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									                  Meeting held on Thursday 7th March - 5.30 pm - Castle Park House
Welcome: Rob welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Apologies: Mike Pusey, Linda Brown, Kate Dodgson, Neil Cook, Sara Wakefield, Denis Stevenson, Louise
Present: Rob Crowther, Tina Symes, Pauline Sharpe, John Bunting, Mary Doyle, Mark Warren, Peter
Vickery, Shirley Byrd, Brian Roberts, Mark Corcoran, Angela Myers (notes).
Matters arising: At the previous meeting there was mention of a St Laurence Festival. There will be a St
Laurence Festival on 10th August and Kate wants to make this part of a bigger event which may coincide
with a meteor shower.
The wedding event which took place on 2nd March had been considered a success. It promoted
Frodsham as a wedding destination. Approximately 17 businesses marketed their services. Packages for
brides were handed out and there were 180 entrants for the prize draw, contact details from which have
been collected. Rob said that there will be another wedding event in the autumn. Pauline said that it had
not been a successful day for St Laurence Church and Rob suggested that next time visitors are
encouraged to move out of the centre of the town. Pauline said that St Laurence would be holding a
wedding event. Rob suggested that Pauline liaised with Kate.
The Bee Festival is going to plan. It is confirmed that it will be on the Friday 10th May at Forest Hills and
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th there will be a food festival.
Let’s Connect had good attendance of 28 people which equates to 3% of invitees which is a good turn out.
There was good feedback and the next one will be used as a consultation event rather than be prescriptive.
Tina said there was a lot of enthusiasm from local businesses. The next event will take place on 28th March
possibly at Amore. Tina said emails will be sent out with details.
Empty shops, Eddisbury Square Kate had approached Mason Owen regarding having pop up shops. No
further details at this time/or update from Kate.
Swing Bridge it was mentioned in the Frodsham Post that tree felling had already started in preparation
and it was felt that work would start in early summer.
Christmas Festival Rob asked Mark W if the Town Council had confirmed the date of the light switch on
so that the Christmas Festival date could also be confirmed. Mark to update
Website No new updates, but Rob reminded everyone to encourage businesses to put their offers etc on
the website. Peter said that a full list of events at the Arts Centre could be put on the website, including
landmark events to attract funding for administration and out reach events. Mark W suggested a Frodsham
portal where all information could sit. There were concerns that this could cause duplication.
Rob said that it was felt that currently both Love Frodsham and Frodsham Foundation should keep their
individual identities and continue liaising with each other.
Any other Business
Helsby High School has requested the Love Frodsham logo as a pdf document for their school kits in order
to advertise LF’s sponsorship. It was requested that Angela forward this to Helsby High School.
John asked about the new Rural Regeneration Board and suggested that they invite someone from the
Board to attend a Love Frodsham meeting.
Date of the next meeting: Thursday 4th April 2013, Castle Park House at 5.30 pm


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