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Rottweiler agility league rules 2013.docx - Mad Spaniels


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									                            Rottweiler Agility League 2013 Rules

                                                 Sponsored by

The Rottweiler Agility League is for all Rottweilers and Rottweiler crosses, if it looks like a Rottweiler
you’re in!

We aim to keep this league fun, friendly and inclusive and hope everyone taking part will

   1)    The league will run from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013 (inclusive).
   2)    There is NO fee to join, this league is fully sponsored by MadSpaniels.
   3)    This League runs on an honesty policy.
   4)    The Administrators for the League are Jo Wormald & Mark Evans
   5)    The owner is responsible for changing grade and/or height at the start of the New Year
   6)    Points are for the dog, so it doesn’t matter who runs him.
   7)    Points for more than one dog cannot be added together.
   8)    Points from Anysize/All Sorts and Veteran classes count.
   9)    We accept points from KC and Independent shows – see the points tables to see how these are awarded.
   10)   All dogs registered must be minimum 18 months of age.

   Claiming Points Criteria

   11) Points can be claimed from all shows including KC Open or Limited and unaffiliated shows such as UKA,
       EMDAC, ABAA, but not from invitational events, leagues, single breed only and inter-club shows. The
       show schedule must be available for all to enter, if they so wish.
   12) Points can only be claimed for ‘scheduled’ classes, but not teams, trios, pairs, final rounds, invitational
       events or pay on the day. In events where the best round out of two (for example) counts, only the one
       round can be claimed.
   13) Points can be claimed for all standard ‘singles’ classes, including KC Championship qualifying rounds but
         not the final. Points may also be claimed for the UKA Masters combined result but not the individual
   14) Points can be claimed for the KC special classes such as Helter Skelter, Gamblers, TFO, Steeplechase
         style jumping but not Circular KO. Points can also be claimed for Games classes from UKA and other
       Independent shows as above but not KO events.
   15) Points can only be claimed if a placed rosette is presented by the show, otherwise clear round points must
       be claimed.
   16) Clear round points can be claimed for clear rounds within course time, even if no clear round rosette is
       awarded by the show.
   17) When claiming points the show, date, class and place must be stated.
   18) Points need to be submitted within one month of the date of the show
   19) Points can be emailed to jo@madspaniels.co.uk or submitted by private message on our Facebook group
       Rottweiler Agility League, or by post to J Wormald, 12 Airedale Terrace, Skipton, BD23 2BA.
                                          Rottweiler Agility League 2013 Rules

            20) The league tables will be monitored for errors, it is up to members to inform the administrator of any errors
                that they may have completed that will require adjustment.

            Points Criteria
     There are two points’ scales, one for KC Open Shows and the other for all KC Limited and Unaffiliated Shows.

Place Below:
1    2      3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30
KC Open Points Scale Below:
35   34     33   32   31   30   29   28   27   26   25   24   23   22   21   20   19   18   17   16   15   14   13   12   11   10   9    8    7    6

KC Ltd / Unaffiliated Points Scale Below:
25   24     23   22   21   20   19   19   17   16   15   14   13   12   11   10   9    8    7    6

                 Clear Rounds within course time will be 2 points

                 Award Grade Categories
     We wish to endeavour to be as inclusive as possible with the range of show organisations that are now available
     for our members to attend, and we will always attempt to cater for this.

                 League Grade Categories
     Until we have a firm idea of the number of Rotties who will be taking part, we cannot guarantee how many prizes
     will be awarded, however we DO need to know the grade your dog competes at, so that if numbers allow we can
     split grades out and offer more prizes at the very least there will be a prize for most points accumulated plus the
     best rescue!

     The grade that the dog is entered into at the start of the League year is where the dog stays until the next League

     We will also be offering a special prize for the rescue dog with the highest number of points, so if your dog is a
     rescue, please make sure we know!

          League tables will be available to view on our Facebook page Rottweiler Agility League, and also on our website,

                                We reserve the right to make changes to the Rottweiler Agility League

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