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					Sweets are some of the most important things in life to an Indian
    – apart from engineering/medical school, politics, Bollywood
                 films, and cricket matches, that is.

They can be eaten on any occasion. Not that an occasion is needed
                to devour sweets on a regular basis.

Anything and everything can be celebrated with a box full of sweets
   – weddings, births, festivals. Any occasion, important or not,
           can be celebrated with a platter full of sweets.
          Original Sweetshop
                          Malad , Mumbai

•   M.M.Mithaiwala is a producer of Indian sweets, snacks and are
    also into retailing outlets, restaurant business, fast food and lassi
    centers. M.M.Mithaiwala supplies to Industrial Canteens,
    Hospitals, Flight Kitchens, and Hotels. We also supply to caterers
    organizing marriages and other social functions in the city.
•   Our organization works on the principle of developing profit
    centers whereby all the work is handled by professionally
    qualified people responsible for their respective departments.
•   We have established high quality performance standards like
    Punctuality, Great Service, Good Quality Food, Hygiene and
    Commitment to the customer. This is the essence of our success.
•   Our Unique Selling Point (USP):
    The best product with traditional taste and service sold at the best
    with best ingredients in the most hygienic condition.
•   Our Philosophy has always been customer satisfaction and we
    that a satisfied customer is a customer for life.
                                         Sweet, deep-fried dish
-   Was most likely introduced during Muslim rule of India
-   - Made from deep-fried batter (consisting of maida flour) in a pretzel-shape, and soaked in syrup
-   Can be served warm or cold, and has a slightly chewy texture
-   Similar sweet, reddish-orange in color and slightly sweeter in taste, known as imarti made in Northern
-   Served as “Celebration Sweet of India”, especially during national holidays (Independence Day,
    Republic Day, etc.)
-   One of the most popular sweets in Pakistan
-   Boiled in milk and left to stand before consumption as a remedy for headaches
-   In Northern India, sweet dipped in milk and eaten
         MM Mithaiwala

M.M.Mithaiwala, Opposite Railway Station,
 Malad (W), Mumbai 400064. Tel. 91-22-

Description: M.M.Mithaiwala, Opposite Railway Station, Malad (W), Mumbai 400064. Tel. 91-22-28899501.