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Hi, is _________ there, Hi ________ this is ___________. I am returning your call about our weight loss program. Do you have a few minutes right now where I can go over the program with you? Do you have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes and that way I can answer any questions you may have? Let me just ask you a couple of quick questions (their name) and then I‟ll fill you in on the programs. Note to distributor: SMILE AND BE HAPPY**MOST IMPORTANT DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THESE QUESTIONS**AND REMEMBER YOU’VE GOT THE BEST PROGRAM AT THE BEST PRICE THAT ANYONE CAN OFFER THEM. 1. How many pounds are you looking to lose? **No matter what they say** Ok, no problem 2. How tall are you? (look into presentation book page 20) a. Are you large, medium or small boned? On my chart here it says you should weigh between ____ and ____. Does that sound right for you? 3. What size clothes would you like to get back in to ________(their name)? 4. When was the last time you were at your goal weight? 5. Are you really serious about wanting to lose that ______ pounds? 6. What have you tried before? a. What is the hardest thing for you in losing weight? Is that you eat out of stress, are you a sweet eater, boredom, or do you think it‟s your metabolism? 7. Is there a special reason or occasion why you want to lose the weight now __________(their name)? Great! You‟re going to love this because it‟s going to help you with ________.(whatever the hardest thing was for them in losing weight).

(Your results, and others) I lost______……My friend Kelly went from a size 9 to a 5 and lost 25 pounds in 2 months, her sister Dawn lost 70 pounds in 4 months and Kimberly just went from a size 16 to a 10 in 90 days with a total of 25 pounds! You have to hear what‟s happened to Dino! He lost 98 pounds in 6 months and went from a size 56 waist to a 36 waist and it‟s completely changed his life. One of the great things about the program is you can get started for as little as $35.00 for a month‟s supply and that is a 30 day Risk FREE money back guarantee, (Optional) If you like what you hear does that fit into your budget?
(Optional Questions or go right into we have 2 starter programs:) Now that we know what your weight loss goals are _______(their name), I want to focus in on your health and ask you a few questions about it. 1. Are you taking any medications? 2. How would you describe your health? Good, Fair, Poor, Terrible? 3. Which of these words best describes you? Calm, Active, Stressed 4. Do you use any nutritional supplements? 5. Do you have any health challenges such as: Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Indigestion, Diabetes or Migraine Headaches? You know ________ (their name),

-70% of visits to doctors are diet related
-50% of disease is diet related -And the number one complaint in a doctor’s office is FATIGUE. -7 out of 10 people are overweight. And what this all boils down to __________(their name) is the American Diet, which is High in sugar, fat, salt and Calories, low in protein and fiber. The beauty of our program is it does the exact opposite and reverses the American Diet, while still being able to eat your favorite foods.

We have 2 starter programs that you can choose from, so that you can decide how fast you want to lose those weight and inches. Our first program is our Basic Program. You‟ll be using our Formula 1 __________(their name) which we call the Perfect Meal because it‟s the exact opposite of the American diet, it‟s low in salt, fat, sugar and calories and what it has _________ is the right proteins, dietary fiber, unsaturated fats that helps to keep your skin tight while your losing those ______pounds so you don‟t have any flabby baggy skin, along with vitamins, minerals and herbs. So what the Formula1 does is add nutrition to your program__________ and takes all of the guesswork out of what you eat. You use this one to two times a day. Of course with two times a day you lose weight faster. You can either eat it or drink it. It‟s real versatile. You can mix this in anything you like the taste of_______(their name), like light

ice cream, frozen yogurt, cereal, pudding, oatmeal even applesauce or you can make a great tasting smoothie out of it by adding frozen fruit to juice or milk. It tastes just like the smoothies from the mall. You can even make them into a Protein bar. There is no chalky or gritty taste to it and I‟ll even send you favorite recipes! It tastes great! And (their name) because you are giving your body more nutrition and taking in less calories you simply lose weight faster. This allows you to still have your favorite foods at your main meal, like Chinese, Italian, Mexican only you won‟t want to eat as much. Does that make sense? Our second program is our Jumpstart Program. This one works faster ___________ (their name), you‟ll get the Formula 1 that I just described to you plus our incredible Herbal Concentrate that we call “Drink and Shrink”. You can put it right into the Formula 1 or drink it separately. Within 5-10 minutes __________ of drinking concentrate you feel energy. Could you use a bit more energy? So could I that‟s why I really needed this! It does 4 things to help you lose weight faster. It decreases your appetite, cuts cravings, increases your metabolism so your burning fat while your losing the weight and it increases your energy, so you feel great while your losing the weight _________. The products are100% Herbal, and Natural. In fact they are manufactured by Herbalife which has been in business for over 26 years and they are clinically tested and like I said they are guaranteed. It‟s a very simple program to follow ________. You have one to two Formula one‟s a day and 1 to 2 Herbal concentrates a day. Depending on how much energy and appetite control you want for that day. Then I‟ll be available for coaching you __________in making sure you are using it right and getting the results that you are looking for, and that‟s a free service. I don‟t just get you one the program and say good luck ________, I”ll talk to you in 30 days….. I actually work with you and help you lose your ______pounds and get you back into the size clothes you want. We also have Special Rewards with the program. If you have a good before picture of how you look now and then after you lose ______ lbs and take an after picture we submit this into our corporate journal and once they use your story and pictures they pay you $200 for new clothes or whatever you want.

And also (their name), because you are going to be losing your weight and inches, you become like a magnet and everyone you know is going to notice and ask you how you are doing it. So for every referral you give me I give you $5 off for each referral who buys a program or for every 4 referrals in 30 days who purchase a program you get a free program Optional: I also have you measure yourself __________ in 9 different places and weigh yourself on designated and have you call it into my private toll free 800# and when you do _________ without being reminded by me, you get $2 off each time so that‟s up to $10 off your next program just for communicating with me, that way I can chart your progess as you go. That way I can make sure you are losing the weight and inches at the rate you want to be losing. So the basic is $35.04 plus tax and shipping for a total of $_________. (Large can of Formula 1) The Jumpstart is $56.39 plus tax and shipping for a total of $_____________. (Large can of Formula 1 plus small herbal concentrate) Do you have any questions for me? Which of those 2 programs makes the most sense to you? (Do Not say anything more - let them talk.) Great , you are absolutely going to love that program! What is your address where you would like this shipped to: I need your full name, address, and how do you wish to pay for this? (get payment information). We take MasterCard, Visa, or checks by phone. Which flavor would you like: French vanilla, Dutch chocolate, Wild Berry or Cookies n Cream. Get payment and shipping information. (See „finish the order‟ below) Also, what is your email address: (You can email them the Dr. Komadina Personalize your program DVD from your website)

Your program will be shipped via _____ so you should receive it within ___ business days. I‟ll also include complete instructions, and some other tools to make your program easier. Retail Scenarios: Leaving a Message: If someone calls in and you have not been able to reach them, Hi______, This is_____ returning your call. You had called about the weight loss program in the Newspaper, I‟m just trying to get back with her, here is the number to reach me directly xxx-xxx-xxxx, I‟m really looking forward to talking with her. I need to talk with my husband Ok great! Is your husband supportive of you losing weight? If they say yes * Ok great, he‟s going to love this because you are going to have more energy and feel better and get results which is going to make you happier and you‟ll feel better about yourself, which will make him happy. If they say they want to think it over, Did I answer all of your questions or do you have more questions. __________, I‟ll leave you with this. If you want to lose your weight and never have to worry ever again about trying another weight loss program, then give me a call back, I‟m really excited to help you lose this weight and keep it off for good. Get their email and give them the 1-800-595-2270 number. If someone has not called in their Measurements yet: Hi_____, this is ______ I wanted to make sure that you have received the program. I haven‟t gotten your beginning inches or pounds yet so I wanted to make sure that you‟ve receive your program. I would like you to call in with your beginning inches and pounds. Here is my toll free voicemail _______ and when you call in I want you to tell me a couple of things. I want to know how your energy is doing, how your appetite control is and how you are doing with water how many glasses of water you are drinking a day. And with that information I will be able to know if I have to adjust your program or not.

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