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					German Navy


Frigate RHEINLAND - PFALZ introduces herself


The German Navy Multinationality will be increasingly emphasized and extend beyond the mere framework of combined naval forces at sea in the future. The German Navy continually contributes to the collective defense of NATO nations, conflict prevention and crisis management. The missions of today’s naval forces include a wide spectrum of tasks ranfiring Sea Sparrow

ging from the classic warfare areas of antisubmarine warfare (ASW), antiair warfare (AAW) and antisurface warfare (ASUW) to the countering of asymmetric threats within the scope of the war on terrorism. The German Navy therefore holds assets to contribute to all kinds of naval missions and provides NATO two operational task groups with the appropriate reaction forces for long-term operations.

German Navy

The Frigate RHEINLAND-PFALZ The frigate RHEINLAND-PFALZ is the third ship of the “Bremen” class and was built by the Hamburg-based “Blohm & Voss” and completedby the “Bremer Vulkan” shipyards between 1980 and 1983. Upon her commissioning on 9 May 1983 the ship was assigned to the 4th Frigate Squadron based in Wilhelmshaven. Launch date: 3 Sept. 1980 Commissioning date: 9 May 1983

The 4th Frigate Squadron The 4th Frigate squadron consists of four frigates of the “Bremen” class and is based in Wilhelmshaven. Following a German tradition, all four ships are named after German federal states and cities. The Ships of the Squadron F 207 F 208 F 209 F 210 BREMEN NIEDERSACHSEN RHEINLAND-PFALZ EMDEN

Replenishment at Sea (RAS)


Westland MK 88A „SEA LYNX“ Helicopter Rotor Diameter: Crew: Take-Off weight: Speed: 12,8 3 5330 167 m (42.0 ft) persons (9 including boarding team) kg knots face- warfare with Sea skua missiles, search and rescue missions and boarding operations.

Originally built for antisubmarine warfare, the helicopter is equipped with a dipping sonar and torpedoes. Nowadays its tasks include anti- sur-

Westland MK 88A „Sea Lynx“ Helicopter

German Navy

Naval Base Wilhelmshaven The history of Wilhelmshaven Naval Base began on 20 July 1853 when Prussia purchased 335 hectares of land from the Grand Dutchy of Oldenburg to build a naval port. Port construction works began in 1863. To fit the needs of the rapidly growing Imperial Fleet the port was extended to comprise three entrances in 1909. The construction of a fourth port entrance began in 1935. As the base was badly damaged duNaval Base Wilhelmshaven

ring World War II it was reconstructed in the years 1956/1957 to become the major North Sea base of the newly founded German Navy. Today, Wilhelmshaven Naval Base is the home of the German Destroyer Flotilla comprising 5,000 Navy personnel. With a total population of 75,000 inhabitants Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s largest oil port and most important deepwater harbor.


The Coat of Arms – Trier Cross, Mainz Wheel, Palatinate Lion The coats of arms Traditional structures were not taken of the former three into account; instead parts of Germaprincipalities of Trier, ny wee merged that had never before Mainz and the Palatinate, belonged together: parts of the Prusi.e. the Trier Cross, the sian Rhine provinces, the territory of Mainz Wheel and the Hesse on the left bank of the Rhine Palatinate Lion, are combined in the River and the strongly Bavarian-incoat of arms of the German federal fluenced Palatinate. However, these state of Rhineland-Palatinate (German: regions have become closely knit over time and Rhineland-Palatinate Rheinland-Pfalz). with its four million inhabitants has The Trier coat of arms – a red cross acquired its distinct own identity. on a silver background – was first officially recorded in the 13th Economy century. Products from the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate are in high demand The silver wheel on a red backon both domestic and international ground is the coat of arms of Mainz, markets. Its economy is remarkably the capital of the federal state of diversified: Rhineland-Palatinate is a Rhineland-Palatinate. vine-growing center and an important The red-crowned and red-armo- wood producer as well as a major center red lion on a black background for the chemical industry and a leading was originally found in the supplier of automobile components. coat of arms of the Welphs, then in that of the Palatinate Count Picturesque Landscapes and finally in the coat of arms of the Palatinate Prince Elect. The federal state of Rhineland-PalatiThe coat of arms bears at its top a nate lies in the Rhenish Schist Massif. golden “People’s Crown” made of The stretch of the Rhine River Valley vine leaves, a symbol of national between Bingen and Bonn is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Gersovereignty. many – and in the world. Dotted with magnificent castles it is steeped in In the Middle of Europe legend and its praises have been sung The federal state of Rhineland-Pa- throughout the world. Here and in the latinate was formed after the end valley of the Moselle River grow vines of World War II on 30 August 1946 that are prized by connoisseurs all over by the French military government. the world.

German Navy

Technical Data Ship’s length: Ship’s beam: Draft: Main propulsion systems: Speed: Displacement: Crew Officers: Chief Petty Officers: Petty Officers: Nonrated Personnel: 21 36 68 78 203 130.00 14.50 6.00 3,820 18,400 30 3.900 m m m kW (2 diesel engines) kW (2 gas turbines) kn t

Main Armament -2 -1 -1 -4 -2 -2 -2 -3 quadruple launchers for Harpoon antiship missiles Oto Melara 76 mm gun octuple launcher for NATO Sea Sparrow antiaircraft missiles sextuple chaff launchers twin antisubmarine torpedo tubes MK 88A Sea Lynx helicopters 20 mm guns 12 mm machine guns



Point of Contact:

Frigate RHEINLAND-PFALZ Opdenhoffstr. 24 26384 Wilhelmshaven Germany

German Navy Press and Information Center (PIZ M) Uferstr. 0 24659 Glücksburg Germany Phone: +49 4631 – 666 – 4400 Fax: +49 4631 – 666 – 4406 E-mail:

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