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									Georgia Professional Standards Commission

     Expectations and Boundaries
      of Professional Educators
   “I’ve come to the
frightening conclusion
 that I am the decisive
     element in the
                   Haim Ginott
  “It’s my personal
approach that creates
 the climate. It’s my
   daily mood that
 makes the weather.”
                 Haim Ginott
  “As a teacher,
      I possess
a tremendous power
to make a child’s life
miserable or joyous.”
                  Haim Ginott
  A Professional
  Educator is…
a Role Model for
• 24 hours a day
• 7 days a week.
"Children have never
  been very good at
   listening to their
elders, but they have
     never failed to
     imitate them."
               James Baldwin
Educators are Responsible
     Establishing and
      Controlling the
   in their Professional
  Boundaries are
limits that create
a sense of safety
   and security.

             Mary Jo McGrath
What are the
Boundaries of
Conduct With
 The Most Important
Teacher - Student
Relationships must
    always be
     A Student is:
Anyone enrolled in a Georgia
public or private school from
preschool through grade 12.
Anyone under the age of
 For the purposes of
  the Code of Ethics,
the enrollment period
   for a graduating
   student ends on
August 31 of the year
    of graduation.
All illustrations used in this
presentation are from cases
 investigated by the Ethics
    Staff of the Georgia
  Professional Standards
The educator kicked a student’s chair,
pushed him to the floor, threw a book
 and yard stick in his direction, threw
 him down to the floor, and sat on top
 of him. The student escaped out the
   window and ran to the principal's
office. He stated that the educator had
  knocked out his tooth. The principal
 found the missing tooth on the floor.
If at first you don’t succeed…
The educator admits that she threw
a shoe at a student two times. The
   second time, the shoe hit the
 student in the nose and upper lip.
  The student, his sister, and two
 witnesses said that his nose bled.
 The educator admits that it was a
        stupid thing to do.
    Gang Discipline?
The teacher instructed several
  male students to go into a
 storage room with students
 who were not behaving, turn
 off the lights and "jump" on
them and hit them with belts.
The educator hit a student on the head
 because he colored outside the lines,
  hit another student with a ruler and
    pulled his mat from beneath him
because he did not get up from his nap
quickly enough, struck a student in the
 head with a shoe and on the arm with
a ruler, and crossed a student's arms in
 front of him and pull them behind his
    back until the child began to cry.
    Millions of students
endure sexual misconduct
  by employees of their
  schools, ranging from
  inappropriate jokes to
         forced sex.
               Charol Shakeshaft
     Sexual Misconduct
“includes behavior by an
 educator that is directed
at a student and intended
    to sexually arouse or
  titillate the educator or
          the child.”
                    Mary Jo McGrath
Sexual Abuse
 of Students
 The Unforgivable
Boundary Violation
Sexual Abuse
 is defined as
  ANY sex act
with a student!
Sexual Abuse
 of Students
         Older Women
 The educator engaged in sexual
 misconduct with a male student
that she taught in the sixth grade
      the previous year. The
 relationship involved telephone,
    text messaging, e-mail and
internet contacts, and the student
   and the educator engaging in
          sexual activity.
 High School Band Director

 The educator engaged in a
  sexual relationship with a
 15 year-old female student
in the band room of the high
school. A used condom, was
 retrieved from the incident
   High School Band Director

  The educator acknowledged
   that he engaged in a sexual
 relationship with a 16 year-old
female student. They exchanged
 of notes and nude pictures and
 had physical contact, including
     the act of masturbation.
The Starting Point
for Sexual Abuse
    Three Forms of Educator
      Sexual Harassment

• Physical: fondling, touching or
  sexual abuse
   I Need a Hug
The educator asked a
student to stay in the
classroom when class
  ended, locked the
 door, and embraced
   and kissed her.
    Anatomy Class?
The educator kissed and hugged
students and touched their hips,
    buttocks and breasts. He
requested that a female student
  meet with him before school
 and told her to wear a thong or
   no underwear because he
   needed to check her body.
    Three Forms of Educator
      Sexual Harassment

• Physical: fondling, touching or sexual

• Verbal: commenting on a student's
  body parts or making sexually explicit
     One of the Gang
    The Educator talked with
students about men (including a
 relationship with a married man),
  gave students backrubs and
 massages, and sent a picture
  of male genitals to students
          via cell phone.
  Digital Communicator
The Educator sent approximately 400
  text messages to a female student
 over a 57-day period at all hours of
   the day and night. The messages
  appear to solicit and encourage an
   inappropriate relationship. After
    being directed not to have any
 additional communications with the
 student, the educator texted her on
   her birthday and graduation day.
   Texting Principal
   The Principal engaged in
inappropriate communications
  with two female students,
  including hundreds of text
 messages in a 2-month time
  period. The text messages
   contained discussions of
    alcohol, drugs, and sex.
    Three Forms of Educator
      Sexual Harassment

• Physical: fondling, touching or sexual
• Verbal: commenting on a student's body
  parts or making sexually explicit jokes

• Visual: showing sexually explicit
  photographs, or exposing one's genitals
A Picture is Worth…
The educator asked
a female student to
take nude pictures
of herself and show
    them to him.
      Show Off
     The educator
 made and emailed a
picture of his penis to
  a female student.
 Three Ways Educators Troll for
Students with Weak Boundaries
• Physical Sexual Harassment
  fondling, touching or sexual abuse
• Verbal Sexual Harassment
  commenting on a student's body parts or making
  sexually explicit jokes
• Visual Sexual Harassment
  showing sexually explicit photographs, or
  exposing one's genitals
 Young people instinctively
 recognize these boundary
     violations and often
   nickname the employee
engaged in such violations a
  “pervert,” based on their
      perceived sense of
                    Mary Jo McGrath
  The Next Step

  Quid Pro Quo
Sexual Harassment
Sex offenders “groom”
 victims with gifts and
attention, lull them into
   complacency, and
  escalate the level of
 physical intimacy over
                   Mary Jo McGrath
         Grooming 101
The educator permitted students to skip
 their scheduled classes, hang out in his
  classroom, use his school computer to
access internet sites, and provided them
  with notes to justify being out of their
scheduled classes. A 17-year-old female
     student alleged that the educator
      touched her in a sexual manner,
    exposed himself, and asked her to
         perform oral sex on him.
           Grooming 102
A female student reported that the educator:
• gave her the answer key to a final exam,
• allowed her to grade other students
• touched her breast, and
• gave her a note telling her “u owe me”.
• gave her high grades though she never did
  any work in his class.
He’s In Love With The Girl
The educator had a romantic
relationship with a student. He
attended the student’s athletic
events (with roses), bought her a
cell phone, and took gifts for the
student to her school. They were
text messaging and talking on
the phone extensively, and the
educator emailed the student a
seven page love letter/story.
   Furnishing or
Allowing a Student
  to use Alcohol,
  Illegal Drugs or
Unauthorized Drugs
  Liquor’s Quicker
 The Educator provided
  alcohol to four minor
females and engaged in
 sex with one of them.
Students, Alcohol and Sex
The educator admits that she was
 at home and did not supervise a
 party at her house that students
  attended. Alcoholic beverages
    were openly consumed and
  marijuana was smoked at the
 party. A 17 year-old female was
 sexually assaulted at the party.
Allegations of
Student Relationship Guidelines

 Be Friendly,
 Not a Friend.
Student Relationship Guidelines

Student Relationship Guidelines

   Present a
Student Relationship Guidelines

    Don’t touch
students in ways a
reasonable person
could interpret as
Student Relationship Guidelines

 Social Networking
Don’t accept students as friends
and decline any student initiated
 social network friend requests.
Don’t post anything on a website
 that you would not post on the
    front door of the school.
A educator should
  never possess,
 use, or be under
 the influence of
   illegal drugs.
        Avoiding Pain
A coworker videotaped the educator
stealing pain medication from her
purse. The educator initially denied
the theft. When confronted with the
evidence, the educator admitted to
the theft of the drug and to
ingesting the prescribed medication
at school.
        Second Job
 The educator was arrested for
   trafficking marijuana. Fifty
pounds of marijuana was found
  in the educator's home. The
 home "reeked" of the smell of
 smoked and fresh marijuana.
   Three children were in the
home at the time of the arrest.
   Laid Back Educator
The educator fell asleep in class
and failed to supervise two of
his students engaging in oral
sex during class time. On a
required drug test the educator
tested positive for cocaine.
Professional Boundary

  An educator shall
 refrain from the use
   of alcohol during
     the course of
professional practice.
 Unethical conduct includes but
is not limited to being on school
 premises or at a school-related
   activity involving students
  while under the influence of,
    possessing, or consuming
      alcoholic beverages.
 Georgia's Legal Definitions for
  "NOT Under the Influence"

      If there was a blood alcohol
concentration of 0.05 grams or less,
 it shall be presumed that the person
   was not under the influence of
   O.C.G.A. § 40-6-392   Driving
   O.C.G.A. § 52-7-12.   Operation of Watercraft
   O.C.G.A. § 27-3-7     Hunting
 Possession of Alcohol

Possession of a CONTAINER of alcoholic
  beverage (not in the blood stream).

   DO NOT DISCARD the evidence!
 Under the Influence?
The educator tested positive
 (.034) for alcohol while on
 the premises of the school
  during school hours. He
   admits drinking late the
  night before and that he
    probably did smell like
  alcohol, but maintains he
was not under the influence.
      When in Italy…
The educator served as a chaperone
on a school-sponsored trip to Italy.
He admitted that he consumed one
alcoholic beverage after hours on
three nights of the eight-day trip.
The educator acknowledged that he
had made a mistake by consuming
the alcoholic beverages, but denied
that he failed to properly supervise
students during the trip.
The educator admits consuming two
glasses of wine prior to attending a
 school talent show. She exhibited
   manifestations of intoxication
 including glassy red eyes, slightly
  slurred speech, generally giddy
    behavior and the odor of an
 alcoholic beverage on her person.
Professional Boundary

An educator shall
exemplify honesty
 and integrity in
  the course of
           Honesty Violations
Falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting:
   professional qualifications;
   criminal history;
   college or staff development credit;
   employment history;
   information submitted to
    governmental agencies;
          Honesty Violations

Falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting:
   information regarding the
    evaluation of students or personnel;
   reasons for absences or leaves;
   information submitted in the course
    of an official inquiry; and
   information submitted in the course
    of professional practice.
  The educator fabricated
 IEP paperwork by cutting
   signatures from other
documents and pasting the
     signatures on the
   fabricated paperwork.
Teach Your Children Well

The educator, a school
principal, corrected the
  answers on student
 CRCT answer sheets
  prior to submitting
   them for scoring.
   The educator claimed sick
  leave for a preplanned golf
trip. He lied to administrators
 when questioned about the
    reason for his absence.
Professional Boundary

 An educator entrusted
  with public funds and
property shall honor that
trust with a high level of
 honesty, accuracy, and
    Former State School
The educator converted money
that was intended for students
    to be used for her own
  purposes. She pled guilty to
  Conspiracy & Conspiracy to
   Money Launder involving
  approximately $600,000 of
       education funds.
 Starting His Own Business
  The educator forged the
superintendent’s signature to
   purchase unauthorized
  equipment to further his
      private business.
     The production and
distribution of pornography!
     Good Use of Time?
   The educator used her school
system computer to access dating
  and singles websites soliciting
  relationships with men during
 instructional time and CRCT test
   administration. This included
    arranging meetings for the
      purpose of having sex.
 The educator used his school
system computer and email to
    view pornography and to
   contract for the services of
 prostitutes. His school system
computer was found to contain
  nude photographs and email
     solicitations to various
The educator used his school system
computer and cell phone to solicit a
sexual relationship with someone
that he believed to be a 14 or 15
year-old female. She was, in reality,
a law enforcement officer.
Pornography was discovered during
a search of his school system office
and computer.
Your Tax Dollars at Work
The DOE Academic Coach Program
 Manager authorized payment of
 funds to employ her relatives, to
fund unallowable expenditures for
  herself and a subordinate DOE
   employee, and to further her
  pursuit of a doctorate degree.
 Professional Boundary

An educator shall maintain
  integrity with students,
 colleagues, parents, and
 the business community
   when accepting gifts,
   gratuities, favors, and
 additional compensation.
Remunerative Conduct Violations
   soliciting students or parents of
    students to purchase equipment,
    supplies, or services from the
   participating in activities that
    financially benefit the educator
    unless approved by the local board
    of education/governing board or
    authorized designee;
Remunerative Conduct Violations

   accepting gifts from vendors or
    potential vendors for personal use
    or gain where there may be the
    appearance of a conflict of interest;
   tutoring students assigned to the
    educator for remuneration unless
    approved by the local board of
    education, governing board or their
    authorized designee; and
Remunerative Conduct Violations

   coaching, instructing, promoting
    athletic camps, summer leagues,
    etc. that involves students in an
    educator’s school system and from
    whom the educator receives
    remuneration unless approved by
    the local board of education,
    governing board or their authorized
      Greedy Coach
The Coach used school funds to
open multiple bank accounts
without the school's knowledge.
Numerous checks totaling in the
thousands of dollars were
written to "cash" or to the
Educator. This left the school
over $27,000 in debt.
         Free Child Care
The educator enrolled her daughter in
kindergarten though the child was not
old enough to attend. The State paid
the school system for the student who
was not legally eligible to be enrolled.
As a matter of course, the student was
moved on to first grade. Again, she
was below the legally prescribed age
for being enrolled in first grade.
 Regulatory Boundary

 An educator shall
 abide by federal,
  state, and local
laws and statutes.
         Criminal Convictions

The commission is authorized to
investigate complaints alleging that an
educator has been convicted of any:
•   felony,
•   crime involving moral turpitude,
•   drug offense,
•   sexual offense.
Conviction includes a:
• finding or verdict of guilty;
• plea of nolo contendere;
• first offender treatment;
• a situation where an adjudication of
  guilt or sentence was otherwise
  withheld or not entered on the
  charge or the charge was otherwise
  disposed of in a similar manner.
An educator shall comply with
 state and federal laws and
 state school board policies
relating to the confidentiality
   of student and personnel
  records, standardized test
      material, and other
What is Confidential Information?

  •   Annual performance evaluation
      records of school personnel
  •   Health services records
  •   Identifiable individual student
      records, performance data, and
  •   School records of students with
Confidential Information Cases
• Posting questions from a
  standardized test on the web
• Created study guide using
  standardized test materials
• Left test material in an unsecure
• Released personnel file
  information without proper
 of Contract
 An educator shall fulfill all
of the terms and obligations
detailed in the contract with
the local board of education
or education agency for the
  duration of the contract.
   An educator shall file
 reports of a breach of one
or more of the standards in
   the Code of Ethics for
 Educators, child abuse, or
any other required report.
             O.C.G.A. § 19-7-5
‘Child abuse’ includes the following
conduct by a child’s parent or caretaker:
  Physical injury or death (by other than
   accidental means)
  Neglect or exploitation of a child
  Sexual abuse - an act of apparent sexual
   stimulation or gratification ...
  Sexual exploitation - allows, permits,
   encourages, or requires a child to engage in
   prostitution or sexually explicit conduct ….
     Former School Principal
The educator failed to report sexual
misconduct by a teacher. She had been
informed that a female student was
regularly meeting the male teacher in his
classroom during lunch and that they
were often seen in close proximity. After
the teacher was arrested and charged
with four counts of Sexual Assault, she
confirmed that there were rumors about
the male teacher and female students.
 Failure to Secure Evidence
  The educator, a high school assistant
  principal, was advised that a student
    had a video on his cell phone of a
female student performing a sexual act
    on a male student . The educator
    viewed this video on two separate
 occasions, but failed to confiscate the
 cell phone. She returned the phone to
  the student and told him to erase the
             video. He didn’t.
Regulatory Boundary

An educator shall
 administer state
assessments fairly
  and ethically.

Unethical conduct includes but is
   not limited to:
1. committing any act that
   breaches Test Security; and
2. compromising the integrity of
   the assessment.
 Erasures on
Student CRCT
Answer Sheets
   are NOT
  Answers on
Student CRCT
Answer Sheets
 IS Unethical!
 Professional Boundary

     An educator shall
   demonstrate conduct
   that follows generally
 recognized professional
 standards and preserves
 the dignity and integrity
of the teaching profession.
      Professional Conduct Cases
• Organized a betting pool with students
• Called a student a “heifer” and her mother
• Gave extra credit to students who
  contributed to a fundraiser
• Left class without permission via a window
• Had two loaded guns in desk drawer
• Sexually harassed a colleague
• Restrained a teacher and tried to kiss her
  against her will
• Sexual interaction with colleague on
  school grounds
  Establish and
   control the
  boundaries in
your professional
We judge ourselves by
our best intentions and
 most noble acts, but
 we're judged by
our last worst act.
              Michael Josephson

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