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The Mobile Design and Development Firm Stanfy Enters US Market of
                     Native App Development
Stanfy, a mobile UI/UX design and development firm, enters US market to bring experience
  of ultimate native iOS and Android application development and join international tech
                                 community in the USA.

San Francisco, CA, USA (April 15, 2013) -- The Stanfy team started developing mobile
applications about five years ago, when the iOS and Android platforms began to expand globally.
However, their roots in software development go back to 2005 and Java-based backends. The
company was originated in Ukraine by three co-founders, at that time the students of the leading
technical university. At the moment Stanfy is a team of more than 30 people with a research and
development office in Kyiv, Ukraine and a management and sales office in San Francisco.

Stanfy's strongest fields of expertise are mobile strategy consulting, mobile UI/UX design and
native development of business applications for iOS and Android. Most of the mobile apps created
by Stanfy, were made for e-commerce, seed or A/B funded social startups, popular media
services with 1B daily users, mobile carriers and leading movie theatres. Clients’ geography is
vast enough: USA, Western and Eastern Europe countries, Australia, Russia and Ukraine.

Clients admit Stanfy's deep understanding of mobile users and their behaviors, passion for beauty
and high quality development. Best Agile practices and Lean philosophy also are an inseparable
part of Stanfy team values, which is confirmed with numerous clients’ testimonials. "I have found
Stanfy to do excellent work on mobile application development. Our experience has been in iOS
and Android. Stanfy is reliable and provides excellent project management services, along with
creative, thoughtful advice. I have been very happy with the work quality and the spirit of
cooperation at Stanfy." - Brian Cavanaugh (
cavanaugh/15/870/614), President & Founder at Klox Inc.

Charged with the spirit of innovation, the Stanfy team is excited to join the advanced US tech
community of mobile developers to transform original ideas into cutting-edge mobile products.
"Entering the US market is a big challenge for our team. We are really excited to deal with new
opportunities, meeting new clients, and work on innovative products", stated Stanfy CEO and Co-
founder Paul Bashmakov.

Currently Stanfy is proceeding with US market integration finding new customers and partners.
Mobile market environment is changing rapidly, so company's main goal is to foresee users trends
and apply them to their mobile solutions.

About Stanfy

Stanfy ( is a San Francisco based design and development team with R&D
office in Ukraine focused on Android and iOS applications. Stanfy works with the leading
companies, innovators and startups to create outstanding mobile experience for its customers.
The company has a strong presence at the mobile market, and since 2009 has released more
than 60 iOS and Android apps for its customers all over the world.

Media Contact:
Maria Tereschenko
964 Eddy St
San Francisco, CA 94109, USA
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