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					                                         Fire in the Mouth

        In a moment the sun would set in the west. Nasreddin counted his money. “i’ve only got
ten silver coins left,” he said to himself. “I have to go to the cheapest hotel in town.”

Then he walked through the town. Every time he met a person, he asked if he knew the
cheapest hotel in town. After considering some hotels, he decided to spend the night at the
hotel in the corner.

“What can I do for you, sir?” asked a woman behind the counter.

“I want the cheapest room here,” answered Nasreddin.

The woman, who was also the hotel owner, said, “You have made a wise decision, sir. We have
the cheapest room with the best service in town,” bragged the woman. “How long will you
stay?” she asked.

“Just one night,” answered Nasreddin.

“Just one night? Alright, one night is okay,” said the woman apologetically. “It’ll cost you 8 silver

Nasreddin was relieved. It meant he still could get some breakfast the next morning. So he took
the key and went to his room.

When he was about to take off his clothes, somebody knocked at the door. He again opened
the door. “What’s wrong?” he asked the hotel owner, who had knocked at his door.

“Excuse me, you forgot to pay the bill,” said the woman.

“Usually people pay the bill when they check out,” said Nasreddin.

“In other hotels they do, but here they have to pay in advance,” urged the hotel owner.

Then Nasreddin paid his bill.

The woman smiled and added, “Sir, anytime you need our service, just knock on the counter
outside, the servant will come out and help you willingly.”

It was a very hot night. It was going to rain soon. Nasreddin was very thirsty. Then he walked
outside to the lobby and knocked on the counter. He waited for the servant to help him. But
nobody came out. He knocked on the counter loudly once again. Only silence followed it. He
knocked again and again but no person came.

Nasreddin could not stand his thirst. He felt as if there were fire in his throat. He shouted, “Fire,
fire! Fire, fire!”

All the sleeping guests woke up to hear his loud, cry and ran out in their various nightgowns and
pyjamas. And the last person to come was the hotel owner. She came with a kettle in her right

“Where is the fire?” she anxiously asked.

“Here” said Nasreddin, point to his mouth.

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