this way.              읽기 싫은 책 A book you hate to read
correct. 아, 맞다. 맞아, 맞아. 네, 맞아요. are                원치않은-Not wanted. A negative form of 원하다,             2. 학교가는 길(The road that goes to               4. The above sentences can be turned into:
all varying ways of saying ‘that’s right/          to want something.                                                                                 이런 일을 하기 싫어! I hate doing this kind of
correct.’                                          매-Whip, strap.                                                                                     work!
                                                                                                        학교간 길(The road that went to school),
피-Blood.                                           들키다-To be found out, to be caught in the act         학교가던 길(The road that went to school -         이런 일을 하기 좋아! I like doing this kind of
흘리다-To flow.                                       of doing something.                                  further in the past).                         work!
이마-Forehead.                                                                                            병원놀이 하자고-somebody says let’s play             이 책을 읽기 좋아! I like reading this book!
                                                   뒤척이다 - To be all pent up
병원-Hospital.                                                                                            hospital. 하자 means let’s do, and 고 is used    이 책을 읽기 싫어! I hate reading this book!
                                                   두근거리다-To make a thumping noise. 두근두근
옥상-Roof.                                                                                                when quoting something a person has said.
                                                   is the sound of a thumping heart.
불러내다-Call over (a friend or somebody).             싸우다-To fight, argue.
묘하다-Strange, odd.                                  동생-Younger sibling.
바라보다-To gaze or stare at.                          기억하다-To remember.
     More               N at u r a l H e a l i n g Wi t h
                          Oriental Medicine
Written by Alicia Hartgrove

Similar to the smartphone user
phrase “there’s an app for that,”
Oriental medicine doctors could
say “there’s a herb for that.”
Oriental medicine doctors use
hundreds of different kinds of
herbs to make various medicinal
mixtures to treat everything
from body aches and pains, to
illnesses, and even problems with
sexual stamina.

According to my doctor in                                                                                          I visited Yeongcheon last month with friends (left to right) Sergio Zuluaga, Tiffany Kerr, Raydene Crawford,
                                                                                                                   and Jeannie Mueller, for their annual Herbal Medicine Festival. There, we smelled rows of fresh, dried herbs and
Beomeo, Dr. Chunsik Park,
                                                                                                                   tasted herbal medicine liquids.
herbal medicine is the most
effective form of Oriental
medicine treatment. It’s also the                                                                                  Stacey is no stranger to the            bones, and joints.                    Deer velvet is removed while the
most expensive - 350,000 won         takes herbal medicine twice a day.     six months but did not have any        practices of Oriental medicine;                                               deer is under local anesthetic.
for a 30-day supply (60 individual                                          success. Lee hates drinking the        he went to Chinese and European         Dr. Park said he mixes deer antlers   The cut antlers are then bathed
pouches with about 1 cup of          “I started going because my            herbal medicine because of its         herbalists back home in Great           with other herbs to make the          in boiling water, air dried, and
medicine, in each).                  mother suggested it; it’s just         bitter taste but the herbal medicine   Britain. Stacey said he’s been          medicine stronger, but he only        further dried in the shade or by
Jamie Lee has been going to an       tradition to see a herb doctor,” she   is helping, she said.                  using herbal medicines to treat         uses a small amount because it is     low temperature baking. The dried
Oriental medicine doctor for         said.                                                                         everything from a cold to broken        so expensive. He said that one 80g    antlers are cut into thin flakes and
the last three months to treat her                                          Other Westerners have started          bones, for his entire life.             box of deer antler flakes ranges      packaged for exporting.
runny and stuffy nose. Lee gets      She sought treatment from an           treatment with Dr. Chunsik                                                     from 300,000 to 600,000 won,
acupuncture twice a week and         ENT doctor earlier this year for       Park. Among them is English            “It’s not like I’m paying for some      depending on the deer quality.
                                                                            teacher, Luke Stacey. Stacey           wonder drug that will sort out          The quality is based on the species   The Director at the Institute
                                                                            started treatment with Dr. Park        my skin condition – it’s a holistic     and what farm the deer were           for Traditional Medicine in
                                                                            last month for his skin problem.       treatment that will improve my          raised on. The major deer farming     Portland, Oregon, Dr. Subhuti
                                                                            He is receiving the same kind          overall well-being and restore my       countries are New Zealand, China,     Dharmananda, wrote an article
                                                                            of treatment from Dr. Park that        body’s natural balance,” said Stacey.   and Russia. Korea is the biggest      that said, together (with other
                                                                            I am, because, according to            Stacey also added that his skin is      consumer of deer antler. ¬Dr.         herbs) “the formula replenishes
                                                                            Oriental medicine, the root of all     improving daily.                        Park said that, while the majority    yin and essence, tonifies qi, and
                                                                            pain or problems is the stomach.                                               of deer antlers are imported from     strengthens yang.” In layman’s
                                                                            Along with weekly acupuncture,         Neither Stacey nor Lee have             New Zealand, the most expensive       terms, the usage of deer antlers
                                                                            therapeutic massage, and a warm        any idea what herbs are in their        come from Russia.                     improves your general health by
                                                                            salt compress on his stomach,          medicine, but almost all herbal                                               keeping your inner body balanced.
                                                                            Stacey is also taking herbal           medicines have a combination of         The main particle collected at the
                                                                            medicine to treat his dry, pimply      ginseng and deer antlers in them.       deer farms is called velvet. The
                                                                            skin.                                  The ginseng root improves overall       term comes from the fine hairs
                                                                                                                   well-being, while the particles in      on the antler before the antlers
                                                                                                                   deer antlers nourish the blood,         naturally fall off and grow back.
                        Herbal Medicine Festival in Yeongcheon
74                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    75
     Daegu’s Subway
                                                                                                                     Songhyeon                                                                                          a foothill
                                                                                                                     Station:                                                                                           named
                                                                                                                     There used                                                                                         Kindeung-
                                                                                                                     to be a hill                                                                                       gol, which .
                                                                                                                     of pine                                                                                            Few people

     History - Line 1
                                                                                                                     trees, which                                                                                       lived there
                                                                                                                     was called                                                                                         200 years ago,
                                                                                                                     Songhyeon.                                                                                         and people
                                                                                                                     There were                                                                                         were afraid
                                                                                                                     lots of pine                                                                                       of passing
Translated by: Soojeong Kim and
               Hyeyoung Shin
                                        This is a 2 part feature on the history and culture                          trees around                                                                                       by, because
Proofread by: Michelle Van Balkom-Nicholson         surrounding Daegu’s subway stations.                             there and                                                                                          foxes tended
                                                                                                                     there was a                                                                                        to congegrate
     Daegu’s first subway line was completed in November 1997, stretching from                                       lake named                                                                                         amongst the
     Jincheon Station to Jungangno Station. The rest of Line 1 was completed by                                      Songhyeon-Ji                                                                                       pine trees on
     the following summer, and the extension to Daegok was completed by 2002.                                        which was                                                                                          the hill.
     But the history of the subway goes much deeper and much older.                                                  located at the
                                                                                                                     current site
                                                                                                                     of Songhyeon                                                                                         Kyodae
Daegok Station: This area used to       after a nearby pond, which was       Sangin Station: In 1914, the two        Girls High                                                                                           Station: The
be called ‘Hanshil’, which means        found to have Chinese juniper        neighborhoods of Chejeongd-ong          School and                            moved near Mt. Daeduksan and                                   name of this
“big village”, but later changed into   roots growing aroun it.              and Bonri-dong were combined            Girls Middle School.                  named the place ‘Daemyeong’ after      station comes from Daegu National
‘Daegok’, which means “big village                                           and renamed Sangin-dong. The                                                  the Ming Dynasty.                      University of Education, which is
in a deep valley”.                      Wolbae Station: The area means       name Sangin came from a local                                                                                        located nearby. A long time ago,
                                        “behind the moon”, because this      village, at the time, called ‘Sangin-   Seongdangmot Station: There                                                  there was a huge local pond called
                                        area is near the southern part of    ri’.                                    are two origins of the name           Anjirang Station: Anjirang was         Yeongsun Lake, which was made
                                                                                                                     ‘Seongdangmot’. One is that a         where King Wang-gun of Goryeo          by an officer in the Joseon Dynasty.
                                                                                                                     foothill in this area looked like     Dynasty rested for a while             One day, he met a strange man
                                                                                                                     a dragon flying from a pond to        after having overcome General          who came to him and told him to
                                                                                                                     heaven, which is a sign of good       Gyeonhueon. People described           dig a pond. He followed the man’s
                                                                                                                     luck. The other originates from       this area as a good place to sit and   instructions and used the pond to
                                                                                                                     the Catholic Church (in Korean,       enjoy nature. Special water from       supply water to fields as well as to
                                                                                                                     a Catholic Church is called           Anjirang Valley was a good remedy      control flooding. The pond was
                                                                                                                     ‘Seongdang’) that was once in this    for skin troubles such as prickly      later filled with earth and became
                                                                                                                     area. It was demolished by Japanese   heat or boils on the face.             Yeongsun Market.
                                                                                                                     police, because it was used in the
                                                                                                                     independence movement against
                                                                                                                     Japan’s colonization of Korea.        Hyeonchungro Station: This             Myeongdeok Station: The station
                                                                                                                                                           station is named after the             was named after Myeongdeok
                                                                                                                                                           2.68-kilometer road that runs from     Intersection. In 1961, a memorial
                                                                                                                     Daemyeong Station: The name           Keimyung Intersection to the           to the April 19 Revolution and the
                                                                                                                     of this station originated from       entrance of Hyeonchung-tap (a          February 28 Movement was built
                                                                                                                     General Dusachung of the Ming         memorial monument) near Apsan          from citizen’s donations, next to
                                                                                                                     Dynasty, who came to Korea as         Beltway. Hyeonchung-tap was            the intersection. It has two pillars
                                                                                                                     one of the reinforcements during      originally located by Suseong Lake,    which represent a young male and
                                                                                                                     the Japanese invasion in 1592.        and was moved to the current site      female. One pillar is 1/3 of a meter
                                                                                                                     After the war was over, he returned   in 1971.                               tall and the other is 2.3 meters
                                                                                                                     to his country, but soon came back                                           tall. After the vice-president was
                                                                                                                     to Korea when Japan attacked                                                 illegally elected, 700 Gyeongbuk
Jincheon Station: This area used        Mt. Daeduksan. In that southern      Wolchon Station: Wolchon means          the peninsula again, defeating        Yeungnam University Hospital           High School students protested.
to be called ‘Obaek’ (lit. five         region of the mountain, there is a   “moon village” in English. It got       the Japanese soldiers once more.      Station: The name of this station      From then on, the movement grew
hundred), because there were only       valley which translates into ‘Moon   its name after General Jeongryak        Finally, he became a Korean           comes from Yeungnam University         and later turned into the April 19
about 500 households here, several      Valley’.                             returned to his hometown here,          citizen and was awarded a home        Hospital, which is one of the          Revolution.
centuries ago. The name evolved                                              after escaping from an attack in        near downtown’s Gyeongsang-           biggest hospitals in Daegu and
into Obok and then Obokchon.                                                 1411. During his escape, the full       Gamyoung Park for his service.        Gyeongbuk Province. Before
The name finally became Jincheon                                             moon’s light lead him home.             Living in Korea, he couldn’t help     the hospital was built, there was      Banwoldang Station: The origin
76                                                                                                                   but miss his family in China, so he                                          of the name is from Banwoldang    77
                                                                                                                          and orchards were placed there,
                                                                                Dongcheon Station: During the             instead.
                                                                                Shilla Dynasty, this area was called
                                                                                Haeandong-cheon because of
                                                                                its location in the eastern part of       Singi Station: This area was a main
                                                                                Haean-hyeon (‘dong’ means ‘east’).        route to Seoul and there was a
                                                                                In 1917, it changed its name into         village inn where people stayed and
                                                                                Dongcheon-myeon and became a              rested. The village developed when
                                                                                part of the territory of Daegu.           a growing number of people started
                                                                                                                          farming. The place later got the
                                                                                                                          name ‘Singi-dong’.
                                                                                Haean Station: In the Shilla
                                                                                Dynasty, King Wang-gun lost
                                                                                the Battle of Gongsan to General          Banyawol Station: King Wang-
                                                                                Gyeonhueon. Running away from             gun was attacked by soldiers of
Intersection, which is well-known      named each rock after his sons and       him, he met General Shin Soong-           General Kyeonhueon during the
to Daegu citizens. Banwoldang          made a wish of good luck.                keom, and escaped with his help.          Battle of Gongsan during the Shilla
was originally a name of an area                                                This area was where he recovered.         Dynasty. Running away from them,
in Duksan-dong, and the first                                                   Haean was the name of this area, at       the moon lit his way, so he named
department store in Daegu, built       Shincheon Station: Shincheon is          that time.                                the place Banyawol (‘Wol’ means
50 years ago.                          the name of a river flowing through                                                ‘moon’).
                                       the center of Daegu. In 1778, a
                                       local judge, Lee Seo, constructed        Bangcheon Station: Near this area
Jungangno Station: Jungangno is        a riverbank and changed the flow         was a river, so the area was called       Gaksan Station: This place used to
the name of the road running from      of the river and gave it its current     Bangcheon (‘cheon’ means stream           be called Sobawu or Wuam-gok,
Daegu Station through Jungang          name of Shincheon. This station is       or small river), because it means         because of a cowhorn-shaped rock
Intersection to Banwoldang.            placed in Shincheon-dong, which          a good place to live with enough          (‘Wu’ means ‘cow’ in Chinese
Jungangno means “center” and           is by the stream.                        water and fertile soil.                   characters). In 1907, Governor
this station is at the center of                                                                                          Song Heon-myeon changed its
Daegu. The historically important                                                                                         name into Gaksan-dong (‘Gak’
Gyeongsang-Gamyeong Park is            Dongdaegu Station: This station is       Yonggye Station: This area used           means ‘horn’ and ‘San’ means
near here.                             close to Dongdaegu Train Station         to be called Gooyeong-gok and             ‘mountain’).
                                       (lit. East Daegu Station), which         changed to Yonggye-dong for the
                                       was built in 1969. In this area, there   large hill near the back of the village
Daegu Station: Daegu Station is        were lots of rocks, so a village here    that reminded some of a dragon,           Ansim Station: Ansim was a
also a train station near here. The    was called Shinam-dong ( ‘Shin’          and also had a small river running        place where King Wang-gun
train station was built in 1904        is from ‘Shincheon’, and ‘am’ is         through the town (‘Yong’ means            and his soldiers rested after
while the Gyeongbu Rail Line was       derived from a variation of ‘rock’).     ‘dragon’ and ‘gye’ is another word        having an intense fight during
in construction. It was close to the                                            for ‘stream’). Another explanation        the Battle of Gongsan with
northern gate of Daegu Castle,                                                  for the origin of its name is from        General Kyeonhueon. In Chinese
which was demolished in 1906, so       Keungogae Station: This station’s        two villages: Gooyong-ri and              characters, ‘ansim’ means ‘rest’.
it is remembered as the first place    name came from the nearby                Keumgye-ri, which were formed
where commerce developed in the        Keungogae five-way intersection.         after the Japanese Invasion in the
city.                                  In front of Ayang Elementary             16th century. In Gooyong-ri lived
                                       School, there is a small hill, which     nine prime ministers (‘Goo’ means
                                       eventually connects to a big hill        ‘nine’), and Keumgye-ri had a
Chilseong Station: This station is     (Keungogae means ‘big hill’). In         legend of gold having been found
in Chilseong-dong, whose name          the past, it was a main way for          in a local stream, so Yong from the
comes from Chilseong-bawi              people to pass through to sell           former and Gye from the latter, are
(rock). In 1795, the governor,         firewood.                                said to be combined to make the
Lee Tae-yeong, of Gyeongsang                                                    name of this area.
Province saw a great bear falling
from the sky, in his dream. He         Ayanggyo Station: Ayang is a
thought it was strange and later       combination of Chinese characters         Yulha Station: This area used to
found the place that he saw in his     which mean Palgongsan Mountain           called Banggye-dong, but changed
dream. There, he found seven big       and a river.                             into Yulha-dong due to its chestnut
rocks on the ground like a bear. He
 78                                                                             trees. Later, they were all cut down                                            79
                                          September 30th was the date that launched the 2010 Daegu Photo Biennale, one of the largest photo exhibitions

Daegu Photo Biennale 2010                 in Asia. Photo enthusiasts and general audience alike were in for a treat with the hundreds of photographic delights
                                          lining the walls of the Daegu Culture and Arts Center.

    CaPtures the town                     The Biennale was titled “tru(E)motion”, alluding to the themes of true emotion and true motion as well as
                                          highlighting the subjects of ecology and the environment referenced by the (E). The exhibition featured work from
                                          over 240 photographers from 22 Asian and European countries. It provided an excellent opportunity for locals to
                  Written by Annie Hong
                                          be exposed to work from international artists, especially those from European countries.

                                          The Biennale consisted of six different exhibitions to browse through, including a gallery from the famous Finnish
                                          Helsinki School and the 2008 Best Portfolio Exhibition, displaying work from seven selected artists from the
                                          previous portfolio review session. With each photograph as mesmerizing as the previous, one could be lost in the
                                          center for hours.

                                          Collectively, the artists broke the conventional molds of photography and let the onlooker enter into a realm of
                                          fantasy and emotion captured by the lens. The Biennale displayed a wide range of photography styles to curb any
                                          and all of the photo connoisseur’s cravings. One can stand captivated in front of an Asian interpretation of Sleeping
                                          Beauty or fall into the deep, dark eyes of a woman in some far-off exotic location.

                                          Holding true to its title, the Biennale offered emotion-enriched displays of creativity, oftentimes providing a
                                          stylized view on globalization, industrialization,
                                          and humanity’s role in the environment. Wang
                                          Qingsong from China uses photography as
                                          an outlet to describe his opinions on how
                                          westernization is rapidly changing mainstream
                                          China in an unprecedented manner. He
                                          combines images reminiscent of traditional
                                          China with clearly westernized themes to make
                                          for a remarkable set of photos. Sohei Nishino
                                          from Japan incorporates the use of smaller
                                          photos affixed together to collaborate into large
                                          mesmerizing pictures of bustling cities.

                                          Watch our event calendar for more upcoming
                                          photo and art events in Daegu!

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