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Questionnaire for S207 Tablet PC eTMA trial


									S207 Tablet PC eTMA marking trial – AL questionnaire 2007

We have just completed the second year of the trial of Tablet PCs for marking eTMAs for S207, and the Course Team and the piCETL would be grateful if you would provide some feedback about your experience by responding to the questions below.

We would like to know the full spectrum of ALs’ opinions about using Tablet PCs for marking, so please be honest in your comments!
0 1 How many students were you allocated initially? …….. How many of your students used the eTMA system for each TMA? TMA01 .… 2 3 TMA02 .… TMA03 ..... TMA04 …. TMA05 …. TMA06 …. TMA07 ….

How many of your students submitted at least one eTMA? …. Did any of your students submit some eTMAs but then revert to paper submission for some or all of the later assignments? Yes / No …. if yes, approximately how many students? …. …. and what reasons did they give?


Please indicate what you said to your students at the beginning of the course, or during the course, about e-submission of TMAs. Did you take a neutral stance, or emphasise advantages of the eTMA system, or not mention it explicitly?


Please indicate the approximate percentages of eTMAs that were produced in the following ways: Word-processed, including equations and diagrams Word-processed text, with handwritten equations and/or diagrams Handwritten …...% …...% …...%


Please indicate the approximate percentages of eTMAs that were submitted in the following file formats: Word (.doc) Other word processor formats (Star Office, OpenOffice, etc) PDF RTF Image files …...% …...% …...% …...% …...%


Did any students appear to have difficulties producing files within the size limitation? (Initially the limit was 2 Mb, but for later TMAs it was increased to 3 Mb so that students who were trialling the digital pens were not constrained by the normal limit.)


What was your general approach to marking eTMAs? (eg. did you convert the document to PDF and use PDFAnnotator to mark, or did you adopt a different approach?) (a) When a Word-readable document was submitted? (b) When other formats were submitted?


Did you install the upgrade to the PDF Annotator software that enabled the entry of text using a keyboard (available from the website from May 2007)? Yes / No If yes, did you use the keyboard for text entry when annotating eTMAs? ….. and did you use the Tablet PC keyboard or an external keyboard? ….. and did you use the upgrade to cut and paste sections of the model answers into the eTMAs? Yes / No Yes / No tablet keyboard / external


What problems or difficulties did you experience when using the Tablet PC and accompanying software? (Any tips that might help new ALs would be useful.)


What were the advantages for you of using the Tablet PC to mark and annotate eTMAs compared to marking and annotating on paper?


What were the disadvantages for you of using the Tablet PC to mark and annotate eTMAs?


Please note any extra features that you would you like to see developed for the Tablet PC and the associated software that would help the electronic marking process.


What feedback did you receive from your students about the eTMA system, and particularly about the form of the electronic marking and annotation on the returned scripts?


What feedback have you received from students who were loaned digital pens or scanners by the piCETL to enable them to submit handwritten eTMAs?


Was the image quality for files that were produced by scanning handwritten pages or by using a digital pen satisfactory for marking?


What are your overall views about marking eTMAs for S207 compared with marking paper TMAs?


Do you have any helpful hints or advice about use of the Tablet PC for eTMA marking that you would like to be circulated to your colleagues?


Do you have any comments to make about the operation of the monitoring system, which was done electronically this year, either from the viewpoint of someone who was monitored or from the viewpoint of someone who did the monitoring?


Has the Tablet PC proved useful to you for other applications besides S207 eTMA marking? (You might like to comment on the use you have made of it for other OU applications or for home or work applications, and the extent to which you have used the tablet configuration as opposed to the simple laptop configuration.)


Are there any other comments regarding this trial that you would like to make?

Please return this questionnaire to Tracey Woodcraft ( )

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We will send you a copy of the report that summarises the views of S207 ALs early next year.

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