Bulk Pies by mifei


									Bulk Pies For 15 – 16 pies:
2 cups Formula 1 6 ½ cups milk 3 small packages sugar free pudding; instant 1 Keebler ready made crust Mix the 2 cups formula 1 with the milk, adding the milk as needed until all has been added. Mix until smooth. Add sugar-free instant pudding, 3 pkgs, and mix well. Don’t over mix. If making banana split or Hawaiian pie, cut milk down to 5 ½ cups total and add a 20 oz can crushed pineapple in it’s own juice. See next page for other substitutions. Place Keebler crust in a gallon zip lock bag. Crush well. Place 1 tbsp of crust in bottom of 16-8oz squat containers. (I can only get 15 pies.) Measure ½ cup of pie mixture and place on top of crust. Add 1 tbsp Cool whip. 5 Pies: 2/3 c formula 1 2 c milk 1 sm pudding For coconut – 1 cap flavoring & 2/3 c coconut. These pies freeze well. This recipe can be made with any shake/pudding combination. Use your imagination.

Chocolate or vanilla shake – I use chocolate Vanilla pudding – I use 2 chocolates & 1 vanilla Drizzle Caramel topping Cool Whip Sprinkle of pecans Keebler crust – I use chocolate

Vanilla or chocolate shake – Chocolate makes Reese cup taste Vanilla or chocolate pudding – again, Reese cup taste?? ½ cup peanut butter Cool whip Shortbread crust

Peanut Butter Pie

Vanilla shake Lemon pudding 1 oz container soft light cream cheese 2 caps full lemon extract Lemon zest Cool whip Shortbread crust

Lemon Supreme Pie

Cookies & Cream shake White chocolate pudding Cool whip Oreo Crust

Oreo Pie

Vanilla shake Crushed pineapple Pistachio pudding Cool whip Walnuts Shortbread crust

Hawaiian Pie

Banana Split
Vanilla shake Banana pudding Crushed pineapple Cool whip Maraschino cherries Walnuts Chocolate crust

Vanilla shake Vanilla pudding 2 caps full coconut extract ¾ cup coconut Cool whip Shortbread crust

Coconut Pie

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