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					   net 1o pay or tktiv«i! t.lus1 g«me but t6 7 \vlebm the Cmranfe-f
'. «.ju»ers shall <a(ipf»iut;i-b<M gjii'i; .notice.' to Mr* Wilson;, -Sol'ici-'                                            S!5ifUhstrEAwardfi^erE«(»5 Uato of Aldw-
   twr, Devonshire-Street, BiibopsgiUe-Street. .-n ,1 .•; > .
                 iciH'as a Commission: of Banla-wpt U -<uttiri1e|| *n*i:
                issued f/nrtli agaiiWa. - George -Dawsoh,: foruieiljr of]
. CJreat Saiwt Helens, but .mnv-.bf1 RpdiGroaslSquavCj Cripple-'                                  C.uioii!wssa(i*Hai?rnedv:on:tl(iewviajt)i' |i|u:t o
  gate,. Surd he City of .Loadoo,- .MdrcluiBt, .''Pealer^aHd1 (itirif*-' tins 27th a
 .man, a%u\. he bun:; declared- a Bankrupt' is hereby- r«+{irir<Jd' of August
;to sunreptaE himself to thjr; '.Commissioners in -tlie suid- L'Oni- of GuildluUly
^jnissioii' irjwiedjt-' , or. tlii! -major .part of thenti brtthu 23d -day ^ closure oi' his. Estate raml Etfests ; ,- \\d*(3liM'a vifeei>e^Mi« Cnr-
  of .tJnJytJsisliant, and on t&e 3d audi 3 1st 'days, of A u g u s t : tfitoi's a-re to coine;|xrep^rc^it(M'p'i'oyoitll6to-                        bts > ahrt' at ttti^
  next, at JUevetiof the Clock in the- Forenoon oil each of 'the Second Sitthtgito:
                                                                                                                       1                : i
  said days,',at Guildhall, Luntlun, and make a full IdiscorCry | said Bankrupt is •reqtefe'fl to-§nishuU is' flWkn'ninatio^' autt
  and •Digcltis-nre of his •Bi»t?ite and fiJVects j when aiul \v4iero , the. Creditors/ are:>ta^ssen8 d-isSoii* fodkn'tho allftAvanofr
 the Credilors.are-'tocfnuc-.pNyjaj'ed to prove tfoeirDchts, aiid-aM • of his Certificate. AJ1 persons iudtebteil t^Mhe said Bftnlt-
 the Second tiriltinig to ehuse Assignecis-, and a*!the "Last Sitting , rupt, 6'r '11141 ihare any rof «> bas'effeetsi^ are! mtc to pAy -or de-
 tiit said Bimhnipt is rtqiwicd to finish .his Examination, and lirer the •SAine'Jbiitito .whom filre C><nMUissioii|(|fSJsft«l'll ajipoi
 the'CrodHors are to assent €o or dissent from the allowa-nci I ,_.. D ..- iiolixte, to. Mei&rsi ^adcf^df ^Hiesi^ Sfllirttufs1,                          ^
 of histentifieaUx All person* indebted to tbe said' Bankrupt, ' No. 9, Gray's-Inn-Squarij.Londwn/ei'^iu'M'e^Brs'. H«a'r'fi, Soli-
 or tlrmb b;*vu any of' his KfiiuuU, are n-ot ti» pay or ileliver the ' citors, Buckingbaui.
 *>-whoin the Cunumssionevs- sUnll< appoint, - b a t give            . ' , • ' . : , . (•* \t "t c U • " • • . •"•• 'ilfW'.J
 »9tic8- to'Mt. AlHng'haro^of. St.'J-otm's-Sqtiare.               ' ' ; i •• '  ITlTTjrieYe'a's a CUmTnisslon1
                                                                                                                                                   is' awArded anit
                                                                                 yir • isliieHl1 roi'tft '|>|Kiilto ^                             ^o^Slie^eld^'ili
           i i n r d s a Commission of Bankrupt .is awanledt the "C'otfnty '«if Y<'rS,. KleVch'ifd^ ym-ici*, u<r« $r and Cfiiapman',
W          "'issued forth against' JoJin Arms'trontj, late of Adffle- and 'lie being dtchU'efl 1 a1 B'an^Vii'pt 'iS'lFrei^U
^rVcetV'Aliierinanbiiry, 'in ,ttie'City of 't<on,doii, Dealer find reiidc'r hinfsc'ff to'the 'C(JmmissitJii erIir ';!fc 't '
                                                                                                                                ;   1      i 1 J!
                                                                                                                                                          » •-'-.1,1
                                                                                                                                                        iiiireu lo sur-
                                                                                                                                                                       ..iU,u?JU . '

  DlVapmatf,' and be bein^ ;>ecliired a Baufcrnpt is hereby re- named, or 1" the mjijpi- part of itli'eni: 'o]i t                                 t), UC t^rn ' r » ; ' ' e
  quired 1,0 surrender UiinscTf to the Commissioners in'tlie said                lily instant ,' amV 'tin "fi/e b^s"t BfWje&st                    it, lit Twelve.of
  Commission named, or the major part' of them, on the 23d tbe tilotka'tNooft'-dii- eacli --gf fc'lS g sW<j
 instant, ,and oirtlie 3d and Blsfdays of August n'ext t 'at Ten

                                                                               liiiT/ih'M.i'ffreUl, •fd-'rtB Cbfinty SrtliP-,
                                                                                                                                  K f

                                                                                                                                        i f
                                                                                                                                                         ^IM^M           1
 in t'lie fWenoori'dh ehcb day, at Guildhall,-Lpndrxn, .find make -D^overy 'aiuf 'Di^^trrl''^ »s 'E%t e:tlt:J                                 a]
 afivll Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate anil Effects; wh'en anil where the Cr2di'tfffe^^''W^o1ne ''«
                                                                                                                                      1           B^ «       » ?
                                                                                                                                                        , i)i-^ve( tbci,iF
 antf where' the Creditors ' .cobie prepared to ji.rove tb'eir                                                                                 |Vees^ sjiuj at.thja
 Debtsj^nd'at i,lje Secpnd Sil'ting to chase Assignees,.,and at ,
 the-Lasi'OTtirig1;thc said-iiJinkrupt is required-to fiVfth his i
 Examinattoiv, and tlie'Cta'ditors' are ^b,assent to or dissent • .fi-o'm ihe -allo^a-rice'cY hii'bertfifcai
 from' tlte allowance of "his Certificate. All persons indebted j to 'the said 'BWhVM, of "tl^'irai
 to tbe's^id'Eanltrupt, or til at have any of his Effects, are not' 'not'to pay"or d't^r^ll^"frM'. fu'<
                                                                                                ;         x          u
 t'o pay or" deliver saihe 1jut to whom the Commiss-ioheVs rfoners Sli!{i1 atpbii«, •bu^'H^;                                                   ,*;,„?. f.*,u,,,Lf^-
 s'baH ajWiWih't't buT give notice to Messrs. Chapman, St&vens, ton and Wilson, Solicitors, Sheffield?^                                             Ifd, "or to Mr.
 •and ^VVu&ilT Solicitors, No. 10, Little St. Tliqiuas Apostle, Charges .Vfrjs°u> fSolibi^is ^Ov^jfiff^ 1 ^
  Queen-Strect/Lonllon.                    ' "     '            - '            garden, Londob. v : ,                      ', , .. .j .• . ,J
*tf TlMrHereasf a CoonuTssion of Bankrupt is .awarded ffcnd                                                                                                      .
                                                                                                    Hereas                        of j^vnlfrypttq isi, awarded and
 '* » ifesucd forlh .against William Tozer, of Credtton, in
the County of T)evon, Saddler and Harness-Maker, Dealer
                                                                                                      issued           against J(a|nt)sr(^ra(l&j|i|;:,.'o£
                                                                                           St'ree,t,,in the,,C,ij^y of
liud Ch'ajiiua'n, .s'lid lie b"en\g declared a Bankrupt is hereby                          being declared a Biinkriipt js hereby, i
 rc^qnii'ei tu surix'»der-liirasclf-to-th'e Cohitms;ioiu»rs in the                         himself tp t!)c .Cotiiii)S|SioBei^ ,ii
said Co'mmUsio:i "named, or the majot part of them, on the                                 or tlje maJDr partpt] tbeiiH,|Oa- Ui,e.,^«^pf,|
 SUtii'of iJuly instant, aiid on the 1st and 31st days of August                           on t.b,e, 6MI and,,31st d^j'%,.of (August;
licxf,' at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon on each day,                                (;lock in.tbo Fo^eflppri.ion each *>&Ahft
~&t the Globe Tavern, Exeter, and make a full Discovery and                                liall, Loudou, aud makts : a full D^oveJ-y^a,nd
Disclosure of his Estate aud Effects ; wlien and wbere the Cre-                            of his Estate and Effects; \vlieiv,#,od;, \djflke the Cveditovs
 ditor's are to come' prepared to prove their Debts, aud wt the                            are to coyie prepared ,to proijtj itbeki^bts,san<3,at tbe-Second
 Second Sittuvg to ch'use Assignees, and at the Last Sitting                               SiH'mg to chuse Assignees, ,an,d<.-qt il^eiLaisb Sitting th« said
 tlie'said Banku-upt is'required to fiuisb bis Examination,                                Bankrupt is .required t« ,gnishj hi?11^E.v'ii|i|iatioQ, and the
ijEtud the. -Creditors are- to;i assieiit to or -dissent from J,he                         Creditors are to,assent,to or &s,s^fiifrog$the allowance tff
 allowanee of bis. Certificate. All persons indebted to i&je                               his Certificate. AUipersQ^s i.u^ebte4*ft,^lwAaid Bankrupt, or
 said BajiUrupt, or that have any of bis Ertleets, are-noi                                 that have apy of bi^ Effcc;^, arp «ujt 0 »y«or deliyertbfe
 to pay or,deliver tbe sa^av.btit to whom the Commissioners                                same but to .whom the Commissioners sjml^tfippoint^ but give
 shall appoint,, but give iijotice to Messrs. Aadros,^nd-Alder-
 aony,Solicitors, W-diitford-Court,, Loodon, o? to. Mr. Priag,                             notice to Mr. Rigby,SolilciitQr»1J€foJuwir^Vls*'c>             '''• ' ' •'•• '
                                                                                           L.     ,            .,   , •.     n«.   Vi     <•• •••   '-'i* 1    '•         ' '•' ! •' ' "•
 Solicitor, Creilitqn, Devon., •. s       • .                                                         Hereas a Commission of Ba»lin*Hrf. is awarded 'ait
          Hereas a Ounuuiis^on,.of Bankrupt is a,wardeil aud                                   V
 W          issued .lottli agaiij^t Thotnas Mo?S, late of.Bland-
 ford-Street, IVIancbeSter-^uart;, in the County,of Middlesex,
 LiuJEp-DFap^ 1 '* ^Hjrcct, tfe^ifer aiid.Ohrtpiuan, au*l. .Iw beiirg                      Vi
 dedared,a.liankrijpt," is'fipreby | required, to^siirr'ender hipiseli'                                                                      blfcself t o t .
 to the pyiiiinis^loiiers isi. tu,e 'said'jOomnyspiph iiaju^d,, pr _the                    iBissJonei's ; in                                 lV*ftr'thc major'pti-t
 jVu'ijbr "pai't'of {liein.'oii" the 2^d itistaji.t, and onjjthejjd.aud                                          $3drday p'f 3*6ly itt^rttt'/JWfd on the 3d and
        days ot Apguat next, at Twelve- of tbe C'lotk at Nooaon                                                    Wext,'at-Efevtin l rW'the r pfarenoop on each
                                      J                                                       2
                    '"          '   •      —        '     * - - • « i\\n -in:t*7.,in4hf«   day ,                   itonyoriy aifi^it^V a'ftjH Discbyery and
                                                                                                         df''<rt% Estate itiid Efforts ;' .'.^wheii ami \v(heVe
                                                                                           the Cn5*1ite>fs art' <fe cotnte pvepaftia"td 'p^s0ve their' D«l>i^^
                                                                           .t]Ui Last            •at llw Set4h'd ;Sftt:ih^tol^ho4is^A^si|illies, and at tb.e

       K  , , .
  allowance of his Certificate. AJ1 persons indebted
  s-iid Bankrupt, or that have any of bis Effects, are not to
                          butf to                  '    Slfcl)

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