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									Mastery Technologies Traditional Building Structure and Construction Manggarai as a key to success
                                      in conservation efforts

                               Urges P. Damayanti *, Iwan Suprijanto *

  * Traditional Pebangunanan Technology Development Center, Denpasar, Housing Research and
                       Development Center of the Ministry of Public Works.


 The preservation of traditional buildings in general, and in particular traditional building Manggarai,
 to materialize due to the availability of funding, community participation, and mastery of structure
  and building construction technology. But the aspect of funding is often assumed to be a primary
    indicator of the success of the treatment. Substantial limitation in assessing the success of the
program, judging from the physical suitability of the building which dealt with the original character.
  Qualitative content analysis, used to perform in-depth analysis of the documents of observations
that have been made, related to the conservation efforts of traditional building Manggarai. From the
 three studies, namely Kampung Todo, Ruteng Pu'u village, and the village Waerebo, found that the
  level of mastery of structure and building construction technology is a key factor of success in the
                            conservation of traditional buildings Manggarai.

 Keywords: finance, technology mastery structure and construction technology, building traditional
                                          Pages 75-86.

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