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                                                                                                       Monday, 15 April 2013

                            Subway Surfers Hits 40 Million Downloads Milestone!

Figures show that Subway Surfers, the hugely popular app represented across the world by Ink, has just smashed
through the landmark figure of 40 million downloads!

Subway Surfers is the result of a collaboration between Danish developers SYBO Games and Kiloo Games and is a
3D platform game that sees players taking the role of young graffiti artists as they evade the attentions of a railway
security guard and his dog. Gameplay involves the player dodging oncoming trains and other hazards, whilst picking
up coins and useful objects. The hit app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, with a recent release onto Android
introducing the game to a whole new market.

This latest announcement comes hot on the heel of Subway Surfers recording a total of 2 billion play sessions, a
figure that now stands at 2.3 billion, and it is predicted that the app is on course to record 50 million downloads by
the end of the November – an astonishing achievement given that the game was released less than six months ago.

Ink is looking to install sub-agents all over the world to help popularise the brand and achieve the next big target of
100 million downloads; License Connection has already been appointed to represent Subway Surfers across
Benelux, with other announcements set to be made soon. Initial target sectors for a licensing programme include
toys, publishing, apparel, footwear and stationery, with a string of initial deals close to being finalized, whilst Ink is
also looking to facilitate the development of a TV series based on the property.

 “Subway Surfers is absolutely sizzling at present,” says Ink CEO Morten Geschwendtner. “We always knew this
brand was going to be hot but the figures being recorded have far exceeded even our expectations.”

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