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Amadeus Pro v143 July 20_ 2009 Here is a short history of the


									Amadeus Pro v1.4.4
October 26, 2009 Here is a short history of the main improvements made to the different versions: Amadeus Pro v1.4.4 - Added "Go to Location..." and "Extend Selection to Location..." menu items - Added a "Crossfade..." item in the "Fading" submenu - Clicking on a sonogram jumps to the corresponding location in sound - Batch processor no longer requests user attention when run in background - Fixes a few cosmetic bugs under Mac OS X 10.6 - Many small performance and stability enhancements Amadeus Pro v1.4.3 - Fixes a bug that could create garbled sound recordings - Fixes a bug that could cause Mp3 files to be truncated Amadeus Pro v1.4.2 - Uses mpg123 version 1.8.1 for Mp3 decoding - Uses lame 3.98.2 for Mp3 encoding - option-home / end moves insertion to start / end of document - The 'S' key silences the selection - Fixes a bug which could change the volume envelope when using the "Save Selection As" function - Fixes a bug in reading id3v2.2 tags - Fixes a bug in memory management Amadeus Pro v1.4.1 - Improved memory management - Compatible with developer builds of Mac OS X 10.6 - Fixes a bug that could cause CDs to have missing tracks Amadeus Pro v1.4 - New "Real-Time Sonogram" function - New "Real-Time Waveform" function - New "Duplicate Track" function - Waveform statistics can be copied - Holding down the option key while dragging tracks duplicates them - Adds a "Flatten Document" function

- Adds control over RAM usage in preferences - Key shortcuts option-'+' and option-'-' for vertical magnification - Key shortcut 'n' for cycling selection between tracks - Shift-space bar plays only current track - Improves the "Trim Silence" action of the batch processor - Fixes a bug in the "Insert Silence" action of the batch processor - Fixes a bug that could cause Mp3 and SoundDesigner files to contain garbage - Fixes a bug in the FLAC decoder Amadeus Pro v1.3.3 - Improved display for spectrum analysis - Adds an "Insert Silence" action to the batch processor - Files are automatically resampled to 44.1kHz when burned to CD - Fixes a bug that would open 24Bit CAF files as 16Bit - Fixes a bug that would cause the program to choke on some Mp3 files Amadeus Pro v1.3.2 - Supports "pinch" and "swipe" multitouch gestures - Adds Shift-M shortcut for creating marker while recording - Improved waveform display at intermediate zoom levels - Fixes a bug that would open certain 24Bit AIFF files incorrectly - Fixes a bug in the handling of large file hierarchies by the batch processor - Presents an error message when trying to burn too much data onto a CD Amadeus Pro v1.3.1 - Uses ffmpeg to open wma files faster and more reliably - Adds RIAA filters to the batch processor - Escape key removes key focus from text fields - Fixes a bug in the handling of Mp3 comments and preferences - Fixes a bug in the display of multitrack documents - Works around a bug in Leopard that would prevent the opening of certain AIFF files Amadeus Pro v1.3 - Improved quality of the "Change Pitch and Speed" function - Supports factory presets for Audio Units - Uses the latest version of mpg123 for reading Mp3 files - Supports custom "Genre" tags - Shows selection in the timescale (toggled with the 'h' shortcut) - Adds a "Zoom to Document" menu item

- Adds 'g' shortcut for toggling display of sound grid - Adds a "Reverse" and a "Trim Silence" function to the batch processor - No longer crashes when trying to save too large AIFF or WAVE files Amadeus Pro v1.2.1 - Tasks can be paused - Improved handling of very large files - Opens compressed WAVE files with QuickTime - Up / down arrows switch selection between channels when no sound is playing Amadeus Pro v1.2 - Allows to select the right and left channels independently - Recording to new track plays the existing tracks back - Warns the user if a file format leads to data loss / degradation - The recording button can be used for any of the three recording functions - Adds the 'e' keyboard shortcut to preview an edit - Smaller executable / faster launchtimes - The crossfade functions take the fading settings into account - Fixes a display bug where the waveform might not be updated correctly - Fixes a bug that would cause certain VST plug-ins to crash - Fixes a memory leak in the batch processor Amadeus Pro v1.1.1 - Fixes a problem with renaming markers - Fixes several bugs that could lead to crashes of the program Amadeus Pro v1.1 - Improved support for Audio Units and for VST plug-ins - Support for Audio Units with Cocoa user interface - Added an Audio Units rack - Adds toolbar items to control the selection - Adds new "Fade In", "Fade Out" and "Add Marker" toolbar items - Supports multichannel AIFF files - Allows to name markers created during recording - Smoother "scrubbing" when click-dragging into the timescale while playing - Compatible with MacOS 10.5 "Leopard" - Extended user manual Amadeus Pro v1.0.3 - Imports Midi, WMA and GSM files

- Introduces a "Merge Track" function that allows to merge two tracks into one - Correctly handles Apple Lossless files with sampling rates higher than 64kHz - Allows to import raw data at sampling rates up to 512kHz Amadeus Pro v1.0.2 - Fixes a crash in the "Transition" functions of the Fadings menu - Fixes the preview in the "Echo" function - Minor cosmetic bug fixes - Italian manual Amadeus Pro v1.0.1 - Improved stability - Spanish localization - Cursor shows when the envelope can be edited - Sensitivity setting for searching cracks Amadeus Pro v1.0 - Multitrack editing, recording and playback - Batch processing - Completely redesigned user interface using Cocoa - Allows to burn files directly to CDs - Much better management of metadata (ID3 tags, artwork, etc) - Easily accessible favourite actions Plus dozens of minor improvements... Amadeus II v3.8.7 - Minor bug fixes. Amadeus II v3.8.6 - The keys option-1 to option-4 allow to save zoom level and the keys 1 to 4 allow to retrieve them. - The up arrow / down arrow keys move the insertion point to the beginning / end of the document. - Corrects the Audio Units playback bug introduced in version 3.8.5. Amadeus II v3.8.5 - Mp3 files are now imported with QuickTime which avoids some crashes on corrupt files. - Corrects an "Audio Units" display bug. - Several minor bug fixes and stability issues.

Amadeus II v3.8.4 - Fixes a display bug in Tiger - Fixes a bug that would prevent settings for VST plugins to be saved - Supports the Apple CAF and AAC/ADTS formats (MacOS 10.3 + QuickTime 7 required) - Supports the mp4 and m4a formats (MacOS 10.4 required) Amadeus II v3.8.3 - Fixes a bug that could cause the "Split according to markers..." to freeze under certain circumstances Amadeus II v3.8.2 - Japanese localization - Improved reliability for recordings - Fixes several bugs, one of them leading the program to crash if the internet connection is active, but the versionchecker cannot connect to Amadeus II v3.8.1 - Fixes several bugs of version 3.8 that could lead to program crashes. - Fixes a time display problem and a problem on MacOS 9 with the file open/save dialogs Amadeus II v3.8 - The sound window has been redesigned. - Support for the FLAC file format (a lossless codec) has been added. - There's a parametric equalizer specially designed for getting old vinyl recordings right (In the Effects -> Filters submenu). - The format for the time display is completely customizable. - Full Unicode support. (Also in Mp3 tags!) - Markers can be aligned to CD sector boundaries (Selection -> Modify Markers). - AudioUnits are grouped by manufacturer. Amadeus II v3.7.2 - Audio Unit support. - Bug fixes in the CoreAudio recording functions. - Support of Jack OS X for recording from the output of other applications. Amadeus II v3.7.1

- The "Change Pitch and Speed" function improved in speed and quality. - Addition of three graphic equalizers. - Possibility to use the RMS power for normalization. Amadeus II v3.7 - Markers can be generated automatically at silences. - Preview function for filter. - RIAA filter compensation (for vinyl recording). - Powermeter for playback. - Presets for VST plugins. - Individual streams/channels can be selected for audio input under MacOS X. - Hardware-based playthrough is again available under MacOS 9. - Mp3 Files can be saved at 32kbps. - Coherent presets for filter, echo, VST plugins, color palettes, etc. - Interface tweaked to look nice under Panther. - Fixes a bug in the opening of IMA compressed AIFF files. - Fixes an incompatibility with the iMic. Amadeus II v3.6.1 - Fixes an incompatibility with Norton AntiVirus. - Fixes a bug concerning the saving of compressed AIFF files. - Opens M4P files again. - Other minor bug fixes. Amadeus II v3.6 - Pitch / Speed control. - Redesigned recording dialog. - Long files support. (Even longer than 3 hours recordings!) - Reading Mp4 files and exporting as AAC encoded QuickTime movie. - Dual mono files support. - CoreAudio support for playing under MacOS X. - New interface for the "Amplify" and "Normalize" functions. - Support of Mach-O VST plugins (like SoundSoap). - Faster "Find" function in the repair center. - Faster and more reliable Mp3 importing. Amadeus II v3.5.4 - Italian localization. - Fixes a few more Jaguar issues. - CoreAudio support for recording under MacOS X.

Amadeus II v3.5.3 - The dreaded "no playthrough" bug is now fixed. - Some incompatibilities with MacOS 10.2 are fixed. - The application is packaged as a bundle containing all four supported languages. - Fixes an incompatibility with CarbonLib 1.6. - Includes version 1.0 of the Ogg Vorbis file format. - Improved user interface for file saving/opening under MacOS X. Amadeus II v3.5.2 - Bug fixes. - Search of maximal amplitude. - Partial support of long filenames. Amadeus II v3.5.1 - Bug fixes of version 3.5. - Individual channels can be selected with a simple click. Amadeus II v3.5 - Better overall performance and smoothness on MacOS X (using CarbonEvents). - More consistent user interface with better integration to Aqua. - Lots of new key shortcuts (see the manual). - Double-click in the sound area starts playback. - Shortcut for repeating the last sound effect. - Fast forward/rewind functions. - Uses AltiVec instructions for filtering (G4 processors only). - Real-time VST effects. - Improved management of large files under large memory conditions. - Stereo recording gain control. - Timer for recording. - Support of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags in Mp3 files. - Advanced settings for Mp3 encoding and use of LAME 3.91. - Better control of the playback settings. - New user interface for sound repairing (with preview). - New user interface for sound playback. - Complex waveform generator. - Recording gain control bug on MacOS X fixed. Amadeus II v3.2.3 - Better MacOS X conformance.

- Support of VST plugins. Amadeus II v3.2.1 & v3.2.2 - Bug fixes of version 3.2. Amadeus II v3.2 - New user interface. - Runs on MacOS X. - New denoising function. - Support of variable bitrate Mp3 encoding. - Support of the new Ogg Vorbis file encoding format. - Exporting of markers as cuepoints in WAVE and AIFF files. - Support of the SoundDesigner II file format. - New stereo utilities. Amadeus II v3.01 - Bug fixes of version 3.0 and some small aesthetic changes. Amadeus II v3.0 - Exporting of sonograms as JPEG/TIFF/BMP etc - Windowing functions (Blackman, Kaiser, Hamming,...) - High-resolution sonograms - Unified treatment of file formats - Support of QDesign Music 2 format - Raw data importing and exporting - Multiband RTA - Waterfall display - Average spectra - Waveform statistics - Smooth transitions between sounds - Marker generation - Dumping of real-time analysis - Many settings are saved in the Preferences file. Amadeus II v2.4 - Mp3 exporting functions (using LAME) are included. - A "join files" function completes the file splitting functions. - "Record into new file" function. - The crack searching/repairing function is much more performant. - Sounds can be displayed as continuous waves.

Release 2 - Bug fixes of v2.4 - Exporting/Importing functions can be aborted - Echo settings can be saved Release 3 - Some more bug fixes. - More shortcuts. - Zoom in/out functions. Amadeus II v2.36 - Bugs of version 2.35 are fixed. - The users interface undergoes a slight lifting. Amadeus II v2.35 - Improved speed for basic editing functions on large files by fragmenting sounds on the disk. - QuickTime import and QuickTime export functions added for improved compatibility with various sound formats. - Normalize and Sample Filter effects added. Amadeus II v2.3 - An "Animated spectrum'' window is added. - 3D Spectra can be drawn. - Enhanced frequency/amplitude scales. - Logarithmic amplitude scales for sonograms. - Printing functions for spectra, animated spectra, sonograms and 3d spectra. - Loop playback and better time synchronisation of the playback sound. - Playback between two marks. - The location of temporary files can be chosen. - The "Interpolate..." effect is called "Repair" and allows to search for cracks. Release 2 - Correction of incompatibility problems of version 2.3 with some extensions. - Sounds can be exported as QDesign Music 2 files. Release 3 - Minor changes to the user interface: some shortcuts added. - Overall stability improved Amadeus II v2.2 - A few cosmetic details of the interface are changed. - A "Fading" external filter is present.

- The FFT routine is speed improved, so filtering and background noise supressing are faster. - The sounds can be marked, in order to simplify navigation in a big sound document. - A new "Selection" menu appears, which provides a lot of new functions. It allows among other things to control the extent of the selection in a very precise way, to save the selection into a file, to interact between the markers and the selection, and so on. - The playback pitch of a sound can be modified. - The first beta version of the Amadeus Toolbox is released, so you can program some external files by yourself. Release 2 - Correction of incompatibility problems of version 2.2 with some extensions. Release 3 - A new example is added to Amadeus Toolbox. - A few minor bugs are fixed. - Precision of scrolling is improved. Release 4 - Improved "Selection" dialog box. - The CTextPart::ReadData() and CWindowBase::ReadItem() methods work. - The "external" project is updated for CodeWarrior 5.3 Amadeus II v2.12 A bug concerning the support of MacOS 8.5 is fixed. Sonograms can be exported as PICT files. Moreover, they also show a time scale. Spectra can be exported as text files. The internal scrap is shareable with other applications. Amadeus II v2.11 A small bug concerning uncompressed AIFF files is fixed. They are now really recognised as such. Navigation services are used if they are installed. A users reference guide accompanies the program. Amadeus II v2.1 - Sounds can be saved as System 7/8 files. All common compression formats are recognised. - 24Bit sound is fully supported.

- A "Paste special" command allows easy sound mixing - When one tries to copy/paste sounds of different qualities, they are automatically resampled to fit together. - A "peak" button in the recording dialog shows if the recorded sound is saturated. - A time scale is shown below the sound wave. - The "Jump to selection" and "Jump to play position" command allows to navigate easily inside a sound. - When the sound caracteristics change, the sound is resampled. - A bug concerning the opening of big files is fixed. Thank you very much to several Amadeus users for their clever suggestions and for focusing my attention on several bugs. Amadeus II v2.01 Sonograms are reimplemented. Compared to the ones of version 1.4x, the color management is much more efficient (128 colors instead of 23). The "selection" floating palette is here again. A major bug concerning the saving of AIFF files is corrected, as well as a few other minor bugs. The real-time spectrum has a preemphasis function and can show amplitudes in logarithmic scale. Amadeus II v2.0 This is a major update. The code has been entirely rewritten and is now totally object-oriented. The interface has also been improved. The major new functions are: Direkt-to-disk abilities Multiple undoing Multiple scraps Possibility to abort calculations Powerful programming kit for designing external filters that fit axctly into the interface of Amadeus. No 68k support anymore. Amadeus 1.44 A few minor bugs were fixed. Payments are now processed by Kagi. Amadeus 1.43 A few cosmetic details have been set. Bugs concerning the handling of sound resources and AIFF files are fixed.

Amadeus 1.42 The noise reduction function is now parametrizable. Amadeus 1.41 A few major bugs of the 68k version have been corrected. Amadeus 1.4 Cracks can now be found and erased automatically by the function interpolation->automatic… If you type command-space, the currently playing sound is stopped and a little part is selected at the current position. It is possible then to "jump" to this selection by typing command-J. Amadeus 1.35 Sonograms are now resizeable. Moreover, if you change the color palette, the effects are immediatly active, there's no need to recalculate the sonogram. Amadeus 1.34 Correction of different bugs (mostly bad memory allocation). This is the first publicly released version.

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