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TO:          Anna Brown, Professor

FROM:        Jamie Wichmann

DATE:        November 6, 2012

SUBJECT:     Introduction of Jamie Wichmann

I would like to take few minutes of your time to introduce myself, give you some information

on my education, work experience, community involvement and my writing experience. I hope

that this information will help you understand where I started and where I hope to end in my

college career and my plans for the future.


I have lived in Northern Kentucky my entire life. I graduated from Dixie Heights High School in

May 1997. I took some time off after graduation and realized that in order to make a life for

the family I was beginning, I needed to continue my education and develop some type of

skills. In October 2008 I enrolled at the Kentucky Career Institute (this is known as Beckfield

College) in the Paralegal Studies Program. I obtained my Associates Degree in Paralegal

Studies in July 2000. I graduated with a 3.6 grade point average as well as having a position

in a law firm. I have tried a couple of times over the years to obtain my Bachelor Degree, but

the timing was off. I was a single mother and worked full time so school was not an option. I

decided after having my second child in 2009 that it was time to get it together and return to

school. It took some time, but I am here. My goals as far as education are to graduate. I want

to learn as much as possible so that when I do graduate I will have well rounded information

to help me advance in whatever career field I decide to go for. I have been pretty fortunate to

have team members with goals that are similar to mine and we work well together. I have also

been fortunate enough to work hard and keep my grades between the A and B range. This is
a goal for me, but some classes are harder than others. Some classes are also not interesting

to me and I do what I have to so I can get through and move on. I know its bad, but not

everything in this course has been exciting or even informational. Some things I have

experience with, others not so much.

Work Experience

As you can guess from my earlier statement, I have worked in the legal field since 1999. I

have always worked as a legal assistant/legal secretary. This just means that I do the legal

work as well as the administrative work. In the time I have worked full time I have worked for 5

law firms, including the one where I work now. I started out working downtown doing

Bankruptcy work. As you can imagine, this is heavy work, there are a lot of documents and

forms that have to be organized to set up a bankruptcy. I was also responsible for scheduling

appointments, meeting with clients, court filings, mail, phone calls, and preparing general

letters or documents. I worked for two attorneys and I was the only legal assistant with this

firm. I burned out quickly.

From there I went to work for a medical malpractice firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. I loved this job.

The caseload was light and the firm only took cases that were a sure thing. I learned how to

read and summarize medical records, prepare for trial and do dictation. I know it sounds

boring, but this was an interesting position and I had the opportunity to meet different people.

I learned a lot and this experience has helped shape what I have done since then. I worked

for this firm from 2003 to 2008. I left there after I found out I was pregnant with my second

child. I started having issues and it was too much on my employer as well as my health to

continue working downtown.

After my child was born, I went to work for Target. This lasted for only four months and it was

through the holidays. Never again will I work retail between Thanksgiving and Christmas! It

was crazy. I then went to work for a small law firm in Crescent Springs that handled personal
injury claims (auto accidents) medical malpractice and insurance defense. I learned a lot

working for this firm about the legal field as well as that I don't want to work for lawyers

forever. There is too much drama and its frustrating being the one that does all the work and

the lawyer gets all the credit and the money. I left this position in February and went to work

for a firm that handled family law. This was a huge mistake. Talk about drama, working for

woman that is an attorney was a nightmare. I worked for three months and we both decided

the position was not for me. It took me three months to find the position where I work now.

My new position is a little different, I have an office, and I can pretty much do what I want to

do as long as I am there. I don't work for just one attorney; I work for all four attorneys.

Sometimes it is one at a time and then some days it is all four asking for things at once. I

answer incoming calls, schedule appointments, prepare documents, work in the files and just

learn everything I can.

Community Services

I have only been involved in one volunteer project and that was because it was required for a

class. As a group we went to Matthew 25 and worked for 6 hours. This was a great

opportunity to see how the business works and just whom this mission helps and how they

help people in need. It is a global mission, but this group works with people in the United

States as well as local people in need. I wish I had more time to volunteer, but my time is

limited due to work, family and school.

Writing Experience

I have been writing for years because it’s the nature of my job. Most of the time the writing I

do is transcribed from what someone else has to say, but it works. Sometimes its nice to not

have to think about what I am doing. I do enjoy writing, I have used this as an outlet to

express life frustrations or to help deal with issues or problems. I used to keep a journal and I

enjoyed writing in this. I just haven't had much time to continue with this. I also don't need to
vent frustrations or just get rid of negative thoughts.

I hope this has given you a look at my education, work experience, community service

projects and writing experience. I have been limited in my career because I have

responsibility for certain areas of the job. I plan to expand my skills and hope that my

education will help me do this. Thank you for your time.

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