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									Open Bathroom without Enlarging It
Does the main bathroom in your house sometimes seem like a cavern where the walls are closing in? Such descriptions
are typical for homes that were constructed prior to the 1990s yet never remodeled. Back then, baths were considered
only functional, thereby limiting any creativity in their design.

If your bathroom feels like solitary confinement, there are some inexpensive things you can do to open it up without
actually enlarging the space. With a simple remodel, you can create a completely new room that's actually pleasant to
use. Here are just a few suggestions:

       Natural Light - One of the best ways to open up a bathroom is to allow in as much natural light as possible. If
        your bathroom is located on the top floor with
        direct access to the roof, a skylight is a great
        addition. If not, you can at least replace the
        current window with something larger or add a
        second window.

       Shower Enclosures - Replacing a tired, worn-out
        shower curtain with glass doors makes an amazing
        difference. Even though you are not making the
        space any larger, it will feel much bigger when
        you're standing in the shower. The extra care glass
        doors require will be well worth it if you prefer a
        larger and more open feel.

       Replace Vanity - A sink and vanity combination
        was the norm 20 years ago. But how many of us actually use the space under the sink? If that space is dead, you
        might just as well replace the vanity with a pedestal sink. A pedestal looks elegant and stylish while also making
        the room feel bigger.

       Recessed Medicine Cabinet - Just like the vanity, and older medicine cabinet that protrudes from the wall takes
        up unnecessary space and adds to the closed-in feeling. But remember, there's nearly 4 inches of empty space
        sitting behind the bathroom wall. Use that space to install a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirrored door.
        You'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Decorating Choices
Moving on to decorating choices your remodel project should be geared toward light colors and subtle accents. Starting
with paint, an effective way to open up your bathroom is to begin with light (preferably white) ceiling and walls. From
there it's a matter of accenting.

Choosing one wall as an accent wall allows you to add some color without closing in the room. On the remaining walls
accent with fixtures, linens, and smaller pictures. Just be careful not to overdo with the accents or you'll be right back
where you started. They should be both subtle and complementary.

If you don't like the idea of an accent wall, you can use a warmer color rather than painting walls and ceiling all white.
Then accentuate your color with the smaller accents throughout the room.

With a little creativity and a sensible budget, you can open your bathroom without enlarging it. It's a great little project
that will enhance the enjoyment of your home and increase its value.

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