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   Vidyo Introduces First H.264 SVC-based Broadcast Platform for
      Managing Live News, Sports, Entertainment and IP Feeds
       VidyoCast at NAB Spotlights Broadcast-Quality Products Based on
                     Next-Generation Vidyo Architecture
NAB 2011, LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2011 – VidyoCast™, the broadcast division of Vidyo®, Inc. today
announced the expansion of its revolutionary suite of products and services for broadcast
production and delivery. VidyoCast has pioneered broadcast products that are based on the next-
generation VidyoRouter™ architecture that uses the H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
compression standard, unlocking the potential for TV networks and stations to expand field
operations and production capabilities with enhanced flexibility and substantial cost savings over
other approaches. The VidyoCast Suite delivers the industry's highest video quality and resiliency
with extremely low latency across IP networks. VidyoCast will showcase these products at NAB
2011 in Las Vegas, from April 11 – 14, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Booth #SU 3502.

“VidyoCast is first-to-market with a new generation of H.264 SVC-based broadcast platform based
on Vidyo’s award-winning architecture, which is a significant breakthrough for live television,” said
Jim O’Brien, General Manager of VidyoCast. “In addition to encoders and decoders, we offer a
range of hosted IP capabilities in private networks or across the Internet. These include point-to-
multipoint control, edge-switching, bandwidth optimization, and live production tools such as
Digital Video Effects, accomplishing multi-party on-screen interactions more easily than the
industry has ever seen. Our groundbreaking VidyoRouter™ is at the heart of this platform and
provides cloud-based feeds management, transrating, and resolution scaling without either
degrading the quality of the video or adding significant latency.”

VidyoCast products are currently being used by leading broadcasters in North America, Europe, Asia
and Africa.

Featured Products in the VidyoCast Suite:
VidyoContribution™ - Seamless integration with feeds desk/media operations to acquire, manage
and control multiple ad-hoc contribution feeds from any desktop, laptop, or bureau. Enables
television news and sports organizations to accomplish contribution feeds dramatically easier and
faster, at a fraction of the cost of a field crew. The solution integrates seamlessly with existing
feeds-room workflow, and reduces the need of pre-set fixed networks. Simply send a web link
invitation and after a few seconds the guest is on-air.
VidyoCentral™ - Efficient multi-camera, multi-view control and support of remote productions and
centralized On-Air operations. VidyoCentral uses Internet or shared private networks to deliver
extremely low-latency, highly reliable, broadcast-quality live-coverage at a fraction of the cost of
other approaches. VidyoCentral has a simple and intuitive management interface that maximizes
the efficiency of camera robotics control and productions coordination.

VidyoIP Monitor Wall™ - The broadcast industry’s first video-over-IP, cloud-based feeds monitor.
VidyoIP Monitor Wall eliminates the need for broadcast management and staff to physically go to
feeds rooms and PCRs during times of breaking news and major sports events. With VidyoIP
Monitor Wall, broadcast feeds are delivered directly to authorized “off-the-shelf” desktops and
laptops across LANS, shared private networks and the Internet, saving considerable time and
allowing distribution to those outside the broadcast facility.

VidyoRouter™ - The award-winning VidyoRouter architecture is the first to use the groundbreaking
H.264 SVC video compression standard to offer exceptional scalability and flexibility. This, along
with VidyoCast’s proprietary feed control, can be used to optimize private networks and also to
locally replicate feeds inbound from the Internet, providing cloud-based feeds management, and
transcoding, transrating and resolution scaling without adding significant latency. The VidyoRouter
greatly improves network utilization efficiency by sending only as many data packets as a
VidyoDecoder is capable of handling – based on either limitations in bandwidth or the resolution
supported at the receiving hardware or software decoder.

VidyoEdit Review™ - A cloud-based post-production platform with groundbreaking video
conferencing at its core. VidyoEdit Review allows decisions to be made more efficiently, enabling
real-time, high-quality, natural interactions (only 200 ms of delay); an immediate, effective way of

via VidyoConferencing™ and collaboration. VidyoEdit Review expedites the process of evaluation in
exchanging ideas and enhancing collaboration regarding important post-production decisions

commercials, news, sports and TV program post-production. Discussion invitations are sent via
online forms and those involved in post-productions are able to collaborate with each other face-
to-face via HD quality, natural, post-production conferencing across security-enabled Internet or
private IP networks.

VidyoContinuity™ - An affordable signal backup product to assure continuance of mission-critical
video feeds. VidyoContinuity provides cost effective backup of satellite, fiber and microwave links;
a reliable solution over the Internet or shared private networks, at a fraction of current costs.
Featuring auto fail over/fall back, remote confidence monitoring from origination to termination,
Data Center reliability with path diversity to end-points and automated report logging,
VidyoContinuity is perfect as a secondary feed for signal transport to affiliates and for backup
studio-transmitter links and primary satellite/fiber feeds.
About Vidyo, Inc.
Vidyo, Inc. pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling natural, HD multi-point videoconferences on
desktop computers and room systems, and VidyoCast, an affordable cloud-based broadcast
solution. Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter architecture delivers the industry’s best error resilience and
lowest latency videoconferencing and broadcast solutions over the Internet and eliminates the
need for an expensive MCU. The company has been active in various standards bodies driving
H.264 SVC interoperability since 2005. Learn more at, on the Vidyo Blog or follow
@Vidyo on Twitter.


The VIDYO logo is a registered trademark of Vidyo, Inc., VIDYO and the trademarks of the VIDYO family of products are
trademarks of Vidyo, Inc. and the other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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