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									CS110: Introduction to PCs and the Internet Name ___________________ Homework #2 Windows XP keyboard shortcuts Directions For each of the keyboard shortcut actions provided below, practice each until you are comfortable with it. Fill in any blanks below as requested. The entire assignment is worth 50 points. Reference the course notes and the Internet for more information. You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows XP. If your computer does not support the features mentioned below, please use the computers available in the on-campus computer labs to complete this assignment. This assignment is assigned as of 11:00am on Monday, February 4, 2008. This assignment is due at 11:00am on Monday, February 11, 2008. Please submit a hardcopy (printed or handwritten) to the instructor at the beginning of class. (26 points are awarded for legitimately practicing the steps below until you are comfortable with them.) Getting Started Log into windows, do not start any programs, and turn your mouse upside down. Open and Close the Start Menu Press the  key to open the Start Menu. This is the same result as clicking on the Start Button. If the Start Menu is already open, then you can press the  key again to close the menu at any time. Practice opening and closing the Start Menu now. Navigate the Start Menu and Launch a Program You have several options to navigate the Start Menu once it is open. Read the methods below, then open the Start Menu and practice navigating it. Use the Arrow Keys on keyboard:  Up and down arrows move your selection up or down on the menu.  Right arrow opens a selected submenu if there is a submenu available.  Left arrow closes a submenu if you are in one.  When you have selected the menu item of your choice, press Enter to launch the item. Or use the letters on your keyboard:  If there is a letter underlined in a menu item’s name, you can press that letter to jump to the menu item.  If there is no underlined letter, you can press the first letter of the menu item’s name to jump to the menu item. Note that if multiple menu items start with the same letter, you will move through them one at a time as you press that letter.  When you have selected the menu item of your choice, press Enter to launch it. Note that if there is only one menu item available that starts with a letter, pressing that letter will automatically launch that item. Now launch the Calculator program using keyboard shortcuts only: 1. Open the Start Menu 2. Navigate to the Programs submenu 3. Navigate to the Accessories submenu 4. Navigate to the Calculator menu item and launch the program You may practice by launching the calculator program as many times as you want. In the next section we will learn how to close a program with the keyboard.

CS110: Introduction to PCs and the Internet Name ___________________ Homework #2 Windows XP keyboard shortcuts Close a Program When you are working with a program and want to close it, simply press ALT + F4. This will tell Windows to close whatever program you are working with. Note that you have to be working with a program to close it with ALT+F4. If it is not the active window, you must first switch to that window and then give the command to close it. For each instance of the calculator program you have open, close it with ALT+F4. Use Run to Launch a Program For some programs that we use often, there is a faster way to launch them. If we know the filename of a program AND it is saved in a place that Windows frequently looks for programs, we can run it by simply typing its name in the Run dialog box. Here are some filenames of common programs we will use, followed by what we will type in the Run box. Program Name Notepad Wordpad Calculator Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Solitaire Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Control Panel Command Prompt The “C:\” folder File Name notepad.exe wordpad.exe calc.exe winword.exe excel.exe sol.exe iexplore.exe firefox.exe control.exe cmd.exe C: Type in Run notepad wordpad calc winword excel sol iexplore firefox control cmd C:

 + R will open the Run dialog box. Typing the name from the right column above should launch the appropriate program if you have it installed. You may experiment by trying to launch some of the programs above, but please close them with ALT+F4 before continuing. Run notepad and calculator using only keyboard shortcuts: 1. Open the Run dialog box 2. Type “notepad” and press enter 3. Open the Run dialog box 4. Type “calc” and press enter Leave the open for the next section. Navigate Between Running Programs By pressing and holding the ALT key and tapping the TAB key once, a menu will appear that contains icons that represent each window you have opened on your computer. To navigate through the list of windows from left to right, continue to tap the TAB key. To navigate through the list from right to left, hold the SHIFT key down before tapping the TAB key. Finally, when you have selected the window you would like to view, let up on all keys. At this time, you should have calculator and notepad open. Practice navigating from Calculator to Notepad by using the ALT+TAB key combination.

CS110: Introduction to PCs and the Internet Name ___________________ Homework #2 Windows XP keyboard shortcuts Show or Hide your Desktop By pressing  + D, you can hide all windows and display the Desktop. By pressing  + D again, you can restore all of your windows. This combination is an easy way to get to your Desktop, or hide your work from view quickly. Practice showing and hiding your Desktop now. At this time, use ALT+F4 to close notepad and calculator. Copy and Paste Text between two Programs In the following exercise we will copy and paste text between two different programs. This will combine many of the skills we have practiced above and the text selection / copy / cut / paste shortcuts we practiced in class. Open Notepad and Wordpad using only keyboard shortcuts. (hint: either navigate the Start Menu or use Run) Switch to the Notepad window using only keyboard shortcuts. Type the following text: Hello, World! Select the text that you have typed by holding SHIFT and using the mouse arrows. Copy the selected text by pressing CTRL+C. Switch to the Wordpad window using only keyboard shortcuts. Paste the copied text by pressing CTRL+V Close both programs using only keyboard shortcuts. If asked to save your work, say No using the appropriate keyboard keys.

CS110: Introduction to PCs and the Internet Name ___________________ Homework #2 Windows XP keyboard shortcuts Exercises (24 points – 2 points each answer) For each of the actions below, write the appropriate keyboard shortcut. Action Show the Desktop Switch from my current window to the last window I used Close a program Open the Run dialog box Open the Start Menu Copy Selected Text Cut Selected Text Paste Selected Text Hide the Desktop For each of the programs below, recall the text you would type in the run box. Program Notepad Wordpad Microsoft Word Internet Explorer Calculator Type in Run notepad _ Shortcut Windows Key + D _

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