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									                          Nebraska District LCEF
                          February 2011

                          A Few Thoughts . . .

                          Over the last few weeks,       As I looked through the       That is also what the mis-
                          my wife Linda, more so         box there were a lot of       sion of LCEF is all about,
                          than I, has been on a mis-     memories that came            being a Christ-centered
                          sion—downsizing. I                    back. The children     servant partner with you,
                          have agreed to a                      would come for-        God’s people, in your
Special points of         degree, as long as                    ward with a lot of     mission of sharing the
interest:                 my “treasures” are                    excitement and         Gospel of Jesus Christ.
                          left alone.                           anticipation and
                                                                you never knew just    We look for-
• LCEF website is
                          The other day she              what all might be said as     ward to con-
                          pulled some boxes out of       they answered questions.      tinuing that
• 2011 Outreach Minis-    storage, boxes that I did      But it was always a spe-      partnership in
  try Grants An-          not remember that “we”                                       this New Year
                                                         cial opportunity to tell
                          had saved. One of the          them of God’s great love      and pray for our Lord to
• Free Demographics
                          boxes was full of object       for them in Jesus Christ,     richly bless our mission of
  Reports                 lessons that I had used for    and, together, celebrate      making known His love.
                          children’s messages back       that love.
• New Stewardship         when I was in the parish.                                    Celebrating with you,
                                                                                       Rev. Gene Gierke
• Laborers for Christ—                                                                 Romans 15:13
  Help Wanted!

                         A New Look for LCEF

                         The next time you are           friendly website. It is      ministry of LCEF is helping
                         “surfing the web,” take a       easy to view the current     LCMS churches, schools
Inside this
issue:                   look at the new LCEF            rates which are listed on    and organizations pro-
                         website—                        the “home” page. Forms,      claim the Gospel through-
2011 Outreach       2                                    investment products and
Ministry Grants                                                out the United States and
                                                         ministry services infor-
                                                         mation can easily be         the world.
Demographics by     2    Finding the in-
MissionInsite            formation you need is a         found along with informa-    Go to today
                         “click away” on this user-      tive stories on how the      to see what’s new!
Stewardship Em-     3
phasis for 2011

LCEF is Ministry    3
                         Continuing the Gift of Ministry
                                 Most people equate      the organization provides    sage through our schools,
LCEF Mission        3
Statement                        LCEF with invest-       to the ministries of The     congregations, and mis-
                         ments. Yet, each year, a        Lutheran Church—             sions.
We are Looking for 3     number of investors remit       Missouri Synod.
YOU!                                                                                  For more information
                         gifts to LCEF after realizing
                                                         Your contributions help      about making a gift to
Rate Sheet          4    the tremendous support
                                                         spread the Gospel mes-       LCEF, call 1-800-843-5233.

                          Paul Pettit, Vice President         152 S. Columbia, PO Box 407
                          Gene Gierke, Promotions             Seward, NE 68434
                          Jan Bruick, Admin. Assistant        402.643.2961 Ext. 1011
                                        888.643.2961 (toll-free)
                          Nebraska District LCEF                                                                  Page 2

                          2011 Outreach Mission Grants
                          Once again, the Nebraska         gational Representatives.       ton. Pastor Dean Hanson
                          District LCEF pro-                                               excitedly reports that
                                                                        The focus of
                          gram has been                                                    through intentional mailings
                                                                        each outreach
                          blessed to share 25                                              and invitations their Mid-
                                                                        grant must be to
                          $1,000 mission                                                   week program is up 18 chil-
                                                                        conduct a spe-
 For God so loved the     outreach grants to                                               dren over last year.
                                                           cific local outreach/
world that He gave His    congregations and ministry
                                                           evangelism program, activ-      Seek God’s guidance for a
                          organizations throughout
one and only Son that                                      ity or event designed to        mission outreach opportu-
                          the District in 2011.
 whoever believes in                                       reach lost people for Christ.   nity in your community.
                          The Outreach Mission Grant
 Him shall not perish                                      “Kids Reaching Kids” is a
                          applications are being
 but have Eternal life.                                    program sponsored in
                          mailed this month to Ne-
                                                           part through an LCEF
      (John 3:16)         braska District pastors, prin-
                                                           2010 mission outreach
                          cipals, DCEs, Congregational
                                                           grant at Grace, Pleasan-
                          Chairmen, and LCEF Congre-

                          Demographics by MissionInsite
     MissionInsite        Learn more about the com-        pages of community demo-        Choose from preset geogra-
     reports can be       munity in which you serve        graphic infor-                               phies such as
                          by ordering a FREE demo-         mation inte-                                 ZIP codes, US
      a strategic         graphics report from the         grating data,                                Census tracts,
      resource in         Nebraska District LCEF.          graphs and                                   cities or coun-
                                                           text analysis. The Execu-       ties, or from your own cus-
      planning for        MissionInsite reports com-
                                                           tiveInsite Report provides a    tom geographies.
                          bine updated census data,
    future ministry                                        strategic analysis of your
                          marketing research data                                          Get “Insite” into the beliefs,
                                                           area around 12 “Insites”
     opportunities.       and religious data to give                                       values, and lifestyle prefer-
                                                           that are essential for minis-
                          you a complete and com-                                          ences, personal preferences,
                                                           try planning.
                          prehensive look at the peo-                                      life concerns and well being,
                          ple in your community.           All data provided by Mis-       social values, and charitable
                                                                         sionInsite con-   contributions.
                          These demographic
                                                                         tains current-
                          reports provide com-                                             The best part is that you can
                                                                         year updates
                          prehensive socioeco-                                             get all of this demographics
                                                                         for population,
                          nomic and lifestyle                                              information for FREE! Start
                          data. This informa-                                              discovering your congrega-
                                                                         and families in
                          tion can be a strate-                                            tion’s ministry opportunities
                                                                         the study area,
                          gic resource in planning for                                     TODAY! Contact Gene
                                                           as well as age, income, eth-
                          future ministry opportuni-                                       Gierke at
                                                           nicity, phase of life
                          ties.                                                            402-641-
                                                           (generational) and MOSAIC
                                                                                           1485 to
                          The user-friendly, four-page     type (lifestyle) information.
                          QuickInsite Report provides      Many variables are inte-
                                                                                           your re-
                          just enough information for      grated into five-year projec-
                          a first look at your area. A     tions.
                          FullInsite Report provides 18
February 2011                                                                                                           Page 3

Stewardship Emphasis in 2011
LCEF and Concordia Publish-     ney—for individuals and for       St. John, Seward, plans to
ing House (CPH) have            congregations. The work           incorporate this steward-
worked together to publish      for our Lord is not finished      ship resource into the wor-
a Bible study                   until He returns. We con-         ship services, personal
stewardship re-                 tinue on in our stewardship       testimonies, as well as
source, “Journey                journey.”                         Bible classes during
of Discovery.”                                                    their February steward-
                                The complete kit goes be-         ship emphasis.
Based on a travel               yond just offering a leader’s
theme, “Journey of Discov-      guide and workbooks. The          The complete kit may
ery” takes participants on a    supplemental items, includ-       be ordered online at
voyage of prayer, discussion    ing videos to introduce each
and reflection on steward-      lesson, luggage                   or by calling CPH at 1-
ship. Shirley Liesner, St.      tags, and trav-                   800-325-3040. Samples
John, Seward, Board of          eler’s checks,                    of the individual parts of the
Stewardship, shared, “The       make the process                  kit, including the leader’s
travel theme is a good re-      engaging and                      guide, also may be ordered
minder that life is a jour-     exciting.                         from CPH.

Sharing a Ministry Focus
                                                                                                        The mission of the
You and your friends at                                           ship with Concordia Schools         LCEF is to support the
LCEF share a common fo-                                           of Omaha and as such have           Church in fulfilling its
cus—a ministry focus.                                             continually felt God leading        mission of sharing the
                                                                  us to keep our arms and             Gospel of Jesus Christ
Your investment with LCEF                                         hearts open,” said Rev.
not only earns interest for                                                                             by being a Christ-
                                                                  James Irwin, senior pastor             centered servant
you, but also provides hous-    Concordia Academy,                of St. Mark. “We are ex-
ing and debt consolidation                                                                                partner of The
                                Omaha, will find a long-          cited about this opportunity         Lutheran Church—
loans for rostered church       term home at St. Mark,            to expand our mission and
workers and loans to                                                                                      Missouri Synod,
                                Omaha, beginning with the         ministry through this part-          ensuring that funds
churches, schools, colleges,    2011-12 school year thanks        nership.”
seminaries, and other minis-                                                                            are available now
                                to a construction loan                                                  and in the future.
tries to help build and re-     through LCEF. “We are pas-        Together we are making
model.                          sionate about our partner-        “space and place” for minis-

We are Looking for YOU!
Laborers for Christ is going    management or related
through “growing pains” as      trade leadership experience
an increase of inquiries and    and a deep desire to serve
applications have recently      the Lord in a positive, uplift-                                    “Whatever you do, work
been received in St. Louis.     ing way, consider joining                                          at it with all your heart,
Based on this increased
                                Laborers.                                                          as working for the Lord,
interest, Laborers for Christ   Laborers for Christ, a minis-
                                                                  ties across the United           not for men.”
is seeking to expand its tal-   try service of LCEF, assists                                       (Colossians 3:23)
ented pool of Project Man-      LCMS congregations and            For more information, con-
agers. If you or someone        organizations build, expand       tact Dan Baker at 517-206-
you know has construction       or renovate ministry facili-      2088.
                          Lutheran Church Extension Fund                                                                                         February
                          Investment Interest Rates                                                                                                2011

       1-800-843-5233                                       StewardAccount® Certificate                                               Dedicated Certificate                                       Minimum                                                                Minimum
                                                                                       Rate                     APY                                         Rate              APY
     10733 Sunset Office Drive                              $100            --        0.500%                  0.501%               $100         --     0.375%                0.376%
             Suite 300                                     $1,000           --        0.625%                  0.627%               Custodial accounts for minors: $25
       St. Louis, MO 63127                                 $5,000           --        1.000%                  1.005%              $1,000        --     0.500%                0.501%
                                                          $10,000           --        1.875%                  1.891%              $5,000        --     0.625%                0.626%

                  Fixed Term Notes                                              Floating Term Notes                                         Family Emergency
                  (Minimum Investment $500)                                      (Minimum Investment $100)                              StewardAccount Certificate
                                            Rate        APY                                           Rate            APY             Minimum
                                                                                                                                                                      Rate            APY
    6 Month                    --          1.000%     1.004%             2½ Year           --        1.295%       1.301%                $25            --            2.000%         2.018%
    9 Month                    --          1.125%     1.130%             (30 Month)
    1 Year                     --          1.250%     1.256%                                                                           Balances of <$10,000 require monthly
                                                                          5 Year           --        1.945%       1.959%
    18 Month                   --          1.500%     1.508%             (60 Month)                                                           electronic investments
    2 Year                     --          1.625%     1.635%
    3 Year                     --          1.875%     1.888%
                                                                                                                                              HSA FlexPlus Certificate
    5 Year                     --          2.875%     2.906%                    Next Generation Note*                                  Minimum
                                                                                 (Minimum Investment $5000)                           Investment
                                                                                                                                                                     Rate             APY
    6-10 Year                  --          2.750%     2.778%
    11-15 Year                 --          3.000%     3.034%                                         Fixed Term -                          $1         --         1.750%             1.764%
                                                                                                         Rate                          $2,500         --         2.250%             2.273%
    16-20 Year                 --          3.250%     3.290%
                                                                                    --                 4.375%          4.447%          $5,000         --         2.750%             2.785%
                                                                                                                                       $15,000        --         3.250%             3.299%

                                                                                IRA Jumbo Notes                                         Cemetery Perpetual Care
       IRA Dedicated Certificate                                          (Minimum Investment $100,000)                               StewardAccount® Certificate
                                    Rate            APY                                                  Rate          APY                                           Rate           APY
       $100               --    0.500%         0.501%                                                                               $1,000                 --    1.750%          1.764%
                                                               5 Year Fixed                     --     3.250%         3.290%
      $1,000              --    0.625%         0.626%                                                                               $25,000                --    1.875%          1.891%
      $5,000              --    1.000%         1.004%          60 Month Floating                --     2.320%         2.340%        $50,000                -- 2.0000%            2.018%
      $10,000             --    1.875%         1.888%                                                                               $100,000 +             --    2.250%          2.273%

  Congregation Endowment Note                                   Congregation Endowment Note                                            Congregation Certificates
                  (60-Month Floating)                                                 (5-Year Fixed)                                          (Minimum Investment $100)
     Minimum                                                        Minimum                                                                                             Rate          APY
                                Rate            APY                Investment
                                                                                                     Rate             APY
                                                                                                                                Demand                          --     1.000%       1.004%
     $1,000          --        2.320%         2.340%                   $1,000         --         2.320%           2.340%        StewardAccount® Certificates
                                                                                                                                                     $100 --           1.750%       1.764%
    $10,000          --        2.445%         2.468%                $10,000           --         2.445%           2.468%                      $250,000 --              1.875%       1.891%
                                                                                                                                              $500,000 --              2.000%       2.018%
    $100,000         --        2.570%         2.595%               $100,000           --         2.570%           2.595%
                                                                                                                                        $1,000,000 + --                2.125%       2.146%

*In conjunction with the purchase of the Next Generation Note, you have made a contribution to the LCEF. A portion of this contribution
is non-deductible and considered a premium on the purchase of the note since you are receiving a benefit in return for the contribution
(i.e., a 1.5% higher interest rate on the balance of the note). The APY on the principal amount of the Next Generation Note is 4.447%. If the non-
deductible portion of the contribution (premium) is deducted from the interest you receive on the note, the yield-to-maturity is reduced to 2.59%.

      LCEF is a nonprofit religious organization; therefore, LCEF investments are not FDIC-insured bank deposit accounts. This is not an offer
       to sell investments, nor a solicitation to buy. The offer is made solely by LCEF’s Offering Circular. Investors should carefully read the
                                             Offering Circular, which more fully describes associated risks.

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