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									THE BANNER
Bryn Mawr College Staff Association Newsletter July 2008

CONGRATULATIONS AWARD WINNERS At the June 4 staff picnic, several staff members were chosen to receive special awards and recognition for length of service. Please congratulate the winners! McPherson Awards Based on nominations from their peers, from faculty and students, the McPherson Award is given to outstanding

For 30 years: Katherine Masella Gordon-Clark, Child Study Institute Norma Nelson, Health Center Andrew M. Patterson, Library Anna Tinari, Library For 25 years: Gail Dovalovsky, Controller's Office Juliet Jeter, Resources Vernon Jones, Housekeeping Maria T. Wiemken, Controller's Office Lisa L. Zernicke, Events Office For 20 years: Elizabeth Bernfeld, Dining Services Lisa Cowan, Public Safety & Transportation Lisa Jenkins, Public Safety & Transportation Roland Nickolaus Klemmer, Post Office Jacquelyn Ramsey, Health Center Carol H. Roberts, Child Study Institute Elaine Robertson, Social Work Catherine Shertz, Financial Aid For 15 years: Diane Malkin Frankel, Social Work Randal Gustitis, Core Computing Nancy J. Halli, Digital Media Patty Hardy, Copy Center Sally Church Heimann, Health Center Samuel Magdovitz, College Counsel Beverly A. McDonell, Phebe Anna Thorne School Kirsten Mudd, Phebe Anna Thorne School Cheryl Osbourne, Public Safety & Transportation Karen Sulpizio, Anthropology Robert P. Williams, Housekeeping For 10 years: Butch Cahoone, Facilities Services Mark Colvson, Library Continued on next page.

staff members, who are recognized for excellence and service to the community, either within or beyond the boundaries of this institution.
This year’s winners are: For Service Craft: Georgia Harris, Housekeeping For Clerical/Technical: Lea Miller, GSAS For Administrative/Professional: Ellie Esmond, Civic Engagement Newberry Award This year the College and the Staff Association created and funded the Newberry Award to be given to a staff member who best embodies the spirit of the College's Green Plan by putting its principles into practice in the workplace. The Bryn Mawr College Green Plan is intended to help integrate environmental responsibility as one of Bryn Mawr College’s priorities in teaching, working and learning. It is designed as a set of principles to help guide college planning, purchasing, operations and teaching. The winner of the first Newberry Award is Dawn Bruton, Housekeeping ***************** Do you know the staff member who has been at Bryn Mawr the longest? It’s Valencia (Val) Powell, Mgr. of Office Services: Copy Center & Post Office. Val, who began her BMC career in Housekeeping, will mark 42 years of employment at the College in October. Congratulations, Val! The following staff members were honored for having reached service milestones this year. Congratulations to all for their dedication to Bryn Mawr College. For 40 years: Willie Mae Taylor, Wyndham




Service Awards continued: For 10 years (cont.): Mary Elizabeth Davis, Health Professions Antoinette Donovan, Facilities Services Charlesetta Ellis, Housekeeping Mary Elizabeth Harris, Health Center Susan Joceville, Undergraduate Admissions Rodney Matthews, Multimedia James McGaffin, Facilities Services Lea R. Miller, Arts & Science Dean’s Office Thomas Millward, Facilities Services Amy Nash, Resources Paul O'Connell, Post Office Carol Pawlowski, Student Life Office Lisa Peterman, Pen Y Groes Margaret Ralph, Undergraduate Admissions Del Ramers, Digital Media James J. Rowan, Facilities Services Jennifer L. Russell, Undergraduate Admissions Michael Scott, Bookshop Glenn R. Smith, Facilities Services Mark Tansey, Public Safety & Transportation Aaron Tsay, Administrative Computing Susan Turkel, Library Charles Turner, Public Safety & Transportation Nancy J. Vickers, President's Office For 5 years: Vito S. Barbuto, Housekeeping Lawrence Anthony Bilotta, Facilities Services Laura C. Blankenship, Core Computing Margot A. Bradley, Health Center Joan M. Braid, Athletics & Physical Education Ann C. Brown, Writing for College Steven M. Carter, Dining Services Frank Cozzone, Facilities Services Rob Cunningham, Machine and Instrument Shop Sarah Sturgess Doody, Alumnae Association Jane H. Finkle, Career Development Wilfred A. Franklin, Biology Miguel Gayle, Dining Services Friday Gargar Gbapaywhea, Dining Services Nieta Marie Harley, Housekeeping Donna W. Hecker, President's Office Mary Beth Horvath, Student Activities Marissa Michelle Litman, Resources Carolyn E. Lloyd, Residential Life Michelle M. Mancini, Undergraduate Dean Maureen C. Masi, Wyndham House Rita Matthews, Health Center Daniel L. McLaughlin, Housekeeping Filomena Micolucci, Housekeeping Billie Jo Stiner, Russian Jennifer Tate, Psychology Peaches Vicencio Valdes, Undergraduate Admissions

END OF YEAR SALE-A HUGE SUCCESS Since 1999, the Staff Association has held an end of year sale of items donated, discarded by students when they move out of their dorms for the summer. Not only does the sale help the environment by recycling useful house wares, office supplies and clothing, it funds half of the Newberry Award, subsidizes Staff Association activities and makes a lot of bargain-hunters very happy! This year’s sale netted $1250, plus an additional $200 from text book sales. Most of the $1250 was from the sale of 25 cent items, so if you do the math, you will realize the number of items sold and the enormity of this accomplishment. Potential sale merchandise is removed from dorm rooms, bagged and transported to Betts-ycoed by Housekeeping staff. Then volunteers sift through bags; fold clothing; sort it by color and stack it on tables. Staff volunteers also donated their lunch hours and time before and after work to “mind the store.” Thank you to all our customers and special thanks to all who helped make this such a success, especially Ann Ogle, Sally Allison, Dan McLaughlin, Rob Williams, Kim Cassidy. ********************************************** NEW FLAG FLYING Last year, “Sky Warrior” Bill McKenna (Facilities) designed a new flag called “The Owl.” This year, to celebrate 25 consecutive years of flying flags atop College buildings, Bill will be displaying another new flag, called “The Coat of Arms” which depicts a familiar owl symbol. Look for Sky Warrior and the flags at the opening of the new academic year, from August 29 to September 2 and again for Inauguration weekend (October 3 – 6). ********************************************** DO YOU REMEMBER FRANK McALEER? Frank J. McAleer worked at Bryn Mawr College for 45 years in Facilities as a Master Plumber. This year Frank was the Grand Marshal at the 58 th Annual Garrett HillRosemont 4th of July Parade. Dawn Bruton (Housekeeping) was on the parade committee and supplied this news and a parade program. The program noted Frank’s years at Bryn Mawr and some other details about his life that you may not know: Frank has been a lifelong resident of the Garrett Hill neighborhood. Frank has also been a lifetime member of the Garrett Hill Golf Club. He was married on the 4 th of July in 1957 to Marcy and they raised four children. Frank had a twin brother, Jim, who sadly passed away last October. Frank enlisted in the Navy and served with his brother Jim during WWII on a tanker in the Pacific. Frank played on Radnor High School’s football team and he and many of his teammates meet at the annual Radnor Has Beens Dinner on the evening before the Lower Merion game and “are still raising a little ruckus each year.” P.S.--You might also see Frank at the annual BMC Holiday Party at Wyndham.


HOLD THE DATE On September 23, 2008, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Human Resources will sponsor a Comprehensive Employee Benefits Fair. This will be an opportunity to learn

Eamon Tewell Jessica Billings Susan Lewis Emily Croll Rachel de Simone

Library Information Services Provost Office Information Services Admissions

more about all of the great benefits offered by the College. Further details will be coming from HR.

STAFF RECIPE This one comes from Diane Hoplamazian (Dining Services). If you would like to submit a recipe for the Banner, please put a copy in campus mail (Diane Craw, GSSWSR) or email it to (dcraw@brynmawr.edu).

STAFF ASSOCIATION OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES Below are the staff members elected to serve as Staff Association officers and representatives. Also listed below are staff representatives to committees and to the Board of Trustees. Officers: Laura Blankenship, Information Services, X6578 Dolores Burdo, Career Development, X5174 Diane Craw, Grad. School of Social Work , X2612 Leighona Curry, Comptroller’s Office, X5267 Service Craft Representatives: Gwen Bennett, Dining Services X7412 Dawn Burton, Housekeeping, X7929 Bill McKenna, Facilities Services, X7939 Clerical Technical Representatives: Lisa Camma, Resources, X7395 Vicki Gerstenfeld, Grad. School of Social Work, X2611 Gary Stroman, Campus Post Office, X7336 Administrative/Professional Representatives: Darla Attardi, TLI/Information Services, X5284 Lisa Camma, Resources, X7395 Doug Hasbrouck, Resources, X5552 Board of Trustees Staff Representatives: Jeremy Blatchley, Information Services, X7818 Ellie Esmond, Civic Engagement Office, X6591 Ways and Means Committee: Sally Allison, Bookshop, X5320 Ann Ogle, Psychology, 5010 ******** If you are interested in serving on the Staff Association or if you have a concern you would like the Staff Association to address, please contact any of the representatives listed above.

Sour cream cake
2 sticks butter 3c.sugar 6eggs 3c.flour 1/4tsp.baking soda 1c.sour cream 1/2 tsp.vanilla 1/4 tsp.lemon extract With mixer, cream butter, eggs, vanilla, lemon extract and sugar. Add all the dry ingredients and sour cream. Grease and flour tube pan. Bake at 325 for 1 1/2hours. ********************************************** CLASSIFIEDS Bicycles Public Safety has 4 bikes for "sale" (a donation of $25 to the Staff Association). If you're interested stop by Merion Basement between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on Wednesday, July 30. Apartment for Rent One bedroom apartment located on third floor of restored Victorian building at 566 West Montgomery Ave., Haverford, PA. Description: living room 13x16 (208 sq ft), bathroom 5x6 (30 sq ft), bedroom 12x14 (168 sq feet), kitchen 17x12 (204 sq feet), hall 5x12 (60 sq ft.) closet 9x7(63 sq ft); total square feet 738. Rent $800 per month; rent includes utilities. Non-smoker. Call Richard T Hykes: 610-525-0890; or email: rthykes@verizon.net

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