The Yoga Personality Quiz by goodbaby


									The Yoga Personality Quiz
Circle which answer BEST applies:
My yoga practice is: I like a yoga practice that is: I enjoy a heated practice: I am motivated in my practice by . . . . I enjoy music while I practice: I am really disappointed when a class provides very little . . . I like when I leave class feeling I know I really need to work on my When I can’t do something on my mat or otherwise, I find myself feeling . . . Yoga promotes . . . When all else fails, this will bring me back to my mat after an absence: Of the three, this is my favorite pose Of the three, this is my least favorite pose I know I shouldn’t, but while I’m on my mat SOMETIMES . . . . To get to the next level, one must: I believe an instructor needs to be One way I am different on my mat than in real life, is that I am One of my assets on the mat is my When cued for a pose I really hate or find extremely difficult, I think . . . I drink my water . . . I enjoy teachers who are . . . Add up your “checks” in the boxes Strength “I just can’t because of . . .” During class Challenging P= I am evaluating the practice Practice! Knowledgeable Able to let go I can’t concentrate Believe! Creative Okay with silence Willingness to take risks I won’t . . unless forced After class Charismatic V= “I should be able, but . . .” Before & after Consistent K= Endurance Warrior III Bow Half moon Triangle Bridge/wheel Twisting Crescent I feel jealous of others Commit! Compassionate Energized A focused mind A solid routine Authenticity Spring Balance in life A good friend Empowered Flexibility Frustrated Inspired Strength Grounded Breath Consistent Challenging Yes! Marked progress Not much Sun salutations Evolving Flowing Sometimes Novel Learning Yes! Inversions Sometimes Hip Openers Devoted With a group Not really The instructor

Disappointed Embarrassed

 2007, Peggy Mulqueen

~ Bring this on Sunday and discover your Yoga Personality! ~

 2007, Peggy Mulqueen

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