; Program Manager in Denver CO Resume Scott Horn
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Program Manager in Denver CO Resume Scott Horn


Scott Horn is a provider of business, manufacturing, operations, logistics, program management, process engineering, inventory control and warehouse management consulting services.

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									                                    Scott D. Horn
                                Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126
 Mobile: 303-550-9870 scottdhorn@hotmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/scotthornworldwideoperations

                         SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

 Program | Project Mgt.          Manufacturing Mgt.              International Operations
 New Product Introduction        Operations Mgt.                 3PPL | Vendor Mgt.
 Lean Manufacturing | 5S         Six Sigma                       Process Engineering
 Supply Chain                    Key Process Indicators          Statistical Process Control
 GAP | Risk Analysis             Quality Control | Audit         Process Audit
 Inventory Control               Forecasting                     Resource Planning
 Financial Analysis              Reverse Logistics               Start-ups | Closures
 Contract Negotiations           Failure Analysis                Process Layout
 Capital Equipment               Business Improvements           SAP | Oracle | Agile
 Customer Relationships          Executive Reviews               Cross-Functional Teams

                           PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Scott Horn Consulting Services, Highlands Ranch, Colorado                2011 – Present
Principal Consultant
Provider of business, manufacturing, operations, logistics, program management, process
engineering, inventory control and warehouse management consulting services.
     Operations gap analysis.
     Increased sales, increased product selection and presented trade show seminars.

Dish Network & EchoStar Technologies, Englewood, Colorado                    2005 – 2011
Sr. Manufacturing Operations Manager, Sr. Program Manager. Provider of satellite
television service and receiver equipment with responsibilities for managing multiple
vendor manufacturing and logistics operations in Mexico with a $40M expense budget.
Selected contract manufacturers and negotiated contracts. Managed operation start-ups,
vendor to vendor transfers and daily operations. Managed engineering and operations
program managers and multiple third party production and logistics operations.
     Improved quality from 125,000 to less than 1,500 defective parts per million.
     Reduced process induced scrap from over 4% to less than 0.2%.
     Implemented recycling that resulted in 40% reduction in material expense.
     Reduced annual physical inventory loss from $325,000 to less than $1,000.

Maxtor Corporation, Longmont, Colorado                                        1997 - 2005
Sr. Logistics Strategy, Operations and Fulfillment Manager. Recruited directly by
the Director of Engineering Pilot Line Production Operations. Manufacturer of Hard
Disk Drives with responsibilities for selecting, starting up and managing global third
party production and logistics operations in USA, Hungary and Mexico.
     Reduced the supply chain in Europe by one week generating a $7 million savings.
     Met volume ramp schedule, yields and product quality.
     Decreased expenses by $2.2 million by establishing two Foreign Trade Zones.
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Sr. Production Manager.
Responsible for managing 125 employees and operations of an engineering development,
class 100 clean room, production line. Managed manufacturing, quality, production
control, material cleaning, equipment design, procurement and the warehouse.
    Implemented factory of the future, production equipment on schedule.
    Increased production yields 20% by process improvements and training.
    Strengthened finished goods audit quality by 15%, training and touch for quality.

Sr. Program Manager for New Product Introductions.
Managed new product development; led engineering groups through design phases and
factory deployment; developed strategic plans and margin analysis with marketing;
established product costs and material expense forecasts; generated factory capital
forecasts; and developed schedules for material procurement and equipment installation.
    Improved customer qualification order accuracy and delivery time by 25%.

Tektronix Corporation, Wilsonville, Oregon                       Jan. 1996 – Nov. 1997
Worldwide Service Logistics Manager. Recruited directly by the Director of
Manufacturing and Director of Service Parts. Manufacturer of network color printer
products with responsibilities for managing 42 employees, $12.5 million worldwide
service part inventory, material planning, procurement and warehouse management.
    Improved inventory turns by 40% and parts availability from 65% to 99.8%.

Quantum Corporation, Colorado Springs, Colorado            Jul. 1995 – Jan. 1996
Program Manager, Quantum Corp. acquired Digital Equipment Corp. Storage Division

Digital Equipment Corporation, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Arizona 1987 - 1995
Customer Manufacturing Account Manager, Operations Support Manager,
Business Controller, Sr. Financial Analyst, Production Supervisor


Distinguished Service Award, Dish Network / EchoStar Technologies
CEO’s annual award for significant operational improvements and expense savings.
Business Excellence Champion, Tektronix
CEO’s annual award for working capital improvements.
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America.


Bachelor of Science, Quantitative Business Analysis
Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science, Finance
Arizona State University
PMP Boot Camp Training, March 2013

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