How To Have Startup Success With Your New Business

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					How To Have Startup Success
  With Your New Business
Your new business startup success will
 depend on several factors But there are
 several things to improve the chances of
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 your new startup business being a
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Below are 5 ways to improve your
 chances of startup success.
1. Make a Detailed Plan For Startup
This one seems obvious. But many
 people start a home business with no
 real plan much less a detailed plan. You
 must plan for all contingencies if y
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 to be successful.
The two major parts of your plan should
 be operations and marketing. Operations
 is the day to day how to of what your
 business is doing.
The marketing is getting customers. To
 have startup success y
             p         you must have
 customers. Most of your time has to be
 spent on marketing.
This includes having a budget set aside
 for just marketing. No marketing equals
 no customers equals no success with
 your business.
2. Find a Mentor To Guide You
Having a mentor will improve your
 chances of success by a factor of 10 at
 least You want to find someone that has
 had new business startup success.
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If they in your niche that’s great but it s
 not necessary. You just want to find
 someone that you can trust and you get
 along with.
 A good place to start your search is asking
  your friends locally if they know of anyone.
  Another great place is to search on google
  for a mentor.
 It’s not a requirement that you meet with
  your mentor in person but a lot of people in
  an offline business prefer to meet someone
  they can talk to in person.
 If your business is online most mentoring
  will be done online and by phone. It’s really
  just your preference. This is probably the
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  number one thing you can do for your
3. Make Sure You Have Competitors
 In Your Market
This may sound backwards but you want
 competition No competitors means there
 is no market for what you selling unless
 it’s something brand new and those
 markets are awful risky.
So don’t be afraid of a little competition.
4. Don’t Put Every Penny You Have
 Into Your New Business
You read about people doing this all the
 time Most of us still have a family to
 worry about. So keep some money
 stashed away for a rainy day as they
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Know how long you can go without
 bringing a payday Mouths still have to
 be fed and the mortgage or rent has to
 be paid. If y
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             you are single it’s a little
 different but I don’t suggest you put your
 last dime in any kind of business.
That’s a recipe for disaster not startup
5. Advertise Your Business
This is one area you need to have some
 money far. I know some people use
 Guerilla Marketing but that’s a tough way
 to go. I did that many years ago when I
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 started my Private Investigator business.
When it come to marketing and
 advertising be everywhere you can until
 you figure out what’s working for you.
What are your competitors that are
 successful doing? No need to reinvent
 the wheel here. Your mentor will be a
 great help to you here.
 Don’t forget to market online as well as
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  offline but don’t get hung up on Facebook. It
  will steal all your time and before you know
  it you have got nothing meaningful done.
 Start-up success is tough for a new
  business. Usually it takes you awhile to gain
  some traction and start bringing customers
 But you need to start making money now. I
  understand that and the tips above will give
  you a better chance of success in your home

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Description: Your new business startup success will depend on several factors. But there are several things to improve the chances of your new startup business being a success.