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Daily Oral Language 15


									Daily Oral Language #15

1. when I was in the south last febuary i went to a old fort with a interesting history

2. didn’t youre teacher learn you nothing about the major conflict in the novel treasure island

3. dad shaked the bottle and said we are out of barbeque sauce

4. will the national education association meeting be held in san francisco california next year

5. the edgewood veterinary clinic is located on terry blvd in anoka nebraska I believe

6. that there exmayor of our city has spoke to the rotary club recently within the last few months

7. their seems to be many problems with them too companies on tucker avenue

8. them too have fighted since kindergarted its best for them girls to be apart

9. 9382 como avenue baker mt December 12 1988

10. did Milton the English Poet right the long poem paradise lost

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