What are Submersible Pumps and What Are These For? by tyrondirks


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									What are Submersible Pumps and
     What Are These For?
A submersible pump may also be called electric submersible pump or ESP
and it is a device that may be placed in a body of liquid or fluid. The motor is
hermetically sealed and is placed together with the body of the pump; this
ensures that the motor will remain functional even when it is submerged
completely. A submersible pump will never be prone to pump cavitation
which is a disadvantage when there is a high elevation difference between
the pump and the surface.

When you use a submersible pump, you push fluids towards the surface
unlike a regular pump that pulls fluids in. This kind of pump may vary in size
and capacity but most often, submersible pumps are used in various
industrial applications. Hoses are connected to the outlet of the pump and
once the system is powered on, it will drain fluid or water from one area and
transfer it into an area with the use of outlet pipes or large hoses while the
pump body is completely submerged in water or any kind of liquid.

Submersible pumps applications

      Sewage pumping – Septic tank cleaning and emptying is a lucrative
       business especially in the city where there are a lot of residents and
       homes. Submersible pumps will efficiently remove sewage with its
       large intake valves and transfer it to a holding tank through a system
       of hoses. Septic tank contents are taken to a treatment facility or in a
       holding area where this can be disposed properly.
      Industrial pumping – There are so many reasons when an industrial
       grade submersible pump is used and mostly this is done to remove
       water that has accumulated in work sites, pumping water that has
       flooded basements and other work site applications.
      Oil industry – Drilling for oil is very difficult especially when you are
       mining in tough conditions like in the cold sea, in ice-laden places and
       so many more. A submersible pump will pump oil from ground
       deposits to be treated above ground and these are in turn placed in
       large holding tanks to deliver it to various suppliers.
      Deep well drilling – A deep well could bring so much change to any
       place since residents will be able to use clean and healthy water for
       cooking, bathing and drinking. Submersible pumps offer the most
       efficient way to take ground water and distribute it to various lines or
       to hold it in a large water pump for emergency uses.

There are so many more applications of this pump and if you are having a
hard time learning what kind of pump you need, or if a submersible pump is
for your industry, then consider getting the most reliable and updated help
from pump providers in Australia. Make sure they could provide you with the
ideal pump solution based on a careful assessment of your needs.


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