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									 On the Move
              Tony Bates,       of semiconductor logic
              Big Switch        nonvolatile memory intel-
              Networks          lectual property named
               The Moun-        Dana Reyes vice president
               tain View        of finance. Previously, she
               software-        held positions at Ad-
               defined          vanced Micro Devices.
networks provider named
Tony Bates to its board                        Lisa
of directors. Currently, he                    Romano,
is president of the Skype                      Wanderful
division of Microsoft.                         Media
                                              The Los
              Pat Carey,                      Gatos com-
              ScaleMP                         pany that
              The Cuper-                      helps retail-
              tino provider     ers lure consumers into
              of high-end       local stores and gives
              virtualization    consumers a convenient
              named Pat         way to discover local
              Carey vice        merchandise appointed
president of sales for ma-      Lisa Romano chief mar-
jor accounts. Previously,       keting officer. Previously,
he was vice president of        she founded and was
sales and marketing for         principal of Atherton
the smart grid division at      Marketing.
                                               Lou Scarpa,
              Bill Jeffries,                   Fremont
              Simply                           Bank
              Hired                           The Fremont
              The Sunny-                      financial
              vale operator                   institution
              of the job                      appointed
              search                          Lou Scarpa
              engine            to its commercial lending
named Bill Jeffries senior      team as a senior com-
vice president of business      mercial, multifamily loan
development. He is former       officer and relationship
senior vice president of        manager. He is former
partner content at De-          vice president at Colliers
mand Media.                     International.

              Ernie                            Michael
              Maddock,                         Splinter,
              Riverbed                         Pica8
              Technology                      The Palo
              The San                         Alto open
              Francisco IT                    networking
              performance                     for software
              company                         defined net-
named Ernie Maddock             works appointed Michael
chief financial officer. Pre-   Splinter to its board of
viously, he served as CFO       directors. Currently, he
at Lam Research.                serves as chairman and
                                CEO at Applied Materi-
              Dan Mennel,
              The Moun-                        Berkley
              tain View                        Wagonfeld,
              audit, tax                       Emergence
              and advisory                     Capital
              firm named                       Partners
              Dan Men-
nel managing director.                       The San
Previously, he served as                     Mateo
a business development          venture capital firm ap-
manager at Deloitte.            pointed Alison Berkley
                                Wagonfeld as operating
              Evan Powell,      partner. Previously, she
              Nexenta           was executive director
              Systems           of the Harvard Busi-
                                ness School’s California
              The Moun-         Research Center.
              tain View
              provider                         Robert
              of storage                       Whiteley,
              tools named                      Riverbed
Evan Powell chief strategy
officer. He was the found-
ing CEO of Nexenta and                      The San
Clarus Systems.                             Francisco
                                            IT perfor-
              Dana Reyes,                   mance
              Kilopass          company named Robert
              Technology        Whiteley vice president
                                of product solutions
              The Santa         marketing. Previously,
              Clara             he held positions at For-
              provider          rester Research.

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