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					BRIAN SIMS Brian Sims is the Founder and former Chairman of the MIA, the powerful UK trade association that represents the £4.8 billion British motorsport industry. He was also the Marketing Director of the World Championship winning Benetton Formula 1 Team and spent 11 years as a professional race driver, both here in South Africa and in the UK. Brian’s F1 career began in 1980, when he came to South Africa and was appointed manager of the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. In his career, he has personally secured in excess of £50 million of sponsorship at all levels of sport, up to and including Formula 1. His highly acclaimed book on sports sponsorship is recognised world-wide as one of the most knowledgeable and effective on the subject. Also an experienced broadcaster, Brian is now resident in South Africa.

SALES MOTIVATION Brian learned his sales skills with Xerox and became the UK Sales Training Director for the American ITT Corporation, before turning to professional race car driving and subsequently marketing within Formula 1. He used his highly tuned selling skills to build a reputation as one of international motorsport’s most successful sponsorship sales exponents. Based on his colourful career in professional sport, Brian has the ability to enthral and motivate sales people at all levels with an insight into his highly successful style of selling. INNOVATIVE SPONSORSHIP EXPLOITATION As well as personally securing multi-million Dollar Formula 1 sponsorship deals for Benetton F1 with companies such as FedEx, Gillette and Marconi, Brian has helped businesses ranging from small to some of the world’s largest corporations, to create, implement and manage innovative sponsorship strategies designed to build measurable returns on investment. Now resident in South Africa, Brian has the ability to present, in an entertaining way, his ideas, case-studies and advice on sponsorship exploitation to marketing personnel at all levels of the business sector. EFFECTIVE SPONSORSHIP ACQUISITION For teams, sports associations and sports promoters wanting to further develop the sponsorship selling skills of their marketing and commercial personnel, Brian is an excellent choice. His book: “Sports Sponsorship: Getting Your Share” is recognised worldwide as being one of the most readable and effective books on the subject.

Based on his 30 year career, during which he has secured sponsorship at all levels of sport, Brian is able to pass on many of the skills and experiences that have made him so successful in this role.

MC In his role as Marketing Director of two Formula 1 teams, Brian is highly experienced as an MC, entertaining and informing audiences which often comprise all levels of personnel from the commercial world. Added to this, his many years of broadcasting experience have given him the knowledge of working with audio-visual and high-tech sound systems.

ANECDOTAL Brian is able to entertain audiences at all levels of business and sport by relating some of his experiences gained in a 30 year career in professional sports and sports marketing. These range from some fascinating “crime stories” within motorsport to opinions of some of the personalities involved in the business. Brian relates how he secured some of the multi-million Pound sponsorship deals and passionately outlines the way in which he is now involved in the innovative use of motor sport as a catalyst for attracting young people into engineering and technical skills training within South Africa.